Casper Mattress: Readily Responding to How You Sleep

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The best reward for a hard day’s work is a night of great sleep! Not only does a good shut-eye transport you to the land of beautiful dreams, it also does wonders to your body’s health.

Just like any other human being, you have a preferred posture for sleeping. Can you sleep rapidly on your back? Or do you prefer to snuggle on your side?

Whatever your sleeping position is, you need a mattress that conforms to your sleep pose. Well, good news! The bright minds of Casper created the perfect mattress for you!

original casper mattress

Sleeping Positions and Your Health

Let’s talk about sleeping positions first. You just had a hot shower, slipped on your pajamas, switched off the lights, and crawled into bed. So how do you position yourself so you could sleep in a snap? Do you sleep on your back, side, or stomach? Or is your sleeping position something else entirely?

There are very few and inconclusive studies about your favored sleeping position and how it affects your body, health, or personality. However, sleep experts observed the following interesting information about the way you sleep.

On your tummy

Researchers noted that you’re most likely to toss and turn around if you sleep face down.  That’s because, for humans, it is not a natural position to sleep in. This position locks your neck in a prolonged position. You also strain and unnecessarily arch your back. The result? You wake up with back, neck, and shoulder pains.

Sleeping face down isn’t recommended for women who are pregnant or have large breasts. Likewise, those with back, neck, and shoulder problems should refrain from sleeping in this position as well.

If you really want to sleep on your stomach, don’t use a pillow—or use a very soft one. This will keep your spine aligned.


freefall sleeping

You’re lying on your stomach as mentioned above, but your head is turned sideways. You tuck your arms under a pillow. This sleeping position causes the same problems as sleeping flat on your face even though snuggling a pillow really provides great comfort. 

Remedy this by popping a soft pillow a little bit under your forehead. In addition, position your head so you’re facing the mattress rather than turning your face to the side. This will keep your airway free and open.

Soldier (or Log)

This is the first of a variety of sleeping positions on your back. Like a snappy soldier—or a fallen log— you doze off on your back with your arms down and close to your body and your legs straight. About 15% of the world’s population likes to sleep in the soldier or log position.

This is actually a healthy and natural position. Because your spine stays straight and aligned, you reduce neck, back, and shoulder pain. When the sun shines and you stretch out to greet a new day, you feel “ache-less” and refreshed when you wake up.

Sleeping on your back also prevents sleep apnea. This is a sleeping disorder that causes you to have pauses in breathing or have shallow breathing at certain times. Sleep apnea, obviously, can disrupt good sleep.

Here’s a great tip: put a pillow, towel, or a folded blanket between your knees. The material helps support your spine’s natural curve, lowers back pain, and eases the pressure on your hip as you sleep.

According to sleep researchers, sleeping on your back is associated with snoring. You see, your soft palate and uvula, which relaxes when you sleep. These soft and relaxed tissues partially block your airway, resulting in vibrations when air passes through your airway as you breathe. Those vibrations are the horrible sounds you hear when someone snores.

Dr. David Greuner of NYC Surgical Associates explained that when you lie on your back, your throat becomes narrower. Thus, airflow is stronger and more constricted, causing your snores to get louder and more frequent.


You sleep on your back as above. But like a starfish, your legs are spread apart. Your arms are up, bent on either side of your head. From above, you look like, well, a starfish.

Sleeping in the starfish position offers the same benefits as sleeping in a soldier/log position. It can also help alleviate acid reflux, a condition wherein the contents of your stomach rise up into your throat.

If you sleep too long in the starfish position, however, you could wake up with a sore lower back.  A way to prevent this is to put a pillow under your knees to support your spine. A firmer mattress will also help as the firm material will give you good spine support.

On your side

sleeping on your side

Sleeping on your side is among the most comfortable positions, whether it’s fetal (curled-up), log (arms down and legs straight), or yearner (arms out in front of your body).

Sleeping on your side makes your spine rest in its natural position and alignment. Studies also suggest that the position could help protect you from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. 

Which side should you sleep in? Sleeping on the left relieves you of heartburn symptoms. If you’re pregnant, sleeping on the left side increases the amount of nutrients that reach your baby. Sleeping on your right side, on the other hand, relieves your heart of stress as the position doesn’t cause gravitational pressure on your heart.

Finally, as per the advice of chiropractor Dr. Michelle Robin, you can improve your side sleeping posture by doing any of the following:

  • Slightly bend your knees. Don’t let them reach your chest if you’re sleeping in a fetal position.
  • Straddle a pillow between your knees to help keep your spine aligned.
  • Snuggle a fluffy pillow within your arms so your chest, lungs, and airways are more open.

Features of the Casper Mattress

You always sleep quickly and easily in the position you are comfortable in. As such, you need to find a mattress that allows you to lie comfortably in your most ideal sleeping position. Fortunately, there’s one reliable mattress brand that makes sure you get the best sleep of your life: Casper.

Sounds familiar? Well, we wouldn’t be surprised. Casper is actually one of the most popular American brands of mattresses. It is a pioneer in what is called a “bed-in-a-box” industry; you buy a bed online and it comes straight to your door in a box. For a relatively new company that was recently launched in 2014, Casper has achieved stunning success with a combination of high-quality products and clever marketing strategies.

Casper is an industry leader. But the real question is, does it live up to its name? Let’s check out one of the company’s signature products: its improved Casper Original mattress.

casper original mattress


The first thing you see when you set up a brand-new Casper in your bedroom is its beautiful white-and-grey cover. The contoured surface, made of soft polyester blend, invites you to lie down on the mattress right away. Don’t worry if you get that beautiful cover dirty. Simply zip it open, peel it away from the rest of the mattress, and have it laundered.

Open Cell Foam

The first layer is made up of open-cell foam and provides the heart of the Casper mattress’s comfort. It feels bouncy, cool, and responsive, similar to latex. Being placed at the top of the mattress makes it comfortable for sleepers who frequently shift positions as they doze off.

The open-cell foam features a patented technology called Airscape. Perforations in the foam drastically improve airflow, which helps make the mattress cooler and more breathable.

Memory Foam

A thick layer of memory foam is sandwiched between the open-cell foam and the support foam. Thanks to having a slower pressure response against the open-cell foam, this layer provides sufficient (but not too much) contouring and sinkage as weight is applied. The memory foam acts as its own support system, which is counteracted and balanced out by the more responsive open-cell foam layer. Thus, lying on the mattress does feel a little denser.

Zoned Support Foam

This is the section that makes the Casper mattress stand out from the rest of the brands. The layer is made of two different types of foam and divided into sections to support different parts of your body. The middle section is firm, providing better support for areas of your body like your lower back or shoulders. The sides are made of softer foam that gives your limbs more pressure relief. Yes, you can feel both sufficient support and gentle comfort whatever sleeping position you are in!

Base Foam

The thick base is made of heavy-duty poly foam. This gives the Casper Mattress its rigidity, shape, and durability.

If you invest an extra $200, you can get the Casper Hybrid, an upgraded Casper Original mattress. The difference is that the base foam is made of pocketed coils rather than heavy-duty poly foam for support.

Who Would Love the Casper Mattress

The Casper Mattress is ideal for all kinds of sleepers. But some people may have a few problems, preferences, or requirements to have good-quality sleep. As such, the Casper Mattress is recommended for these special folks.

  • Those who want both pliable contouring and firm support. The Casper Mattress zone support foam makes it the perfect product for those who want a bit of firmness to support their back and shoulders. Yet, the soft sections at the sides also relieve pressure in sensitive areas like the arms and legs.
  • Those who weigh no more than 230 pounds. The moderate firmness and contour responsiveness of the mattress makes it ideal for lightweight to mid-weight sleepers.
  • Couples. The Casper Mattress has superb motion isolation features. That means spouses can sleep in bliss even though their sleep partner moves a lot. In addition, due to the virtually all-foam construction, the mattress doesn’t squeak as it bears weight.
  • Those who want cooler beds. The open-cell foam’s Airscape technology makes the bed cooler and more comfortable to lie on.

Frequently Asked Questions

As an industry leader, the company makes mattresses using high-quality, sturdy, and tested products. The final determiner, of course, is the sleeper; it depends on how he uses the mattress. But with proper care, the Casper mattress lasts for around 7 to 10 years

The price of a Casper Mattress depends on how big the mattress is. The good thing is that the product comes in different sizes, and thus, different prices. Simply choose which one is right for your bedroom…and your budget.


  • Twin - $595
  • Twin XL - $645
  • Full - $895 
  • Queen - $1095
  • King - $1195
  • Cal King - $1195

It’s not necessary because the mattress is firm enough to stay in form. However, you may be one of those people who want even more support. If that’s the case, then go ahead and use a box spring. A bonus of using one is that a box spring reduces wear and tear on your mattress. So you get more out of the product.


Each sleeping position has its own quirks, advantages, and disadvantages. But whatever your sleeping position is, you need a comfortable mattress that truly “responds” to your body. Such a product can only come from a company that understands its customers.

Fortunately, Casper does a fantastic job in doing their research and paying attention to customer feedback. The result is an amazing mattress that accommodates different people who want to feel comfortable in their preferred sleeping positions.

Do you want a cozy mattress that gives you great value for your money? Do you want a mattress that can give you much-needed sleeping comfort no matter how you toss and turn? Then you probably need a Casper Mattress in your bedroom!

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Table of Contents

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