2022’s Best Hypoallergenic, Multi-Use Blanket: The Puffy Blanket (Reviewed and Rated)

The Puffy Blanket


Are you fond of sleeping with a blanket? Some people can’t sleep without it! While some people love stocking blankets for cold, winter nights drinking warm cocoa in the living room or simply for snuggling with a loved one while camping. So, if you’re looking to buy a quality blanket, invest in only the best! We highly recommend the Puffy Blanke. It’s soft, well-made and comes in muted, neutral colors so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with your bedroom interiors. But is it worth spending more than $60 for? Check out our full review below.

Blankets are an integral part of a sleep system, so yours has to be the best blanket possible. It should be comfortable, soft, non-irritating, and hypoallergenic. After all, a blanket is there to help you enjoy a restful, high-quality sleep.

Enter the Puffy Blanket from Puffy. Puffy is an American brand that specializes in high-quality sleep products such as mattresses, bed frames, pillows, toppers, and more. They’ve consistently been enjoying high reviews and have constantly exceeded customer expectations. As such, Puffy is often considered “America’s favorite mattress” of 2021.

This article provides a detailed review of their multi-use Puffy Blanket, which is one of their bestselling sleep products in the market today.

Overview of the Puffy Blanket

ProductImage4 1200xThe Puffy Blanket is among the top blanket choices for people who are prone to allergic reactions. What makes the Puffy Blanket a perfect addition to your room, especially if you have allergies? Let’s check out the reasons why it’s so.

Anti-allergy blanket

The Puffy Blanket is made of 100% polyester, making it a naturally hypoallergenic blanket. The material’s fibers are resistant to allergens such as dust, spores, and dust mites. You can say goodbye to sniffles and itching.

This cool blanket is also a boon to people who don’t have allergies but have sensitive noses or skin. For example, the blanket’s hypoallergenic properties allow people with contact dermatitis, hives, rosacea, and other skin ailments to sleep without any discomfort.

Luxurious feel

Fur is among the most luxurious textiles in the world. However, harvesting real fur is illegal as it involves the slaughtering of animals.

You can still experience the lush feeling of fur with the Puffy blanket without feeling guilty. That’s because it’s filled with faux fur.  This premium faux fur is super soft; it makes you feel like you’re embraced by a cloud.

Plush micro mink on the reverse side

If faux fur is not enough or if it isn’t your thing, you can just turn this dual-sided blanket on its other side. The other side features plush micro mink for maximum softness. You will doze off, embraced in a velvety dream world. The Puffy Blanket is a dual-sided blanket for all comfort preferences.

Two-tone color

One of the things that you don’t like is having beddings and accessories that don’t match each other or your bedroom as a whole. With the Puffy Blanket, however, this isn’t an issue. That’s because the Puffy Blanket has a contemporary gray and ivory color. These neutral colors allow you to use the blanket to match beds, sleep accessories, and rooms of virtually any style or design.

Lightweight and cozy

While weighted or gravity blankets have their uses, you might want a blanket that is both plush and lightweight, as if you’re covered with a feathery cloud rather than a piece of fabric. That’s precisely what the Puffy Blanket does. It’s incredibly lightweight that you won’t feel the material weighing down on you. Yet you can feel the velvety, warm softness on your skin.

Size and Specifications

ProductImage14updated 1200x

The soft Puffy Blanket comes in 3 sizes – small, medium, and large. Just mix and match the sizes with the size of your bed. Prices are currently $65 – $85.

Size Dimensions
65 X 50 inches
92 X 85 inches
108 X 90 inches

Note that the prices are based on the data on Puffy’s website and can change without prior notice. When checking out the Puffy blanket details, make sure you refer to their website for the latest information.

Puffy provides not just one of the best blankets but also a superb set of after-sales services. Let us see the extra value offered by the company each time you purchase a Puffy blanket.

Sleep systems

In addition to the top-quality hypoallergenic blanket, you also get to choose a selection of high-quality sleep products from Puffy. They have mattresses, bed frames, comforters, pillows, mattress protectors, toppers, and more. They even sell comfortable beds for your furry friend! Thus, Puffy is an all-in-one shop when it comes to excellent sleep products.

101-night sleep trial

No matter how enticing a product description is, the best way to evaluate whether a product is for you is by buying and trying it out yourself. Fortunately, Puffy gives you a chance to really determine for yourself if their blanket is for you.

You can try out and use the Puffy blanket within 101 nights from the date of purchase. Feel its softness and comfort. If you decide that the Puffy blanket is not for you, you can return it to the manufacturer as long as it’s within the 101-night sleep trial period. You can then receive your money back.

Complements Other Puffy Products

If you’re also planning on getting a new mattress, the Puffy Blanket also goes extremely well with any of Puffy’s mattresses. You can check out our review of flagship mattress, the Puffy Mattress to find out if it fits your needs. Actually, Puffy’s products, when combined, form the perfect sleep system. You can check out their other bedding products which include weighted blankets, body pillows, bamboo sheets, and more!

Lifetime warranty

The Puffy blanket is covered with a lifetime warranty. The warranty covers damages from manufacturing defects and low-quality workmanship. However, it does not cover damage from normal wear and tear, negligence, or inadequate maintenance.

In case there are defects covered by the warranty, Puffy will either repair the damage or replace your blanket with a brand-new one of comparable size or type.

Free Shipping

When you order a Puffy blanket, you’ll receive it within 1 to 3 business days. Puffy offers free shipping as long as your address is within the 48 contiguous states of the US mainland. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, you’ll be charged with shipping fees, which will be computed once you check out your cart.


If you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend more than $50 on a blanket, don’t worry because you can get that nice Puffy blanket using their financing options.

You can purchase your blanket using Karna, which allows you to pay in up to 36 months. Alternatively, you can choose Split It, allowing you to pay for your blanket in 12 months. Both financing options feature 0% APR.

Military and Healthcare Discount

If you work in the military or the healthcare industry, you can enjoy a significant discount. All you need is to fill out Puffy’s eligibility verification. After about 20 minutes, Puffy will present the results.

Customer support

If you need assistance on your order or need more information about your Puffy blanket, you can easily get in touch with the company’s customer service representatives. Available channels include chat, email, toll-free number, and Contact Us form.

For updates, you can also check out their social media pages. Puffy is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Finally, you can sign in as a newsletter subscriber to keep you updated on Puffy’s new products, news, promos, offers, and more.

Pros and Cons of the Puffy Blanket

Just like every other product, the Puffy Blanket has its share of pros and cons. Let’s check out some of them:

up 1


Here are some of the reasons why customers love the Puffy blanket, in addition to the features mentioned above.

OKEO-Tex Standard 100

The Puffy blanket carries an OKEO-Tex Standard 100 label. That means that the textiles used in manufacturing the Puffy blanket are tested for harmful substances. It doesn’t use formaldehyde, azo dyes, nickel, and other toxic chemicals detrimental to your health. Thus, you and your family can sleep easy knowing that you’re dozing off on a safe, eco-friendly bed.


The lightweight nature of the Puffy blanket makes it ideal for uses other than as a blanket. You can use it as a throwaway cloak whenever it’s cold in the living room, but you still want to watch TV. You can also use it as a cover for your couch.

Dual-sided blanket

One side of the blanket is fluffy, and the other side is silky. You can just switch sides to match your comfort preference.

Easy to clean

The Puffy blanket is a piece of cake to clean. Simply put it in the washing machine, pour in a little detergent, and run a gentle yet full cycle. Stretch it out around a clothesline and let it air dry.

down 1


There aren’t many cons to the Puffy blanket as it’s a very well-made product. When it comes to disadvantages, there are only a few minor ones.


Due to its high quality, the Puffy blanket isn’t exactly at the low end of the price spectrum. However, this is a minor demerit as Puffy offers affordable payment options.

Lack of color variety

The Puffy blanket is designed to match most bedroom themes. So, this anti-allergy blanket comes in gray and ivory. But both are great shades because these can match most interior designs, bed accessories, and bedroom themes.

Why Buy A Good Blanket?

ProductImage5 1200xA good blanket is an integral part of your bedding set if you want to have a restful, reenergizing, and uninterrupted sleep. Here are a few reasons why a quality blanket should be on top of your bedding list:


The Puffy blanket offers more than just comfort under one of the best warm blankets in the market. It’s hypoallergenic, safe, and eco-friendly. The product also comes with a full set of exceptional after-sales service.  Having this top-quality blanket helps ensure you enjoy a good sleep, allowing you to wake up in the morning, be reinvigorated, and ready for the day’s challenges.

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