Our Top 7 Picks of the Best-Rated Pillows for Back Sleepers (Reviewed & Compared 2022)


The Purple Pillow from Purple


Back sleepers on our team fully recommends sleeping on the Purple Pillow. Its unique Purple Grid design makes it comfortable, ergonomic and fully supportive. It’s also adjustable. Is this pillow for you, too? Read our full review and find out. You’ll also get the full scoop on other pillows for back sleepers, as well.


Do you prefer sleeping on your back? Do you want to rest even more comfortably by using the perfect pillow?

Our team carefully researched and reviewed the best-rated pillows of 2020, especially for back sleepers like you. We believe pillows play quite a significant role in one’s sleep. Having the right pillow for you can do wonders for your neck, shoulders, and back while having the wrong kind of pillow can only cause pains and aches.

In our aim to further assist and guide you in choosing the best option, our team included FAQ’s to answer some of your questions as well as factors you need to consider before buying a pillow such as:

With our expert help, we hope you will be able to find the pillow designed for back sleepers in mind. For you to achieve not only the comfort it brings but mostly, the health benefit it gives which you rightfully deserve.

Check out our reviews of the Top 7 best pillows for back sleepers in 2020


The Purple Pillow from Purple

Price: $89

This pillow may seem expensive, but it can last you a long time. The Purple Pillow is highly durable, and it is constructed with a polymer grid design. The pillow itself gently embraces your head, providing quite the support for back sleepers. Additionally, it has a removable cover that is machine washable.

Other Info:


Casper Foam Pillow

Price: $89 to $119

The Casper Foam pillow provides sleepers with the perfect balance between softness and firmness. It is constructed with a three-layer design: the two outer layers are made of low-density foam with the inner layer contains a high-density foam. Although it is a memory foam pillow, it is designed to be extremely breathable and well-ventilated for regulating body temperature.

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Down Pillow from Parachute Home

Price: $89 to $169

This pillow, containing down and feathers, provides sleepers with the durability that they can count on for a long time. Yes, the pillow is extremely durable with superb comfort and support. Plus, the pillow is machine washable and retains its shape even after multiple washes. When shopping for this pillow, you can select the level of density – from soft to medium to firm.

Other Info:


Avocado Pillow

Price: $89 to $109

This pillow is perfect for environmental enthusiasts as it is made from 100% sustainable material. The fill is GOLS certified natural latex that is also adjustable so that people can set the softness and firmness to their preferred amount. The cover is made out of pure organic cotton that is also hypoallergenic. Overall, this pillow promotes healthy sleep.

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Original Foam Pillow from Tuft and Needle

Price: $75 to $100

This is the perfect pillow for back sleepers who want to sleep cool. That is because the pillow is made from memory foam infused with cooling gel. The pillow itself is soft and squishy while also providing adequate support. Plus, its price tag is a little bit lower compared to others on this list so that is definitely worth mentioning. Its cover is removable and machine washable, too.

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TEMPUR-Symphony from Tempur-Pedic

Price: $99

This pillow combines two pillows into one majestic pillow. One side has an arched design that provides support for back sleepers. Upon flipping the pillow, you now have a flat design that is ideal for side and stomach sleepers. If you tend to change positions while you sleep, this pillow is certainly worth the price. Additionally, the cover is removable and machine washable.

Other Info:


Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow from Coop Home Goods

Price: $59.99

Yet another pillow with an adjustable shredded memory foam fill, this product from Coop Home Goods lets sleepers be in control of their comfort levels. This pillow is great for all sleeping positions because of the adjustable fill. The shredded memory foam means that this pillow is also well-ventilated and can help prevent people from sleeping hot. On top of that, unlike other memory foam pillows, both the cover and the fill is machine washable.

Other Info:

What You Need to Consider Before Buying a Pillow

When looking for a back sleeper pillow, you need to know what its made of, breathability, and comfort level. Don’t worry, as we will discuss with you each of them below.

What are the Types of Materials Used?

Although there are various kinds of pillows available that consist of multiple materials, there are only four types of them that you need to know: Latex, Down, Down Alternative, and Memory Foam.

What About Breathability And Cooling Effect?

Have you ever felt hot while sleeping on a pillow? It does get uncomfortable, right? That is why you need to consider the coolness, breathability, and ventilation of the pillow when shopping. Having a cool pillow can certainly help you sleep faster and provide added cooling during nights that are unusually warm. 

If you need a breathable, well-ventilated pillow, we highly recommend looking for pillows that contain shredded texture. Shredded materials promote proper airflow so that air can replace all the heat from the body. Shredded latex is a fantastic option that we would suggest.

Another type of material that can provide cooler nights for your head are pillows with cooling gel pads. Pillows with gel pads are constructed to be cool to the touch. One specific type of pillow that you would want to look for are those with infused graphite or copper. The two materials actually help absorb the heat from the body, regulating body temperature.

What About Height And Support?

When it comes to sleeping positions, back sleepers are known to have more advantages than the other two positions. People who prefer sleeping on their backs do not need to follow strict rules for firmness and support unlike those who prefer sleeping on their sides or stomachs. This definitely shows when choosing the optimal height of the pillow needed as back sleepers have the flexibility to choose from more options.

For back sleepers, there are usually two common preferences for them. They can choose to lay completely flat on the bed, so they would need to choose a pillow with a low height and soft material. On the other hand, they can choose to relieve pressure from the shoulders, so they would need to choose a tall pillow with a firmer material.

What About Shapes?

When we say the word “pillow”, the first thing that probably popped into your head is the traditional rectangular-shaped pillow. However, nowadays, each pillow comes in multiple shapes and sizes, and their designs are directly in line with providing both comfort and support.

In our picks of the best pillows above, these are the shapes of pillows that one would expect to see when he or she checks out the list:

What About Proper Care?

When shopping for a new pillow, never forget to look at its label. That is where companies would put instructions on how to properly care for the pillow. Some pillows might need an old-fashioned washing machine while some only provide machine washable covers. Always remember to check the label so that you won’t run into any mishaps when trying to clean your pillow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is generally recommended by health experts that everyone use a pillow. That is why it is vital for back sleepers to choose the best pillow for their needs. In our review above, you can see seven of the best pillows available that were designed for back sleepers in mind. Additionally, if one is experiencing any neck pain, sleeping without a pillow is prohibited as it might aggravate the condition.

First, you would need to know the overall feel of the pillow. Would you prefer it soft or firm or balanced? Second, you need to know the loft of the pillow. Would you prefer your head low and close to the mattress or slightly elevated? Once you can answer both questions, you are good to go. See our review above to know more about pillows for back sleepers and, of course, the seven best pillows available.

For back and side sleepers, they would need to find a pillow that is both soft and firm. That is why we would recommend pillows that have adjustable fills or pillows with a two-way design. Pillows that have adjustable feels, let the sleeper take charge of the overall feel of the pillow until they are satisfied. And, pillows with a two-way design is as simple as letting people choose their preferred side. See our review above to know more.


There used to be a time when sleep was just that – sleep. Nowadays, people are now more conscious of their sleep, which is for the better. That is why you see companies designing pillows and mattresses that promote healthier bedtime. People no longer want to wake up with more pain than when they fell asleep, which actually defeats the entire purpose of sleep.

Sleep should be a place of solace. It should be your body and mind’s perfect getaway after a long day. Sleep is too vital due to the fact that it prepares us for the next day, and how many days have you ruined because of a lack of better sleep?

Thanks to the advancement of technology, healthy sleep is now attainable. You can see it being advertised everywhere, “best pillows for back sleepers”, “best pillows for all positions”, or “best mattresses and pillows for stomach sleepers”. There is an increase in posts with those titles because people are demanding better sleep.

Although better sleep does come with a price – albeit an expensive one. Orthopedic pillows are priced much higher compared to ordinary pillows. However, you have to think of it as a form of investment for yourself, for your overall health. Sure, you’ll be spending a few more dollars, but keep in mind that you’ll be getting the sleep that you longed for.


This post is only meant to showcase several products and is never meant to be used as a means of treating a physical condition or other forms. If you are experiencing pains and aches, we highly recommend that you seek the advice of a physician.

Interested to know more about our products and services? Contact us today and we will what we can do to help you.

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