Quility Weighted Blanket – Is it worth buying?

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The market has been experiencing a buzz since Quility weighted blanket has hit the streets.

For all the obvious reasons, people are curious to know what goes in these blankets that make them comfortable, long-lasting, and relaxing.

Reportedly, these blankets reduce stress, help people who have PTSD and ADHD, reduce pain and bring comfort. These reasons propel people to display keen interest in weighted

Whether this blanket lowers anxiety or is just a marketing scam, we’ll try to disclose in the

We believe, at the end of the day, what matters most is whether the product does what it’s supposed to. For that, we have to view this matter in detail and begin from scratch.


Weighted Blankets

Blankets that are more than 15 pounds classify as weighted blankets. They are commonly used to fight the cold by providing warmth, to calm down, and to feel better.

According to experts, the heavy blanket provides a hugging sensation which acts as a stimulus that lets you feel safe. Almost like a mother’s hug.

Quility weighted blankets walk one step ahead of standard weighted blankets, with their fine stitching and attention to detail — making them famous in the market.

In the article, we’ll review what these blankets are made out of, the pros & cons, customer reviews, essential information related to quility weighted blankets, frequently asked questions (FAQ), and the conclusion.

What Are They Made Of?

With almost everything, the ingredients make all the difference.

As is the case with weighted blankets, what goes in them decides how comfortable,
breathable, and soothing the blanket will turn out to be.

Quility weighted blankets have seven layers, with each layer having a distinct purpose.

With weighted blankets, you often imagine a heavy blanket crushing your body, but Quility is different. Why is that?

The blankets have glass beads in them that allow you to experience a gentle hug while you sleep.

But do heavy blankets actually make a difference?

According to a study conducted in 2015, 32 adults used a 30-pound blanket, and a
staggering 63% reported less anxiety. They also pointed out that the blanket helped them calm down.

The outer layer is 100% cotton. It gives a gentle feel to the blanket while protecting those with sensitive skin and/or allergies.

Secondly, cotton helps in battling harsh, cold weather. Next, we have a layer of polyester.

Since every layer has a specific purpose, polyester assists in keeping cotton and the beads at bay, preventing them from causing discomfort and producing unneeded noise when you are trying to enjoy a nap.

We’ve now arrived at the most crucial layer, and that is the glass beads. These beads are the magic sauce when it comes to quility weighted blankets.

Their soft, mushy texture tenderly massages the body and helps to relieve even chronic pain.

A crossover study conducted in 2014 succeeded in proving how weighted blankets
assisted parents and children facing Autism to sleep more.

To ensure that the beads don’t distribute unevenly or end up spilling, the beads are padded safely.

The polyester padding ensures that they don’t produce noise at night. Quility is all about providing customers with a well-deserved sleep, and they won’t let glass beads get in the way either.

By now, we’ve covered the significant chunk of the layers because the next few layers are the same as described above.

Quility has managed to outclass themselves by high-quality stitching and attention to detail over their weighted blankets.


What Quility Weighted Blankets Grant

Consumers often read up on the pros and cons of the products they are hoping to buy. Rest assured, Quility has enough advantages packed to convince you as a customer. Their weighted blankets:

  • Last longer
  • Provide the warmth of a mother
  • Hug your pain away
  • Arrive at the blink of an eye
  • Fight your battles while you sleep
  • Insulate you completely
  • Relieve chronic pain

On a serious note, Quility’s weighted blankets come with a bundle of significant
advantages that you, as a customer, cannot ignore.

Quility’s weighted blankets are purposely designed to have extra layers.

The sole purpose of having seven layers is to prevent the blanket from succumbing to wear & tear any time soon. As discussed above, every single layer has shoes to fill, and they exist only to help customers feel better.

Moreover, the blankets help to combat cold. If you live in a country that usually faces
lower temperatures, then quility weighted blankets should be your choice.

The layers will make sure that you don’t require another blanket or even a comforter to shield from the extreme weather.

People suffering from chronic pain usually face a challenge when it comes to deep sleep.

With weighted blankets like Quility, they experience a mini-massage every second, and this helps them to sleep extended periods without having to wake up every once in a while.

Quility has a swift, convenient delivery system with competent staff at their disposal.

At the very least, they will take four days, and the maximum it can take for your blanket to arrive is nine days.

However, expedited shipping is an option for customers who may want to receive their orders in just 1-2 days. It does require extra charges, though.

The research confirms how weighted blankets can improve your sleep cycle and reduce insomnia-related issues with people.

During sleep, our bodies regenerate and cell reform; therefore, it is essential for every human being to relish a deep sleep every night.

People who have ADHD know how challenging life can get. But luckily, there’s a way and its weighted blankets.

The study helps us to understand how the participants showed a 10% increase in attention and activity both, which is a staggering percentage when it comes to people who have trouble retaining attention.

It’s almost unbelievable how a blanket can make such a significant change.

Quility understands just that, and this is why they have created blankets that provide maximum comfort and security.

If a blanket can heal a massive dent in our society, then people need to change their blankets as soon as possible!

The reason why we call quility blankets “A mother’s hug” is because the deep pressure technology clings to you desperately, giving you the feeling of a constant, warm hug.

In colder weather, this feature will prevent you from catching cold-related illnesses or fevers.


What Quility Blankets Lack

Just like every other thing where there are advantages, there’s bound to be disadvantages, and it’s safe to say that quility possesses a fair share of cons as well that we’re going to bring in the spotlight. Weighted blankets by Quility:

  • Suck the air out of the room
  • Leave wallets dry
  • Turn up the heat

Traditional blankets have one, or a maximum of two layers, at least.

However, Quility embarks upon seven layers, with each layer increasing the weight and reducing breathability by a considerable margin.

Some customers who bought Quility report that the blanket is ideal for winters, but it’s difficult to breathe with the blanket on in summers.

Layers upon layers minimize breathability in summers and make the person under it feel hot.

This problem may also occur in countries with mild temperatures or even fluctuating ones, where the temperature changes rapidly.

Secondly, customers also report that Quility’s weighted blankets may just be high in price. To justify, Quility has provided numerous layers, with high-quality stitching and premium materials, and that’s what probably bumped their cost in the first place.

However, people still report that the blankets are a little too pricey than they would like.

What Do The Customers Say?

The most authentic feedback is from the customers themselves. Their critique may just decide whether a company becomes successful or loses its initial investment entirely.

Honestly, we have yet to see so many positive reviews for a product. Quility’s blankets have hit the market like a storm, and people are buzzing to submit their  reviews and positive feedback.

Colors And Sizes

Customers appreciate Quility for providing a variety of colors and sizes. Usually, blankets arrive in limited colors, and this may act against people who have a liking to color-matching.

Quility has six different colors to appease different customers. Plus, the sizes they have provided are blowing people away.

Since a weighted blanket primarily depends on the person’s body weight, Quility has paced itself to place blankets for children of differing weights (starting from 40 to 140 pounds), adults of differing weights (starting from 110 to 180 pounds).

Not only that, but they have a never-ending size variety for King-sized beds, Queen-sized beds, and people who are 240-280 pounds.

Quility does not believe in discrimination, and to them, all the customers deserve respect and care.

Comfort And Quility

Customers believe that quility stands above everything else.

Quility has provided weighted blankets of remarkable quality, with fine-stitching and use of premium, high-quality materials like cotton, polyester, and glass beads.

Speaking of glass beads, customers report that they had trouble grasping the texture of the glass beads, but nevertheless, it’s comfortable and relaxing at the same time.

Warranty And Customer Service

Quility has promised to offer a full refund, without poking in on the why’s and what’s.

Customers appreciate Quility for understanding their perspective and for providing 24/7 customer service to solve their puzzling questions.

What You Should Know As A Customer

The more consumers know, the more they grow. Learning more about weighted blankets, and specifically, quility blankets will transform people into informed customers.

From here on, we’re going to list the essentials and what we believe you should know as a potential customer of Quility.

Drying Out

Quility strongly advises its customers to never wash or dry their blankets in a machine. To clean the blanket, you can apply a mild detergent and gently scrub the blanket by use of hands.

If this option doesn’t suit you, try sending the blanket for dry-cleaning.

First, you will need to unzip and remove the blanket from the perimeter loops. Remember to remove the blanket every time.

The Perfect Fit

Finding the size that fits you appropriately will require some math. So, pick up a calculator and start pressing some keys. As a general rule of thumb, weighted blankets should be around 10% of your body weight to ensure that:

  1. They don’t fall short
  2. They don’t fall out

Quility has different sizes for kids and adults of differing weights. Quility hopes to provide convenience to their customers as much as they can without compromising ever on quality or service.


Since we’re dealing with a product that you won’t have the honor of touching or feeling before actually buying it, Quility has made the process of warranty easier.

If the blanket has not been used, you can return it in 30 days, in case you wish to receive a full refund. But you may have to bear the shipping charges.

On the contrary, if you have managed to ruin or damage the blanket in any way, then
Quility will charge an extra 25% from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe consumers should continue asking so that businesses appear less confusing and doubtful to them. Therefore, we have some questions that consumers regularly ask when it comes to weighted blankets.

Yes, they are. The following study claims that children who face Autism and sensory-related issues respond positively to weighted blankets. Secondly, detailed research by Lora K. Jacobson mentions that people suffering from mental illnesses can receive help from weighted blankets.

Yes, they do. One reason for their existence is to help people avoid cold-related issues. In fact, a study proves that weighted blankets helped Hypothermia patients. The thick, dense layers of weighted blankets can make people feel hot.

Your weighted blanket should be roughly 10% of your body weight.

Children below or close to the age of 2 should not use weighted blankets as it can harm them in numerous ways.

Yes, it is. In fact, weighted blankets have more benefits as compared to other blankets.


After covering almost everything on Quility weighted blankets, we believe we have lent
you enough information to make the most appropriate choice for your bedding requirements.

To conclude the article with a no-brainer, we’d like to point out how people gloriously spend on items that provide no apparent meaning to their lives; a weighted blanket is
something that may bring a positive change.

It’s not a gamble, per se as scientific studies prove how impactful it can be for different types of people.

Quility being the front runner in providing service, quality, warranty, and everything that a customer may need, we believe you will draw the best conclusion for yourself as a wise customer.

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Table of Contents

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