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2020’s Best Mattresses

Featured Buying Guide

Ready to have some sweet dreams on this year’s best mattress?

We have put together and established the largest mattress reviews, guides, and resources on the internet – all dedicated to making sure you buy only the best mattress out in the market today.

Our goal?

We don’t want you to waste time hunting down reviews and going from one webpage to another.

Our team has deep-dived into exactly what type of mattress helps you sleep better based on specific characteristics of people such as:

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Body type
  • Price
  • Sleep science 

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2020’s Best Pillows

Featured Buying Guide

Have you been sleeping on the same pillow for years? 

Time for a change.

Check out our latest pillow guides and the best pillows of 2020. 

Our in-depth reviews and guides will help you better understand what the best pillow is for you. We can help you find pillows that feel the most comfortable and offer supportive cushioning for your neck and shoulders.

Because we all have a specific feel that we are looking for, our guides will help you find the pillow that works best for your specific needs.

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About Inspiring Dreams Magazine

In 2013, Chris Walker, the creator of Inspiring Dreams, had the vision to simplify the complex shopping process of purchasing sleep products. For example, large products like mattresses are hard for individuals to make buying decisions on. 


There are so many different brands, styles, textures, comfort levels, adjustability, and variations in general. It would take a person a lifetime to test them on their own. Even accessories like pillows are challenging to purchase. At a glance, all pillows seem alike, however, the team at Inspiring Dreams knows that it takes time and research to find a quality pillow that won’t cause back pain or discomfort.

The same goes for blankets, sheets, mattress toppers, sleep gadgets, the list goes on. But – we’re here to change all that. We want to make it easier for you. That’s what Inspiring Dreams Magazine is all about:

We are your number one resource and go-to shopping buddy for anything you need to sleep better, healthier, and dream only the sweetest of dreams. We can help you make the process of shopping for sleep products easier by providing unbiased reviews and buyers’ guides to help you select the best bedroom accessories.

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