The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets (Comparison Guide): Sleep Like Royalty in 2022

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Ancient Egyptians were known for creating the best and the grandest of things. 

Here’s a quick list of Eygptian achievements:

  • They built massive pyramids
  • Perfected irrigation systems
  • Invented papyrus
  • Developed a  complex writing system

You would be hard-pressed not to be impressed by the wonders of one of the most advanced civilizations in pre-historic times. They also worshipped cats – which means they were way beyond the modern day fixation and fascination of observing our feline friends and posting them on social media.

The splendor of Egypt trickled down to the present times.

Luxury cloth, for example, was their pride and signature product. It was the luxury material of choice for Pharaohs, nobles, and VIPs. Egyptian cloth was considered to be equal to gold in worth. 

It’s a good and fortunate thing that Egyptians have been able to preserve this heritage for thousands of years. The knowledge of producing elegant cloth has been passed from generation to generation. 

Now, you can experience the grandness of this incredible, culturally rich civilization through the best Egyptian cotton sheets for beds.

100% Egyptian Cotton: The Fabric of Pharaohs

Egyptian cotton is considered to be one of the highest grades of cotton in the world. While the fibers are grown in many places around Egypt, those crops that are grown, harvested, and processed in the Nile delta are considered to be the best. The unique climate of the region as well as the rich, fertile soil along the river’s proximity is believed to be the main factor for the fabric’s exceptional qualities.

The cotton is handpicked—never machine harvested—to preserve the softness, strength, and overall quality of the fibers. The fibers are then spun, and the resulting threads are woven to create sateen, percale, and twill fabrics. The resulting materials feel silky, soft, and smooth when touched.

The best Egyptian cotton is grown in extra-long strands with fibers that are 1.5 to 2 inches long. This length category of cotton is the most challenging to grow and harvest. However, it yields the highest quality. 

Egyptian cotton is a favored material in producing luxury bed sheets because it is lightweight, soft, and durable.

2020’s Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Do you want to have a piece of Egyptian royalty in your bedroom? Just check out these lustrous sheets made of the finest Egyptian cotton:

satan sheet

Parachute Homes Sateen Sheet


Luxor Linens Delano
Organic Sheet Set


Parachute Homes Percale Sheets


Pure Parima Yalda Sheet

Parachute Homes Sateen Sheet

No, it’s not about bed sheets dropping from the sky. However, it does mean that each bedding sheet from Parachute Homes feels like you’re sleeping in heaven. That’s the luxurious comfort you will expect from their 100% Egyptian cotton products.

The cotton material is woven into a silky sateen weave. The result is an Egyptian sheet that feels absolutely smooth and soothing on your skin. Even looking at the shiny and silky sheet already speaks volumes about how smooth, comfortable, and silky it is. We won’t be surprised if, after setting up your new Parachute Homes bed sheet, you would like to crawl and doze under it right away!

The look and feel of a Parachute Homes bed sheets are just half of the cake. The other half is the quality of the threads used in the sateen weave.  These long threads effectively resist shrinkage, fading, and piling. You can wash and air-dry your Egyptian bed sheet a lot of times, and the high quality will still be preserved.

These 100% Egyptian cotton bed sheets represent great value for your money. Check out Parachute Homes website for a full catalog of their bed sheets.

Who’s It For:

These sheets are ideal for people who want to enjoy that silken, loving feeling every time they sleep under the covers. They’re also great for demanding customers who want luxury and style.


heir sheets range from $129 to $169 dollars. You also have a 60-day trial period to see if your Parachute Home bed sheet is really for you. But we doubt you will return it!

Snowe Home

Even the brand name itself already promises something cool, peaceful, and beautiful just like a lovely winter day.  Snow Home presents beautiful bed sheets made from the best Egyptian fabrics, particularly their Percale Sheet Set.  This set is perfect for people who love sheets with that characteristic soft cotton feel.

The Percale bed sheets are made of the best Egyptian cotton. But instead of sateen, they are percale woven. With a thread count of over 200, this weaving style creates a noticeably tighter weave than the standard. However, the tight weave doesn’t sacrifice comfort. It’s just that it feels crisper (like cotton) than silky. Finally, the sheets also look less shiny than those woven in sateen.

For a lot of people, a shiny, silken feeling can be uncomfortable; some said it’s akin to something feathery crawling on their skin. That’s why they prefer the more familiar feeling of high-quality cloth.

In the case of Percale sheets, these have a high thread count of 500 strands. This makes it really smooth to the touch, almost like silk. In addition, a high thread count is a boon to Egyptian cotton as it’s an indicator of exceptional durability, resistance to pilling, and color retention.

Who’s It For:

These sheets are perfect for people who love the classic, familiar, and comfortable feeling of cotton blankets.


The Percale sheet set is priced at $200. But don’t stop there as you can get packaged Snowe sleep bundles for from $375 to $490 dollars.

Luxor Linens Delano Organic Sheet Set

Luxor is no stranger to elegance, quality, and style. When it comes to bed sheets, Luxor is one of those brands that are competing for top rated. Those who are looking for bedding sheets are assured of an excellent item when they buy a Luxor product. The Delano Organic Sheet Set is one of these value-for-your-money products.

The “organic” in the Delano Organic Sheets for beds is not just there for marketing or labeling purposes. The fabric is made of 100% Egyptian cotton blended with bamboo fibers. We all know that Egyptian cotton is soft, comfortable, strong, and luxurious. However, the addition of bamboo makes the bedding sheets breathable and helps with moisture. That gives you a comfortable and cool sleep; it’s perfect if you live in a warm, tropical place.

In addition, bamboo has natural anti-microbial properties. Thus, you are assured that you won’t be sleeping with mildew, mold, allergens, dust mites, and other crawlies.

The Delano Organic Sheet is 100% Egyptian cotton, but Luxor carries other sheet models of the same material.  Check out their other Luxor sheet sets.

Who’s It For:

If you want a cooler sleep, then the Delano Organic Sheet is for you. The light and breathable nature of the fabric allows cool air to caress your body. They’re ideal for those who live in warm climates.


The Delano Organic sheet is priced at $235 and is available in one cool gray color. This neutral color makes it easier to match any bedroom style. It comes with a 30-day trial period, so you have 1 month to test the product out. But we’re sure you will find that exceeds your expectations on comfort, style, and quality.

Parachute Homes Percale Sheets

The best Egyptian cotton sheets can be quite on the costly side of things. That is understandable, considering the quality of the material. So does that mean that if you don’t want to have a hole in your wallet, you’ll have to settle with an average-joe cotton sheet? Absolutely not! Parachute Homes has their Pecale Sheet line, which are specially for those who are tight on the budget.

The Percale sheets are made of high-quality 100% Egyptian cotton. The Percale fitted sheets are also noticeably lighter than their sateen counterparts. 

Each sheet’s tight weave helps make the fabric smooth and strong while offering a huge degree of breathability.  The result is a fabric that looks and feels like the softest cotton rather than the smoothest silk. The high thread count of the Percale weave also provides a nice, neutral matte appearance that does not “steal” attention, unlike silky and shiny sheets.

Oh, we did mention about the Percale Sheets is easy on your wallet, didn’t we? Well, this product line starts at $109 a set. Friendly price, luxurious quality! You can’t get any better than that!

You can also check out their other bedding sheets in their online store. Which one is for you?

Who’s It For:

People who want a taste of luxury but still want to keep a tight lid on their bank accounts should have this sheet set. Percale sheets are also well-loved by people who want breathable quality Egyptian bed sheets that feel like cotton but have the quality in more expensive counterparts. 


The sheet set starts at $109 and goes all the way to $149, depending on the size. You have 60 days to experience the comfort of the fabric and decide if it’s the right bedsheet for you.

Pure Parima Yalda Sheet

The most demanding sleepers usually want specialists for their beddings. If you consider yourself as a demanding sleeper who only wants the best, then the Egyptian sheets from Pure Parima are for you. This brand specializes in the best Egyptian cotton sheets. Do you need proof? All the fabrics used in their products are certified by the Egyptian Cotton Association.

The certification means that their products use extra-long fibers that have been carefully harvested and processed from the Nile River Valley. The fibers are then weaved into the authentic high-quality Egyptian sheets of the brand.

Now, what’s with the Yalda sheet? Well, this particular product features a high 400 thread count, which is pretty high for a sateen weave fabric. The fabric, therefore, feels extraordinarily smooth, soft, and elegant. It drapes lustrously over any mattress—innerspring or all-foam ones.

For uniqueness, their pillowcases and top sheet feature a double-open hemstitch border—a really nice decoration. Finally, the fitted sheet has 18-inch pockets that fit bigger and taller mattresses.

Who’s It For:

You want the ultimate Egyptian bed sheet? Then the Yalda Sheet is for you! Folks will love these sheets for their luxurious and smooth feel. You will definitely feel as if you’re royalty when you lie down and doze off under the covers.


The magnificent Yalda Sheet Set starts at $195 dollars and goes up to $260. Look out for great discounts! Each purchase comes with a 100-day return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sateen and percale are the most popular weaves when it comes to Egyptian sheets. However, there is also a third less-popular one called twill weave. In a twill weave, the fibers are woven diagonally, resulting in visible diagonal lines similar to that of denim. Twill woven Egyptian sheets for beds are heavy but they provide most warmth. As thus, they’re ideal to use during winter or for people who live in places with long, cold climes.

Thread count refers to the number of individual yarns in a square inch of fabric. It is important to note that the higher the thread count, the more high-quality the fabric is. That isn’t true in all cases. If the yarn is weak and inferior in quality, the entire fabric suffers regardless of thread count.

Egyptian cotton, thankfully, is made of strong superior-quality fibers. For such a fabric, a high thread count indicates a material that is durable, resistant to fading and shrinkage, and beautifully soft.

Note that a thread count that is higher than 800 is considered to be a very luxurious end, and therefore on the high end of the price scale.

They are quite comparable when it comes to quality. So what’s the difference? It’s where the fabric is actually made. While Egyptian cotton is sourced from the Nile River Valley, Supima is harvested in the US.

Sleep Like an Egyptian Pharaoh

The rulers of ancient Egypt once slept in these magnificent fabrics. They enjoyed the caress of the softness and smoothness of the elegant cloth. Every movement they make, the cloth rewards them with a silken caress.

Now, you can have the same experience with these best Egyptian beddings right in the comfort and convenience of your own bedroom. This is your chance to sleep like royalty! And that’s not an exaggeration because you deserve the best.

All these Egyptian bed sheets offer amazing value for your money, provides you with the utmost comfort, and add stunning aesthetics in your bedroom. It’s also the best summer bed sheets.

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Table of Contents

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