Our Top Tips & Product Picks for 2022’s Best Cooling Blankets for Hot Sleepers

hypoallergenic down blankets

Hypoallergenic 230 TC Down Blankets with Satin Trim


Cooling blankets are a god-send for hot, sweaty sleepers. It’s also a great sleep accessory if you happen to sleep in a warm bedroom that makes you feel stuffy and well, interrupts your sleep. So, what’s the best cooling blanket for you? This roundup and tips will help you make the right decision. Our team of sleep experts, however, recommend the Hypoallergenic 230 TC Down Blankets with Satin Trim. Made with 100% cooling cotton, it’s made of high-end duck down and it’s soft and comforting to the touch. You can get more details here.

We bid farewell to the smell of hot chocolate and tiny marshmallows floating inside our Christmas mugs, to the sound of the crackling firewood – gone are the long cold nights of winter’s last breath.  

These days we welcome the birds chirping, buzzing of the bees, colorful flowers, and our all-time favorite Mr. Summer Sun. 

Sounds like a lot of fun, right?

In spite of the vibrant colors and happy tunes, it is not all fun and games when people hear the word “Summer” because the next question that comes to mind is how do we stay cool under that summer heat?

Are you a hot sleeper?  If you are, then your only desire is to escape warm nights, right?

For those who love to sleep under the blankets, is there any hope left to regain that sleeping pattern you once looked forward to?

Worry no more.  Up ahead we’ve lined up all the facts you need to know to find this year’s best cooling blankets.

Road to your Best Cooling Blanket

Let’s get straight to the “meat” of the topic  – Cooling Blankets! 

Commercially, there are a lot of electric mattresses, cooling blankets, comforters, and other blanket lines being sold but the real question is how do you find the right one? 

Here are our 5 facts along with our recommended products that you should know about to help you choose your next cooling blanket.

1. Technology

Cooling blankets are existing products of technology considering the kind of feature that they give but there are 2 kinds of technologies that stand out:  

  • Temperature Regulation Technology 
  • Moisture Wicking Technology.

Temperature Regulation Technology absorbs and disperses heat which then brings comfort to the person under the blanket since the temperature is kept at a certain level of comfort. 

On the other hand, Moisture Wicking is a bit unique since one only gets to enjoy the benefits when they start to sweat. Blankets produced with this type of technology in mind means you will sleep comfortably as it effectively takes the moisture away through enhanced air circulation. On second thought, we wouldn’t want to start sweating just to feel comfortable under the sheets, right?

The Bedjet Aircomforter: A High-Tech Product We Love

The Bedjet Aircomforter is considered as the first cooling and warming sheet for the bed. This is a bed accessory that has to be used with the Bedjet Climate Comfort System. This 100% cotton fiber cooling blanket is engineered to distribute coolness through the internal cavities enhancing airflow.

bedjet aircomforter


The market loves this because of how it utilizes smart technology and how this can definitely enhance overall coolness.


If you are not on a budget and happy to invest in sleeping accessories, you may include this on your must-haves. This blanket needs to be used with the paired system and cannot be a standalone item. The Bedjet cooling system work with your existing bed and a Cloud Sheet (sold separately ) for better cooling performance.

2. Weave or Knit?

Are you a weave person or a knit person?

As simple as this may sound, in picking your cooling blanket these two things need to be considered. 

Whether it be weaved or knitted – these will determine the breathability factor of the blanket. 

If you are on the creative side of things a knit blanket maybe just the one you need! Aside from being highly breathable and lightweight they allow more looping patterns and stretch in different directions. 

The weaved ones have parallel patterns causing it to stretch on one side, thus making it less breathable and produces fewer creative patterns. 

If you are a solid weave person, you may want to go for a loose weave instead of the usual one.

Recommended Products For Both Weave Blanket & Knit Blanket Fans:

If you are always on the move the Cocoon CoolMax is the blanket for you. This 55 x 70-inch blanket serves as the perfect travel buddy. It is small, lightweight, and breathable as it takes away moisture bringing comfort to the hot sleeper that you can be.

cocoon coolmax


It is lightweight and breathable making it incredibly gentle as it touches one’s skin


The material causes it to be quite thin, then compromising the quality in the long run

The All-Season Temperature Regulating Hypoallergenic Blanket from Design Weave is 100% cotton weave with a 300-thread count. This blanket provides the right temperature as it uses the Outcast Technology that was originally developed by NASA. This cooling blanket makes use of materials known as PCM that is known for the absorption storage and release of heat to achieve the utmost comfort.

design weave blanket


It is hypoallergenic and embraces superior temperature regulation technology.


This blanket has to be handled with the utmost care when being washed.

3. Raw Materials

There are numerous raw materials that cooling blankets can be made from. It is just a matter of choosing which material you are comfortable with and personally helps you sleep better. 

The most common one would be cotton, it is known for being highly breathable and soft, but it is prone to wrinkling and shrinking when washed. 

The best quality is at a 300-500 thread count which makes them top of the line and breathable. 

Another material we use is wool which is known for being breathable and regulating temperature. However, this may trap heat and maybe quite a challenge when you wash it. Some people may be allergic to the material but if it is weaved or knitted the right way – this might be just the one for you. 

Synthetic raw materials combined with natural fibers are starting to come into the market. These are durable and absorb moisture, but this brings a negative impact on the environment and are not breathable. 

We have Polyester and Acrylic are great for pulling moisture away or what we call moisture-wicking, but they are quite expensive and do not regulate temperature. 

Viscose is a material extensively used since they are soft, breathable, and more importantly hypoallergenic. However, it has a negative impact on the environment, it absorbs moisture since viscose is made from wood pulp. Few popular examples are Rayon, Lyocell, Tencel, Modal, and Bamboo Viscose.

Recommended Products Made Of High-Grade Materials

The Cooling Weighted Blanket from YNM is 15 lbs, 48 x 72 inches, and is 100% made from Bamboo Viscose. This cooling blanket was engineered to give a cold feeling when it touches your skin but at the same time is extremely smooth when it touches your skin. Another great feature would be this blanket is that it is anti-bacterial featuring a bacterial culling rate of 72% after 24 hours.

cooling weighted blanket from ynm


This is extremely soft like satin. This is able to remove moisture from the body and transfer heat. The blanket is offered in several weight varieties perfect for any hot sleeper out there.


Because of the weight categories made available, some may find this quite heavy when not chosen correctly

Cotton Throw Blankets by Utopia Bedding is a great option if you are a hot sleeper on a budget. Since it is made of cotton, this blanket regulates temperature making it the perfect blanket for every season. To maintain quality, make sure you tumble dry the machine at a low temperature. This blanket is also best for those with skin hypersensitivity.

cotton throw blankets by utopia bedding


Budget-friendly and made from natural materials. The blanket can be used all year round


Not the best look for a blanket

4. Comfort and Coolness

Although blankets were invented to keep people warm, as times changed these regular blankets slowly made people uncomfortable because it makes them feel hot and stuffy during summer evenings. Regular blankets trap moisture instead of wicking it leaving the hot sleeper sweaty under the covers.

You might say that a cooling blanket may not be necessary since you can always push the covers away then put it back when you start to shiver but later on you realize this becomes an endless battle which then leads to disrupting your sleeping patterns.

Cooling blankets are the best for those hot sleepers in order for them to remain comfortable as they sleep. Comfort is not only measured on the coolness it brings but it is also measured on the material being used, there are hypoallergenic cooling blankets that fit those who have sensitive skin due to dust or mites.

Hypoallergenic 230 TC Down Blanket - A Cooling, Comfy Blanket We Love

The Hypoallergenic 230 TC Down Blankets with Satin Trim is made of 550 Fill Power with a high-end duck down. This means that the down ends are sewn through the material to prevent it from shifting. This cooling blanket has about 1-inch satin trim which makes it very soft when it touches your skin. Despite the fancy look,  this is surprisingly quite easy to manage because you can just throw it in the dryer and not worry about getting it ruined.

hypoallergenic down blankets


Hypoallergenic. This has high-quality duck down which is sewn through the fabric. Soft when it touches the skin


Though the quality is not affected when it is thrown to the washer, the material tends to shrink

5. Lightweight or Weighted Blankets

Most people feel comfortable having a heavy blanket or comforter on top of them while they sleep. Science shows that there is a connection as to why some prefer to sleep in that manner, they relate this to the feeling of physical or psychological grounds. This mimics feelings of being protected as if you were inside a mother’s womb or for some autism-related cases – weighted blankets can help them calm down.

But truth be told, weighted blankets can be quite uncomfortable especially in hot weather. Unless it is done right then there is no guarantee of a good night’s sleep.

Lightweight & Weighted Blanket Brands We Love

The Lavish Home Chevron 100% Egyptian this blanket is made from 100% cotton and is lightweight and ultra-gentle. What is great about this blanket is that it’s comprehensive thermo-regulating properties allow you to feel warm during winter nights and cool during the hot weather. People also love how this blanket is so easy to handle since maintenance tips are straight to the point.

lavish home chevron


Easy to use all-year-round. This takes advantage of high-end materials which enhances breathability


This item is only made in India and still needs to be shipped to the US. If you are into the trendy, stylish accessories for your bedroom, this blanket looks just a tad bit old-fashioned.

The  Rocabi Anxiety Blanket (Weighted 30 lbs and Two Cover Bundle). This blanket is suitable for both kids and adults, most especially to those who are experiencing a lot of stress and pressure from either work or school. Science says that such pressure can cause sleeplessness which then decreases efficiency and happiness. 

Do not get intimidated by its looks, this 30 lb. and 2 cover bundle is made from 100% cotton which makes this breathable. This is made with high-quality material and glass beads as fillings. It is also known for its textured dots for sensory feedback.

rocabi anxiety blanket


Perfect for those who have sleeping problems and are in a lot of stress. Weight distribution is equal. This serves an as high stimulator


The 100% weight distribution may not be ideal for some sleepers.

One more cooling blanket to consider Cooling Weighted Blanket for Adult and Kids from Sensadream. This 60 x 80 inches, 15 lbs.  blanket is suitable for both adults and kids who wish to relieve stress that causes sleep problems. It is enclosed in a cover which we can conveniently remove and clean. Since this blanket is made of bamboo viscose fabric it is highly breathable and will surely bring comfort and smoothness to the person using it.

sensadream cooling weighted blanket


The blanket is not heavy or too light. This helps reduce melatonin to the user’s body and is extremely comfortable


It is only available in one weight option - 15 lbs.

Now, that is a wrap on the tips on choosing your best cooling blanket! So which blanket did you think was “Cooler”?

We all love a little history, now here’s a little back story on how all of this came to be.

Once upon a Blanquette

During Ancient times, these blankets were not  basic household items unlike how these are today. Blankets used to be a status symbol since only the rich and royalty were able to use it while commoners used plants and animal skins as blankets. 

Years passed and times changed – the first blanket was invented way back in the 14th century by Thomas Blanquette (blanket) who happened to be a weaver  from Bristol, England. He utilized wool as his raw material since wool is known to be fire resistant and comfortable. 

cooling blankets

When Sleeping and Science Collide

An article  written by The National Sleep Foundation suggested ways on how we can get comfortable night’s sleep despite the rising temperature. It indicates that if the temperature rises above 75 degrees Fahrenheit and falls below 54 degrees Fahrenheit our sleep gets disrupted and we end up waking up – usually in the middle of the night. 

Scientists may have not figured out the exact temperature that promotes better sleep, but they have agreed that the standard room temperature will definitely lead to a good night’s sleep. 

A few other routines to keep our environment favorable were suggested to give better sleep and that is to: 

  • increase the air conditioner’s temperature
  • taking showers
  • using a cooling blanket
  • using a weighted blanket 
  • listening to white noise. 


So, which is the best cooling blanket for you?

Honestly, it is a matter of choice, each cooling blanket is engineered based on different preferences. You can be the one who prefers the cooling blanket to be lightweight or you can be that one person who prefers a little weight in your blanket. 

We need to remember that these cooling blankets were made for one sole reason and that is to bring comfort and sweet dreams to those hot sleepers out there. It aims to bring that feeling of comfort from the day’s stressful events, a charging base for you and your body.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t add another sleepless night to your calendar. Get up and start strolling around to your nearest store – check on the linen section and grab that cooling blanket.

Sweet dreams.  

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