REM-Fit Mattress Unbiased 2022 Review: Is This Hybrid Mattress Any Good?


REM-Fit Mattress  4.4/5 A cooling bed that’s great for plus-sized sleepers, our team found the REM-Fit Mattress highly-recommended for anyone looking for a mattress at a reasonable price point but constructed with premium materials. However, it does have its drawbacks – it may too soft for some people and anyone who doesn’t like coil … Read more

IKEA Haugesund Mattress 2022 Review: Find Out Why This Mattress Is So Affordable


IKEA Haugesund Mattress  4.2/5 An affordable mattress that comes in both firm and medium firm levels, the IKEA Haugesund Mattress is a quality mattress that’s comfortable, cooling and supportive. However, because of its low price point, it may not last as long as other more expensive mattresses. Is this a good mattress for you? … Read more

ZombieBed Mattress Reviews: An Honest, Unbiased Buyer’s Guide (2022)

zombie bed

ZombieBed Mattress  4.3/5 ZombieBed is a catchy name for a mattress and it also comes with an equally catchy tagline, “Sleep like the dead”. Sold at an affordable price and constructed with the latest mattress technology, it’s garnered rave reviews from lots of happy users. But how did the Inspiring Dreams team find it? … Read more

Hyphen Mattress Review and Buyer’s Guide (Updated for 2022): Worth the Hype? (Or Not?)

Hyphen Mattress

Hyphen Mattress  4.4/5 If you’re looking for a great medium-firm mattress, you might just find it in the Hyphen Mattress. It’s also delivered straight to your doorstep as a bed-in-a-box so that makes it a convenient purchase. Read our team’s review and find out if it’s the best mattress option for you. Check Latest … Read more

Tempur-Pedic vs. Sleep Number Mattress (2022 Review & Comparison): Which Mattress Is Best For You?


Tempur-Pedic vs. Sleep Number Mattress Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Number are among the top mattress brands in the market today. But what makes each mattress unique? How is it different from the other? And, more importantly, which one is best for you? With Tempur-Pedic known for its higher price points (above $1000), you may want to … Read more

Pillow Talk – When And Why You Should Replace Your Pillow (A 2022 Guide): What Is A Pillow’s Lifespan?


Pillow Talk How long does your pillow last? When should you replace it? This article is a comprehensive guide from our team’s sleep experts outlining the full details of when you should replace your pillows and the telltale signs of an old pillow that needs to be disposed. Yes, we get you- you love your … Read more

2022 Concise ZEEQ Smart Pillow Review (By REM-Fit): Track Sleep, Stream Music – Is This Pillow Worth It?


ZEEQ Smart Pillow  4.2/5 Compatible with Alexa, the Zeeq Smart Pillow is both comfortable and cutting-edge. In terms of comfort, it’s on the firm side of things – which is great for back sleepers or anyone who’s a fan of firm pillows. It also features the latest in sleep tracking technology. Would you like … Read more