REM-Fit Mattress Unbiased 2022 Review: Is This Hybrid Mattress Any Good?


REM-Fit Mattress


A cooling bed that’s great for plus-sized sleepers, our team found the REM-Fit Mattress highly-recommended for anyone looking for a mattress at a reasonable price point but constructed with premium materials. However, it does have its drawbacks – it may too soft for some people and anyone who doesn’t like coil mattresses may not like it. Read our full review for the REM-Fit here.

REM-Fit is a sleep technology company dedicated to helping you sleep better. Founded in 2011, they have consistently been pushing the envelope on their sleep products, creating pillows and beds that provide the support necessary for everyone. This is especially so for those who live active lifestyles and want to recover faster and alleviate existing aches and pains. 

Now, as a hybrid mattress – the REM-Fit 500 seems to be as cool as it gets. This mattress sleeps like a wholly memory foam mattress but actually has coils inside it that give it extra support and bounce. Memory foam is known to be pretty dense and well…warm. REM-Fit solves that problem by making the cover with Nordic Chill fibers that are guaranteed to keep you cool the whole night. No more tossing and turning around looking for that “cool side of the bed.”

REM-Fit also makes several other orthopedic, memory foam mattresses 
The REM-Fit Sleep 200 - an 8 inch fully memory foam mattress
The REM-Fit Sleep 300 - a 10-inch memory foam mattress with a cooling gel layer
The REM-Fit Sleep 400 - a 12-inch memory foam mattress with a cooling gel layer
The REM-Fit Sleep 400- 12-inch cooling memory foam mattress with hybrid pocket coils

Why the REM-Fit Sleep 500 is for You

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It is priced pretty well.

Meaning you totally get a great bang for your buck! The REM-Fit is constructed with some pretty top quality materials and features- some of which you’re sure to find in other pricer options. Also, REM-Fit employs a “direct to consumer” approach, which means there is no middleman/dealer- effectively lowering the price for a pretty great bed.

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It's a pretty "COOL" bed.

Pun intended – this mattress beats out your usual memory foam options, all thanks to its hybrid construction and cooling cover. Cooling gel is infused directly into the memory foam layer, and the coil system is sure to keep air circulating well throughout the mattress.

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Pressure Relief and Bounce

Having a bed that contours and shapes to your body as you sleep is pretty magical. But a bed that does that and eases all the tension where needed is way better! The Rem-Fit’s memory foam + coil combo gives you all that and a significant level of bounce. So you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud all night.

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It's perfect for all kinds of sleepers.

We all sleep differently; some of us go through all the possible sleeping positions throughout the night. The weight distribution on the REM-Fit is pretty good, and so is its support regardless of how you sleep. One of the major concerns when purchasing a mattress is how well it can support your hips regardless of whether you sleep on your side, stomach or your back- the REM-Fit makes sure you’re perfectly level all night. Bye-bye back pain!

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It's a thick mattress that's also great for heavier sleepers.

At 12 “thick, this bed beats out the usual 10” offerings online. This thicker than the average bed is a pretty solid one for the hybrids in its class. If you’re on the heavier side, the REM-Fit offers great support where you need it most- without bottoming out.


Why the REM-Fit Sleep 500 might not be for you

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It's not a "super soft" mattress.

The REM-Fit 500 is a medium feel bed, which means it is not exactly like sleeping on a cloud. If you’re looking for an extra soft mattress, you’ll have to explore other offerings.

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You are looking for a 100% memory foam feel.

The REM-Fit Sleep is a hybrid. Which means it makes use of several other sleep technology materials. An all memory foam mattress usually gives that “full-body hug” feel, and you just won’t get that here. The coil layer also gives it a bit of a bounce.

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You might not be a coil mattress fan.

Don’t get us wrong; the Rem-Fit 500 is not the coil mattress of your childhood. Sleep technology has gone very far from the beds of our pasts- remember those? We actually felt those coils on our backs. This coil layer rests beneath a sizable memory foam layer- but again, if you prefer an all-foam bed, this one might not be the one.

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What is the REM-Fit 500 made of?

In a nutshell, the REM-Fit is a pretty well constructed bed with five layers: an adaptive memory foam layer, a cradle foam layer, a transition foam layer, a pocket coil layer, and a support foam layer. This is all wrapped nicely under a cooling cover made with Nordic Chill fibers.

A zoned memory foam layer

The top layer is a zoned memory foam layer designed to contour to your body and regulate your body temperature throughout the night. This advance memory foam technology is designed to perform better than most traditional memory foam beds on the market that usually does run hot. Sleeping hot tends to be a problem for most, disturbing sleep cycles and affecting precious rest and recovery. 

Zoned means that the layer has set cutouts that allow for the heavier and bonier sections of the body to sink to align the spine better. Most mattress makers zone their foams to create that floating feeling while you lay in bed.

A 1-inch transition foam layer

This layer is added to boost the comfort of the 2000 pocketed coils below and is designed to increase individual support across the whole bed.

The Pocket Coil Layer

REM-Fit prides itself on being rigorous with their research- which is why they prefer to be called a sleep technology company. They found that coils below 8cm are not great for support and motion isolation. They’ve remedied this by making their coils at 15cm, ensuring better support

They’ve designed this bed to have 2000 pocket coils that move independently from each other. Motion isolation is at an all-time high with the REM-Fit. There’s also edge to edge support, making sure that this bed does not sink at the edges.

2-inch Support Foam

This is the base of the mattress. Holding everything in place, this layer keeps the bed from sinking on to your frame and ensures lasting durability.

The Cover

This is what makes this such a “cool bed.” The Nordic Cool fibers keep body temperature at bay for that undisturbed night’s sleep. Thanks to years of research and development- REM-Fit has made a fabric that is both strong and soft, which tells you that it is pretty durable. Something that isn’t too talked about is how some mattress covers tend to be stiff and come off as you move, even under the sheets. This stretch cover keeps that problem from happening- stretching as much as you move at night. A breathable fabric is a requirement for any mattress, especially a memory foam one. 

The cover is also made from what REM-Fit calls the Re-Ax Unleashed; botanical fibers that repel moisture. The cover’s ventilated side mesh allows better air entry into the mattress, too, an added boost to that already fresh upper layer and cooling gel. 

To maintain the cover, simply machine-wash and dry at the lowest setting.


How does the REM-Fit 500 feel?


Unlike other mattresses, the REM-Fit 500 only comes in one firmness option: a medium-firm or at about a 7 out of 10. The REM-Fit 500 handles all weights (including heavier ones) with ease, which is relatively impressive since heavier individuals usually find themselves having to purchase select mattresses and will often have limited options. 

At 12 inches, this bed is almost guaranteed not to sink, especially compared to the usual 10″ models available on the market. This is great news for couples too since firm mattresses tend not to do too well when it comes to motion isolation- but with the pocketed coils and the various support layers, the REM-Fit does well. 

Initially, you might feel that the REM-Fit is a bit too stiff, which is normal when you’re coming from something much softer. But upon looking at customer reviews online, many have reported that after about a night’s sleep- their bodies adapted to the firmness and have felt the incredible support that comes with this bed. 

We definitely recommend this bed for sleepers in all positions, the top comfort laters provide just the right amount of giving and support in the shoulders and the hips. The bed also continues to be just as firm and supportive when you shift to your back or stomach.


As a memory foam hybrid mattress, the REM-Fit 500 is surprisingly comfortable- the springs honestly do more of the brunt of the work when it comes to support, and that is not bad at all! 

When sleeping on the REM-Fit, you’ll feel more like you are on top of the mattress rather than sinking deep into it. As a mainly innerspring mattress, you’ll note right away that the responsiveness is pretty great. 

So far, when pitted against all the other innerspring mattresses in its class and price point, the REM-Fit 500 really does stand out!

Heat Distribution

The REM-Fit 500 really does a great job of keeping you cool throughout the hight. The materials used (thanks to research and development) really do a number on the way air moves around this mattress. Most traditional all-foam mattresses are quite notorious for sleeping hot, so unless you crank up the AC or live somewhere cold, this mattress is your best bet in cooling. 

The use of both the cooling gel-infused memory foam top layer and the inner coils combine to allow air to circulate and to draw heat from your body as you sleep. On top of all that, the Nordic Chill and Re-Ax Unleashed fabrics on the exterior are both temperatures regulating materials and are pretty cool on the skin.

Sinking and Motion Isolation

How well a mattress handles motion is pretty essential to know about, especially if you are sharing the bed with a partner, your kids, or even pets. You’d be glad to know that the REM-Fit 500 handles this very well thanks to its pocketed coil system. A very responsive mattress that keeps movements only on your side of the bed, making sure that you or your partner stay asleep- even when one of you is tossing around all night. 

Some sleepers do occasionally find themselves on the edge and might sometimes fall off if the bed sinks down. The 2000 pocketed coils are encased in an edge to edge frame that keeps the edges of the bed firm. There will be no sinkage and falling out of bed here. When compared to several other mattresses we have reviewed, this hybrid performs quite well.

Smells and Gassing

Like most new mattresses, when the Rem-Fit first arrived, it did have a mild factory smell. But rest assured that it will dissipate within a day or two.

Purchasing and Final review

As we mentioned earlier, the Rem-Fit has eliminated the middle man and is available to purchase directly on their website. Available in twin, twin XL, queen, and king- all the mattresses in all sizes are priced reasonably well and are covered by a 100- night trial period and direct warranty from REM-Fit.

After ordering, the mattress usually arrives after about a week. White glove handling is available for an extra fee. It also works with most bed frames. 

In sum, we think that the REM-Fit 500 is an excellent and well-priced ortho option for everyone. It’s also an added bonus that is designed to aid in the recovery of those who lead active lifestyles. 

The design of the mattress provides pretty great comfort while you sleep and sleep in any position. If you are a heavier sleeper, the thickness of the mattress and the height of the coils are sure to keep you from sinking in and will cradle you just as well as any other person. 

The low motion transfer is a great plus here, which is honestly pretty unique for a mattress with innerspring construction.

We think that the REM-Fit 500 is a fantastic buy and is sure to be the bed that’ll ease your aches and pains while keeping you perfectly cool as you rest soundly.

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