WinkBeds Mattress (2022 Comprehensive, Unbiased Review & Brand Comparisons)

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Table of Contents

Power naps, aka forty winks, are all the rage. 

However, conventional wisdom says you need 8 hours of sleep, with health experts underscoring the relationship between duration of sleep AND quality of sleep. In this Winkbeds Mattress Review, we find out if this luxury hybrid bed is the key to get that quality of sleep your body needs.

Get this:

A third of your life is spent asleep, but that third impacts the other two-thirds, which is spent awake. Restless sleep leads to lowered ability to focus and sunken productivity. In this sense, a quality mattress you can sleep soundly on at night is a sound investment.

There are two factors to look for information when reading through hybrid mattress reviews on the internet

One would be how the mattress would feel on your back (or side, or stomach, if you sleep this way or that way, and of course, how much you weigh). 

The second would be how it regulates temperature.

Based on the above, Winkbeds already wins on both counts:

  • Winkbeds mattresses come in Softer, Luxury Firm, Firmer, and Plus variants
  • On the 1-10 firmness scale, those are 4.5, 6.5, 7.5, and 8
  • Winkbeds mattresses have Tencel covers, touted to feel 30% cooler than linen

Luxury Brand At A Fraction Of The Cost

The Winkbeds Company has only been around since 2016. But by hand-making-to-order their line of mattresses the traditional way in Watertown, Wisconsin, they have built quite the reputation as a luxury brand. 

Sourcing the highest quality and most durable materials from around the US helps in that regard. You know what they say, quality craftsmanship on quality materials equals luxury.

By cutting out the retail middlemen and eliminating the expenses that come with sourcing from overseas, they have been able to offer luxury quality products for a fraction of the cost.

  • Place your order online
  • Give them a week to make your Winkbed mattress by hand
  • Delivery takes around a week depending on location
  • Lowered cost compared to similar products available in retail stores

Luxury Service, Too

Free deliveries within the contiguous United States is via UPS ground shipping. But opt for a “Room of Choice service” for $129, and you get the luxury delivery option. This includes delivering your handmade hybrid bed in a box to your bedroom of choice, unboxing, setting up the Winkbeds mattress on your bed frame, and disposal of the box and plastic wraps.

For those who search the internet for “what is winkbeds old mattress removal fee?”, there is also the “Room of Choice and mattress removal” option during the checkout process. This $189 service includes the above mentioned premium delivery plus the removal of your old mattress from the room. Your old mattress will then be recycled or donated to a local charity. This service, however, does not include the disassembly or disposal of bed frames and other similar pieces of furniture.

What’s In It For You

Like we have already mentioned, the best hybrid mattresses are comfortable in terms of providing both support for your preferred sleeping position in relation to your weight, and temperature regulation. To ensure this, the best materials and engineering has been put into the Winkbeds mattress.

From top to bottom, Winkbeds has got you covered:

Tencel cover

winkbeds mattress tencil coverTencel is a 100% natural fabric from the eucalyptus tree. Not only is it 30% cooler than linen, but it is also softer compared to silk, and has temperature regulating properties. Not bad for the layer which comes in direct contact with your body.

Euro-pillow top with gel-infused foam

This dual layer of Euro-pillow top quilted with a gel-infused material called Hypersoft Foam, which, unlike memory foam, pulls heat away from your body. But like memory foam, it provides you a layer of cushioning which conforms to the natural curves of your body. 

Moreover, this comfort layer mitigates motion transfer from one part of the bed to another – perfect for sharing the Winkbed mattress with a light sleeper.

Pocketed or individually wrapped micro air coils

micro air coilsThe Winkbeds mattress is a hybrid bed in that it uses a foam layer together with a coil support system. Make that two coil support systems for the Softer, Luxury Firm, and Firmer Winkbeds mattresses. 

This microcoil support system allows this hybrid bed to provide a fine, springy response – that usually elusive conforming without sinking into the mattress feeling. The coils also promote airflow, which wicks away moisture and assists in temperature regulation.

Extra-soft latex

For the Plus Winkbeds mattress variant, the microcoil system is replaced by a layer of extra-soft latex, which provides heavy-duty cushioning for sleepers who weigh around or above 300 pounds – that same conforming without sinking feeling, but for heavyweight users.

Cotton lumbar support

For added spinal support, this pre-compressed cotton also serves as a transitional layer between the top comfort layers and the bottom support layers.

Pocketed or individually wrapped multi-gauge coils

Made of tempered steel springs with thicknesses that vary depending on placement among 5 zones. This layer provides targeted support – firmer for the lumbar region, softer for the head, shoulders, legs, and feet. The volume this layer occupies also allows for increased air circulation with its temperature regulating effects.

Bottom and perimeter support layer

The bottom layer is made of foam, which dampens the action of the support coils. The Winkbeds mattress also has an edge support system that allows even heavier users to sleep on the perimeter of the hybrid mattress without the tendency to roll-off because of too much give around the edges.

At Least One, For Everyone

winkbed mattress

Winkbeds mattresses not only break the mold by bringing to the market a luxury product at a fraction of the cost, but they have also made sure to be inclusive towards the majority of sleepers, whatever your preferred sleeping position or weight category may be. 

While most other brands provide one or two firmness options for a product line, Winkbeds offer four.


At 4.5 on the 1-10 firmness scale, sleepers who weigh at or below 130 pounds will feel just the right amount of support and cushioning from the hybrid mattress. Not to say that buyers of heavier weights are automatically excluded – preferences always vary.

Luxury Firm

Rated 6.5 on the same firmness scale, sleepers who weigh at or around 180 pounds are cradled perfectly between the bed conforming without the sleeper sinking into the hybrid bed. Sleepers on the lighter side would notice that this Winkbeds mattress variant may be a little firmer than they may prefer.


At 7.5 on the 10-point firmness scale, this firmness level will be most comfortable for sleepers who weigh at or around 230 pounds. Those who weigh heavier than 280 pounds, however, might begin to feel that this hybrid mattress variant from Winkbeds is a tad soft.


With a rating of 8 on the firmness scale, this Winkbed mattress variant is engineered to provide much needed firm support and plush cushioning for sleepers who weigh 300 pounds or more.

The quoted weights are, of course, just benchmarks. As mentioned, preferences between firm support and conforming softness vary from person to person. The rule of thumb is, whatever your weight, more cushioning is felt, and less firmness is perceived, the closer the mattress is to 1 on the 10-point firmness scale, with the opposite being true, the closer the bed is to 10 on the scale.


Returns and Exchanges

Winkbeds mattresses come with a 120-night free trial beginning the day you receive the bed. Given that it may take time for someone to adjust to a new mattress and do a personal Winkbeds review, they only ask that you do your Winkbed review for at least 30 nights before deciding on a return or an exchange. And to do so, there is no need for explanations or for you to keep the original packaging, too.

If in case you want a firmer or softer bed from the Winkbeds mattresses line, they do welcome exchanges. You only have to pay for the white glove shipping of the replacement mattress, and the removal of the trial mattress for $49. The replacement mattress then comes with a new 60-night trial beginning on the day of the actual exchange.

Refund Requests

On the rare occasions where full refunds are requested, such are processed and completed within 5 days of their picking up the trial mattress. Such returns are at zero cost to you, in this case, the answer to the question on “what is winkbeds old mattress removal fee?’’ is zero. The mattresses are then sent to be recycled or donated to charity.

The only non refundables are the fees to the shipping company for delivery, mattress removal, and other related costs.

Lifetime Warranty

If you do decide to keep your Winkbeds mattress after you have done your own hybrid mattress review, you get a lifetime warranty. Winkbeds mattresses are replaced with a brand new Winkbed at no cost to you if they are found to be defective in workmanship or materials – they will even waive all transportation costs in cases where manufacturing defects or materials failures are detected.  

Another guarantee that comes with your deciding to keep your Winkbeds mattress after the 120-nights trial is that you can, for “any reason” (that is, outside of workmanship or materials defects and failures which are covered in the previous paragraph), get a 50% off lifetime replacement option for a new Winkbeds mattress.

Can’t Help It But You Might Need To Compare

Even if your hybrid mattress firmness level preferences may be covered twice over by Winkbeds with their product line offering of 4 variants, “what bed mattress is better than Winkbeds?” is still a legitimate question. 

A quick way would be through the following takeaways from hybrid mattress reviews:

Winkbeds vs. Bear Hybrid

The Bear Hybrid has a rating of 5.5 on the 10-point firmness scale. Being Medium Firm, it fits right in between the Winkbeds Softer (4.5) and the Winkbeds Luxury Firm (6.5). The Bear Hybrid uses Celliant for its cover, and the jury is still out if it is better than Winkbeds’ use of Tencel. 

Firmness preferences aside, the Winkbeds win for being more affordable, and has 20-nights more on the trial period. The Bear Hybrid also only has a limited, 20 year warranty period.

Winkbeds vs. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

For sleepers who prefer the feeling of a memory foam, the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora may be for you. Surprisingly, many users and hybrid mattress reviews have pointed out that the Aurora is one of the coolest sleeping mattresses in the market despite its use of a memory foam layer. The breathable cotton cover paired with airflow from their coil layout accounts for this unexpected revelation.

Moreover, the Aurora has an even softer rated mattress in its line (3.5), and also has both the Aurora 5.5 to rival the Bear Hybrid’s niche between the Winkbeds Softer and Luxury Firm variants, and the Aurora 7.5 which directly competes with the Winkbeds Firmer variant which is also a 7.5.

The Aurora is pricier, though, and only has a 10-year warranty. At the same time, the Winkbeds offer the Plus variant for sleepers who need a firmer, and more durable hybrid mattress in consideration of their weight, with a Lifetime warranty for just in case.

Winkbeds vs. DreamCloud

The Dreamcloud follows a similar engineering philosophy to the Winkbeds in that it is also a hybrid mattress that uses pocketed innerspring coils, gel, and polyfoams, with a Euro-style cover. However, choices are aplenty with the Winkbeds in terms of firmness level options because the DreamCloud only has a 6.5 in its line.

Moreover, the DreamCloud is also a bit more pricey than the luxury Winkbeds.

Winkbeds vs. Saatva

The Saatva, which uses bonnel coils, and marketed for the eco-friendlier crowd, offers multiple firmness options – a Medium Soft 4, a Medium Firm 6, and a Firm 7. Realistically speaking, mattress reviews would be hard-pressed to perceive differences in firmness between the offerings of Winkbeds (4.5, 6.5, 7.5, and 8) and Saatva (4, 6, 7.5) because the ratings are so close together.

The more significant difference is that the Winkbeds are hybrid mattresses, while the Saatva uses a coil-on-coil design, a much older technology. Priced almost equally, too, this is where Winkbeds’ luxury and Lifetime warranty (Saatva has a 15-year warranty) run away with the win.

Winkbeds vs. Tuft & Needle Hybrid

The Tuft & Needle quickly loses with a 10-year guarantee after a 100-night trial period for a hybrid mattress that rates 6 on the firmness scale. The Winkbeds continue to win in terms of price, and number of options, too.

The Verdict: Winkbeds is still hard to beat.

Winkbeds made the right choice when they decided to offer 4 variants and a lifetime warranty. 

At this point, other manufacturers already need to play catch-up, and even more so when it comes to the Winkbeds price-point.

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Table of Contents

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