Everything You Need to Know About the DreamCloud Mattress – The Ultimate Guide

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One of the best things to splurge on is on a bed. We are supposed to spend one-third of our day on it. We can definitely, spend more hours on it if we want to. It is our place of refuge and comfort. A place that will never fail us, whether it be the happy times or the sad times.

Choosing the right mattress will make a big difference in our lives. The quality of our rest depends on how comfortable we are when we lie down to sleep. It will inevitably affect our day when we awake. Our mood at the start of our day will put into motion the kind of day that we will have. Other than our spirit, it will also affect our physical abilities and energy throughout the day. A well-rested body will be able to achieve more during the day. Moreover, a well-rested mind can function more efficiently.

Aside from being well prepared for the next day and having sufficient energy to hold the bull by the horns, sleeping is also about recovery. Our bodies work on their recovery the most when we are sleeping. Specifically, recovery is best achieved when a person reaches the third and fourth stages of sleep. That is why it is essential to make sure that you have a straight and uninterrupted sleep. This way, you are sure that you reach the third and fourth stages of sleep.

dreamcloud mattress

What is in the DreamCloud Mattress?

The DreamCloud mattress is one of the most comfortable beds in the market. From the name itself, you will know that lying on it will feel like a dream or as if you are floating and lying on a cloud mattress. It is a bed that is designed to give you the best sleep ever.

The DreamCloud is a 15-inch-thick mattress. It has a total of six layers with a cashmere cover on top, giving you that extra kick of comfort and luxury.

The second layer is an inch of polyfill sewn together with a half-inch of polyfoam. The combination in the first layer forms a soft quilted euro-top.

The third layer of the DreamCloud mattress is 1.5 inches thick. It is made of gel-infused memory foam. This is built to hug your body, giving you that cozy and soft feeling. This is also to help with the pressure points of your body. They use gel instead of foam to help dissipate the heat, keeping you cool all through the night.

The fourth layer after the gel-infused memory foam is a 2.5-inch foam. This is firmer compared to the memory foam on top of it. This is used to transition from the soft fabrics to the firmer support system of the mattress.

The fifth layer is 8 inches thick. It is composed of pocketed coils. These coils are reinforced on the edges to help with the edging support of the bed. This is the part of the mattress that gives your body the firm support that it needs.

The last layer, or the sixth layer, is made of foam. It is 1.5 inches thick and made to protect the coils from the foundation of the mattress.

DreamCloud Mattress Reviews on Performance


In buying a mattress, it must last long. Not only is it expensive and troublesome to keep on buying a new mattress, knowing that its comfort and support will not quickly diminish over time can give it even more value. As a consumer, value is essential. The amount of money spent should be equal to the value that it provides, and a part of that value is durability.

The company of DreamCloud has been around only since 2018. This means that they haven’t been around long enough to see if their products will last as long as they say. However, the materials that they are using in their products are of good quality. It is expected to make the bed last longer. The density foams used in its mattresses are expected to last for five to six years before showing signs of wear. On the other hand, the coils underneath are expected to last seven to eight years, just like a regular mattress lifespan.

Motion isolation

One of the perks of using a memory foam mattress is its ability to isolate motion effectively. The DreamCloud bed uses a gel-infused memory foam, which is useful in isolating motion. People who sleep with partners won’t be able to feel a lot of disturbance when their partners move. However, the pocket coils underneath provide adequate bounce making its motion isolation not perfect.


Unwrapping the DreamCloud mattress after it is shipped may release some potent odor gasses. These gasses are not harmful, and you don’t have to worry about them. They usually dissipate after 24 hours and become undetectable after 72 hours. If you have a heightened sense of smell, it is best to unwrap the DreamCloud mattress in an open area to be able to air the bed properly and not bother you with the off-gas.

Temperature Neutrality

Temperature neutrality is terrific in a bed, as you don’t have to keep on adjusting the covers or the HVAC as you sleep. If your bed is temperature neutral, then you will be able to sleep straighter. Since one of the top layers is made of gel-infused memory foam, it can dissipate heat more effectively compared to traditional memory foams. Another feature of the bed that keeps the temperature neutral is its minimal conforming hug. This allows more airflow so that your body heat does not get trapped in between you and the bed.

Edge Support

Edge support is essential to ensure that the bed does not sag on the sides easily. This is important for beds with an innerspring. Since the DreamCloud mattress has an innerspring, it reinforced the coils in the corners to give the bed better edge support. The developers of this bed tested the strength of this mattress’ edge support by having people of different weight sit and lie down on the opposite edges. In their tests, they found very minimal sinking on the sides.

Who should use the DreamCloud Mattress?

No matter how comfortable a specific mattress is, it still can’t be for everyone. This is so because different people have different preferences on the bed that they sleep on. Some people like their beds to be very firm, while others want it to be very soft. Some also want their beds to be bouncy, and others want their bed to hug them. If you like your bed to be very soft with a touch of support, this bed is perfect for you. The cashmere covers and the gel-infused memory foam will make you feel like you’re sleeping on clouds.

People also sleep in different positions, making their needs to support differently. It is best to take into consideration what type of sleeper you are to be able to choose the best mattress for you. You should also check if a bed is suitable for couples if you sleep with a partner. This will entail that the bed you choose should have excellent edging support, as sleeping with a partner usually makes use of the corners of the bed for support.

The DreamCloud mattress is perfect for side sleepers. The memory foam allows the person to sink enough into the bed, taking the pressure off important pressure points like the shoulder, hips, and arms. This bed allows the weight to spread throughout the body, making side sleeping painless. You will never have a sore shoulder waking up using this bed.

Back sleepers will also enjoy the DreamCloud mattress. For back sleepers, the choice of a mattress depends on taste. Some would opt for a more supportive bed, but if you are a fan of comfort, this bed is definitely for you. However, if you are a combination sleeper or someone who loves to move around while sleeping, this bed is perfect. It makes you comfortable whatever the position you make.

Couples will also enjoy the DreamCloud mattress. Aside from the comfort that it brings, its memory foam allows each person on the bed to move without bothering the other freely. The foundation has superb edge support due to its reinforced pocketed coils on the corners to make sure that the mattress is well supported. The coils are also fantastic for couples who enjoy a little bounce when it comes to their sex lives.

couple lying in bed

Stomach sleepers will find this bed not as appealing. That is because the memory foam will allow them to sink forward, putting pressure on their hips or face in the long run. This can be annoying. However, if the stomach sleeper is on the lighter side, the bed will be able to withstand the weight and provide the right support.

Pressure relief is also one of the factors that matter when choosing a bed. Depending on our weight and body type, a mattress will exert pressure on the body. This pressure is usually targeted on the shoulder or the hips and even on the face. Your weight will determine how much pressure will be placed on your body parts. How that pressure will affect, you will depend on the type of mattress that you use. If you want to have a lot of pressure relief, this is precisely the bed that you need. The DreamCloud mattress can give you the right pressure relief while still giving you enough support.

Pros and Cons

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Frequently Asked Questions

Safety is paramount, even in beds. It cannot be luxurious if it is not safe. Part of the standards of being a luxurious mattress is safety. CertiPUR independently certifies the DreamCloud mattress. This is a third party global rating standard. This means that this bed does not have any known harmful chemicals and is safe for its users. It also does not have any ozone depleters, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, volatile organic compounds, and PBDE flame retardants. This mattress is not just free from harmful chemicals; it is also challenging to ignite by fire.

Knowing where your product will ship from will help you estimate the days it will take to reach you. Thankfully, this product will ship from Washington state and will take from one to five business days to reach anywhere in the contiguous United States of America.

Yes, DreamCloud has white glove delivery. They charge around $170 for it. This will ensure that your product is delivered with the utmost care and ensure no damage will happen to it until it reaches its final destination on top of your bed.

Unfortunately, DreamCloud is not yet available in any retail stores as of the moment. As of now, it is only available online. However, anyone can avail of the 1-year free trial of the DreamCloud bed, and you won’t have to try it at any store when you can try it at the comfort of your own home for a whole year.


Choosing a mattress can be troublesome at times, especially when you want the best. Especially when you can’t try it at the retail stores, it makes comparing it with other options complicated. However, this mattress is the best of its kind. If you fit the descriptions of the type of people that will fall in love with this mattress, don’t hesitate to give it a try. Anyway, they give out a whole year free trial on the bed, and you can return it if you feel like it is not a perfect fit.  But, if you are the type who loves memory foam with a kick of support, this bed is ideal for you. On top of that, you get an extra-luxurious cashmere cover. Call us now and make sure that you get the best sleep of your life.

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Table of Contents

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