2022 Concise ZEEQ Smart Pillow Review (By REM-Fit): Track Sleep, Stream Music – Is This Pillow Worth It?


ZEEQ Smart Pillow


Compatible with Alexa, the Zeeq Smart Pillow is both comfortable and cutting-edge. In terms of comfort, it’s on the firm side of things – which is great for back sleepers or anyone who’s a fan of firm pillows. It also features the latest in sleep tracking technology. Would you like to own a Zeeq pillow? Check out our full review here.

Human technology has filtered down to the health and fitness market. With wearable fitness trackers, you can monitor your heart rate, your blood pressure, how many miles you jogged, and many other parameters. These trackers give you a clear glimpse of how healthy you are, and how well you perform your fitness regimen.

Because having enough quality sleep is also crucial to achieving good health, you need to monitor how well you slept. To do this, however, you need to be hooked up to a complicated machine called an electroencephalograph, (a device that measures brain waves), which is only available in specialized clinics.

Fortunately, there’s a commercial product that monitors your sleeping activity without the need for an expensive, complicated medical device. Similar to a fitness tracker, the ZEEQ Smart Pillow by REM-Fit contains high-tech sensors that track the frequency of your sleep movement, snore volume, and other aspects of your shut-eye. 

Find out what the ZEEQ Smart Pillow can do to help you achieve a restful, refreshing, and healthy sleep.

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What’s Inside the ZEEQ Smart Pillow



Our journey starts with the pillow’s soft, breathable, and lightweight Tencel cover. 

Tencel is a fabric that is made of 60% polyester and 40% lyocell, allowing it to wick moisture and regulate temperature. Thus, you can expect a cooler and more comfortable sleep.

This cover is hypoallergenic, so it’s safe for those who are prone to allergies. Finally, the cover is easily removable and washable.

With its purple accents, some customers find the pillow cover unappealing to the eyes. If you think it doesn’t match your bed—or your aesthetic preference—you can use a different pillowcase.


The pillow’s shell is made of white polyester fabric and is meant to hold the filling and electronic components. It also has a stitched pocket as a storage compartment for the pillow’s remote control.

Similar to the cover, the shell is breathable and hypoallergenic, helping you enjoy a cool, sneeze-less, itch-less snooze.


For filling, the ZEEQ is made of shredded memory foam. Each purchase comes with a bag of extra shredded foam so you can adjust the pillow’s density to your liking. Since the filling is made of memory foam, it easily conforms to the shape and contours of your head as you fall asleep.

Memory foam has an inherent problem of trapping heat; that’s why memory foam beds are somewhat hot to sleep on. Thankfully, the ZEEQ’s breathable cover and outer shell helps alleviate this problem by allowing adequate airflow through the pillow. The memory foam itself is not a single piece but shredded bits, allowing air to freely flow.

Generally, the ZEEQ is made of high-quality materials to ensure your comfort and value for your money.

Electronic Components

zeeq parts

Wireless speakers
Do you start your dreamland journey with a dose of soft, relaxing music? Does your sleep ritual include listening to a therapeutic recording of rainfall, forest sounds, or waves crashing on a beach? If so, you’re in luck.

That’s because one of the electronic components in the ZEEQ is a package of 8 precision-placed wireless speakers. Simply connect this to your phone or music player via a Bluetooth connection, and your playlist will lull you to sleep.

Bi-aural audio wave emitter
This device is said to emit gentle sound waves that gently stimulates the sleep areas in your brain. This enables you to have a relaxed and restful sleep.

3-axis gyroscope
Another electronic component of the ZEEQ Smart Pillow, this sensitive gyroscope monitor and records your movement as you sleep.

Decibel-tuned Microphone
This small but sensitive microphone records and tracks your snoring intensity and behavior.

Vibration motors
Moving mechanisms in this component generate soft vibrations that you can feel through the pillow. Loud snores, your wake-up time, and other stimuli—depending on your input—trigger the alarm.

Remote control
You can adjust various settings in your ZEEQ Smart Pillow through the attached remote control included in the pillow. When not in use, you can store it in the pillow’s pocket.

Integration with Alexa
ZEEQ shares compatibility with Alexa, a virtual AI (artificial intelligence) assistant. Alexa is considered a smart home device.

Upon purchasing a ZEEQ Smart Pillow, you receive the following in the package:

– a standard ZEEQ Smart Pillow (21 X 27 inches)
– dual slot USB charger
– charging cable
– an extra bag of shredded memory foam filling

Setting Up Your ZEEQ Smart Pillow

You can sleep on your new ZEEQ Smart Pillow right away. But without some special startup process, you won’t be able to reap the full benefits of the product.

You first need to download the ZEEQ app on your Android or iOS phone. Once you’re done registering your demographics in the app, you can wirelessly connect your smartphone using a Bluetooth connection.

As with any new technology in the market, you may experience issues when you attempt to establish a connection between your phone and the pillow. Thankfully, you can get in touch with the REM-Fit technical support team. They can walk you through the entire startup process with clear instructions. 

To begin tracking your sleep, open your app prior to going to bed. Then click the Start Sleep button. You can also use the Auto Sleep setting. Choose a four-hour window in the app, and it will commence sleep monitoring as long as you’re in bed during this time frame. Lastly, you can simply flip on the remote to start your sleep tracking session.

There is also an optional survey. You can fill the fields about different aspects of your lifestyle that could affect how you sleep.  Your answers are taken into account for the electronics, enabling the pillow to optimize its functionalities according to your lifestyle.

When you wake up the next day, push the Stop Sleep button on your app. This ends the sleep tracking session, and the pillow transfers the sleep data it collected to your smartphone.  The ZEEQ app analyses the sleep data and shows them on easy-to-read graphs that illustrate how well you slept, how loud you’re snoring, how you shifted positions, and more.

Some sleepers complained that although setup, connectivity, and operation of the ZEEQ seem simple on paper, there is actually a bit of a learning curve involved. However, getting your ZEEQ Smart Pillow to work is easy, and with responsive tech support, you’ll be able to enjoy your pillow.


Wow! That is one high-tech pillow, don’t you think? Indeed, and it should be considering that you’re investing quite around $200 for a pillow. Let’s see if it lives up to its hype.

Snore monitor and alarm

REM-Fit promotes this feature as one of the unique features that make the ZEEQ different from other smart pillows. Its decibel-tuned microphone listens to you as you sleep. It can passively detect the sounds of snoring and presents them to you in an easy-to-read graph after you download the sleep data into the app. Through the ZEEQ app, you can see your snoring “score,” your loudest snore decibel, and what time you snored.

It can also take a more active role in stopping snoring. If you activate the snore alarm, the pillow gently vibrates when your snore reaches a set decibel level. The vibrations bring you back to consciousness so you can change your position or do something to stop your snoring.

In theory, that’s how it’s supposed to work. However, some sleepers who tried the ZEEQ Smart Pillow complained that when they increase the sensitivity of the snore alarm, the pillow starts vibrating every time they change their sleeping positions. The alarm also goes off when it detects any loud-enough sound such as your bedroom door closing. Seemingly, the sensor cannot distinguish between snoring and other sounds.

Motion Monitor

zeeq monitor

Another much-advertised feature of the ZEEQ Smart Pillow is that it can track your movement while you sleep using its high-tech 3D motion sensor. After downloading the sleep data, the app will show you a numeric score that determines the quality of your sleep.

However, the matrix used in determining sleep quality is not clear. Some sleepers reported that they scored a high 90 even though they haven’t slept well the night before.

Partner-friendly alarm

The vibration is powerful enough that you can feel it through the pillow during your lightest sleep cycle. However, it is not strong enough to wake up your partner if the pillow is near him or her.

Audio streaming

The vibration is powerful enough that you can feel it through the pillow during your lightest sleep cycle. However, it is not strong enough to wake up your partner if the pillow is near him or her.

High capacity battery

The pillow comes with a lithium-ion 3.7-volt rechargeable battery. The high-capacity battery enables the pillow to play gather longer amounts of sleep data and stream music for a lot more hours. The ZEEQ Smart Pillow has a battery life of 5 to 15 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely yes! Actually, it can accommodate all kinds of sleepers. All you need to do is to adjust the pillow’s filling by adding or removing the shredded memory foam. Adjust the amount of fill until you reach your preferred density.

You’re not imagining things. At 7 pounds, the ZEEQ Smart Pillow is indeed heavier than its “non-smart” parts. The bulk of the extra weight comes from the electronics packed inside the pillow.

You will have to dig out your closet and use another pillowcase. Or you can buy one from an online store. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t sell separate pillow covers.

Yes! REM-Fit gives you a window of 1 year to return their products should you feel your purchase is not for you. However, when it comes to tech products such as the ZEEQ Smart Pillow, the company requires you to schedule a 15-minute walkthrough with their support team. The team will try to troubleshoot potential and existing issues before you return the product.


In addition, for hygienic reasons, REM-Fit does not accept returns if the items are not in their original packaging. They also don’t accept products that have been washed.

No. REM-Fit waives the shipping fee when you order any product from them. Typically, they send orders within 1 day of receiving them. Expect delays if you ordered during an advertised sale. REM-Fit ships orders free of charge to 48 states of the US. A certain shipping fee is collected for orders coming from Alaska or Hawaii.

If you wish to cancel an order that is about to get shipped, you need to call them before 11 AM on the next business day. Otherwise, the company will impose a late cancellation fee.

The Bottom Line

You have to give it to REM-Fit for having the audacity to create a high-tech smart gadget encased in a pillow. It deserves a thumbs-up in several aspects although there are some things that the company needs to address.

With its cool, breathable fabric and memory foam filling, the pillow is undoubtedly very comfortable. One of the best things about it is that you can actually adjust the density by simply adding or removing the memory foam bits. The versatility of the pillow makes it usable by just any sleeper.

The built-in speakers and the ability to stream audio—from music to podcasts—is an excellent come on. Just imagine a pillow giving you a lullaby! That is just awesome!

Some of the electronic features do need a bit of improvement. For example, the snore sensor needs to be recalibrated so it would just activate when it detects snoring, not other sounds or movement. Sleep monitoring also needs to be adjusted to avoid a false interpretation and presentation of sleep data.

However, these “cons” should not be viewed as downfalls but opportunities for improvement. Having these issues are normal when new technology is introduced to the market. With regular updates, the minor cons listed above will surely disappear.

Is the $200 worth it? Absolutely! Think about it: you get a comfortable pillow that tracks how well you sleep, wakes you up when you’re snoring too loudly, shows you how well you slept, and sings you lullabies! 

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