Cuddle Mattress – For Couples Who Love Warm Snuggles (Brand New 2022 Review)

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Ah, kisses, loving whispers, and a warm embrace! Nothing expresses love and romance more strongly than a good cuddle. Being in the arms of a loved one, smelling his or her scent and listening to the beat of his or heart, just lulls you to paradise. It’s the best feeling in the world.

But – did you know that there is now a state-of-the-art product specifically designed for couples who love cuddling? 

Well, now you know!


The Cuddle Mattress makes cuddling better, easier, and healthier! Let’s check out what this product is all about.

cuddle mattress

Features of the Cuddle Mattress

Later in this article, we’ll further discuss how: 

  • Cuddling can give you good vibes and health benefits. 
  • Memory foam mattresses simulate that feeling of being embraced. 

We’ll tell you now, though, that if you can get the above from one product – why not take advantage of both? 

Well, good news! There is a product in the market that combines both benefits. 

Let’s introduce you to the innovative Cuddle Mattress. What makes this memory foam bed so special is that it is specifically engineered for couples. In that way, it could be the most audience-specific (the “audience” being couples) product in the market for beds and mattresses. Yes, you guessed it: it’s a special mattress made for cuddling.

Let’s check out what makes the Cuddle Mattress the perfect snuggle mattress.

Foam slats

This is perhaps the most unique feature of the Cuddle Mattress. Rather than a single solid structure, the mattress is divided into separate slats, or sections, that are pushed together on the bed frame. The design allows you to put your elbows, knees, or limbs in spaces between the slats. By doing so, you can cuddle your partner easily without having your elbows or limbs squashed or pinched by his or her weight.
cuddle mattress foam slats

Layered construction

Each slat is made up of layers. The first layer consists of 2 inches of memory foam, which conforms to you and your partner’s body. The second layer contains a solid, 1-piece 5.5-inch layer of high-density core foam. This gives the mattress its form and rigidity. The dense and relatively hard layer helps support the spine. The third and last layer is another 1 inch of memory foam, which offers pressure point relief.


The two memory foam layers that sandwich the core foam makes the entire assembly reversible. The thicker memory foam may feel too soft for your comfort. If you want a firmer mattress surface, simply flip the Cuddle Mattress over. The thinner memory foam layer over the rigid core gives you a firmer feel when you sleep.

Comes in two versions

The Cuddle Mattress comes in two versions. The PU version retains more body heat and is a great choice if you and your partner live in a place with a cold climate (e.g., northern United States or Canada). If you want a cooler bed, you can purchase the Memory Gel version. It is injected with cooling gel to keep you and your partner cool.

Radon material

A literally life-saving feature of the Cuddle Mattress is its foam which is infused with radon, which is a fire-retardant material. This makes the mattress virtually fireproof.

Different sizes

Whatever the area of your bedroom is, you are assured of a Cuddle Mattress of appropriate size. You can order the following sizes:

  • Full (50 X 84 inches)
  • Queen (60 X 80 inches)
  • King (76 X 80 inches)
  • California King (72 X 84 inches) sizes.

The manufacturer offers a 90-day trial period for the product. However, there is a company stipulation that you need to sleep on the mattress for 60 days (2 months) prior to returning it.

Why Everyone Loves to Cuddle

mother and daughter cuddling in bed

Don’t you just love it when someone cuddles you? 

It’s an awesome feeling when your sweetheart puts his or her arms around you while you watch your favorite movies in the living room. 

You feel so safe and secure when your spouse puts his or her arms around you when you doze off. 

Kids quickly fall asleep when their parents hug them for a little white during bedtime. 

Even your fur babies relax when you cuddle them: cats purr contentedly while dogs lazily grin with their tongues hanging on either side of their mouths. 

Needless to say, everyone loves cuddles!

But what makes hugs and cuddles feel so good? 

Well, it’s all about science. When someone dear touches you, there’s a bio-chemical reaction and neural activity that goes inside your brain. Amazing, isn’t it?

It’s really a simple but wonderful process. When someone cuddles you, your body releases a natural hormone called oxytocin, colloquially called the “love hormone.” This powerful, feel-good neuro-chemical promotes feelings of bonding, love, bliss, and, for lovers, sex. Another feel-good and somewhat addictive hormone, dopamine, is also produced. The double release of oxytocin and dopamine is what makes cuddling feel so good that you just want more of it.

Health Benefits of Cuddling

Cuddling isn’t just about feeling good, warm, and romantic. It also provides a lot of health benefits.

Reduces body pain

Feeling a dull annoying ache after a long day stuck at the desk? Perhaps a sharp pain in the neck when after waking up? Have a cuddle to get rid of that pain. That’s because oxytocin is also a powerful, all-natural painkiller.

Reduces stress

This one is really obvious, but this benefit deserves a second mention. Cuddling—just like kissing, pillow talk, massaging, or caressing—reduces stress. But how does this action exactly do that? Well, when someone cuddles you, your cortisol level reduces.  Cortisol is the hormone responsible for increasing stress. Thus, with lowered cortisol levels, your stress likewise decreases.

Let’s be clear about one thing: a certain amount of stress is good as it keeps you alert, boosts memory, and motivates you. Too much stress, however, isn’t good.

Reinforces stronger bonds

According to a study conducted during the 2014 Edinburgh International Science Festival, couples who love to cuddle with each other when sleeping are happier than those who sleep apart from each other. More than 90% of couples who love cuddling as they sleep said that they are extremely satisfied with their relationship. They also said that cuddling with each other helps them sleep better.

Cuddling is not just for strengthening romance. It is also great for strengthening familial bonds.

couple cuddling in bed

Eases depression

Every cuddle “session” releases a lot of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin—all feel-good hormones. All these hormones virtually overpower feelings of sadness, depression, and all kinds of emotional pain. So are you down and blue lately? Have a cuddle with a friend or loved one to make you feel better.

Improves sex life

Cuddling with each other is an important part of sex as it initiates foreplay as well as the afterglow. Several studies show that taking time to cuddle and engage in foreplay results in couples having much more satisfying sex lives.

Lowers blood pressure

Giving your fur baby plenty of hugs is healthy for you and your pet! It’s mutually beneficial. Research shows that petting and cuddling your pet for a quarter of an hour can decrease your blood pressure by 10%. And hey, everyone knows that your pet loves you more than anything else in the world!

Improves sleep

Have you ever wondered why children quickly fall asleep when you hug them? 

Well, all those feel-good hormones produced when you cuddle them make them feel loved, relaxed, safe, and happy. With all these positive feelings going through their bodies, it is inevitable that they will doze off happily in a warm embrace.

So do you want to fall asleep quickly? Want to have sweet dreams? Ask your partner to cuddle you, and drift off into a world full of sweet dreams.

There Is More To Cuddling Than Meets The Eye

Cuddling has become so positively profound that micro-cultures have grown around it. Do you find it pretty strange? Well, remember that cuddling, in a medical aspect, is similar to therapy. As such, cuddling may be considered as treatment for depression or other mental health problems.  

Let’s have a look:

Snuggle Parties

Cuddle parties, sometimes called a snuggle party is the perfect event for platonic cuddling. It is an intimate event that allows people to experience non-sexual physical intimacy through cuddling.

Professional Cuddlers

Are you living or traveling alone and you want some warmth and love?

Even the most extreme introvert would want some company at one point in time. Well, you may find this hilarious and hard to believe, but there are actually professionals providing such an intimate service!

Called professional cuddlers, they provide paying clients with a much-needed but non-sexual snuggle session. It’s a serious job, and these cuddlers can earn up to $80 an hour.

Cuddling Therapy Dogs

Finally, there are therapy dogs. These are specially trained canines to provide comfort, support, and affection to people in therapy clinics, retirement homes, and similar places. Suffering patients cuddle, pet, or awkwardly hug these lovely and affectionate animals.

As mentioned earlier about the benefits of cuddles, holding these dogs can help promote better sleep, lower blood pressure, relieve stress, alleviate depression, and more. With more and more people recognizing what the therapeutic effect they offer, therapy dogs are now accepted in hospitals, hospices, and other places where pets were originally prohibited from entering.

cuddling therapy dogs

Kangaroo Care

Neonatal pediatricians around the world recommend cuddling babies born premature, underweight or with special, medical needs. More formally known as Kangaroo Care as it imitates how a mother kangaroo closely carries her joey in her pouch, tiny newborns who are cuddled close to their mother’s chests show remarkable signs of development while in the NICU. In fact, dads, siblings or grandparents can participate in Kangaroo Care.

Not only is it helpful for babies, but moms, dads and loved ones benefit from a loving cuddle with a tiny newborn.

The Magic of Memory Foam

The best cuddles come from humans that are close to us. However, the right type of material can also simulate the warmth of comfort of cuddles. Among these, memory foam mattresses take center stage.

Now, what is memory foam? 

Originally developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), memory foam is a high-tech material made of low-resilience polyurethane. 

If you look at memory foam under a microscope, you would see a honeycomb of air pockets in which air can freely move through. However, when you lie down on the foam, your body heat causes the honeycomb to contract, making the material more pliable. It becomes soft enough to actually conform to the contours of your body.

That action allows the foam to “hug” your body, simulating a cuddle. The latest generation of memory foam contains stuff like cooling gel, activated charcoal, and fragrances to make your sleeping experience a magical one!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cuddle Mattress is designed so that your limbs won’t get pinned down when you cuddle your partner. That’s what the spaces between the slats are there for. While the slats allow the mattress to accommodate various sleeping positions, some people who shared their Cuddle Mattress reviews online mentioned that the slats caused their shoulders and hips to sink into the fabric. That could cause some discomfort.

Regular bed sheets can cover the mattress. However, the sheet can be easily dislodged at the slightest shift of position due to the slat design. Your best bet would be to buy sheets that has elastic sides (of course, you need to measure the mattress to determine the right sheet size). If that is unavailable, you can have one custom-tailored. The elastic material will help keep the slats together and retain the mattress’s form even if you or your partner moves around.

Actually, the Cuddle Mattress is great for stomach sleepers. You see, you get good quality sleep without the soreness when you wake up by keeping your spine straight. By inserting your toes/feet between the slats while you doze off on your tummy, you will be able to keep your spine straight.


It’s such a simple idea. Yet, by breaking up a solid mattress into slats, the manufacturer made a revolutionary, customizable product with the intention of giving couples a more comfortable night.

The slat arrangement offers unprecedented versatility although having a bed that moves under you really takes some time to get used to. Also, the standard design of the 1-piece mattress is primarily for durability. The Cuddle Mattress has moving sections with its slats. This might cause problems regarding its toughness. Fortunately, that can be fixed by covering the entire assembly with a high-quality elastic cover sheet.

Finally, it should be noted though that something revolutionary isn’t going to be popular at first. Indeed, the Cuddle Mattress is a niche merchandise; the main target audience is couples. That means, the main market is limited as of now. But just like many new products and designs, sales will improve as the mattress becomes more mainstream.

The Cuddle Mattress truly is a radical design in memory foam mattresses. For sure, the design will be fine tuned to provide even better versions of the mattress. Used correctly, this snuggling bed will give couples the ultimate healthy cuddling experience.


If you have trouble sleeping or suspect you have a sleep disorder, it is best to personally consult a medical or psychological health professional. This article will only provide general information and should not be used for self-diagnosis and self-treatment.
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Table of Contents

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