10 Best Metal Box Springs in 2022: What’s A Box Spring & Why You Need It (Or Not?)


Zinus Armita Smart Box Spring


One of the accessories that need to go with your mattress is a metal box spring. While some people opt to just place their mattresses directly on the floor, using a box springs helps extend the life of your mattress by giving it the proper support. Our pick among this roundup is the Zinus Armita Smart Box Spring. Sturdy and can support up to 2,400 of weight and a 9″ inch clearance, it’s a strong metal box spring that we highly recommend for your mattress. Read more about it and our metal box spring picks here.

This article is all about metal box springs but let’s take your focus from that real quick:

Imagine a rally car.

When you look at a rally car up close, you would see that it’s different from your run-of-the-mill sedan. 

In addition to various gizmos, you would probably notice extensive framing all around the interior of the car. This is called a roll cage, and its purpose is to protect the driver in case the car crashes.

How does a rally car compare to a mattress?

More than you think!

Your mattress is actually similar to that rally car driver. Without some sort of protection, your mattress disintegrates in just a few years, long before its expected lifespan. 

Dirt, bugs, moisture, and all sorts of harsh elements will take its toll.

That’s why you need a proverbial roll cage for your mattress. And that roll cage comes in the form of a metal box spring.

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What is a Box Spring?

Let’s start with a broader question: what is a bed foundation? 

As its name suggests, it is something where your mattress is placed on. Bed foundations can be custom-made frames, wooden platforms, or even sheets of thick cardboard (for the truly desperate). 

And this is where we get into the meat of the topic:

One of the most common types of bed foundations are box springs, sometimes called “divan” in other countries. 

Simply put, these are sturdy bed frames with numerous metal springs that provide support and bounce. The frame is then wrapped in cloth or foam to protect and conceal the structure. Finally, a mattress is then placed on top of the box spring.

Box springs are popular in North America and Western Europe. They can be sold separately or with a mattress as a package.

Box springs are often made of either wood or metal. For this article, we’ll focus on metal box springs and what are the best products in the market.

Best Metal Box Springs

There are so many brands of metal box springs out there. 

Here’s a brief list of some of the best metal box springs in the market.

mainstay halfold

Mainstay Half-Fold Metal Box Spring


HOMUS Heavy Duty Steel Platform Bed Frame


TATAGO Metal Box Spring Mattress Foundation

homdock e1594124909992

Homdock Heavy Duty Innovative Box Spring


Noah Megatron Box Spring

best choice

Best Choice Products Box Spring Mattress Foundation

zinus e1594124795907

Zinus Daniel 7.5 Inch Essential Metal Box Spring


Spirit Sleep 14-inch Box Spring


Zinus Armita Smart Box Spring


Classic Brands Instant Foundation

1. Mainstay Half-Fold Metal Box Spring

mainstay halfold

This lightweight metal box spring consists of an advanced, tough but springy metal frame that supports any mattress. Soft fabric conceals and protects the frame. 

But the best part about it is that it can be folded in half! 

That makes it ideal for small living spaces wherein you need to literally fold your bed to save space.

2. HOMUS Heavy Duty Steel Platform Bed Frame


Want a quality box spring that is affordable? Check out the HOMUS bed frame. 

The low-profile bed frame has a trendy, contemporary design. It is designed with an integrated structure feature so that it can be assembled within minutes, requiring only 12 screws. 

The strong steel structure effectively stabilizes the bed, extends mattress longevity, and eliminates squeaking.

3. TATAGO Metal Box Spring Mattress Foundation


Do you need a super tough metal box spring? Do you need something that can support your mattress plus the combined weight of two to six people? 

Then the TATAGO Meta Box Spring Mattress Foundation is the answer. With its reinforced tubular steel frame with center support bracing, the structure can support up to a whooping 3,000 pounds! 

All the major support structures are seamlessly welded to ensure a bed frame that is sturdy, safe, and quiet.

4. Homdock Heavy Duty Innovative Box Spring

homdock e1594124909992

This low-profile metal box spring is made of strong tempered steel that makes it doubly durable than counterparts of less quality. Its sturdy slat bars feature a quick lock structure, allowing easy assembly. 

However, it can also be easily disassembled for compact storage. This is a great all-around and versatile metal box spring, which can accommodate all types of mattresses.

5. Noah Megatron Box Spring


In the Transformers franchise, Megatron is the toughest and meanest Decepticon there is. No wonder this metal box spring is named after him. 

Made of high-quality and lightweight steel, this product boasts of unprecedented durability and stability. In addition, it is covered with high-quality, wrinkle-free, and shrink-resistant microfiber fabric, which adds breathability and protection to your mattress.

6. Best Choice Products Box Spring Mattress Foundation

best choice

Looking for something lightweight yet sturdy? This one’s for you!

With the capacity to carry up to 880 lbs., this box spring mattress from Best Choice Products is made from sturdy, high-quality metal slats and steel frames. But even with its hefty carrying capacity, it’s still designed to be lightweight and easy to move around from room to room. 

To make it more convenient, it’s covered in black and white fabric that’s super easy to wash and maintain.

The one thing to look out for is that some customers say that this box spring mattress is quite challenging to set up but it does come with detailed instructions to help make it easier for you. Also, it doesn’t feature a product warranty, but you can return the item immediately if (in rare cases) you receive it damaged. 

Overall, this is a comfortable, durable box spring mattress that can last years.

7. Zinus Daniel 7.5 Inch Essential Metal Box Spring

zinus e1594124795907

This durable steel frame has a center support bar for extra strength and constitution, prolonging your mattress’s lifespan. A soft but thick neutral gray fabric covers side panels; the neutral color makes it easy to match your room’s look. The frame can be assembled in just a few minutes, with the package including all needed tools and instructions.

8. Spirit Sleep 14-inch Box Spring


This box spring lifts you 14 inches off the ground. The high elevation frees up storage space just below you for your shoes, extra clothes, beddings, and more. 12 points of contact to the floor makes it very stable. The box spring is foldable, easy to assemble, easy to carry, and convenient to store.

9. Zinus Armita Smart Box Spring


Are you a heavy set person? Two or three large people sleeping in one bed? No worries! This large box spring is made of solid steel that makes it very strong and stable. In fact, it can support 2400 pounds of weight; that’s around 10 to 18 people—if it’s possible to pack them all in one bed! Its 9-inch ground clearance makes it comfortable for most people since, in general, people want to get off and on a higher bed. Your order comes with all the parts, tools, and instructions packed in a cool, compact package.

10. Classic Brands Instant Foundation


Classic never fades. So rather than metal, the frame of Classic Brands Instant Foundation consists of high-quality solid USA spruce. Yes, people, that’s 100% US wood! Because of this, the box spring is incredibly strong and can support the heaviest memory foam, latex, hybrid, or innerspring mattresses. It’s collapsible and easily assembled, and your package comes complete with all parts and tools.

So, we’ve given you a good idea of what box spring brands are best for you. 

But – since we endeavour to be as detailed as possible, we’ve included lots of information for you as well.

Check out FAQ’s and other important facts about metal box springs below:

Do You Need a Box Spring?

With modern bed frames and all-foam beds, it seems that metal box frames are obsolescent and an added expense.  After all, newer bed frames already have slats that provide support for the mattress. New all-foam mattresses, especially hybrid ones, can be used by themselves—just lay them on the floor, let them expand for a few days, and you can snooze on them right away.

So is buying a metal box spring a good idea? 

The short answer? Yes! 

In fact, even though the concept is outdated, there is still a large market for box springs. Just like fine wine which becomes better as it ages, box springs are infused with new technology, contemporary engineering, and state-of-the-art materials.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in a high-quality metal box spring:

Extends your mattress’s lifespan

We’re pretty sure you won’t simply lie down still for 8 hours on your mattress. You are going to sit on it, lounge on it as you watch your favorite TV shows, and make love with your partner on it. Your kids jump on it, and pets scratch it. Even when you sleep, you’re most likely to change your sleeping positions.

All these actions can slowly wear your mattress down. In a few years’ time, your mattress becomes wrecked. Without some sort of protective support, your mattress degrades faster and becomes unusable before its advertised lifetime.

A metal box spring prevents this by supporting the mattress itself. It helps the mattress stay in shape even if the latter is subjected to a lot of abuse. It provides a barrier against the floor and reduces unnecessary shifting.

Provides mattress support

A top-quality mattress may have good support. You can simply put it on the floor and sleep on it. But that support wanes as it ages. In a few years time, you’ll be shocked to see permanent impressions of your body. Reminds you of a fenced-off crime scene, doesn’t it?

Worse than its awful appearance, with a severely sagging mattress, you are more prone to suffer from body pains the entire day.

The metal box spring supports the mattress, just as the mattress supports your body. The metal slats underneath the box spring prevent the mattress from sagging prematurely.

Increases the height of your mattress

Some people find it really uncomfortable when they sleep on mattresses on the floor. They tend to step on the mattress when they’re preparing to sleep. In the morning, they are forced to awkwardly swing and squat every time they get up.

A metal box spring can lift your mattress anywhere from 4 to 12 inches above the floor. This allows you to access and leave your bed easily. Cleaning, removing bed covers, or replacing the comforters becomes so much easier with the mattress off the floor.

When you shift your sleeping position, an unstabilized mattress rubs against the floor. Friction between the floor and the mattress causes the fibers in the base layer to fray, reducing your bed’s lifespan.

More importantly, an elevated mattress protects you from bad stuff and creepy crawlies that are lurking on your floor.

Keeps your mattress spic-and-span

Putting your mattress directly on the floor is not the best idea in the world. That’s because your floor, no matter how hard you clean it, is a magnet for all kinds of dirt. Dead skin, bugs, allergens, hair, dust, pathogens—you name it, your floor has it. Many of these microscopic invaders can find their way into the fibers of your bed. Now imagine if you put your mattress directly on your floor. Yuck!

With a metal box spring, you prevent your mattress from making contact with the floor. Your mattress becomes a much cleaner and healthier place to sleep on.

In addition, a mattress that is not in contact with mold, moisture, and mildew—gross stuff that are found on the floor—lasts longer.

Improves airflow

Your mattress is marketed as having open cell technology, breathable fabrics, air channels, or cooling-gel infused. So why are you still hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable?

All those cooling properties are for naught if you don’t place your mattress on a surface that promotes good airflow. Airflow is needed to vent off the warm air trapped inside your mattress while allowing cooler air to permeate into the fibers.

By placing your mattress above the floor, a metal box spring allows air to freely flow below and around your bed. Good airflow is further improved because the inside of the box spring is almost always hollow.

Prevents shifting out of position

Restless shifting. Playing on the bed. All these actions make your mattress prone to slipping and sliding out of position. Without any sort of stopper, it will end up anywhere from several inches to several feet off its original position.

The borders of a metal box spring prevent your mattress from doing so. They anchor your mattress in place so it won’t shift and move even if you’re thrashing on your bed at night.

Why Metal Box Springs?

Box springs come in either wood or steel. Although wood is a sturdy time-proven classic, many sleepers prefer their steel counterparts.

Steel has exceptional strength. Well, that’s why many of the world’s largest and tallest buildings are framed with steel.

Unlike heavy steel which his mostly made of bare iron, modern steel is infused with alloys to make it lightweight. The reduced weight doesn’t sacrifice the structure’s durability.

 Metal box springs can support any kind of mattress, from classic innersprings to hi-tech memory foam beds to balanced hybrid beds.

Metal box springs are shipped disassembled. This means that your order comes packed in a light conveniently sized box. And because many shipping companies base their prices on the size and weight of the box, you save a lot of money.

Metal box springs are easy to assemble. In fact, modern ones are engineered so that they can be assembled by a single person using the simplest of tools, usually a simple screwdriver or a small wrench.

Being easy to assemble and disassemble means that storing or moving your metal box spring (e.g. you’re moving to a new home) is incredibly easy and convenient.

Box springs usually come in two heights categories:  low profile and high profile. If you choose the latter, you can use the space below the metal box spring as a storage space for stuff you don’t want lying around the room. That is a cool “bonus,” isn’t it?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are tight on the budget, then wood box springs are ideal for you. But you get what you pay for. In time, the wooden frame will sag, bend, or even break due to normal wear and tear. As the wooden frame deteriorates, it begins to sag in the center. Obviously, this would have a negative effect not just on your mattress but also your sleeping position.

Metal box springs are more expensive, but they are more durable. Even when subjected under tremendous weight, the frame is less likely to bend. Thus, in the long run, you’re better off with metal box springs.

Check your mattress’s manual. That’s because the warranty of some mattresses may specify what type of foundation needs to be used with it. For example, some all-foam beds are so soft that the foam “spills” through the gaps between the metal frames. Left over time, this could leave unsightly impressions and can cause the all-foam bed to sag unnecessarily.

As a rule of thumb, metal box springs are “friendlier” to innerspring and hybrid mattresses. For memory foam beds, you need to put something between the frame and the mattress, such as a breathable mattress pad.


A popular mantra states that “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” That’s definitely true when it comes to your bed. It’s no joke; your bed is an expensive investment. The right metal box spring helps protect your mattress. You can definitely save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

A quality metal box spring also indirectly helps you achieve a restful shut-eye by providing adequate support to your mattress. Compare that to a sagging, malformed mattress that will certainly cause body aches and sleepless nights. In addition, it makes your mattress’s cooling ability even more efficient.

So, don’t rely solely on your mattress for a great sleep. It can fall short of your expectations. Supplement that comfort with a high-quality metal box spring, and your bed—and body—will thank you for it.

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