2022’s Best Weighted Blankets for Couples (Our 5 Top Picks & Buyer’s Guide)

Luxury Weighted Blanket Set By Rocabi


Weighted blankets are a dream come true for many people who struggle with sleep. It relieves anxiety, reduces stress and promotes overall well-being. Couples can enjoy all those benefits by checking out the best weighted blankets. While we’ve rounded up the best weighted blanket brands for couples, our team’s pick is the Luxury Weighted Blanket Set by Rocabi. Find out why Rocabi is a great weighted blanket for lovers to snuggle up in.

Looking for a great gift for your other half? Something to celebrate an anniversary perhaps? Or are you searching for a practical, useful present for newlyweds?

Whatever your reasons might be, we’ve taken considerable time and effort in putting together a list of the 5 best weighted blankets that are designed specifically for couples. 

Our recommendations are based on:

We’ve included buying tips and FAQ’s to answer your questions, as well. With our expert help, you might soon be on your way to purchasing a great weighted blanket that couples enjoy.

Head on over to the next section to see our reviews.

2020’s Best Weighted Blanket for Couples

Hypoallergenic Cotton

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ZonLi Softest Weighted Blanket


Weighted Idea Soft Weighted Blanket with Cover

High-density Cotton

616AQNz P7L. AC SL1001

CuteKing Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket (Queen & King Size)

Hypoallergenic Fabric

61rouGBvJFL. AC SL1000

Hypnoser Weighted Blanket

Organic Cotton

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Luxury Weighted Blanket Set By Rocabi

1. ZonLi Softest Weighted Blanket

51J4tLQMLL. AC SL1000

If both of you and your partner are first-time users ofa weighted blanket, then the ZonLi Softest Weighted blanket is for you. It is made of 100% hypoallergenic cotton with double-layer microfiber to prevent fraying. High-density sewing technology keeps the blanket long-lasting.

Thousands of glass beads in its quilted square pockets help distribute the weight evenly. This, together with the material, makes the blanket cool and cozy.

Recommended Size & Weight for Couples:
60W” x 80L” – 15/17/20/22 lbs.
80W” x 87L” – 20/25 lbs.

Khaki, Black, Grey, Navy, Cream, Sea Grass, Pink, Purple, Salmon, etc.

2. Weighted Idea Soft Weighted Blanket with Cover

This weighted blanket for couples has a luxurious feel due to the Minky fabric. That means, this blanket is ultra-soft; the two of you would feel like you just pulled a cloud over your bodies. Except that this “cloud” effectively provides therapeutic Rather than glass or metal beads, the blanket uses poly pellets for weight. The pellets are safe and hypoallergenic so you don’t need to worry about asthma and allergy attacks.

When you buy a Weighted Idea Soft Blanket, your order will also include a minky duvet cover. You can use this for extra warmth during the cold months. When the weather is hotter than usual, you can just use the duvet cover as a cool, soft, and comfortable blanket.

Recommended Size & Weight for Couples:
60W” x 80L” – 15/20/25 lbs

Grey, Grey & Navy Blue, Grey & Pink

3. CuteKing Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket (Queen & King Size)

616AQNz P7L. AC SL1001

You and your partner’s body sizes—and your bed size—won’t matter. That’s because the CuteKing Weighted Blanket is available in various sizes, from twin bed to king-sized sheets. For couples, however, it’s best to feel its warmth (and weight) in a queen or king size option.  Comfort is not wanting as this amazing weighted blanket for couples is made of soft 100% breathable high-density cotton fabric. The company’s most recent model features two additional microfiber layers in the blanket to provide even more effective temperature control.

Thousands of tiny glass beads provide the weight of this blanket. Sewn in square quilted pockets, these are all distributed all over the blanket, providing couples with even DPS. Double stitches prevent the beads from falling out or transferring to other quilted pockets.

Recommended Size & Weight for Adults:
60W” x 80L” – 15 lbs / 20 lbs / 25 lbs
80W” x 87L” – 15 lbs / 20 lbs / 25 lbs

Dark Grey Bamboo, Sea Grass, Navy Blue

4. Hypnoser Weighted Blanket

61rouGBvJFL. AC SL1000

The Hypnoser Weighted Blanket 2.0 is perfect for newlyweds who are searching for a good bargain. It runs around $10 to $20 cheaper than several other brands, so you’ll wear a big smile when you see its price tag.

The blanket is made of 100% natural, breathable, and hypoallergenic fabric. Thus, you would feel comfortable either in hot or cold weather.

An adequate amount of pressure and weight is provided by glass beads that are sewn into 4X4 inch diamond-shaped quilted pockets distributed throughout the bed for an even distribution of pressure. The pockets are sewn with precision computer programming so that the beads won’t shift around. Filler fibers eliminate the noise generated when the beads shift, allowing the couple an uninterrupted sleep.

Recommended Size & Weight for Couples:
48W” x 72L” – 10/12/15/20 lbs.
60W” x 80L” – 12/15 lbs.

Not specified

5. Luxury Weighted Blanket Set By Rocabi

613eSDiKGaL. AC SL1000

You and your partner deserve the best things in life. If so, you won’t be disappointed by the Luxury Weighted Blanket Set by Rocabi. A luxurious minky material made of organic cotton softly caresses your skin without feeling itchy or clammy. The material effectively regulates temperature so you won’t feel too warm or too cold underneath the cover.

Inside the lovely cover are thousands of fine, non-toxic glass beads that provide weight. The beads, which are superior to poly pellets, are sewn into 6-inch pockets that provide uniform distribution of pressure.

Your purchase comes with a washable and plush luxury duvet-style cover that you could use as a blanket if you feel too warm.

Size & Weight:
60W” x 80L” – 10/15/20/25/30 lbs.
80W” x 86L” – 15/20/25/30 lbs.

Minky Grey, Cotton Chalk White, Cotton Slate Grey

Now that you have options in mind for couple-friendly weighted blankets, let’s dig a little deeper and discuss weighted blankets in greater detail.

Up ahead, you’ll read about:

Quick Guide for Choosing the Correct Weighted Blanket for Couples

Choosing a weighted blanket isn’t as straightforward as choosing an ordinary blanket. 

The ideal weighted blanket must be 10% of your weight. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should get a 15-pound blanket. 

But what if your partner is lighter than you, at just a little over 100 pounds?

That 15-pound weighted blanket will be too heavy for her.

This rule of thumb also allows the pressure of a weighted blanket to be evenly distributed over your body. But, in the above example, your partner would feel rather uncomfortable; the pressure won’t be uniformly dispersed on her body.

To help resolve that problem, you can refer to our weighted blanket guide below:

Combined Couples' Weight Recommended Blanket Weight
120 - 150 lbs
10 lbs
150 - 200 lbs
15 lbs
200 - 250 lbs
20 lbs
250 - 300 lbs
25 lbs
350 - 400 lbs
30 lbs

Other than considering the weight of the couple using the blanket, the size of the bed must be considered as well.

Here’s a quick guide to standard bed sizes and the correct weighted blanket size to go with each bed size:

Standard Bed Size Recommended Weighted Blanket Size
Twin - 39" x 74"
41" x 60" or 48" x 36"
Queen - 60" x 80"
60" x 80"
King - 76" x 80"
80" x 86"

So, here’s an example of how you can choose the right weighted blanket for couples:

If your combined weight is between 200 – 250 lbs. and you sleep on a standard Queen size bed, then your weighted blanket should weigh 25 lbs. and the blanket size should be 60” x 80”.

Note that the bed sizes above are standard US sizes. If you sleep on a custom-made bed, it would be good to measure it accordingly and see if there is a corresponding weighted blanket size that suits your custom bed.

The next sections should cover more information about weighted blankets for couples. Keep going. Remember, the more you know, the better you can make an informed decision about which product to buy.

What is a Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket is exactly what it sounds like; it’s a heavy blanket. 

The weight comes from the pellets embedded inside padded pockets that are sewn into the fabric. Weighted blankets can be of different weights, from 10 to 30 pounds. Kid-sized weighted blankets weigh less, though – at around 5 – 8 pounds.

So how can putting something that weighs anywhere from 5 to 30 pounds over your body help you? 

Well, according to researchers, the pressure coming from the blanket’s weight imitates deep pressure stimulation (DPS), sometimes called deep touch pressure therapy. This is a manual therapeutic massage technique wherein the masseuse applies relatively strong and hard manual hand pressure to certain points of your body. A skilled DPS therapist can effectively relax your nervous system. A relaxed nervous system helps relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and improve mood.

DPS may also be used in conjunction with other orthopedic and psychological treatments as well as sensory integration therapies. These blankets are often recommended to people suffering from autism, sleeplessness, ADHD, and other sensory disorder issues.

When proper DPS is applied, the body releases endorphins, which are hormones that make you feel good. It also releases neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, which are responsible for emanating feelings of calmness, well-being, and relaxation. When you are lying down under the right weighted blanket, you will definitely feel at ease, relaxed, caressed, and comfortable as if you entered your own private heaven and left the stresses of the real world behind. What you’re feeling is actually a rush of endorphins and positive neurotransmitters.

Finally, weighted blankets sales have increased due to claims that it can improve blood pressure and increase circulation. It’s not a surprise—with gentle but deep pressure on every part of your body, you would definitely feel relaxed.

Benefits of Using a Weighted Blanket for Couples

Here are some benefits of choosing a weighted blanket for couples:

Helps you and your partner sleep better.

This is the primary benefit as this is actually what the weighted blanket is designed for – better sleep. For couples who are busy running businesses or working hectic careers, sleep is a valuable commodity. Weighted blankets that couples share during the evenings help them sleep longer and better.

Saves money.

Buying one large weighted blanket for couples is much cheaper than buying two individual blankets. Even if the cost of a big blanket exceeds that of its smaller counterpart, you still save a lot of money. That’s because its price usually does not exceed the total cost of two weighted blankets.

Promotes intimacy and couple bonding.

A large blanket for two covers the entire bed—together with the two of you! If you don’t want any sort of barrier between your partner, then having one big weighted blanket is perfect.

Resolves the discomfort of sharing an inadequately-sized blanket.

Have you tried fighting over a blanket with your partner? Your partner rolls to one side, and you’re off the cover. You roll on to your side, and your partner is off the blanket’s warmth. It’s frustrating even if you are using a large single-person blanket. A weighted blanket specifically sized for couples, fortunately, solves this little bedroom “conflict” because it adequately covers the two of you.

Washing one blanket saves time and effort.

In case the blanket gets dirty, then you only need to wash one weighted blanket rather than two. However, you may need some assistance and extra effort in cleaning it. It requires a bit more specialized way of cleaning than that of a regular blanket. It’s good to remember, though, that most weighted blankets come with separate, lightweight covers that can be easily washed. For weighted blankets that do not have separate covers, you’ll only need to wash them 4 to 5 times in a year.

The Disadvantages of Using a Weighted Blanket for Couples

It takes time getting used to using a weighted blanket.

Using a weighted blanket could be somewhat of a slightly unpleasant experience, especially if you’re using it for the first time. It all depends on how well the blanket functions and how it makes you feel. Also, while couples generally enjoy the same things, they might not agree on weighted blankets. One might like it, one might not. So it’s always good to consider personal preferences when purchasing products meant for couples to use.

Pricier than an ordinary large blanket or comforter.

Because of its specialized design and features, a weighted blanket obviously cost more than your ordinary blanket. But, it does offer more features and better comfort than your regular blanket – so, at the end of the day, you will get your money’s worth. As mentioned in the benefits section, you can actually save some hard-earned money because you will be buying a weighted blanket that’s precisely the size you need plus get the benefits of better sleep experience.

Once you get used to a weighted blanket, you might no longer be able to sleep properly without it.

If you go out of town or if you simply need to sleep somewhere else (crunching deadlines at the office or camping under the stars with family), you might need to take your heavy, weighted blanket with you because you may have difficulty sleeping without feeling its warmth and weight. And of course, couples don’t always travel together, how does one sleep if the other takes the weighted blanket on a business trip? The solution to this might be to think of your own lifestyle before purchasing a weighted blanket to share with your partner. If you’re constantly traveling and need to sleep in hotels, this may not be a great option for you.

Too warm during the hotter months.

Unless you have the a/c on for the most part of the day or night, weighted blankets are generally not comfortable to use during the summer months as it may get a bit too warm.

May not be ideal for people who are claustrophobic.

Because of its weight and feeling of being tightly hugged, weighted blankets may not be great for people who have mild to extreme forms of claustrophobia. Other types of mental health issues where the person does not like the feeling of being hugged or touched too closely may also not benefit from a weighted blanket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your bed size should be your reference. For example, if you have a queen bed, then get the queen-sized weighted blanket. In doing so, the blanket will be big enough to cover you and your partner.

You might be tempted to buy an oversized blanket “just to be sure.” However, that could be a wrong move because weights will hang over the sides of the bed. It will feel as if the blanket is pulling the two of you down. In addition, the shifting of the weight to the sides will cause a less effective and uneven distribution of pressure. 

Check out our quick guide above to know which is the correct weighted blanket for you.

As mentioned earlier, the general consensus when it comes to weighted blankets is 10% of a person’s weight. But this is more of a guideline and starting point rather than a hard-set rule.

Remember that a weighted blanket’s purpose is to provide therapy and comfort. If you don’t feel comfortable with the blanket even if you followed the 10% rule, then don’t be forced to buy it. That’s counterproductive to what the weighted blanket is supposed to provide.

The simple answer is to read the care instructions carefully in the tag or label of your weighted blanket. 

Generally, weighted blankets can be machine or hand-washed and dried at home, but heavier blankets need to be taken to the laundromat as it may cause wear and tear to household washing machines.

Another good tip is to avoid fabric softeners or bleach on weighted blankets as these would normally cause irreversible damage. 

Again, have a careful look at the care instructions for further details.

Our Verdict

The weighted blanket for couples exactly mimics that of having a massage while you sleep and it’s a great buy for couples who love that warm, comforting feeling ordinary blankets can’t provide. Weighted blankets are also a proven, natural sleep aid and help promote a loving bond between couples.

But, there are several factors to consider when purchasing a weighted blanket for couples who have different personalities and physical features.

Our recommendation is to carefully think of why you are purchasing the weighted blanket and who it’s for.

If you’re purchasing it for yourself and for your partner, make sure you’re both fans of the weighted blanket and its features before purchasing one. This may not be the best surprise gift unless both of you have been wanting one for ages – in that case, go ahead and make your partner happy. 

In the same way, if you’re purchasing weighted blankets for newlyweds or a couple celebrating an anniversary or another milestone in their relationship, make sure they actually love weighted blankets, too. You can also check down comforters and down alternatives for similar comfort.

At the end of the day, it’s really our preferences that help us decide if we want to buy a certain product or not. That said – we’re here to answer all your questions. Leave a comment below or contact our team – we’re happy to hear from you!

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