Top 10 Picks for Best Blankets of 2022

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Overview The need for warmth has been around since our early days, and a blanket provides that. If you live in a place that has a cold climate or you just want to turn up the air-conditioning unit, blankets are sure to keep you snug through a chilly winter night. However, having just any blanket … Read more

Mattress Reviews

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We’ve got the best-rated mattress reviews and buyers’ guides tailor made just for you! Here’s what one happy customer says about us: I’ve lived with chronic back pain almost my whole life. Finally, I decided to invest in a good mattress. After scouring the internet for what seems like ages, id-mag’s reviews helped me spot … Read more

Sleep Accessories

Get the latest reviews and guides for top-rated sleep accessories, the coolest sleep products, gadgets, and gear to give you better, smarter snoozes – all night, every night! Here’s what one happy customer says about us: Working on a swing shift for years makes me miss more sleep than I probably should. After quite a … Read more

Sleep Resources

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Research about sleep disorders, find out how to treat insomnia, learn about how work affects sleep and more – find ALL the answers you need in our one-stop sleep resource center! Here’s what one happy customer says about us: My elderly father was recently diagnosed with insomnia. I thought all ID-mag did was review beds … Read more


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We make shopping for bedding options easy, breezy with our complete & helpful bedding guides and reviews! Here’s what one happy customer says about us: I live in one of the coldest cities in the country and thick, quality blankets is what I need to get through winter nights. ID-mag has helped me select premium … Read more