Our Top 7 Picks of the Best-Rated Pillows for Back Sleepers (Reviewed & Compared 2020)


The Purple Pillow from Purple  4.2/5 Back sleepers on our team fully recommends sleeping on the Purple Pillow. Its unique Purple Grid design makes it comfortable, ergonomic and fully supportive. It’s also adjustable. Is this pillow for you, too? Read our full review and find out. You’ll also get the full scoop on other … Read more

2020’s Best Weighted Blankets for Couples (Our 5 Top Picks & Buyer’s Guide)

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Luxury Weighted Blanket Set By Rocabi  4.8/5 Weighted blankets are a dream come true for many people who struggle with sleep. It relieves anxiety, reduces stress and promotes overall well-being. Couples can enjoy all those benefits by checking out the best weighted blankets. While we’ve rounded up the best weighted blanket brands for couples, … Read more

Best Feather Pillows – Reviewed & Rated (2020): Why You Should (Or Shouldn’t?) Buy A Feather Pillow

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Down & Feather Co. Original Extra Firm Feather Pillow  4.8/5 One of the best luxuries of sleep is a comfortable, high-quality feather pillow. While synthetic alternatives are more affordable and can be feel almost the same as a feather pillow, feather pillows conform naturally to your back, neck, and shoulders while still staying both … Read more

Our Top Tips & Product Picks for 2020’s Best Cooling Blankets for Hot Sleepers

sensadream cooling weighted blanket

Hypoallergenic 230 TC Down Blankets with Satin Trim  4.8/5 Cooling blankets are a god-send for hot, sweaty sleepers. It’s also a great sleep accessory if you happen to sleep in a warm bedroom that makes you feel stuffy and well, interrupts your sleep. So, what’s the best cooling blanket for you? This roundup and … Read more

The 7 Best Pillows for Stomach Sleepers in 2020 (For Relief of Neck & Back Pain)

elite rest ultra slim sleeper

Coisum Stomach Sleeping Pillow  4.3/5 While generally not recommended by health experts, some people still find sleeping on their stomach more comforting than any other sleeping position. Are you a stomach sleeper yourself? If so, you might find this roundup of the best orthopedic pillows for stomach sleepers helpful. Among our featured pillows, we … Read more

The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets (Comparison Guide): Sleep Like Royalty in 2020


Ancient Egyptians were known for creating the best and the grandest of things.  Here’s a quick list of Eygptian achievements: They built massive pyramids Perfected irrigation systems Invented papyrus Developed a  complex writing system You would be hard-pressed not to be impressed by the wonders of one of the most advanced civilizations in pre-historic times. … Read more

The 10 Best Orthopedic Pillows

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Overview If there is one thing in this world that you can be sure of, it is the desire to sleep peacefully. Think of sleep as your lifelong companion. Whenever you are tired, it is there to comfort you and make you feel better. To have the best sleep, however, people think of duvets or … Read more