Best Mattress Pads for (2022) – Editors top 11 picks

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Table of Contents

Protect Your Mattress & Boost Sleeping Comfort With The Best Mattress Pads of 2020

We’ll start by asking you a few questions:
Do you want to make your comfortable mattress even more comfortable?
Do you feel that your bed’s comfort level doesn’t quite reach there?
Is your mattress not living up to how it is advertised?
Do you want to protect your expensive mattress that you’ve saved up for so long?

Then it’s a good idea to cover your existing mattress with these amazing mattress pads.

The Best Mattress Pads

Looking for the best mattress pads? Check out this list recommended by our sleep

Ultimate Luxury

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Satva Organic Mattress Pad

100% Soft

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Parachute Down Mattress Pad


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Birch by Helix Organic Plush Pillow Mattress Topper


Avocado Organic Mattress Pad Carousel 1 compressor

Avocado Organic Cotton Mattress Pad Protector

Semi-synthetic Fiber

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eLuxury Bamboo Mattress Pad


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Hospitology Microfiber Quilted Mattress Pad

1. Satva Organic Mattress Pad

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This is a combination of ultimate luxury and comfort in one beautiful product. Saatva’s breathable and organic mattress pad is quilt-stitched in a diamond pattern, creating air channels to make the pad cooler. The product features a 300-thread count for maximum coolness and comfort. The fabric is made of 100% plush organic cotton that has an interesting property. In addition to being heavenly soft, it wicks away moisture rather than absorbs it.

Most importantly, the cotton material is Fair Trade Certified Cotton. This means that it is made without using forced labor or child labor. Workers in the cotton fields where the material is harvested are given fair wages. The working environment is safe and humane.

Saatva is Global Organic Textile Standard certified, so the safety and quality of the material is strictly monitored. You are assured of a 100% organic and chemical-free product.

The sides of the mattress pad are woven with 4% spandex, which means they are slightly elastic. The edges are also stitched with an extra-wide silicone elastic band that securely envelopes your mattress and keeps the pad from shifting positions. Because of this semi-elastic nature, the Saatva organic mattress pad fits mattresses up to 16 inches thick.

2. Parachute Down Mattress Pad

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There’s no need to sacrifice comfort while protecting your mattress. The Parachute Down Mattress Pad is everything that you want in a mattress pad. It’s light, fluffy, soft, and easy to wash thanks to its 550-fill down material. The shell fabric itself is 100% soft, smooth, and light sateen cotton. It is double-stitched to create a durable yet fluffy quilted surface to keep the fill intact.

To prevent the mattress pad from shifting out of position, a continuous elastic hem is sewn all around the sides. If your mattress can talk, it would say, “I’m so comfy!”

The Parachute Down Mattress Pad is available in various sizes, so there is always one that perfectly fits your bed.

3. Birch by Helix Organic Plush Pillow Mattress Topper

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Every day, you work hard to achieve your dreams. At the end of each day, you definitely deserve a reward. That reward is in the form of a restful, relaxing, and pleasant sleep on top of the Organic Plush Pillow Mattress Topper made by Birch.

The mattress pad uses a fill made of the company’s proprietary birch wool, cotton, and high-quality latex. All these premium materials are 100% organic, so you are assured of an all-natural product.

For the contour layer, considered to be the pad’s “heart,” Birch uses Talalay latex made locally and OEKO-TEX certified. This means the Organic Plush Pillow Mattress Topper is free from harmful substances. With the certification, customers are assured that the product is manufactured under socially responsible and environmentally sustainable conditions.

In terms of comfort, this mattress pad is a sure winner: the soft latex hugs your body thanks to its deep contouring properties balanced with a good amount of plush. Fortunately, you won’t feel overheated as the materials are breathable and designed to optimize airflow.

4. Avocado Organic Cotton Mattress Pad Protector

Avocado Organic Mattress Pad Carousel 1 compressor

Mattresses, especially premium ones, are hefty investments. All it takes to ruin that
investment may be careless spill or a poke from a sharp object. That’s why you need to protect your mattress with a high-quality mattress pad like the Avocado Organic Cotton Mattress Pad Protector.

The Avocado mattress pad is made of soft, absorbent, and natural 400-thread long-staple cotton as well as 400-gram cotton fiber fill. These materials are ethically, sustainably, and sourced out from India, thus the cotton adheres to the global standards for Fair Trade certification. In addition, it is also Vegan Certified by Vegan Action due to the non-inclusion of wool. Finally, being GOTS-certified as well, the materials are free from PVCs, laminates, adhesives, and other synthetic chemicals.

Because the mattress protectors’ materials are organic, you can expect the highest degree of comfort and luxury. No plastic-y feel, no weird smell, and no stretchy polyester.

Do you constantly shift sleeping positions? Are you afraid that the mattress will come off during your wild lovemaking? Don’t worry because the Avocado design team has put those concerns in mind. The top of the Avocado Organic Cotton Mattress Pad is cross-quilted for both durability and comfort. The pad’s base is reinforced with organic cotton canvas to prevent slipping. Finally, a ¾-inch wide elastic banner is stitched all around the skirt, allowing the pad to “hold” your mattress and preventing it from slipping.

5. eLuxury Bamboo Mattress Pad

bamboopad hero April2019

This is probably one of the most unique mattress pads in the market. The eLuxury Bamboo Mattress Pad is made of organic rayon, a semi-synthetic fiber made from the cellulose of bamboo. The unique properties of rayon make the fabric silky and breathable. Cool and luxurious sleep, anyone?

More importantly, the material is laboratory-tested and certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as free of harmful chemicals. Yes, you sleep in safety!

The construction of the Bamboo Mattress Pad is unique as well. It is made with double-needle baffle-box stitching. The stitching style not only adds durability to the mattress pad but makes it soft and fluffy by trapping air. Specially engineered polyester filling makes this action even more efficient, giving the mattress a long-lasting plush.

Finally, you would be happy to note that this is an all-American product. Yes, the materials and workmanship is all in the USA!

6. Hospitology Microfiber Quilted Mattress Pad

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Hospitology uses science and engineering to create one of the most comfortable
mattress pads in the market. This is already evident even with the mattress pad’s shell. Made of lightweight and breathable brushed microfiber, the mattress pad easily matches the softness of its organic cotton counterparts. Additionally, the microfiber helps regulate body temperature by allowing cool air to circulate freely throughout the mattress pad. You will be rewarded with a much cooler snooze.

For the filling, Hospitology uses a lightweight hypo-allergenic alternative to goose down. A hefty 24 ounces of filling embraces you in a heavenly cloud of softness.

Hospitology uses a box stitching pattern in the construction of this mattress. This method creates an even, flat surface by preventing the filling from shifting around. This is good news because a static mattress reduces the presence of hot or cold spots. In addition, with box-stitching, the filling won’t clump when the mattress is washed.

Finally, to make the pad fit your mattress snugly, the hem of the Hospitology Bamboo Mattress pad utilizes a 2-way stretch fabric. The elastic nature of the fabric fits mattresses that are up to 18 inches thick.

Do You Really Need a Mattress Pad?

The quick answer is – YES!

We’ll tell you exactly why:

When you buy a mattress, you will notice that the foam or coil layers are encased with a high-quality cover. According to the brand’s advertisement, the cover may be breathable, cushioned, hypo-allergenic—it has every advantage under the sun.

So, we understand if it begs the question, why buy a mattress pad in the first place? Isn’t it redundant to have one when your built-in mattress cover already has a myriad of amazing properties?

You see, a mattress pad provides an extra layer of protection for your bed. Have you ever cursed in disdain as the coffee, jam, or orange juice in your breakfast-in-bed tray is accidentally spilled on your bed? You would probably grimace at the cost of your cleaning bill.

With a mattress pad, especially those that have waterproof qualities, you can prevent the spill from soaking through the mattress. Even if the liquid does permeate into the
mattress, the pad soaks up most of the spill.

Then that little blot of overspill can be easily cleaned, or you spend a lot less in your mattress cleaning bill.

* A mattress pad not only prevents accidental spills from soaking up your bed. They also protect you from bed bugs, dust, and other allergens from infesting your mattress. Sure, your mattress cover may be advertised as hypo-allergenic, but it doesn’t hurt to be doubly sure.

* Your bed may provide the bulk of your comfort. However, there are times that your mattress simply can’t do that job anymore. This is especially true if your mattress has shown signs of aging, or if you purchased a less-than-ideal bed. In either case, the
comfort level of your mattress is a tad less than what you consider as satisfying.

Well, you don’t need to do another heavy investment on a brand-new mattress. A
mattress pad can remedy this. It all depends on the properties of the mattress pad. For example, do you feel you need more support for your spine considering you’re a stomach sleeper? Opt for a thicker and denser mattress pad. Do you feel as if your mattress cover lacks some plush? Then buy a fluffy mattress pad.

It’s not difficult to see that it’s cheaper that way!

* If you bought a memory foam or latex mattress, you would probably feel uncomfortable during a warm night. That’s because these mattresses have an inherent quality of trapping and retaining body heat. This makes your own bed uncomfortably hot. During the summer season, the temperature can rise so high that it makes the bed unsleepable.

A mattress pad helps solve this problem by acting as a “heat shield,” preventing your body heat from permeating into the foam. Wool, feather, or down mattress pads are
excellent because they reduce heat during the hot season and retain heat during winter.

It is even better if your mattress pad has moisture-wicking properties. It helps you cool down by wicking away your sweat. The moisture evaporates in the surrounding air, providing you a drier and cooler sleeping environment.

* Having a partner who moves restlessly during the night is one of the annoying things that stand in your way to a restful sleep. A big factor of this inconvenience is the fact that your mattress may have inadequate motion isolation. That means whenever your partner moves, you’ll also feel his or her movement. Firmer beds seem to be prone to this problem.

A soft mattress pad made or infused with latex or memory foam is your best bet in reducing motion transfer. The material’s low response to weight and pressure isolates the movement, sort of creating a barrier between you and your partner. The result is a longer, quieter, and less-disturbed sleep.

* As you probably have inferred, a mattress pad mostly revolves around protecting your bed. Thus, if you want to extend your bed’s lifespan, then you should invest in a mattress pad. The pad protects your bed from chaffing, prevents spills, adds a barrier against debris, and more.

In other words, it’s like your bed’s suit of armor, reducing wear and tear of your mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of brands in the market although the ones mentioned above are considered top tier. However, just like any other product, each has different features, properties, materials, and more. Considering you are going to spend a third of your day sleeping, you should consider these key points when buying a mattress pad:
- Is the mattress pad within your budget?
- Does it fit your entire mattress?
- Does it provide the right amount of support and pain relief?
- Does it provide you with your desired comfort?
- Does the mattress help in cooling you down?
- Are the materials used in making the mattress pad high-quality, eco-friendly, and safe?
- Does the brand offer after-sales support?

Your mattress pad is your first defense against the elements in your sleeping environment. It soaks up sweat, body oil, dust, and other debris rather than your mattress itself. As such, it can get pretty dirty in a short time.

As a rule of thumb, you should wash your mattress pad once every two or so months. You should read your manufacturer’s care label for specific cleaning directions.


The high-quality mattress pads in this list are invaluable as they help enhance the quality of your sleeping experience. They can “fine tune” the comfort, cooling, pressure relief, and support level provided by your mattress.

At the same time, any of these mattress pads protects your bed. Ordinary bed sheets and mattress covers provide only nominal protection from spills, dust, and allergens. A mattress pad is your first line of defense against these elements.

Your bed is a big investment, and a prematurely worn-out mattress can definitely be a big blow to your budget. It deserves a lot of care considering you’ll be spending many hours of your day on it. Maximize its lifespan and get every cent of your money’s worth by investing in any of these top-quality mattress pads.

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Table of Contents

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