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Table of Contents

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We make shopping for bedding options easy, breezy with our complete & helpful bedding guides and reviews!

Here’s what one happy customer says about us:

On the hunt for some bargain blankets?
Let’s hunt down the best budget bedding brands together!
Are luxe, full-size bedspreads more your thing?
Get full reviews on luxury linens and comforters straight from us!
Searching for thick, quality pillows?
Complete pillow reviews – count on us, we’ve got you covered!

ID-Mag’s goal is to give you access to the most comprehensive, in-depth information on reliable bedding reviews, helpful guides, practical how-to’s, and straight-from-customers’ feedback on their overall experience with top bedding brands that we feature.

How can our bedding guides and reviews help you?
Bedding matters. Why? Because sleep matters.

And the quality and choice of bedding sets you have for your bedroom greatly affect the quality of your sleep. Whether it’s your full 8 hours’ sleep in the evenings or a restful nap during lazy weekends, searching for just the right bedding set can help you achieve your daily sleep goals.

Our reviews and guides offer a great jump-off point for you to read about the best options for bedding sets based on the following categories.

  • Buyers’ Guides
  • Bedding Design Guides (Top 2020 Interior Design Styles)
  • Reviews
  • How To’s
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What’s In It For You?

You get the perfect, all-in-one bedding shopping buddy right at your fingertips!

With our help, you don’t need to jump from one website to another, wracking your brain researching about bedding options and choosing which one’s best for you. 

We’ve got it all in one place.

After reading each article in our expansive resource pages, you should be able to find the perfect set of bedding based on the following preferences:

Price Range

If you’re a bargain hunter, we cover budget buying guides for each part of your bedding set – blankets, pillowcases, comforters, quilts, coverlets, and more. 

But, if you’re looking for more luxury options, we have articles on that, too! From this year’s latest luxe linens to the best brands of premium comforters, we’ve got the lowdown on high-end brands that you’ll love.

Needless to say, we’ve rounded up some great resources that should meet your needs, no matter what your price range is.

Size Requirements

From full size to futon, California King- sized beds to child-sized mattresses for your kids’ bunk beds, size matters when it comes to bedding options. 

We have the latest reviews and buyers guides with the goal of helping you look for bedding products from the perfect brands with the perfect size for your mattress.

Weight Requirements

Whether you’re in the market for heavier, weighted blankets or simply seeking the warmth of hefty, winter comforters, weight does matter when it comes to looking for bedding sets. 

During the summer months, you’ll also want to invest in cooler, lightweight, cotton sheets to keep you from being hot and stuffy while sleeping.

You can count on us to give you the best blanket reviews for your specific needs – from heavy blankets to lightweight sheets.

Sleeper Type/Profile

Whether you’re an energetic morning lark or more productive as a night owl, your sleeping preference matters greatly when it comes to choosing your bedding options.

If you’re a morning person, you might want easy, low-maintenance bedding sets or even just a removable, lightweight duvet cover for your comforter or duvet filler. This way, as soon as your alarm goes off, it’s easy to make your bed and head over to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

Night owls will most likely catch up on sleep during the daytime. In this case, it’s best to invest in high-quality bedding sets to ensure comfortable sleep while the sun’s out. Pair it up with matching blackout curtains, night owls should be able to achieve great sleep well into the bright glare of midday.

Whatever type of sleeper you are, our reviews can help you choose the best bedding sets for whatever time of day you’d like to hit the sack

Sleep Position Preference

Side sleeper, stomach sleeper, back sleeper, combination sleeper – your sleeping position matters greatly when choosing your bedding sets. 

For example, if you are a combination sleeper that’s most likely to move about as you’re deep in slumber, you won’t want your blanket or duvet to bunch about your feet, causing you to wake up, uncomfortable in the middle of the night. 

You may want to forego a removable duvet cover for your comforter (or duvet fill) in this case as this does have a tendency to tangle itself up especially if the cover itself isn’t a perfect fit.

We’ve got complete tips and advice for bedding options that are suited to all types of sleepers.

Material/Fabric Content

Learning the lingo of the bedding world can be a bit complicated, from understanding thread count to types of fabric, it can get dizzying. 

Here’s a basic guide:

This is the most popular choice of fiber content for sheets as 100% cotton maintains a natural, soft feel that keeps sleepers cool and dry even during hot summer nights.

Not as comfortable as 100% cotton but it is durable, easy to wash, less prone to fade, and is more affordable than naturally-made fabrics.

Discussed below are more expensive fabric content options but may be worth the investment due to its durability and luxurious feel. These premium types of cotton are used in some of the world's best bedding arrangements. They are characterized by longer, individual cotton fibers which allow it to feel softer, silkier, and more luxurious than regular Upland Cotton, for example. However, it's good to note that many bedding manufacturers claim to include these in their products' fiber content but they actually do not. The best way to ensure you are getting authentic bedding sets is from a reputable brand that is able to show the origins of their fabric content.

This type of premium, long-fiber cotton is usually grown in the United States, Peru, Australia, and Israel. It has the same characteristics as Egyptian Cotton, the only difference is in its origins. Both Pima and Egyptian Cotton share the same scientific name: Gossypium Barbadense.

Its origins can be scientifically traced to the Nile River Valley, where it grows in abundance in the region's hot, dry climate. As mentioned, it has the same long-fiber features as Pima Cotton and feels just as luxurious.

This type of cotton is the same type of Pima Cotton mentioned above but it is grown in the U.S. only and the brand is exclusively trademarked by the Supima Association of America.

A common term in bedding lingo, thread count refers to "the number of horizontal and vertical threads per inch" of the fabric. The higher the number, the better the quality of the fabric. A good benchmark thread count when looking for sheets and bedding sets is anywhere from a 200 to 800 thread count. However, higher quality fabric can feature over-1000 thread counts.

Characterized by its closely-woven threads, Percale is described as a "plain-weave" fabric that's mostly used as bed covers. It usually has a 200-above thread count and feels firm, smooth and crisp. Unlike Sateen, it doesn't have a shiny gloss.

Made out of spun yarns instead of silk filaments, Sateen fabric feels soft and looks glossy. Sateen sheets provide a luxurious, more glamorous feel to bedroom interiors.

A type of textile weave that features a "pattern of diagonal parallel ribs", it is a fabric most often used to create strong, durable fabric. The most popular type of Twill fabric is most probably denim, however, in bedding sets, this type of fabric weave can still produce soft, comfortable sheets and linens.

Buyer's Guides

Ready to shop? We’re right here to make the experience of shopping for bedding sets smooth and easy. Check out our buyer’s guides for everything you need to help make your bedroom a place of rest and respite from a busy day.

african american woman sleeping in bed royalty free image 485559412 1566399132

Best Pillows

A good set of quality pillows helps accent your bed and also gives you a great night’s rest. This section answers the following buyer questions:

  • What are the best brands of pillows out in the market today?
  • How does one brand compare to the other?
  • Are there eco-friendly options for pillows?
  • Which brand of pillows takes the top spot this year?
  • What brand works best for what I need?

Explore a wide array of options from American-made brands and international brands that manufacture the best pillows made just for you.

Best Bed Sheets

What’s a bed without a great set of bed sheets? Empty, that’s what! Sheets are essential when setting up a good night’s rest. This section answers the following buyer questions: 

  • What company produces the best, quality bed sheets?
  • What type of bed sheets do I actually need?
  • What brand of bed sheets promises both durability and comfort?
  • What type of bed sheets do I need for summer?
  • What about winter sheets? What type should I choose?

Explore a wide array of options from American-made brands and international brands that manufacture the best bed sheets made just for you.

Best Blankets

Blankets are basics when it comes to bedding options. Sleep just isn’t complete without a warm blanket to curl up into, either on a cool rainy night or a quiet afternoon reading your favorite book – blankets are simply bedding essentials. 

And for you, we’ve lined up the comprehensive information on today’s best-rated blanket brands. 

This section answers the following buyer questions: 

  • Is Quility a good brand for weighted blankets
  • Who offers thick, quality winter blankets?
  • Which brand offers lightweight yet comfortable summer blankets?
  • What about hospital blankets, where can I get those from?
  • What’s today’s best blanket brand?

Explore a wide array of options from American-made brands and international brands that manufacture the best blankets made just for you.

Click any of the available categories below:

Best Weighted Blankets

Used both for comfort and treatment of various mental disorders. The weighted blanket industry made waves when it debuted a few years back. Until now, many weighted blanket manufacturers are going strong and producing wonderful weighted blankets that have helped thousands of Americans sleep and feel better.

Looking for a weighted blanket to call your own? Check out our expert recommendations, like the mosaic weighted blankets.

Best Electric Blankets

A winter staple, electric blankets provide much-needed warmth and comfort during long winter months. Persons with certain medical conditions may also benefit from the warmth of electric blankets.

Find out how electric blankets work, what’s best for you, and the latest brands that are dominating the electric blanket market.

Best Winter Blankets

For those of us living in colder parts of the country, quality winter blankets are an essential bedding investment as inadequate warmth during frigid weather may lead to sickness and discomfort during the evenings. 

Shop the best winter blanket brands here and find one that suits your needs.

Best Summer Blankets

When it’s time to put the winter blankets in storage, you can brighten up a room during warmer weather with a sunny summer blanket. But choosing a good one can be tricky. If the fabric is a bit too thick, it may cause you to overheat while sleeping. If the fabric’s a bit too thin, it may not last too long after a few washes.

Get some expert shopping guidance on the best summer blanket brands and choose the perfect one for your bedroom.

Best Blankets for Kids

When it comes to kids’ blankets, durability is key. For sure, they’ll love cute designs that match their bedroom themes but, parents need to keep in mind that the excitement and enthusiasm of kids  (cue jumping up and down their beds) is a factor when it comes to choosing bedding options for their little ones.

Explore today’s top brands for kids’ blankets that both children and parents will love.

Best Blankets for Toddlers

Parents are no strangers to the terrible twos and tiresome threes! And when it comes to raising active toddlers – you’ll want blankets that feature child-friendly prints and designs but are also durable, low maintenance, and easy to wash, dry, and fold. 

Shop some of the most adorable toddler blanket brands available today, compare features and prices and find the perfect one just for you.

Best Baby Blankets

While kids and toddlers’ blankets need to be both durable and comfortable, baby blankets need to be soft and suited for a baby’s sensitive skin. 

With the help of our baby blanket buyers’ guides, you can find great brands that offer quality blankets perfect for your little ones at the most competitive prices!

Best Blankets for Teens

It’s hard to buy anything for a teen. Not quite young children anymore but not quite adults either, teenagers have varying tastes and styles. Some are picky when it comes to accessories and decor of their bedrooms too!

But worry not! We’ve gathered some of the best buyers’ guides for best blanket brands that teens love. Check it out and find one that suits you.

Best Hospital-Friendly Blankets

Do you know anyone in hospice care that needs quality blankets? Is your wife giving birth anytime soon and maybe she needs a good blanket to take to the hospital?

We’re here to give you options on the best hospital-friendly blankets that are designed to meet the needs of the elderly or those who require special care.

Best Comforters

Comforters are key, especially when it comes to bedding sets. Providing an added oomph to your bed’s decor plus warmth during night time, no bed is usually complete without a matching comforter. 

Find one that you need. You can also choose from these two subcategories below:

Best Down Comforters

Filled with the lightest, softest and fluffiest plumules of the feathers of geese and ducks, down comforters offer both warmth, quality and comfort. Shop the best brands here.

Best Down Alternative Comforters

Sometimes, down comforters can be a tad too expensive and difficult to maintain. Some shoppers might also prefer something more sustainable and less harmful to species of geese and ducks. In this case, it’s best to shop for quality down alternative comforters. Shop the best brands here.

Best Duvet Brands

Are you more of a duvet person rather than a comforter person? If you say “Duvet!” then you’ve come to the right place to hunt for the best duvet brands out in the market today.

From America’s most trusted brands to newer, emerging companies, we’ve got you covered!

A crowd favorite, duvet covers work well with both an actual duvet as a fill or to cover a comforter. Easy to wash and clean, it’s a popular option for a lot of shoppers.

Buy the best brands that produce quality duvet covers. Check your options here.

Best Duvet Sets

Hooray, Duvet! You’ve found the best place to hunt down the best brands for duvet sets this year. Choose based on your own style and preferences; our duvet set buyers’ guides are here to help you shop for the best brands.

Best Bedding Sets

Shopping for matching bedding sets? Maybe you need one for your guest room or you’re looking to buy a set as a gift,

  • Best Bedding Sets – California King Beds
  • Best Bedding Sets – Alaskan King Beds
  • Best Bedding Sets – Wyoming King Beds
  • Best Bed Sheets – California King Beds
  • Best Bed Sheets – Alaskan King Beds
  • Best Bed Sheets – Wyoming King Beds
  • Best Christmas Bedding Sets
  • Best Halloween Bedding Sets
  • Best Easter Bedding Sets


  • Weighted Blanket Reviews
  • Best Electric Blanket Reviews
  • Best Winter Blanket Reviews
  • Best Summer Blanket Reviews
  • Best Blankets for Kids Reviews
  • Best Blankets for Toddlers Reviews
  • Best Baby Blankets Reviews
  • Best Blankets for Teens Reviews
  • Best Hospital-Friendly Blankets Reviews
  • Christmas Bedding Sets Reviews
  • Halloween Bedding Sets Reviews
  • Easter Bedding Sets Reviews
  • Down Comforter Reviews
  • Down Alternative Comforter Reviews
  • Best Bedding Sets – California King Beds
  • Best Bedding Sets – Alaskan King Beds
  • Best Bedding Sets – Wyoming King Beds

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Table of Contents

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