Does the Dodow Really Work to Help You Stay Asleep? Our Unbiased 2022 Review of the Dodow Sleep Aid

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Sleep, just as important as having a healthy meal and regular physical fitness, is one of the requirements in maintaining a healthy body. It is vital for the reparation of blood and heart vessels. It is also necessary for energy regeneration. The energy exerted, during the day, is restored during sleep at night. 

If you’ve had some trouble sleeping last night, you already know how you’ll suffer the following day. Moreover, not getting enough sleep for the long term can have significant effects on your body and brain.

Here are some of the effects of sleep deprivation:

  • Issues with memory
  • Changes in mood
  • Weak immune system
  • Risk for diabetes and heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Weight gain
  • Trouble with focus and concentration

Changes in sleeping patterns occur naturally as people age. It is not unlikely for people to suffer from sleep disorders as they get older. Sleep disorders may arise independently or may come as a product of another disease or as a side effect of prescription drugs. One of the most common sleeping disorders that people suffer from is insomnia. 

Insomnia is a condition where an individual has trouble falling and staying asleep during the night, causing drowsiness during the day. 

There are two types of insomnia; 

  • Primary Insomnia – insomnia that comes independently.
  • Secondary Insomnia- insomnia attributed to a separate medical condition.

Various products have been made to address insomnia. Many prescription drugs for the disorder are available in the market at present. While prescription drugs are commonly relied on to treat insomnia, there are also non-drug products that can aid people with their trouble falling asleep.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive review of a non-drug sleep aid, the Dodow sleep aid, for people who have insomnia. This will contain a discussion about what is Dodow, how it works, how to use it, its pros and cons, the science behind it, and other pertinent topics.

What is Dodow?

dodow sleep aid
dodow sleep aid

The Dodow sleep aid is a light metronome device created to help sleepers diagnosed with insomnia fall asleep faster. It makes use of a halo blue light pulsing in the ceiling at scientifically determined intervals. 

The Dodow sleep aid has practically the same size as a hockey puck. It is commonly put on a nightstand while it projects rhythmic light onto the ceiling. It is believed that synchronizing one’s breathing with the rhythmic light the Dodow device projects can help ease the mind, regulate breathing, and relax the body. It can put someone into deep and sound rest. The sync of breathing with the light allows the Dodow device to create a hypnotic effect that leads to the restoration of balance to the autonomic nervous system. 

The people behind the Dodow company believe that the relaxing effects of the device help not only the insomniacs but as well as: 

  • sleepers who continuously wake up in the middle of the night
  • pregnant women
  • people in noisy environments
  • people suffering from stress
  • people suffering from anxiety
  • overthinkers
  • people suffering from other sleeping disorders

The Science behind Dodow

Three people, diagnosed with insomnia, designed the Dodow device. While finding relief in meditation and breathing exercises, they thought of a more natural sleep aid that combines the two aforementioned sleeping techniques into one device. Accordingly, the Dodow device was created. 

The scientists from Dodow looked into research about Pranayama, a yoga exercise that aims to slow down respiration by regulating the breath. Pranayama, used as a relaxation exercise, can emulate the brain activity that transpires only during a profound sleep. 

Several studies also found that timed breathing is effective in reducing stress and anxiety. It is also an excellent tool in easing mental turmoil, helping sleepers fall asleep relatively fast. The relaxing effect of the Dodow device lowers the heart rate, which ensues to feeling drowsy.

Sleep Inducing Breathing Techniques

Slowed and controlled breathing affects the nervous system. While doing cardiac coherence exercises such as syncing one’s breathing with the Dodow device, the body becomes more relaxed and metabolism slows down. More controlled breathing helps reduce blood pressure and increase the release of carbon dioxide. When the amount of carbon dioxide released increases, blood vessels become smaller, causing an individual to feel exhausted.

Metronomes and Better Sleep

Numerous studies have shown that metronomes and rhythm can help induce quality sleep. The light metronome of the Dodow device that helps facilitate sleep can be compared to what a synchronized rocking motion can do. Studies about rocking motion during sleep have shown that it can promote slow oscillations, a characteristic seen in a deep sleep. 

Furthermore, light and motion metronomes have been deemed as elements that can cause the onset of sleep and facilitate a more sound and deeper sleep.

How Dodow Works

The Dodow device is a sleep aid that utilizes light metronomes to help individuals with troubles falling and staying asleep get the quality sleep they need. It can help put users to sleep within 20 minutes.

The Dodow device projects a pulsating blue light onto the ceiling. It starts as a blue dot that turns into a halo shape and then turns back to a dot. Synchronize breathing with the metronome by inhaling as the blue light expands and exhaling as it retracts. Continue doing such for as long as the chosen time setting. 

There are two available time settings that the device can be used.

  • It can be used for an 8-minute session.
  • Or the more extended 20-minute session.

 It turns off automatically as soon as the chosen duration ends. 

The 8-minute session may be useful for people who have difficulty falling asleep. The 20-minute session, on the other hand, is suitable for people with chronic insomnia who need several hours to be able to fall asleep.

A session with the Dodow device can reduce breathing rhythm from 11 breaths per minute to 6 breaths per minute. Each session, the user inhales for approximately 40 percent of the duration and exhales for the 60 percent. A clinical study that Dodow has followed shows that such breathing rate has the best effect on heart rate and blood pressure and, in turn, induce sleep.

How to Operate Dodow

The time setting of the Dodow device depends on the severity of the sleeping problem. 

  • For more severe insomnia, one may have to use the device for a longer time setting.
  •  For mild or less severe sleeping problems, the shorter time setting may suffice.

To make use of the device for the shorter 8-minute session, just tap the device once. Tap the device twice for the 20-minute session. The metronome will turn off on its own after the chosen time setting. If you want to turn off the device even before the time setting ends, you can turn it off manually by holding a tap for about two seconds.  

The Dodow device is wireless and charger-free. They run on AAA batteries

If the device does not work correctly or can’t be turned on at all, you can reset it by taking the batteries out and inserting them again. Place the middle battery last while not touching the touchpad. It may take 2 seconds before the signal light turns on. Only turn on the device when the signal light comes on.

Dodow Technical Specifications

Key Information Specs
4.5” x 4.5” x 2”
7 ounces
Power Source
Battery Requirements
3 AAA batteries
Power Consumption
Hundreds of nights
Less than 1 lx

What’s Inside a Dodow Box?

You can expect the following inside the Dodow Box:

  • The Dodow device, with its touchpad, controls in choosing either the 8-minute time setting or the 20-minute time setting
  • Three AAA batteries that can last for 100 nights for regular use.
  • Manual that contains instructions on battery placement and how to operate the device.

A flat blade screw or a coin may be needed to open the back of the device for battery placement.

How much does the Dodow Cost?

A Dodow device costs $59 per piece on the market right now. Discounts may come should you buy more than one in a single purchase. You can avail of a 16 percent discount or $10 less per item if you buy 2. Instead of paying $118, you only need $98. A 33 percent discount or $20 less per item is given if you buy 3. Instead of paying $177, you only need $117.

Warranty and Shipping

The Dodow device comes with a 2-year warranty. A 100-night sleep trial is also given to allow users to return the device should it now work for them. 80 percent of the components of the device are manufactured in France. Dodow ships to the United States, Canada, and more than 40 other countries.

Pros and Cons

up 1


down 1


I personally find the device very useful. For someone who takes several hours to fall asleep, the device has helped me fall asleep faster than usual. It took me a while to get the device to work for me, but I eventually got the hang of it. I fall asleep faster now and my sleep is more sound than ever.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The Dodow device has helped more than 300,000 users in falling asleep faster. It has helped many users with troubles sleeping - fall asleep 2.5 times faster than they used to. Based on Dodow reviews, 8 of 10 users have positive feedback about the device. 


A few users may not find the Dodow device working for them, but overall, the device has been found useful in helping people get the quality sleep they need. 


The effectiveness of the device may not take place immediately. Initially, some users may still be awake after their chosen time setting. They may need more than an 8-minute or 20-minute session until they fall asleep. It is important to note that what the device promotes is learning to sleep faster. Getting used to the device may take weeks or even months.

The Dodow device is generally safe. Despite it not being effective for everyone, there have been no serious risks linked to the device. People with respiratory problems are not advised to use the device, though, as controlling their breathing can cause problems for them.


The blue light that the device emits is also not an issue. Blue light from phones and televisions has been found to harm melatonin production. The blue light that the Dodow device emits has been made dimmer by the company to avoid the problems with melatonin secretion. It is even dark enough not to disrupt other sleepers in the room.

Regardless of the age range, the Dodow device can be used by everyone. Teenagers, children, adults, and the elderly can benefit from the device. Despite the difference in breathing capacity, it is suitable for any age range. Furthermore, the light that the device projects can help alleviate children’s fear of the dark.

The Dodow company recommends users to sleep on their backs to get the best result from the device.


The Dodow device is a revolutionary sleep aid that utilizes light metronomes to help people with trouble sleeping fall asleep faster than usual. Synchronizing one’s breathing with the blue light that the device emits helps relax the body and induce sleep. Inhale when the light expands and exhale when the light retracts. 

It may take a while to see the effectiveness of the device, but once you get accustomed to it, you will feel the results. It is safe and suitable for everyone, regardless of the age range. 

If you have difficulty falling asleep or want to get quality sleep, you should give the Dodow sleep aid a try and give us a call now.

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Table of Contents

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