Haven Hybrid LUX Mattress (A Comprehensive and Unbiased 2022 Review)

Haven Hybrid

Haven Hybrid LUX Mattress


Canadian mattress brand Haven really put some thought into the design of their hybrid mattress, the Haven Hybrid LUX. From its Bamboo Celliant Cover to its HD polyfoam edge support, it’s a hybrid mattress that we recommend for back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers. Do you think it’s the mattress for you? Check out the complete details here.

After all that bustling city noise, we come home, and all we crave is a good night’s sleep. You know your mattress is doing you right whenever you climb into the bed; your body feels enveloped, but it doesn’t sink you. It is about giving you the right amount of support to your back, lower back, shoulders, and hips.

The mattress game is not that simple. It is all about finding the best and the right mattress for you. Lucky for us, there is a lot of mattress brands out there. The best mattress may not be the right one for you – but the right mattress would always be the best choice.

For us to help you choose the best and right one for you, we are narrowing down the list and focusing on one brand for now. 

Let us talk about Haven.

A Closer Look At The Haven Hybrid Mattress

Haven is a Canada based company that focuses on giving a better sleep to every Canadian out there. This company specializes in a number of things, such as bedding, bed frames, weighted blankets, and everyone’s favorite – mattresses.

These guys surely know how to keep their heads in the game. They built their empire back in 1949 and have not stopped since then. Haven was spearheaded by groups of individuals who had a passion for health and wellness.

Haven has blessed the market with 4 different types of mattresses that are sure to fit every kind of sleeper out there. For those who fancy their 14” Lux 2400, this article is for you.

The 14” Lux 2400, definitely puts the LUX in luxury. State of the art perfection, as Haven would like to call it. Those who have tried waking up with a stiff neck or a sore lower back perfectly understand the importance of having a mattress that contours to the shape of your body and align your spine without taking away the support you need. Haven has mastered this through their very own 14” Lux 2400.  

Haven has focused not only on what the mattress can do, but they also made sure they can cater to a wide range of customers. This is made possible by producing a variety of sizes of this mattress:

The support system of the 14” Lux Mattress is made evident by the layers the mattress is composed of. Not to worry, we will look into more of that later.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Haven Hybrid Mattress

Haven always makes it a point to accommodate every kind of customer, every kind of body type there is that is why their 14” Lux 2400 comes in 2 types (firmness level)

If you are a kind of sleeper who prefers having a mattress that contours to your body, then you ought to go for the Classic Firm + Soft Firm – this is more of a medium-range kind of mattress that happens to be in between soft and firm.

If you are a kind of sleeper who prefers to sleep on your back and would like to get that right kind of support, then you ought to go for the Classic Firm type of mattress.

This is the part where we tell you that choosing a mattress can be either based on preference or based on the kind of sleeper you are. You would be surprised at how this can affect the quality of your sleep, which then rolls over to how you are able to live your life every day. Who would ever want to wake up with a stiff neck or sore back, right?

There are many kinds of sleeping positions, but let’s focus on 3 major ones:

Haven Hybrid Pressure 1024x967 1

There isn’t much to debate if you are a back sleeper because back sleepers are all about preference. Because of their chosen sleeping position, they can sleep comfortably on a Classic Firm mattress and are also able to sleep on a Classic Firm + Soft Firm.

We then start to notice the difference for Side Sleeper. Why? This is because side sleepers tend to feel pressure from their shoulder down to their arms – depending on which side they are sleeping on. This is why you ought to sleep on a Classic Firm + Soft Firm kind of mattress. 

A side sleeper would hardly notice the discomfort when they sleep on a firm mattress, but as time goes on, their body starts to tell them that something is wrong, most especially once they start feeling that pressure whenever they wake up.

The great part of having a Classic Firm + Soft Firm kind of mattress is that it allows you to sink into the mattress, but it gives you the right amount of support. The zone support system from these mattresses saves a lot of side sleepers from the pressure they feel. 

There is another twist to stomach sleepers; they are like inverted back sleepers. This is why taking the Classic Firm mattress is a better choice for you. The problem with stomach sleepers is that when they are asleep, a lot of pressure is put into their hips; that is why most of the time, getting up is not the easiest thing to do in the morning. 

If these stomach sleepers opted for a firm mattress, this would provide sufficient support to their hips, align their spine, and save them from waking up to a lot of pains. 

Anybody who has suffered from these pains understands that it ruins not only your health but your quality of your work too, and later on, this will destroy the quality of how you live one’s life.

Generally, purchasing the 14” Lux 2400 Mattress is one of the best decisions any sleeper has made in their life. In a nutshell, let us tell you the Pros and Cons of a Lux Hybrid Mattress:

up 1


down 1


Why Is The Haven Hybrid Mattress A Good Mattress?

When you decide to purchase a Haven Hybrid Mattress, at first glance, you would see that it was well thought off both from the outside to the inside.

These are the layers inside the Hybrid Mattress:

As you can see, what makes this a Hybrid Mattress is how it is able to combine foam and coils. If you check, you will find no other brand out there that is able to give you both.

Let us start with the cover, the bamboo celliant cover, this is actually a brand-name of a synthetic polymer bicomponent fiber made from polyethylene terephthalate. When you are able to look inside or open it up, you will find bountiful layers, and from there, you would understand why this mattress deserves its name.

The Vented Latex comes with holes that allow it to breathe and gives a more comfortable sleep but there have been some who have shared their feedback that the holes in the latex are not enough that a cooling mat may come in handy.

Customers are in love with the gel memory foam because this foam gives you that sinking feeling on the mattress in the most comfortable manner.

Right under, you will find the pocket coil. These are actually micro pocket coils, and what makes it special is that it gives you the zoned support system this mattress is all about. Zoned support because it gives you the right amount of support, depending on where you need it. May it be your back, lower back, hips, shoulder, or simply aligning your spine. As mentioned, this is a hybrid because technology has allowed Haven to combine the comfort of foam and support of coils without sacrificing comfort and support 

Lastly, is we have the edge support. Most mattresses will only hold you as much as it can but not this mattress. The edge support allows you to maximize the entire bed.  The edge support does two things, it gives the mattresses that great shape and support but at the same time, it also makes the bed look bigger.

This mattress will surely take care of you.

Several tests were done on this mattress and this only proved why this is a must-have at every Canadian home.

These tests showed why this is a must-have and why we cannot go home without it. Because of the zoned support system, this mattress is able to do for you, movements are not noticeable which means less motion is transferred – this makes an awesome choice for couples or for sleepers who just move a lot.

Combo sleepers are also well catered for this kind of mattress, still because of the zoned support system it gives.

In terms of warranty, the Haven Hybrid gives its customers a 100-day trial. This is actually more than we need but for mattresses, your body needs that ample time of transition to get used to it and for it to understand the comfort it gives. The same concept is applied to gaming chairs or other cushion related items. 

When it comes to price, it should range between $799 – $1,449 and item warranty of 10 years. As mentioned, Haven only ships to Canada and it comes in vacuum-sealed packaging that is why upon unboxing this, they recommend that it would be best to give it a few hours to decompress. 

Another thing to love about Haven aside from their mattress is that they always make sure to give back to their community. For every 10 mattresses sold, they will be donating 1 mattress to a charity or an area in need of help. 

Their packaging is also spot-on. They make sure these are earth-friendly. Each mattress is delivered in its state of the art vacuum sealed packaging in standard boxes. Do take note these guys only ship within Canada.


If you believe you have difficulty sleeping due to physical aches and pains, have PTSD or other similar mental health conditions, it is best to personally consult a medical or psychological health professional. This article will only provide general information and should not be used for self-diagnosis and self-treatment.

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