The Puffy Comforter: A 2022 Guide To (Possibly) the Last Comforter You’ll Need

Puffy Comforter


A hypoallergenic comforter that’s easy to wash and comfortable to use, the Puffy Weighted Blanket hits all the right spots. But is it the comforter for you? Before purchase, check out our full review as our team guides you through this product’s pros and cons, size, price and other important details.

Having a comforter to keep you warm and cozy at night can definitely help give the best sleep of your life. However, there are so many brands available in the market, not to mention most have a high price point, making it a challenge to choose the best one. That said, there is one that is worth every cent you spend on it. Introducing the Puffy Comforter – possible the last comforter that you will ever need. Continue reading below to know more about what makes this one special.

About the Puffy Comforter

Who is Puffy?

Puffy is an award-winning mattress company and is also a popular choice for consumers. The company started production in 2016, but has grown tremendously because of the world-class quality of its products. On top of that, Puffy proudly makes all their products on US soil.

The company first started to gain traction in 2017 when it was shown on the Ellen show. Now, less than half a decade later, Puffy quickly joined the ranks of the best companies in its own industry. Aside from mattresses, it now produces a variety of products, including comforters, blankets, bases, beddings, and more.

The Puffy Comforter


One element of a best comforter is that it offers a variety of sizes that can fit your bed size. It is always recommended to purchase the right size for your bed. With Puffy, there are no shortages of size. See the available sizes below.

Twin Comforter/Twin XL Comforter
Dimensions: 70” x 88”
Price: $175

Full Size Comforter/Queen Size Comforter
Dimensions: 90” x 94”
Price: $215

King Size Comforter/California King Size Comforter
Dimensions: 94” x 108”
Price: $255

Aside from the prices above, there are two available payment options, which is perfect if you are on a budget. The two payment plans are:

You can pay as low as $43/month.

Split It
You can pay as low as $21.25/month.

up 1


down 1


Construction & Design

This comforter has various design and construction elements that can help provide you with the sleep you deserve. Plus, they are all worth the read.


Hypoallergenic Filling

Oftentimes, when shopping for cosmetic products, clothing, or pieces of furniture, you will often see a tag saying “hypoallergenic”. This means that these items are less likely to cause any sort of allergic reactions. With that said, if you are someone that is suffering constantly from allergies, the Puffy comforter is the best comforter for you.

It is made up of special brushed polyester material and a microfiber filling. This makes it super soft to the touch. But, aside from that, it also does a great deal of protection against allergens. This includes dust mites, molds, dander, and other allergens.

Heavenly Soft Filling

When you say comforter, it should be soft and cozy. Well, that is exactly what you get from Puffy. This one offers a heavenly soft feel that you can’t help but feel comfortable whenever you lay in bed, promoting quick access to sleep. That is because Puffy only uses the best in class materials, ensuring an optimal amount of comfort.

With that said, Puffy uses a top notch microfiber filling, which is classified as a down alternative fill. It is also hypoallergenic, making it a fantastic choice for those that are suffering from allergies. On top of that, the Puffy comforter is breathable and also does a great job of not clumping together.

Machine Washable

Normally, comforters come with a thin cover, so that you can wash it easily. However, the Puffy comforter does not come with a cover. Nonetheless, it is still machine washable. This means that you can easily put it inside your washing machine and clean it from there. The materials used to create this comforter are quite durable, enabling it to be cleaned by your laundry machine.

Aside from that, the Puffy comforter is also safe to use in a dryer. However, given the fact that it is a much larger size than a simple cover, it will take more than a single dry to remove all the moisture.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified

On top of being a hypoallergenic comforter, the Puffy comforter also has a OEKO-TEX® certification. This means that Puffy did not use any harmful chemicals and additives when producing this comforter. With this in mind, you can sleep peacefully knowing that your comforter is truly safe to use.

When a product is going to be certified, it goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure that there is no evidence of harmful elements present in the item. Rest assured that Puffy sources their products from premium companies that hold world-class standards when it comes to safety.

Box Stitched Top Layer

Most comforters that do not have a box stitching tend to have fillings clump to one side, especially as you toss and turn when you sleep. Since Puffy offers a box stitched top layer, you can be sure that the filling is always equally balanced, no matter what position you are in or if you move around constantly.

On top of that, having this type of stitching can lead to better durability, making it last longer and allowing you to use it for extended periods of time without you worrying about it fraying. This box stitched layer also does a great job of regulating temperature.

Super Lightweight Construction

A thick comforter is usually heavy and it sometimes feels like a weighted blanket. However, with the top notch quality of the materials used when making the Puffy comforter, it is easily lightweight and does not add too much bulk. Its fill is light enough that it provides a feathery touch while you lie under it. And it is also thick enough to keep you warm during cold nights.

It is a down alternative comforter and they are known to be quite lightweight. On top of being a down alternative, the materials used help keep you warm without you needing to add extra blankets on top.

Built for All Seasons

In the heat of summer, a Puffy comforter will act like a cooling comforter, thanks to its polyester cover and microfiber fill. This is because those materials are highly breathable, meaning there is proper airflow happening. When this happens, heat will not get trapped, rather, it can escape easily. This light comforter will help you get through the warm nights.

The same goes when you are living in a particularly cold place or if it is winter where you are right now. The Puffy comforter will trap just about enough heat to keep you warm while also avoiding any overheating issues. This is thanks to the world-class materials used.

Durable Construction

The Puffy features a highly durable construction. The top-class materials are not just hypoallergenic, breathable and light, but they are also quite durable. Puffy comforter’s high-quality brushed polyester fabric is made to last you for a long time. On top of that, its construction also avoids fraying.

Now, going back to this product’s price, it is easy to say that it is expensive. However, when you think about what you get from buying it, we would say that it is well-worth the investment. Not only is the Puffy comforter super soft and fluffy, but it is also designed for longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing between a comforter and a duvet, it is best to know the difference between the two. Duvets are typically more lightweight than comforters and are designed to put a cover on top of it. This makes it easier for you to change bedding looks and styles. Plus, you also won’t need to wash it often. Comforters, on the other hand, are much flatter and they already have a cover built-in.

Much like you are shopping for other products, you always need to be aware of the different factors when it comes to buying a comforter. This includes the price, weight, size, thread count, and filling. Always think of a comforter as an investment, so it is always best to spend an extra few dollars in order to get the best sleep.


Sleep is highly essential for humans to perform to the best of their abilities. The lack of sleep can limit that. Fortunately, there are products available that can help promote a good night’s rest. The Puffy comforter is a good example of such a product. This comforter provides a luxurious feel and construction, a generous 101-night sleep trial, breathable materials, and more. All this can provide you the sleep you deserve.

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