ZBD CBD-Infused Mattress Reviews for 2022: Does This Hemp Mattress Really Work?

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ZBD CBD-Infused Mattress


The world’s first CBD-infused mattress, ZBD Beds has definitely caught the attention of the mattress industry. What it’s like to sleep on mattress with CBD microcapsules? How does it work? Does it really make you sleep better and reduce pain? Well – sneak peek: it does! But the rest, we’ve discussed in our review below.


With vast amounts of scientific research backed by actual stories of recovery, the medical use of marijuana has increasingly become a popular method of treatment for pain and therapy for various medical conditions. The US currently has more than 20 states where cannabis use is fully legal, although laws and definitions may vary per state.

To date, the CBD industry has grown exponentially. With fast-selling products such as CBD gummies, CBD coffee, and even CBD bath bombs, the sleep industry is also no stranger to CBD-infused products. With a quick 5-minute search online, you can find several brands producing and selling CBD oils, capsules, sleep aids, and more – all for the purpose of helping people sleep better.

The latest in a myriad of CBD-based sleep products is CBD infused mattresses. But is it even possible to make a mattress infused with CBD? The team at ZBD Bed made that happen and developed the world’s first CBD mattress. How did they do that, exactly? And how does the mattress feel? Does it work? Our team has set out to answer these questions for you and give you a comprehensive ZBD CBD infused mattress review.

What Is CBD?

Before diving into the specifics of this article, it’s best for us to understand what CBD is:

An abbreviated term for “Cannabidiol” – CBD is one of the many chemical compounds found in Hemp, a type of Cannabis plant. CBD is also the second-most active ingredient in Hemp plants and is known for its health benefits. More notably, CBD displays strong medical evidence in its efficacy of treating childhood epilepsy – even the most cruel seizures. Its other benefits include inducing a calming, relaxing feeling, which is great for people who suffer from anxiety, insomnia, or other mental health issues. CBD is completely legal and safe to use.

It’s also good to understand what CBD isn’t:

CBD is not the component in the cannabis plant that causes intoxication. This is a common misconception. It is actually another component, the phytocannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, that results in that euphoric, “happy” feeling that recreational marijuana is best known for. 

So, anyone new to the ZBD bed might have that lingering question in their minds: will sleeping on a CBD bed make me high? The answer to that is – no, definitely not. We’ll discuss how it all works later in this article.

About ZBD Bed

ZBD Bed is an innovative mattress company composed of mattress industry experts who developed the revolutionary concept of a CBD infused mattress, which was launched in November of 2019. However, prior to launching, ZBD invested 3 years of careful research and market testing before perfecting the pioneering technology that resulted in a pain-relieving mattress. 

ZBD’s founder, Joe Iuliano, understood how CBD aids in a better night’s sleep. His goal was to develop a mattress that helps give the sleeper blissful sleep with the benefits of CBD – without taking a pill or wasting time researching what brand of CBD oil works.  So far, it looks like it’s been doing a great job. To date, ZBD’s hemp-based mattress is getting lots of rave reviews. But how did it fare with our team? Continue reading to check out helpful pros and cons we’ve found after evaluation.

ZBD CBD Mattress Pros & Cons

What’s great about the ZBD CBD Mattress? What’s not so great about it? These questions are what our team set to find out during testing. We’ve categorized our results into pros and cons:

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down 1


To round up this list of pros and cons, it’s best to include this disclaimer from ZBD themselves as it may prove to be a “con” for some consumers:


FDA Disclosure: The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is currently illegal to sell CBD products including ZBD Mattresses, Mattress Toppers, and Pillows in Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, and North Dakota.

© 2020 ZBDBed – Eagle Sleep Products LLC”

ZBD CBD Mattress Features & Benefits

The core feature of the ZBD CBD Infused Mattress is its CBD infusions, which also result in its biggest benefit – blissful, pain-free sleep for as long as you own and sleep on the CBD mattress. 

How did ZBD Bed manage to do this? We’ll explain it in detail here.

How The ZBD CBD Infused Mattress Works

One word: micro-encapsulation. This is a scientific technique where microscopic CBD isolates are infused into the fabric that makes up the cover of the ZBD CBD bed.

Essentially, the CBD capsules are encased and sealed in “microscopic droplets” of hemp-based CBD (zero-THC) and then permanently bonded into the fibers of the ZBD mattress cover. The ZBD CBD Mattress’ fabric contains 12 grams of CBD isolate per square meter. Each CBD microcapsule contains about 45 mgs. of CBD isolate.

The calming effects of the CBD microcapsules are felt by the sleeper as it gradually breaks open due to the friction created by the sleepers’ body on the mattress. This means that as the sleeper moves over the bed, the CBD microcapsules slowly open. Once this happens, the CBD infusions are released, the body transdermally absorbs it.

How Do CBD Infusions Travel Through The Body?

The CBD infusions travel through the human body where it will interact with the Endo-Cannabinoid System or ECS. Once that happens, any pain and inflammation felt by the body is reduced. As the CBD also interacts gently with the body’s Nervous System, it relaxes and calms the mind. With all of these combined, the sleeper is then fully relaxed and ready to drift off to sleep.

What Happens When The ZBD CBD Mattress Cover Is Washed?

ZBD Bed ensures that the CBD microcapsules are strongly and durably weaved into the fabric that it lasts for years. It can withstand regular use and washes. According to ZBD, after about 10 washes, the mattress cover will still contain around 32% of CBD. ZBD will also soon produce cover replacements so users will always have new, CBD-infused covers to replace old ones.

Will Sleeping On The ZBD CBD Mattress Cause A Positive Marijuana Test Results For Non-Marijuana Users?

We had mentioned (very briefly) in the introductory section of this article if the ZBD CBD mattress causes a sleeper to become “high”. It doesn’t. That’s because, by law, hemp-based and CBD-based products can only contain nothing more than 0.3% Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is the component in the marijuana plant that is psycho-active and potent – meaning:

CBD does not cause a “high” while THC does.

The ZBD CBD mattress only contains 0.2% THC. If you are worried that sleeping on a ZBD mattress will result in a marijuana-positive test, it won’t. There is barely enough THC in the CBD isolates to register as a “positive” on a drug test.

Things To Consider Before Buying A ZBD CBD-Infused Mattress

Is the ZBD CBD-Infused mattress for you? This is the question that this section aims to answer. Let’s explore what factors you should consider to determine if this is the right mattress for you.

First off, let’s start with the basics.

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How Does CBD Make You Feel?

This is a common question among lots of users, especially those who have no prior experience with using any CBD products. Because it is absent of any sort of “addictive high”, CBD doesn’t technically feel like anything except it does relieve you of any symptoms causing discomfort or, in most cases, lack of sleep. It’s also good to note that CBD doesn’t just offer relief from mild ailments; it’s also shown to be effective against serious epileptic seizures, especially among children. It also aids in lowering high blood pressure in adults.

In short, vast scientific evidence and user reviews show that CBD simply makes you feel better. Here are some common examples:

Side Effects of CBD

While generally considered safe and effective for most people, studies have shown that CBD may cause side effects such as:

Scientific research involving laboratory mice also showed that large doses of CBD may cause liver toxicity. There are also other serious implications with regards to taking CBD as it may react against certain kinds of medicine and health supplements. So, while this article doesn’t really cover CBD taken as oral medication, if you do decide to take additional CBD treatment, always consult with your physician before trying anything – even as mild as CBD gummies.

Now that we have discussed how CBD generally does and doesn’t feel like, we can now move on to specifics:

How Does The ZBD CBD Mattress Feel?

The quick answer is that it feels just like any other quality, memory foam mattress. But it does offer more than just your average mattress. To understand that, let’s take a look at how this mattress is constructed:

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The CBD Cover

Infused with hemp-based CBD during the finishing process. The result is that the ZBD mattress cover’s fabric is both breathable, cool, and, more importantly – calming.

The Core & Layers

The ZBD bed is constructed with an all-foam core made of 3 layers of CertiPUR-US foam.


The ZBD Mattress comes in two firmness levels, Firm and Plush, both constructed with a 12” thickness:

12” CBD-Infused Firm Mattress

12” CBD-Infused Plush Mattress

Based on our own testing, the ZBD firm mattress is in the medium-firm levels. On a scale of 1 – 10 (1 as the softest, 10 as the firmest), we place it at a 6 which means it’s right around the middle. It doesn’t feel too soft, nor does it feel too firm.

Their plush mattress also falls under 6, as well. Plush mattresses are known to be soft and sinking (as most plush memory foam mattresses feel like). ZBD’s plush mattress still offers just enough support and comfort despite it being soft/plush.

Overall, the ZBD CBD-Infused Mattress feels comfortable and supportive – with the added feature of a hemp-infused cover that works effectively to calm down anxious sleepers.

Who Is The ZBD CBD Mattress Best For?

We can think of tons of reasons to recommend the ZBD CBD Infused Mattress to just about anyone. However, as sleep experts, we also know that not all mattresses are made for just about any sleeper. 

We’ve narrowed the list to the following who can benefit from the calming effects of CBD:

Since the ZBD CBD Infused Mattress is made out of high-density memory foam, it also offers the benefits of most memory foam mattresses. That’s why it’s also great for people who:

Who Is The ZBD CBD Mattress Not Best For?

After testing and evaluating the ZBD CBD Mattress, we’re ready to just about recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative way to sleep better. However, we also know that it’s not for everyone. 

Still, it’s a short list:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. So far, these are their available CBD-infused sleep products:

ZBD Pillows and ZBD Mattress Topper.

Pure CBD is extracted from the Hemp plant after which it can be diluted and combined with products like gummies, capsules, hemp seed oil, coconut oil, CBD oil or other CBD-based products.

Hemp is scientifically known as Cannabis Sativa L. It is a type of Cannabis plant. Its main difference from Marijuana is that it contains low levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC - the component in the Marijuana plant that causes a "high" among users. Cannabis actually refers to the Cannabis Flowering Plant. It is a member of the Cannabaceae family which has about 170 different plant species. Hemp and Marijuana can both be categorized as Cannabis Plants.


If you are looking for a pain-relief alternative that you can actually sleep comfortably on, the ZBD CBD Infused Mattress is exactly what you need. A newcomer in the mattress industry, it’s definitely set to dominate the market. 

Do we recommend it?

Yes, we do. Our testing showed that this is a comfortable, durable mattress that also has the added CBD benefit – effectively promoting calm and relaxation. However, it may not last as long as innerspring or latex (or hybrids with both) mattresses and it’s also more expensive. Still, it is a great option from a conventional mattress, especially if you’ve tried everything and are still unable to sleep. You can also take advantage of its 100-night sleep trial. If it doesn’t work for 100 nights, you can always call the ZBD team to return it.

Any questions? We’re definitely happy to help. Contact our team or leave a comment below.

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