Best Feather Pillows – Reviewed & Rated (2022): Why You Should (Or Shouldn’t?) Buy A Feather Pillow

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Down & Feather Co. Original Extra Firm Feather Pillow


One of the best luxuries of sleep is a comfortable, high-quality feather pillow. While synthetic alternatives are more affordable and can be feel almost the same as a feather pillow, feather pillows conform naturally to your back, neck, and shoulders while still staying both firm and malleable. Our team recommends the Down & Feather Co. Original Extra Firm Feather Pillow. With its top-quality Hungarian goose feathers, it’s a great choice for firm side and back sleepers. We’d love to know what you think about it. Read on and take your pick among the best feather pillows.

The beds and pillows of emperors, kings, queens, and nobles of years past were not filled with sponge, down, down alternatives, or memory foam. They weren’t even filled with good ole’ cotton fibers. You see, people of eons past have a rich source of raw resources. However, in many cases, they usually don’t have the capacity, knowledge, or technology to process them into something useful. 

The simplest things sometimes work the best. So the seamstresses of the yesteryears worked to find a way on how to fill these cushions. They found out one of the best, simplest, and easiest ways to do so is to use feathers, usually taken from ducks or geese.  Animal rights weren’t really an issue before, so these feathers are taken from the back or wings of the animal. 

Feather beds have fallen out in obscurity due to better materials, more efficient manufacturing techniques, and moral sensitivities of modern society. However, feather pillows still exist although the harvesting of the fill is now more humane.  Let’s look at some of them.

Recommended Feather Pillows for You

Our team has gathered 10 top-rated feather pillows from the best brands that will help make your bedroom look and feel like royal chambers. We’ve included full product info and everything in between. 

Have a look below:

Great Support

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Palawran Goose Feather Pillow

Cool Comfort

51LEfmRtfXL. AC SL1000

White Goose Feather Bed Pillow

Cotton Fabric

710Wm0Q2SnL. AC SL1500

Sleep Factory Premium Down and Feather Pillow

Stunning Support

811IZONThQL. AC SL1500

L LOVSOUL White Goose Down and Feather Bed Pillow

Barrier Weave

61 kf2mVVkL. AC SL1200

Pacific Coast Double DownAround Pillow

Comfort Gap

71DanGrII6L. AC SL1500

Down & Feather Co. Original Extra Firm Feather Pillow

Fabric Designed

91BheXRM9vL. AC SL1500

Downluxe Goose Feather Pillow

Perfect Balance

51rjH34DFL. AC SL1500

JA Comforts Duck Feather and Down Pillow

Cotton Pillowcase

51LEfmRtfXL. AC SL1000

Three Geese White Feather Pillow


618q0yGQRL. AC SL1500

Snowman Luxury Down and Feather Pillow

1. Palawran Goose Feather Pillow

81caL8f5oSL. AC SL1500

This fine product contains natural goose feathers and microfibers. The combination of both natural and synthetic filling provides great support, elasticity, and fluffiness. All these are encased in a hypoallergenic, natural, and soft cotton cover.

2. White Goose Feather Bed Pillow

51LEfmRtfXL. AC SL1000

This medium-firm pillow lulls you to sleep thanks to the cool comfort it provides. Your journey to dreamland starts with a breathable 600-thread-count hypoallergenic cotton shell, certified to be chemical-free. Inside are 3 chambers that are filled with natural feathers and high quality microfiber. These chambers make the pillow cuddly while providing support and volume.

3. Sleep Factory Premium Down and Feather Pillow

710Wm0Q2SnL. AC SL1500

Get the best advantages of both feather and down—warm, soft, and superior. The Sleep Factory pillow is filled with 550-fill power down along with natural feathers. All this wonderful stuff is encased in a 100% dual-layered premium cotton fabric. The pillow cover has a tested TSF protection liner that eliminates the sharp ends of feathers from poking.

4. L LOVSOUL White Goose Down and Feather Bed Pillow

811IZONThQL. AC SL1500

Another feather-and-down combo, this queen-sized pillow has a shell made of soft, silky, and luxurious 1000-thread Egyptian cotton. Inside are three chambers that give the pillow its stunning support and comfort. The outer chambers are filled with ultra soft goose down while the inner chamber is filled with 90% goose feathers and 10% down.

5. Pacific Coast Double DownAround Pillow

61 kf2mVVkL. AC SL1200

Let’s go high-tech! The Pacific Coast Double DownAround Pillow is a “pillow within a pillow.” It has a comfortable and breathable 230-thread count, 100%-cotton, Barrier-weave cover. Fluffing up the pillow is a 550-fill power filling made of patented Hyperclean down and Hyperclean Resilia feathers. Fluffy, comfy, and tough—what more could you ask for!

6. Down & Feather Co. Original Extra Firm Feather Pillow

71DanGrII6L. AC SL1500

You might have some neck problems that require you to sleep on a firmer pillow. Then this one from Down & Feather fits your needs perfectly. It is filled with top-quality Hungarian goose feathers encased in a hypoallergenic, 220 thread-count, 100% pure cotton shell. Its firmness supports the “comfort gap” for side sleepers, an area between the top of your shoulder and the side of your head. The pillow helps support this area so your spine is properly aligned.

7. Downluxe Goose Feather Pillow

91BheXRM9vL. AC SL1500

We have to say that this purchase is great value for your money! When you order, you get two big queen size pillows! Each pillow is filled with premium goose feathers encased in a jacquard 100% cotton pillow cover. Each pillow has a double-layered fabric designed to prevent the feathers from poking out. Finally, the decorative piped edge has reinforced stitching to make the pillow extra durable.

8. JA Comforts Duck Feather and Down Pillow

51rjH34DFL. AC SL1500

This ultra-comfortable pillow is filled with 95% natural grey duck feathers and 5% natural gray duck down. This combination gives you a perfect balance of softness and firmness. The filling is encased in two outer layers of 100% cotton fabrics and two inner layers of 100% polyester fabric. The pillow is water resistant, fluffy, breathable, and hypo allergenic.

9. Three Geese White Feather Pillow

51LEfmRtfXL. AC SL1000

Designed for side sleepers, this feather pillow has 3 chambers filled with goose feathers, providing volume and support. The side chambers are stuffed with microfiber to make them warm and cuddly. The pillow is rated medium-firm, so it’s perfect for side and back sleepers as it offers great support for their head, neck and shoulders. All this goodness is encased in a hypoallergenic, Oeko-Tex certified, 600-thread-count cotton pillowcase.

10. Snowman Luxury Down and Feather Pillow

618q0yGQRL. AC SL1500

You want luxury? Behold the Snowman Luxury Down and Feather Pillow filled with 85% goose feather and 15% goose down, comprising a 750 fill power. Its 1200-thread count Egyptian cotton fabric cover makes the pillow ultra-comfortable, smooth, and luxurious. Finally, a double-stitched edge adds durability and strength to this “pillow of the kings!”

Now that we’ve shown you the best feather pillows available in the market today, it’s about time that we tell more about it.

You might want to know:

What’s it made of?

Is it comfortable?

Will it last?

How do I take care of feather pillows?

We answer those questions for you (and more). Check out what we have in store for you below:

All About Feather Pillows and Down Pillows

Pillows with pure feather fillings usually have a slimmer profile, which can flatten even more over time. That’s why these feathers fillings are often combined with down to make the pillow softer. Feathers have sharp, pointed quills, so in time, these quills may push and poke through the fabric. Well, that’s nothing that a pillowcase can’t fix.

You might also have heard of stuff called down, which is also used as a filling for jackets, sleeping bags, and pillows. Well, down is actually feathers. But rather than taking the material from the back or wings of the bird, harvesters take it from the chest area where the down is.

Have you seen kids playfully blow soft feathers that float around in the air for a long time? That’s actually down. 

Down pillows, cushions, and garments are quite expensive, often considered luxury items. Lying on a down pillow feels like you’re sleeping on a sea of clouds as the material compresses gently. Depending on how dense or large the down feathers are, the pillow may have a nice “bounce” to it.

Ducks and geese are the primary sources of down and feathers. However, down and feathers coming from geese are generally more expensive. That’s because the material, which offers a more lavish feel as well as long lasting, is more plush and durable than those of ducks. Geese are also larger, which means that more down or feathers can be harvested.

Finally, a goose’s chest is farther up the ground. This means that when a goose roosts, their bodies pick up less debris. Less debris can simplify and hasten the cleaning process and reduces the chances of having some unpleasant “goose-sey” odors.

However, don’t dismiss pillows made from duck down or feathers. Although they’re cheaper, they are still incredibly luxurious, soft, and comfortable. Unless you are a pillow connoisseur, you can hardly feel the difference between goose and duck feathers.

Which brings us down to the next question.

Are the Birds Treated Well?

Whether you are buying down or feather pillows, you might be asking where these materials come from. Well, it comes from anywhere in the world. However, the finest down and feather materials usually come from Eastern Europe, most specifically in Hungary. Hungarian ducks and geese are bigger and more mature. In addition, the expansive open areas and grassy fields in the country provide a great natural environment for the birds. Finally, the birds are treated humanely—almost like pets—when the time comes to harvest their feathers.

On the other hand, feathers and down from China tend to be inferior in quality due to low standards and inadequate cleaning process. Worse, because of China’s poor animal standards, the birds are not treated well.

You might want down or feather pillows, but you’re concerned about how the birds are treated. If so, check if your down or feather pillow has certifications such as Blue Sign or Responsible Down Standard.

Brands with these standards assure you that animals are treated humanely. A product that has Responsible Down certification tells you that no plucking was done, which is incredibly painful and cruel to the birds.  Finally, such certifications also tell you that people that the brand employs are treated fairly, and the processes in creating the product are environmentally friendly.

The Feathery Downfall

Even the best products have their mortal enemies. If you don’t want your expensive feather pillow—and your hefty investment—to go down the drain, you need to know what causes their premature degradation.


Unlike memory foam or synthetic filling which retain their shape after some time, natural fibers compress and break down as time goes by. Thus, feather pillows may leave a lasting yet ugly impression after years of use.


Water is the most destructive enemy of feather pillows. While a duck’s or a goose’s feathers make water roll off their backs, feathers that have undergone processing wilt when it gets wet. The pillow loses its shape, and you’d be left with a flat, hard, and smelly pillow.

If your feather pillow is improperly sealed or stored during shipment, it could incur moisture damage. It is recommended that you take a look at your brand’s warranty policy if you can return it to them when such an unfortunate event happens.


Do you sleep with a creamy cleansing product on your face? That may be a bad idea if you sleep on a nice feather pillow. Oils from beauty products—and even your skin—can cause the fabric to turn yellow. Worse, dried oil isn’t exactly the best smell in the world.  Just imagine sleeping on a stained, stinky pillow that was once your bedroom’s luxury.

Taking Care of Your Feather Pillow

Your feather pillow becomes a sad waste of investment if it wears down well before its time. But don’t fret. Fortunately, maintenance for feather pillows is easy. All you need to do is to keep in mind these steps.

* Use a pillowcase to protect your feather pillow; a standard one works just fine. The important thing is to provide a barrier between the outside environment and your pillow’s fabric. Thus, have your pillowcases laundered regularly to prevent that from happening.

* Dirt and oil from your hair can seep into the fibers of your pillowcase and into your feather pillow. Don’t go to sleep with a moisturizing cream on your face; you can moisturize before you snooze off. If you really need to have something on your face as you sleep, make sure you sleep on your back.

* Don’t go to bed with wet hair. The water from your hair may soak the pillow and the feather filling underneath. And you know that moisture isn’t exactly a friend of feather pillows, right?

* Have your pillowcases laundered regularly. Doing so washes away the dirt and oils that may seep into the pillow underneath may seep into your pillow.

* Fluff your feather pillow before and after sleeping to retain its shape, form, and volume.

* Treat your pillows with tender loving care. You have to remember they are luxury items. Don’t jump or sit on them. Don’t use them in pillow fights. Handling feather pillows harshly can break down the filling quickly.

* If you plan to store your pillow for quite some time (e.g., perhaps you won’t be back for a few weeks due to a vacation or business trip), compress it and store it in a leak-proof plastic bag or cling wrap. Compressing it helps preserve the integrity and the fluffiness of the pillow while wrapping it in plastic prevents moisture from seeping in.

* A feather pillow becomes useless if you wash them. That’s one important point of protecting it with a pillowcase; you wash the pillowcase, not the pillow, when it gets dirty. However, if you do need to have your feather pillow cleaned, you need to take it to a qualified dry cleaner. This is the only way feather pillows can be cleaned safely.

Why Should You Buy a Feather Pillow?

Feather pillows can run $20 to $50 on the average, still much lower than those filled with down. Those that also contain down may lean towards the higher end of the price bar.

So what makes feather pillows great for you?

* As you can probably tell, a feather pillow is a really affordable item for your bedroom. Even the best ones are still reasonably priced.

* They last quite a while. With proper care, they can last up to 10 years or even more. Thus, you get your money’s worth.

* Compared to pillows filled with synthetic materials, feather pillows are easy to shape. You can scrunch, fluff, and flatten them out without any difficulty. Basically, you can “customize” your head comfort with these pillows. Whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper, the pillow can perfectly fit you!

* Unlike memory foam and other pillows that have synthetic fibers, feather pillows are cool to sleep on. The feathers don’t trap the body heat that radiates from your head. In addition, large free spaces between the feathers allow air to freely circulate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both types are equally good, and it depends on your preference and your sleeping position. As a rule of thumb, stomach sleepers may want down pillows because they compress neatly. Back and side sleepers may want something plusher or firmer, so feather pillows may be their preferences. Alternatively, they can choose a combo-pillow, or one that is filled with both feathers and down.

Side sleepers need pillows with more fill to support the weight of their head. A feather, down, or combo-pillow with at least 650 fill power is ideal.

The feather filling is thought to be a concern for people with allergies of asthma. But with high-tech and efficient cleaning processes, these concerns are negligible. Dirt and dust have been thoroughly removed from the fill. In addition, these feathers are enclosed in hypo-allergenic shells.

Sleeping on Feathers - Our Takeaway:

Along with a high-quality mattress, having the right pillow to cradle your head is definitely an important key to a restful, relaxing, and quality sleep. Feather pillows are perfect for lulling you. They are soft, comfortable, and breathable, allowing you to drift quickly off to dreamland.

Even if you feel pure feather pillows are not for you, there are alternatives. There are pillows whose fillings are mixed with down, microfiber, and other materials, giving you balanced advantages of these materials.

Think about it: royalty once slept on feather pillows. If these kinds of pillows were the choicest of kings and queens, then it definitely makes sense for you to have one yourself!

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