U.S. Box Spring Mattress Foundation Reviews: New Comprehensive Guide (2022 Edition)

U.S. Box Spring Mattress


A key component when setting up your mattress, box springs should always be constructed durably and should be chosen with great care. U.S. Box Springs may be just what you need. Super sturdy and easy to assemble, it has a few drawbacks but, overall, a great box spring for your mattress. Read our full review here.


With the popularity of today’s memory foam toppers, should you still consider going old-school? Well, some people would say that nothing beats the good, ol’ classics – even in mattresses. So, while hybrid mattresses or gel memory foam mattresses have been trending in recent years, when picking a foundation, many people still prefer traditional box springs over foam mattress foundations.

Today, we will be providing you with a comprehensive review of U.S. Box Springs. It is a company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and was launched in the 1970s. The company offers retail/wholesale bed foundations. U.S. Box Spring focuses on producing quality, durable, and reliable latex mattresses.

U.S. Box Spring foundations are super-sturdy, so they can support the weight of the mattress topper and sleeper. They’re also easy to assemble, so you won’t have to spend several hours making tweaks to your new foundation mattress.

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Things to Consider

In recent decades foam mattresses have become quite popular versus other options like latex mattresses. However, for consumers who want the extra stability of an old-fashioned box spring foundation, this is definitely the best choice.

Problems Solved

Box spring foundations offer a solid foundation produced with items like quality wood, spaced-out slats, and organic cotton. This can help to increase the durability of your mattress and the bed set itself. In fact, studies show the average lifespan of box spring mattresses is about 10 years.

Another benefit over foam mattresses is latex mattresses tend to be more breathable than foam mattresses. When sleeping, it’s important to have top-to-bottom airflow. This can help to prevent issues like night sweats.

Possible Issues

Truth be told, there’s no single mattress that’s ideal for everyone. Keep in mind that while box spring foundations are solid, durable, and usually lightweight, they’re quite bulky. This makes it a lot tougher when you have to move/clean the item.

Another possible issue is when the coils weaken, this results in soft spots and/or sagging. This can affect your getting a good night’s sleep.

Features & Benefits



The foundation is made from kiln-dried American North-West Spruce. It’s worth noting that the wood isn’t treated with any artificial chemicals.

The kiln-drying is effective for removing moisture inside the wood before it’s converted into furniture. What’s the big deal? This is a critical step to make sure the wood won’t end up shrinking later.

This process helps to extend the box spring’s lifespan. This can provide 10+ years of usage depending on factors also affecting bed frames like care and maintenance. In fact, U.S. Box Spring claims its foundations can last up to twice as long!

While the wood isn’t treated with harsh chemicals, it does get sanded down well. This is important since it provides a smooth surface that provides consumers with an easier task when adding their mattress topper, for example.


The frame’s weight varies from 44 lbs. (Twin) to 82 lbs. (King). These are all quite light weights, and the reason is softer woods like spruce are less dense versus hardwood. Since that’s the case, the weights are somewhat lighter.

You also won’t have to worry too much about cosmetic damage to the foundation. The cotton cover can help to protect it from bumps, dust, bugs, and other stuff.


Traditional box spring mattresses actually contain coil springs, thus the name. They can certainly be effective, but there’s a caveat. Once the springs start wearing out, it can affect the structural integrity of the mattress. More specifically, that means sagging and soft spots.

Modern box spring mattresses usually have “slats” that support the box spring instead of curly metal pieces. That’s why it’s important for the slats to be spaced out properly to provide extra support for foam/latex mattresses, for example.

This is also why today’s box spring mattresses are often referred to as foundations rather than box springs. This can also benefit the consumer since you won’t have to keep shifting your mattress each time some coils start wearing out.


The cover is made from organic cotton, so it’s soft and natural. You also get some pizzazz from the quilted border, which adds the perfect touch.


This is a key feature of the foundation since they replace metal coils. In U.S. Box Spring units they’re 2.7-in. apart. This provides a key feature since it means it can support certain mattresses that allow a maximum of 3-in.-wide slats.


The box spring is also quite easy to use. For example, you can even put it directly on the floor then add a mattress topper. Plan B is to add it to a bed frame then add a foam/latex topper for another setup.



Besides the materials and craftsmanship, U.S. Box Spring claims their products last 10 to 20 years.


Both items are actually the same price. So you won’t have to pay more for the standard 8-in. mattress, which might seem likely. This allows you to get the item that best suits your needs without shelling out more money for the standard foundation.

Fun Fact: U.S. Box Spring reports the 8-in. variant is actually more popular than the low-profile variant. It’s just some food for thought.

Free Shipping

The company offers free shipping within the continental US through FedEx. You’ll get a big box shipped directly to your doorstep.

This is a major plus versus other online retailers since the shipping costs can be quite high. Since U.S. Box Spring covers this for you, it’s one less thing you’ll want to worry about so you can get more shut-eye.

Take note that the King and Califo0rnia King sizes are shipped in two parts. You’ll have to do some basic assembly, but as with the other assemblies, no tools are required.

Easy assembly

This foundation is easy to assemble and can be completed within 20 minutes or so. You also won’t need your toolbox since no tools are required for assembly. The unit is bundled with all hardware and instructions. How easy is that!

The main exception for this assembly timeframe is the King/Cal King sizes since they’re shipped in two boxes. However, you still should be able to put everything together within an hour.


The warranty is valid for one full year and covers materials and workmanship issues. Some customers have argued the company should offer a longer warranty, in part because it claims the item could last up to a few decades.


If you’re looking for a “Made in the USA” product, then this is a good option. It meets the criteria in two key ways: The foundation is made with US materials and constructed with US workmanship.


Side-by-side slats

This is a very technical issue, but the bottom line is you’ll get extra support. The slats are also spaced properly to allow more airflow, which is critical for more comfort.


One of the biggest complaints about memory foam mattresses is they tend to retain heat more than latex mattresses. The difference can vary greatly, but you could end up with night sweats even when it’s not even hot in your room.

How does U.S. Box Spring stack up? Each slat is spaced under 3-in. apart. This provides more natural airflow between the mattress topper and foundation. This one detail might be the difference between tossing and turning and getting a full night’s sleep.


The mattress foundation supports up to 1,500 lbs. (680kg) of weight. This includes both the mattress topper and sleeper atop the topper. A foam topper usually weighs 7+ lbs. while a latex topper can weigh up to 20 pounds, according to Tuck.

An X-factor is a latex, and foam mattresses require more support versus innerspring units. The good news is these box springs are designed with spaced-out slats that offer extra support.

Experts explain that the slats should be at least 3-in. apart to provide enough support for these mattresses. If the spacing is too narrow, you might not notice any issues when you first buy your mattress foundation, but over time it could become an issue.

Meanwhile, the average global body weight is 136 lbs. (62kg), according to Live Science.

The bottom line is even after a big holiday meal, you can still sleep soundly on the U.S. Box Mattress. Simply add any latex, foam, or innerspring mattress over the foundation for excellent functionality.



The box spring mattresses are available in several sizes, including:

This provides more flexibility since you can pick a mattress foundation for any sized bed.

Standard/Low Profile

The two main options are standard profile (8-in.) and low profile (5.5-in.). The one you pick should be based on your preferences. For example, if you want maximum support, then the standard box spring is the best option.

While the low-profile mattress is shorter, it’s still almost 70% of the standard size’s height. So you’re not making significant drops in comfort/support with this option.

Meanwhile, you also get some key benefits worth noting. Due to the mattress being over two-thirds of the standard version’s height, this means it frees up more under-bed storage space.

Another perk is the smaller size means it’s easier to move/clean when it’s time to tidy up your bed.


This isn’t a variant per se but is related to how well the foundation fits neatly into different situations. For example, you can:

U.S. Box Spring: Company Profile

As noted, the Arizona-based company was founded several years ago in the 1970s. Since then, it’s focused on producing bed box springs/foundations.

In fact, the company’s website is minimalist yet provides everything you need when picking a bed foundation. You can see pictures and text that describe the company’s offerings. This is actually quite refreshing in a world when people get bombarded with mobile alerts.


U.S. Box Spring has received generally positive feedback from past customers and industry experts. For example, consumer advocate Mattress Underground has added the company to its list of trusted members.

One X-factor is the company has been around since the 1970s. It’s built a solid reputation for quality products and good customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

This is a set of coiled springs that are surrounded by a cloth/synthetic fabric. They’re quite sturdy yet also tend to be lightweight.

Yes, you get an organic cotton cover. This can help to keep off dust, small bugs, and other unwanted stuff off your foundation mattress.

No, they’re the same item. They both have the same function, while a “bed base” is a more general term that could include other materials like memory foam, for example.

Yes, both standard height box springs and low-profile versions are available. If you want to increase under-bed storage space, then it’s practical to go with the low-profile option over a full-height foundation.

Low-profile foundations provide several of the same benefits as full-height units. You’ll be sacrificing some support, but low-profile units are also easier to move/clean.

That’s done through keeping the mattress level. The result is you’ll have fewer tweaks to make, and you can extend the mattress lifespan.

U.S. Box Spring has this offering in a 2-piece foundation. It works just like a standard foundation, except it includes two segments that must be attached during assembly.

It was founded in the 1970s, so it has several decades of industry experience. Box spring foundations are the company’s forte, so you’re getting a mattress foundation from a true specialist.


When putting together a bed set, one of the key components is the base mattresses. Memory foam has been trending for quite a while, but it also has some possible drawbacks like higher body temperature, less air circulation, and often being made exclusively from 100% petroleum.

Latex box spring mattresses can solve many of these issues. They include greater durability, better airflow, and longer mattress life. Modern “box spring” mattresses don’t even include physical coils but instead slats that provide the same benefits minus curly metal.

Several companies still produce box spring-style mattresses. One of the best options is easily the one featured in U.S. Box Spring Mattress foundation reviews. In this case, there’s no need to think outside the box spring!

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