ZombieBed Mattress Reviews: An Honest, Unbiased Buyer’s Guide (2022)

zombie bed

ZombieBed Mattress


ZombieBed is a catchy name for a mattress and it also comes with an equally catchy tagline, “Sleep like the dead”. Sold at an affordable price and constructed with the latest mattress technology, it’s garnered rave reviews from lots of happy users. But how did the Inspiring Dreams team find it? Find out by reading our full, unbiased review here.

In fiction, zombies are horrible creatures that prey on the living. But have you ever thought that they are actually resting in peace (they’re dead)? Yes, they may be sleeping without any knowledge of what they’re actually doing! Most probably, they’re feeling as if they are in a dream.

If so, then it’s time to sleep like a zombie. After all, a peaceful, quiet, and restful night of good-quality sleep is the key to waking up feeling full of life and energy the next day.

Do you agree with us? Then let us introduce to you the amazing ZombieBed!

About Zombie Bed

zombie bed

You can rest easy. No need to freak out because Zombie Beds is not some sinister science lab doing apocalyptic undead experiments. Actually, the company does the opposite; they strive to give you the best sleep ever through their products! And you don’t need to worry because you will wake up in the morning—refreshed—as you, and not some undead monster.

Zombie Beds is a relatively new player in the competitive bed-in-a-box industry. However, their craftsmen have an accumulated 30 years of experience in creating top-quality mattresses. They also ensure that their mattresses are usable by all types of sleepers. Even if they’re relatively new in the market, Zombie Beds has started making a name for themselves as evidenced by many positive reviews—just check their website.

Zombie Beds does not just manufacture and sell comfortable mattresses. Their product line includes adjustable and foldable bed frames, mattress protectors, bed sheets, and pillows.

Finally, Zombie Beds is a proud member of the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business program. So when you purchase a product from the company, you are also paying tribute to a hero.

Dissecting the ZombieBed

The ZombieBed is one of the company’s signature products that promise uncompromising comfort. Let’s see if this bed will truly let you rest in peace.

zombie layers

Table of Contents


The knitted cover is made of thick but breathable fabric. Sleeping on it feels like you’re sleeping—or wearing—an old, cozy, and comfortable sweater.

Top layer

The first layer of the ZombieBed consists of high-quality, high-density polyurethane foam. The foam is thick and dense enough to provide a good balance of support, pressure relief, and flexibility. Like many foam beds, it has a little bit of “sink” when pressure or weight is applied to it. However, the layer is fairly responsive, springing back to its original form in a second or two.  Thus, changing sleeping positions or going from one end of the bed to another is quite easy.

Cool gel/Transition layer

Foam mattresses have this tendency to trap heat, sometimes making sleep uncomfortable or even downright impossible especially during hot summer nights.

But the ZombieBed has a remedy to this. It involves a transition layer of cooling gel that helps absorb body heat. The transition layer also has channels and cells to allow the air to flow freely, pushing out warm air and letting in cool air. The combined action of the cooling gel, the air channels, and cells makes the bed cooler and more comfortable. 

The transition layer also counters the softness of the top layer. This layer prevents you from sinking too deep into the mattress while providing you with sufficient support.

Micro coil layer

It’s almost impossible to put out zombies forever. Right when you think they’re “dead,” they spring back up and continue shambling on their way.

That’s how responsive these micro coils are. They further counteract and disperse your weight evenly through the mattress.

ZombieBed’s micro coils move and compress independently from each other, allowing the bed to adapt to your sleeping position, weight, or body form. There are more than 1,000 micro-coils (yes, you’re reading that right) in this layer, so you can imagine how “customized” your comfort is. Finally, the micro-coils also reduce sagging and the formation of impressions.

It is important to note that these micro coils are not meant for you to feel as if you’re sleeping on a classic innerspring mattress. But the number of micro-coils in the layer makes it firmer and more responsive than the standard foam mattress.

Base layer

The base of the ZombieBed layer consists of a high-density polyfoam. The thickness of the foam forms the bulk of the mattress’ shape, durability, and stability. Thanks to its open cells, the base layer is breathable and encourages the free-flow of air throughout the mattress.

More ZombieBed Perks

Due to the changes in their metabolism, zombies gain abilities that make them superior to humans—never mind how they look or smell. They are stronger, more durable (they shrug off bullets), and faster (well, modern zombies, that is)!

The ZombieBed has similar characteristics. Just check out these cool extras in addition to the bed’s high quality.

Sleep products

Zombie Beds does not just offer high-quality and comfortable mattresses. They also have a complete line of sleep products such as bed frames, mattress protectors, pillows, and blankets. So when you’re fitting out or renovating your bedroom, you don’t need to laboriously search for what you need. Chances are, Zombie Beds has what you require.

Financing options

Do you want to purchase a ZombieBed—and perhaps some of their awesome products—but are short on cash? No worries! You can pay in installment through Klarna.

Certi-PUR US certified

The materials used in the production of each ZombieBed mattress are Certi-PUR US certified. That means the ZombieBed’s foam components are made without harmful flame retardants, ozone depleters, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and other toxic chemicals.

100-day trial period

You won’t know if the ZombieBed is really for you until you try it out. The company understands this, so they offer a 100-night risk-free trial period for your new mattress. If, after 100 nights, you feel that it isn’t for you, you can get in touch with Zombie Beds customer service team. They will issue a full refund and arrange for someone to pick up your mattress.


If you’re living in continental United States, you won’t need to spend a cent on shipping fees. Zombie Beds will deliver your bed right to your doorstep. The company uses FedEx ground as a courier for your brand-new bed.

Oh, by the way, there’s no middleman involved. Your bed comes directly from their manufacturing facility!


Zombie Beds provides a warranty for your new bed for 10 years. This warranty only covers factory, material, and workmanship defects. You cannot claim warranty for normal wear and tear, negligence, damages done by a third-party seller.

How the ZombieBed Feels

zombie 4

Unlike the unfeeling undead to which the brand is named, the ZombieBed is designed to make you feel so comfortable that you don’t want to wake up. You simply want to lie down forever in the embrace of comfort. Our sleep testers took the dare and to see if the brand lives up to what the company promises in their tagline—sleep like the dead, wake like the living.


In typical mattress reviews, a bed’s comfort level is often shown in a graph, 1 being as soft as a cloud and 10 being as solid as a rock. Our sleep testers rated the bed as 6.5, which is the industry standard.

This means that a person with average weight may feel as if they sink a little into the comfort layer. However, the support of the transition layer and the bounce of the micro-coils equally counteract this tendency. As such, a sleeper should be able to feel both softness and softness equally.

This makes the bed ideal for combo sleepers, or people who sleep in various positions at night, especially for back and stomach sleepers. They are guaranteed both adequate pressure point relief and support.

However, side sleepers may feel a slight discomfort. Unlike a standard memory foam bed, the bounce and the support of the ZombieBed make the mattress a little bit too firm. Thus, it offers less pressure relief on the shoulders and hips compared to that of a memory foam bed.


Gone are the slow and shambling zombies of old. With their metabolism in shambles, they are awfully fast and mobile. Just check out those monsters in “World War Z” and “28 Days Later.”

If you change your sleeping position as fast as a modern zombie, you’re in luck. The cover and the top layer are soft, but not too soft that you feel “trapped” inside the mattress. The coils and the base layer provide enough firmness that allows you to roll and twist from one side to another without feeling constricted.

Motion Isolation

Zombies often move in a humongous horde. But with ZombieBed, you can move alone!

That’s because the mattress has an impressive ability to isolate motion. This is an uncommon thing indeed as most bouncy beds tend to transfer the energy of movement from one side to another. But thanks to the independent movement of the micro-coils, motion transfer is drastically decreased. That means, you will hardly feel your fellow zombie—err—sleeping partner shift his or her position while you’re fast asleep.

Edge Support

The ZombieBed, unfortunately, has inadequate edge support, even with the combined bounce and rigidity of the micro-coils and the base layer. The edges severely sag when you sleep on the sides. That means the sleeping area of the mattress is limited to the center and the immediate areas around the middle.

Temperature Regulation

Due to the changes in its body during its transformation into an undead, a zombie is incredibly tough. In fact, it can still walk, shamble, crawl, and feed even if it is on fire.

Taking the cue from the undead, the people at Zombie Beds make sure that your trip to dreamland is pleasant and comfortable. That’s why they use high-tech materials to help bring down the temperature of the bed.

The ZombieBed does it right. With the combination of cooling gel, open cells, and wide air channels, the mattress effectively cools you down as you sleep.

Temperature Regulation

Due to the changes in its body during its transformation into an undead, a zombie is incredibly tough. In fact, it can still walk, shamble, crawl, and feed even if it is on fire.

Taking the cue from the undead, the people at Zombie Beds make sure that your trip to dreamland is pleasant and comfortable. That’s why they use high-tech materials to help bring down the temperature of the bed.

The ZombieBed does it right. With the combination of cooling gel, open cells, and wide air channels, the mattress effectively cools you down as you sleep.

Best Friends with ZombieBed’s

Even zombies need friends. Otherwise, they’ll be easy pickings by zombie hunters. If you are any of these sleepers, then you will find a good pal in ZombieBed.

* If you change sleeping positions often, you’ll find the quick response and firmness of the ZombieBed a boon. You can change positions effortlessly without feeling stuck on the foam.

* The medium-firm comfort level of the ZombieBed means that back and stomach sleepers can enjoy good support as the bed’s rigidity helps keep their spine aligned.

* Because the mattress isolates motion quite remarkably, this is a great bed if you sleep with a restless partner.

* Are you living in a place where every evening is virtually a summer night? Then you’ll be best friends with the ZombieBed. Its excellent and synergistic cooling properties help ensure that you don’t overheat while you enjoy a much-needed snooze.

* Memory foam beds are the in-thing today. But that doesn’t mean they’re best for everyone. Some people like the classic feel of a firmer innerspring mattress. Some don’t like the extra, sometimes suffocating softness of a memory bed.

The ZombieBed, thankfully, is a hybrid. It has the properties of both memory and innerspring mattresses. Thus, if you’re not too keen on sleeping in an ultra-soft bed, then the ZombieBed is probably for you.

* You want a comfortable, high-quality mattress for your bedroom. But you’re pretty cash-strapped for now; you’ve allocated your budget on some important things.

Well, don’t worry because ZombieBed is friendly on the budget, starting at $499 for a Twin-sized bed. Want a larger bed? Opt for their King-sized bed at $999 or King-cal sized bed for $1050. In the bed-in-a-box industry, this is in the middle-range; its quality is not compromised by its affordability.

Frequently Asked Questions

You would be happy to know that the materials for the ZombieBed and all other products of Zombie Beds are proudly developed, manufactured, and produced in the US. Helping the American people is one of the top priorities of the company, and shunning outsourcing, they help their team improve their lives.

It depends on how you take care of the product. As a rule of thumb though, they are designed to last for at least 10 years thanks to the quality materials and expert craftsmanship that go into the production of these beds.

Awaken the Zombie in You

Everyone is on a quest to rest in peace—every night. A restful, peaceful, and relaxing sleep is the key to waking up feeling alive, glorious, and full of energy.

The ZombieBed strikes a good balance of the required qualities of a good mattress. The foam layers provide good contouring and pressure relief, while the micro-coils counteract with enough support and bounce. We consider the ZombieBed as a high-quality versatile bed that can promise excellent comfort for everyone.

It is also a pleasant surprise that despite the high-quality materials being used, coupled with awesome perks, the ZombieBed comes out as an affordable option. It fits the budget of those who don’t want to empty their bank account.

Ready to “sleep like the dead and wake like the living?” Get a Zombiebed today!

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