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Table of Contents

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Research about sleep disorders, find out how to treat insomnia, learn about how work affects sleep and more - find ALL the answers you need in our one-stop sleep resource center!

Here’s what one happy customer says about us:

Looking to find answers about sleep-related topics?
Our knowledge base is what you need!
Need to find sleep journals or sleep sites?
Look no further!

We’ve gathered an extensive resource page that covers just about everything sleep-related.

This can be you:

Can’t sleep.
Struggling with sleep.
Struggling with staying awake.
Struggling with staying asleep.
Mental health issues interfering with sleep.
Stress interfering with sleep.
Life-threatening illness interfering with sleep.
Baby keeping you awake.
Bedwetting child keeping you up.
Homeless and can’t sleep properly.
Senior and can’t sleep.

And because one (or more) of the above is you, well then that explains why you are here:

Because you need a bit of help with sleep.
That’s where we come in.

Young Asian woman sleeping

Inspiring Dreams - your newest Sleep Coach.

Sleep is one of the most (if not THE most) important functions of the human body. Without it or too much of it can be detrimental to our overall health. 

But you probably already know that. 

And that’s why you’re here because – hey, we review beddings and mattresses and everything else related to sleep – so we must have something within our vast bank of resources to actually help you deal with sleep-related issues, right?

Yes – you’re definitely correct.

ID-mag’s goal is not only to find you the best products for sleep – but to help inspire you to achieve great sleep, as well. Because unfortunate as it is, some people find sleep elusive for a variety of reasons.

How can our sleep resources help you?

Our sleep resources will help you gain answers and insights that help you find:

  • Solutions to the most common sleep problems
  • Books and journals dedicated to healthier, better sleep
  • Websites and blogs focused on better sleep
  • Online sleep classes
  • Sleep health education
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Sleep apps and latest sleep gadgets

Overall, we just want to give you the necessary sleep tools for your overall sleep health. Whether you’re just beginning to understand insomnia or you’re researching about sleep to help an elderly family member, ID-mag is here to help you navigate the serene waters of slumber.

A Word About Covid-19 And Sleeplessness

It’s no surprise that many people are finding it hard to sleep at night amidst living in these uncertain times.

In truth, we have all lost something due to this pandemic:

You may have lost a loved one to COVID-19.
You may have lost your job.
You may have had to close down your business.
You may be an over-exhausted medical frontliner longing for the safety of home.
You may be an essential worker who needs to still clock in at work to serve others.
Your usual day-to-day routines may now be impossible to do.
Your children can’t go to school and see their friends.
Your pets can’t take their usual walks.
You and your family are learning to live in today’s new normal.

And while all our experiences are different at some level, all of us do one thing in common at the end of each day:

We try and sleep at night.

With a deadly, invisible virus going around, that’s understandably hard to do.

In fact, many experts say that anxiety is at an all-time high and that America should expect another kind of pandemic once this is all over – a mental health pandemic.

However, as difficult as it might be for some, getting adequate sleep is essential to helping battle COVID-19 on a daily basis. 

The right amount of sleep will:

  • boost your immune system
  • keep you mentally, physically, and emotionally alert
  • prepare you for the daily challenges of life

If you are struggling with getting a good night’s rest due to the overwhelming stress of the pandemic, we advise you to find some detailed tips and advice straight from the experts.

You can quickly jump to the following top 4 COVID-19 resources to help you sleep better:

Quick Tips For Coping With The Corona Virus Pandemic

Inspiring Dreams wants to inspire you to cope with the pandemic in healthy ways! 

Here’s what you can do to keep your mind and body occupied while staying safe from COVID-19:

  • It’s all about perspective. 

Circulating around social media is the current mantra of “I am safe at home, I am not stuck at home”. We think that this is a great way to appreciate being healthy and having every opportunity to spend lots of time with our loved ones. As they say – Health is wealth. That said, helping out by contributing to your favorite charity or even leaving essential needs outside your homes such as food, generic medicine, diapers, Tampons, books, and magazines for your less-fortunate neighbors to take what they need is something we can do to help us cope with the times. Being kind, after all, never goes out of style, helps change our world view, and is one of the best forms of natural therapy.

  • Talk to friends and loved ones over Skype or Zoom regularly.

Imagine if this pandemic happened in the ’80s or ’90s? Our landlines, beepers, fax machines, and dial-up internet connections may just all blow up! Kidding aside, the internet is an amazing piece of technology to have while we are living through this pandemic. Use it well. Call friends and family over your VOIP of choice, catch up, talk about your day, how you feel, or simply prop your phone or tablet by the dinner table while friends and family are also enjoying dinner on the other side of the screen in another part of the country (or somewhere else in the world). This will allow you to feel connected even while we’re at home. You can do this with other activities, as well e.g. virtual family games nights, virtual family movie nights, read stories aloud to each other, and lots more fun activities.

  • Take advantage of free (or heavily discounted) online classes.

From Harvard to Udemy, lots of reputable academic institutions and online learning platforms are currently offering free classes covering just about anything. If you’d like to DIY, there are many YouTube tutorial videos that you can access for free,  as well. Pick up a hobby you left off years ago or take the time to upskill within any niche, from digital marketing to knitting – nothing is off the table. Now is a great time than ever to learn something new or re-learn an old, childhood skill.

  • Exercise and find time to get closer to nature

A fit body means a fit mind, as well. While it can be a challenge to exercise while at home, it’s a must that you keep your body fit and active. If your city or state allows walks or runs, so much the better. Just make sure to take the necessary precautions and to maintain social distancing. If you live near a hiking trail, lake, beach, river, or other similar natural places, taking regular walks in these areas is recommended as nature therapy is beneficial for both adults and children. Yoga, Zumba, meditation, cycling, swimming and other non-contact exercises that allow you to either do at home or while being socially distanced are great ways to keep fit during this pandemic, as well.

  • Keep and follow a schedule. 

Lots of parents now share stories of their kids staying up as late as 4:00 AM and waking up at noontime. Even us adults have trouble keeping time these days due to the humdrum and routine of just being within the 4 walls of our homes. However, we must do our best to try and keep a routine. This will help us maintain our mental and emotional well-being during these uncertain times. While there are apps available to help us do this, we still feel it’s best to keep track of our schedules in an old-school way: make a hand-written list and tack it up the wall or the fridge. 

  • Stay informed but keep it at a minimum.

Keeping up with COVID-19 news can sometimes cause conflicting emotions. People who suffer from anxiety make take news and updates negatively as they tend to overthink the facts and figures. However, we cannot stress the importance of staying informed. We feel the best way to do this is to “turn off” certain news items that discuss only the negative outcomes of the pandemic and “turn on” social media pages of a few reputable news outlets that talk about all sides of this pandemic – the good and the bad. Bottom line: know your facts but keep it at a minimum. Just like any piece of negative news, this can cause stress and anxiety.

  • Turn your passion into a small, online business – a lesson on flexibility.

Millions of Americans have lost jobs, businesses, and careers to this pandemic. Needless to say, the economy is one of the hardest-hit sectors due to COVID-19. While some are still coping and we recognize it’s not easy for every single one of us – but if you have a passion for cooking, baking, sewing or art – now is a great time more than ever to pursue these passions and use it to earn a bit of money. Some of us may have had different careers for several years and may find it difficult to switch to something else, but for the time being, returning back to our passion projects may just be the healing balm that we need for our souls.

  • Be kind – to yourself and to others.

We feel that this is the most important piece of advice – to always be kind (or even kinder) to yourself during these times. The world did not see this coming and we were ill-prepared, to say the least. It’s good to be productive but if you have days where you just want to take time off, do it. And unlike other natural disasters or epidemics happening in certain places that we normally view from the news on the other side of our screens, this pandemic is affecting us all and we are all experiencing this together. So remember to be kind to others, as well as the rest of the world heals from this.

On a more serious note:

sleeping woman

Are You In Danger Even While At Home?

Aside from lack of sleep and an increase in anxiety/mental health issues, another disconcerting (and dangerous) public health crisis that is on the rise is that of domestic abuse – not just in the 50 States but worldwide, as well.

If you or a loved one is experiencing abuse amidst this pandemic, call 911 immediately

You may also visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline website to “get help without saying a word”.

The also lists a number of resources for anyone who ever needs any help.

For more serious mental health conditions that lead to suicidal tendencies, staying at home may pose certain triggers. 

If you or a loved one is going through depression during this time, it’s best to contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. They also have chat services available.

Tap into the complex world of sleep with ID-mag today. Choose a category below and find the help that you need – for you, a friend, or a loved one.


Sleep Basics

Four letters, one word that makes a world of difference to our lives. Here we answer the most common, sleep-related questions:

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How To's:

Sleep & Mental Health

The state of your mental health greatly affects sleep patterns. Select a topic below and get the information you need:

Sleep & Physical Health

Because sleep can be a barometer for our physical health, the quality of our snoozes matters if you’re dealing with certain types of illnesses. Simply choose a topic below and get the answers you need:

Sleep & Work

Working and sleeping go hand-in-hand. It can either cause you to sometimes lack sleep or sleep more than you should. What’s a healthy work-sleep habit? What’s not? Pick a topic and learn more:

Sleep & Disorders & How to Cope

Trauma, mental and physical illnesses – these are some common reasons for sleeping disorders.

Sleep & Beauty

Unlike Sleeping Beauty, we don’t have a 100 years to sleep our worries away! Learn how sleep affects your skincare and beauty regimen:

Sleep & Dreams

Whether sweet dreams or terrible nightmares, there is a close relationship between the quality of our dreams and the quality of our sleep. Learn more about sleep and dreams here:

Sleep Aids/Trainings & Sleep Courses

The Beatles famously sang that “we get by with a little help from our friends”. And the same is true for sleep – we might need a bit of help with sleep at some point. Learn all about the best sleep aids/trainings and courses here:

Sleep Aids & Trainings

Sleep Courses

Sleep & Finances

Did you know that your financial status affects your quality of sleep? Well, now you do! Get more info about how money makes the average American lose sleep:

Sleep App & Gadgets

Technology mostly keeps us awake but thankfully, it also helps us catch some precious Zzzzz’s. Find today’s top sleep apps and gadgets here:

Sleep & Homelessness

A bed for the night, and a home to sleep in – two basic things that the homeless cannot enjoy. See our quick resources and sleep articles for the homeless here:

Sleep & Seniors

As we age, certain bodily functions change – especially sleep. Learn how seniors can get the best sleep of their lives by choosing a topic below:

Sleep & Kids

The youngest in the family but usually the ones that need lots of sleep, our help articles offer advice and tips for children to get healthy sleep:

Sleep & Pets

Our furry friends need help with sleep, too. Find top tips and advice about sleep-related topics especially made for your pets:

Sleep & Family Health

A family that sleeps well together, is healthy together. Find how you can promote better sleep for your family and learn more about other family sleep-related topics here:

Sleep & Sex

Two basic human functions, sleep and sex often affect each other. See top sleep-sex related topics below:

More Sleep Guides: Tools, Travel, Trivia & More!

Want more? We hear you! Find more sleep-related topics that may answer all your burning sleep questions – all from expert and trustworthy sources:

Sleep & Technology

In today’s age of fast content, social media and movie/music-streaming, sleep can oftentimes be affected. See how technology affects by reading the topics below:

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Table of Contents

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