An Honest Review of the Sleepgram Pillow (2022): Is It Really The Pillow That Has It All?

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Health is the overall condition of a person’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is a person’s greatest resource as it is what enables people to carry out tasks every single day. Being healthy does not only refer to the absence of illnesses or diseases. There is actually more to it than it seemingly is. 

There are a lot of factors that constitute having good health; one such factor is getting a sufficient amount of sleep.

It is during sleeping that the heart and blood vessels are restored. Furthermore, the energy that has been exerted during the day is regenerated while asleep. Not getting enough sleep can be detrimental to one’s health. 

There are various explanations as to why a person can’t sleep well. Sleeping disorders, be it primary (arising independently) or secondary (product of a different health condition), is the most common cause why an individual can’t get the proper amount of sleep. 

While sleeping disorders are usually the reasons for sleeping problems, environmental factors can play a huge role in it as well. 

In many cases, difficulty in sleeping is attributed to environmental conditions such as:

  • electronic distractions
  • noise levels
  • temperature
  • light
  • bed comfort 

These elements can significantly affect sleep quality. They play a massive role in not just getting a sufficient amount of sleep but in overall sleep-related wellness as well. 

While all the environmental factors mentioned above are equally crucial in sleeping, this article will solely focus on bed comfort. 

Having a comfortable bed is essential in making a bedroom more conducive to sleep. Buying the right beddings, sheets, pillows, blankets, and other covers that suit one’s comfort can really improve sleep quality. 

We have included a comprehensive Sleepgram pillow review in this article too.

The Sleepgram Pillow and Its Exceptional Customizable Qualities


Throughout the years, people have found ways to further improve sleep quality. New products have been invented to make bed essentials more comfortable for sleepers. 

One of the latest innovations in bed essentials is the Sleepgram pillow

The pillow-makers at Sleepgram aimed to give sleepers the power to create a pillow that is ideal for them. 

Since most people don’t actually know what type of pillow they want, they created a pillow that can be customized so that sleepers can get their preferred feel and height anytime. 

The people behind Sleepgram wish to give the consumers the power to choose their preferred comfort level, hence, they created this one-of-a-kind pillow-within-a-pillow concept.

Advantages of a Sleepgram Pillow

People, especially combo sleepers, need several pillows to be adequately supported regardless of their sleeping position. With a Sleepgram pillow:

  • There won’t be a need for many pillows to make sleeping more comfortable.
  • The Sleepgram lets you enjoy different levels of support – soft, medium, medium-firm – all depending on what makes you comfortable.
  • It can be customized by arranging the inner pillows to your preferred loft and firmness.
  • Yes, it is a pillow that has pillows, two to be specific, with different feel and height inside. The Sleepgram pillow basically provides you multiple pillows in one.

If you need to change the height and feel of the pillow, you can add or remove the pillows inside. The primary or outer cover of the pillow has two zippers to make it more convenient for people to add or remove inside pillows. 

To make the Sleepgram pillow customizable, they’ve cleverly color-coded the two pillows within:

The first pillow is colored Red :

  • a medium-feel pillow. It is ideal for people who sleep on their backs. Back sleepers have to elevate their heads or they will suffer from neck pains. They need to have a firm pillow to avoid collapsing their heads down to the pillow.
  • The red pillow is 4 ½ inches thick.
  • It is thicker and firmer compared to the other pillow. Back sleepers can use the red pillow by itself.

The second pillow is colored Blue :

  • relatively soft and thin.
  • It is only 2 ½ inches thick.
  • This pillow, by itself, is ideal for stomach sleepers. They will like it because of its plush feel.
  • The blue pillow cannot raise the neck high and misalign it with the spine because it is not very thick.

Putting the two pillows together in the cover gives you a very firm pillow. Using both is ideal for side sleepers. A firm pillow keeps side sleepers’ neck supported. It also helps in keeping the head elevated. 

Because a Sleepgram pillow holds up well and is good in retaining its shape, it does not bunch up or “collapse” if you want to use it as support for your head and shoulders. This is also good for back sleepers who suffer from back pain.

In addition, Sleepgram pillows are also hypoallergenic. They don’t retain odors.

What materials is the Sleepgram pillow made of?

The Sleepgram pillow is made of the following below :

  • The outer cover of the Sleepgram pillow is made of 100 percent cotton and is lined by a piece of polyester fabric.
  • The two pillows inside are filled with polyester microfiber. You can mold the polyester fiberfill in the pillow to your preferred shape.

Unlike regular pillows, Sleepgram pillows can keep their shape when you pile them in the arrangement you prefer before getting ready to snooze.

Why We Love The Sleepgram Pillow (and you would, too!)?

Here are the reasons why Sleepgram pillow is considered as one of the most comfortable pillows :

  • Because of the Sleepgram pillow’s innovative design, people won’t have to buy many pillows to find the right feel for them. One pillow is enough.
  • Finding the right firmness isn’t so difficult because of the two pillows inside that allow sleepers to configure it to their desired fluffiness.
  • Regardless of what kind of sleeper you are, whether side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper, the Sleepgram pillow can address your pillow needs as it can be adjusted to your desired arrangement.
  • Its ability to retain its shape is also helpful in avoiding neck and back pain. The Sleepgram pillow’s firmness can really provide support for your neck and back needs.
  • The Sleepgram pillow also has allergen resistant properties. Accordingly, this type of pillow is definitely suitable for people with allergies.

Moreover, since the Sleepgram pillow’s main cover is 100 percent, it is very soft when rubbed against the face.

Who is the Sleepgram Pillow Ideal For?

pillow 2The Sleepgram pillow is recommended to practically everyone! 

As mentioned above, it is good for any type of sleeper. Its range of configurations can provide support for your neck and back needs. 

But, while we think the Sleepgram pillow is already perfect, it still has a few drawbacks:

It may have issues with people of larger size because its top level of firmness is only at medium-firm

Consequently, it might not be able to support heavier people’s back and neck. 

So, we believe it’s safe to say that this type of pillow is not ideal for heavier people. 

Other than that, the Sleepgram pillow is good for everyone else irrespective of the type of sleeper they are.

Product Information


Sleepgram pillow comes in two sizes.

  • There is a smaller variety, the Standard/Queen, is 18” x 26” w/ 2” gusset.
  • A bigger one, the King, is 18” x 33” w/ 2” gusset.


The Standard/Queen sized Sleepgram pillow costs $49.95 each while the King-sized Sleepgram pillow costs $64.95 each.

Where to buy Sleepgram pillows?

Sleepgram pillows can be ordered at


Sleepgram ships across :

  • Canada
  • United States

Warranty and Return

The Sleepgram pillow has a lifetime warranty. If you find that the Sleepgram pillow is not suited for you, you can return it and ask for a refund within 100 nights of using it. They have to be in an “almost unused” condition though. 

Sleepgram will assess if it is still in good condition to donate. You’ll need the original receipt and an RMA number provided by a Sleepgram customer service person. Payment for return is shouldered by you. 

Once Sleepgram receives the returned pillow, it will take a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 14 days to process the return and refund. Should you have any queries, you can contact Sleepgram via email at [email protected] or via mobile at 877-257-5337.

Pros and Cons

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Frequently Asked Questions

This question elicits a subjective answer. People have different preferences when it comes to pillows. Our team agrees, however, for someone who’s a combo sleeper, the Sleepgram pillow is the best due to the following reasons :

  • Any sleeper can use it, with its different configurations, in three different ways.
  • The sleeper can use the red or blue by itself or may opt to use them both together.
  • Its allergen resistant properties is definitely great for people suffering from allergies, as well
  • Its ability to retain its shape is also creditable.

Definitely, one of its best properties is that it can be used by any type of sleeper. It is one of the most comfortable pillows there is. This type of pillow also gets high ratings in Sleepgram pillow reviews on the internet.

The sleepgram pillow may come at a higher price compared to regular pillows but it’s so much better than the latter. 

Here are just a few reasons why :

  • Regular pillows are cheaper, but you may be needing multiple of them to find the right feel for you.
  • There is no significant difference between the cost of buying a Sleepgram pillow and the cost of multiple regular pillows so buying the former may just be more economical.
  • You get three configurations from a Sleepgram pillow. So it’s like having three pillows in one, which makes it even better.

The Sleepgram pillow, considering all the benefits mentioned above,  is definitely worth the money.

There is no best configuration of the Sleepgram pillow. It all depends on what type of sleeper you are.

For instance :

  • the red pillow by itself is good for back sleepers who need to elevate their heads to avoid back pains.
  • On the other hand, the blue pillow by itself is good for stomach sleepers.

Blue and red pillow combination is the ideal configuration for side sleepers who need support for the neck.  It is also ideal for back sleepers who suffer from back pains because it is firm enough to support the head and shoulders. 

So again, the answer to the question what is the best configuration of the Sleepgram pillow is none. There is no best configuration, just the right one.

A Pillow’s Role in Bed Comfort and Overall Health

A pillow is just one of the elements that make one’s bed conducive for sleeping, but it plays a huge role. It is essential in getting the right amount of sleep. A single pillow can greatly affect the quality of a person’s sleep. Using the wrong type of pillow can be distressing, which in turn results in poor sleeping quality. It could also result in bodily pains such as neck and back pain.

People may not realize it, but a single pillow has a huge impact on overall health. As mentioned in the introductory section of this article, getting the right amount of sleep is essential to overall health. Lack of sleep can have detrimental effects on the body. It can affect people, mentally, physically, and even emotionally. Not getting enough sleep because of pillow problems can cause significant health issues too.  Hence, it is vital to get the right type of pillow for yourself to avoid serious health problems. 


The Sleepgram pillow is customizable because it is designed with two pillows inside. The red pillow, the thicker one, is for back sleepers. The blue pillow, the relatively thin one, is for stomach sleepers. The red and blue altogether can be suitable for side sleepers and some back sleepers. 

The Sleepgram pillow caters to practically all types of sleepers. Its three in one configuration separates it from traditional pillows. It is way ahead of the rest. It is a pillow that adjusts to people’s needs. Being purely cotton also makes it better. The hypoallergenic polyester microfiber filling also is advantageous. 

The people behind Sleepgram did not just improve the sleeping quality of individuals; they have also indirectly promoted better sleep quality to many people. 

If you have problems sleeping or you want to improve your sleep, you should call us now and give the Sleepgram pillow a try. It can benefit you in more ways than one.

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Table of Contents

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