Tulo vs. Casper Mattress – Reviewed & Compared (2022)

tulo vs casper

Tulo Mattress vs. Casper Mattress

If you’ve never heard of Tulo Mattress, you’ve probably heard of its parent company, Mattress Firm. Tulo is their highly-rated mattress-in-a-box that’s been getting rave reviews from happy sleepers. We’ve compared them against bed-in-a-box giant Casper. What’s different about them? What’s similar? Which one would you pick? Read our full comparison review here.

Do you know anything about your bed?

I bet you don’t. Well, most people do. Your parents never even told you about it anyway.

Back in the days (yes, your younger years.) All you did was lay down in the comforts of your beds just because mom told you so.

You never really care how much your bed was worth, what it felt sleeping in it. And most certainly, just everything about it.

But that’s all going to change TODAY.

Now that you’re all grown up, choosing a bed is as crucial as investing your money in business. You want to know its ins and outs, how it works, and if it’s worth it.

Today, we’ll be talking about two of the best beds in the market- a Tulo vs. a Casper Mattress.

Are you ready to take your life’s pick?

Well then, let’s begin.

tulo vs casper

Choosing Between The Best Mattresses

It’s easier to merely just choose a bed than to know the REASON behind choosing one. 

But why so?

Being meticulous in choosing your bed’s brand and features is essential to get a hold of a mattress that is most suitable for your needs and budget.

The benefit of being able to buy mattresses online is that it has so many options! But, the problem comes when you finally need to choose. Thus, the best thing you should do is go for recognizable brands like the Tulo and Casper Mattress Foams.

With Casper as one of the most popular online mattresses and Tulo having its increasing popularity today, weighing your choice between the 2 beds would be perfect for you because they’re the best of the best.

But, which one should you really choose?

What You Need To Know About Tulo And Casper

Before taking your pick, let’s start with how each all began.

Let’s have a rundown on their brief backgrounds.

Casper is one of the mattress brands that brought bed-in-a-box into the mainstream and is growing to be a million-dollar company! It also has been a front-runner in the online mattress industry when it gained popularity in 2014. 

On the other hand, Tulo is just as significant as Casper as it is also a growing online mattress industry.

Tulo was created by a bedding Conglomerate Mattress Firm to compete with big names in the online mattress industry in 2017. And, they made sure it’s affordable too.

Tulo and Casper are both bed-in-a-box kind of mattresses containing a comparable neutral foam feel. But although with the same trait, they are not the same beds. Each Mattress has an edge in categories compared to the others for pricing, firmness options, and even their bed framework.

That’s what we’re going to find out.

The Tulo Mattress

Let’s start off with the Tulo Mattress.

Though it may not be the original bed-in-a-box, the Tulo Mattress is considered to be very new and innovative. As mentioned, it is a box brand by the Mattress Firm and comes in three firmness choices.

Tulo’s leading edge from other memory foam mattresses is said to be the popular memory foam mattress and its firmness. But more importantly, its highest advantage is its price value.

tulo mattress

Tulo's Material

Tulo mattresses are a very budget-friendly mattress with a mix of neutral foam feel and memory mixed in.

The Tulo’s construction has 4 layers, namely:

  • 2″ Cooling Memory Foam
  • 1.5″ Open Cell Foam
  • 2″ Transition Layer
  • 4.5″ Support Foam

Let’s discuss each material from bottom to top.

The base layer is a 4.5″ Support Foam, which serves as the Tulo Mattress foundation. This is a high-density base foam and provides outlasting support to the Mattress.

The next layer is a 2″ Transition Layer, which is in between the Support Foam and the Open Cell Foam. This is a high resilient firm foam that helps reduce surface compression so that your body doesn’t end up getting imprinted on your bed. Its unique strut reinforcement technology maintains the mattress’ durability and reduces surface compression.

The 1.5″ Open Cell Foam, on the other hand, is a thick slab of responsive polyurethane foam (or simply, a neutral foam.) It’s a unique peak, and valley design helps create good airflow, so it’s easy for your body to move.

And last but not least, is the 2″ Cooling Memory Foam. This is the top Mattress where you’ll get most of the comfort foam that contains infused titanium particles and provides pressure relief to distribute your weight evenly. This is a ventilated memory foam and considered to be Tulo’s proprietary foam. This is also often called gel memory foam. 

Unlike memory foams, gel memory foams give you a more refreshing sleep since it does not retain heat, unlike regular memory foams. 

Well, Tulo foams don’t sleep that cool but also don’t sleep that hot- which makes it give a neutral temperature. 

Also, all mattress levels are wrapped with breathable polyester and Tencel blended fabric that gives the Tulo Mattress’s maximum durability.

Tulo's Feel and Firmness

Although Tulo is topped with a memory foam mattress, it has a more soft neutral feel that makes you feel the relieving properties of memory foam but doesn’t make you sink, unlike the traditional ones.

Tulo offers three firmness levels which are:

  • Soft Model

This has between the medium soft and medium feel. This model is ideal for back sleepers since adding softness allows one’s shoulders and hips to sink in for extra comfort.

  • Medium Model

This has the medium feel. This is considered to be the “just right” Mattress for absolutely any sleeper because it is soft enough to help the shoulders and hips sink a little. This model is best for couples.

  • Firm Model

This has the medium-firm feel. This model is best for back and stomach sleepers because although it is cushioned, it is stable at the top that provides more support than the sink.

This model is also best for those with more substantial weight since the Mattress will appear softer.

Thus, this makes all sleeper types find the perfect level of comfort suitable for them.

Tulo's Supportiveness and Durability

The Mattress support that Tulo provides is perfect for your spine because it helps you align it rather than giving you an uncomfortable night of pain.

This is a great secret of being able to secretly wake up fresh in the morning!

Tulo’s Mattress Durability is also quite impressive, considering that it contains 4 different layers that bring support and comfort.

What is Tulo Best For?

Now that you know everything about Tulo, it would also be great to know what it’s best for!

The Tulo Mattress is perfect for:

  • Mattress shoppers who are working within a budget
  • Individuals who are between a petite and a medium size
  • For side, back, and stomach combo sleepers
  • Shoppers who would love to have a variety of foam firmness to choose from

The Casper Mattress

casper mattress

The Casper Mattress is considered to be one of the most exciting and trendsetter mattresses in the mattress-in-a-box-space.

Why may you ask?

This is because over the years, they have been updating their products from time to time, and now having four mattresses, namely:

  • The Wave Hybrid
  • The Original
  • The Element
  • And the Nova Hybrid

Casper offers a mattress for every price point while pushing through with its innovative tradition to remain competitive in new and upcoming beds.

It’s not a surprise how a lot of people trust Casper Mattresses because they are designed for every shape, size, and even sleeping position. 

Let’s take a look at the Casper Mattress’ selling point and find out why you should also think about getting one.

Casper's Material

The Casper Mattress’ Material has 3 different levels, namely the:

  • Open-Cell Foam
  • Memory Foam
  • Support Foam

Let’s talk about these materials from bottom to top.

A Casper Mattress foam is thicker than a Tulo foam, which is at 11″. The bottom level is made of dense support foams, with the next layer being a zoned transition foam that’s a memory foam split into thirds. 

This base layer creates the durability and the foundation of the Mattress, so it becomes stable enough.

Zoned Transition foams give more support for your body. Well, for the Casper Mattress case, they made the top third and bottom third of the transition layer less firm to help support the trunk and the lower back.

Lastly would be the open-cell foam, which is considered the Mattress’s comfort layer and gives better airflow. This is considered to be the most breathable layer, It reduces overheating and provides a good bounce and returning to its original form every night. 

It is also very elastic, giving a soft feel to avoid one sinking in it too much.

Over-all, the Mattress is covered with a premium woven polyester cover, which is tight to the Mattress, giving it a durable feel.

Casper's Feel And Firmness

Just like a Tulo mattress, a Casper Mattress also has a soft neutral foam feel. 

A Casper Mattress’ firmness is at a medium feel giving pressure relief and support. Overall, a Casper Mattress has general accommodating stability because it can be soft enough for side sleepers and firm enough to provide support to side and back sleepers.

Combination sleepers will also enjoy sleeping in a Casper Mattress because they respond to pressure, making one roll around the bed freely.

A Casper Mattress gives us a “one-size-fits-all” feel as it fits a vast majority of sleepers, providing support and contour to the shoulders and the back.

If ever you are a stomach sleeper, the Casper Mattress is definitely firm enough to support you, so your back doesn’t turn into a bow shape. Side sleepers also fit perfectly to this Mattress so their shoulders and hips won’t sink.

Casper's Supportiveness and Durability

Casper Mattresses are known to give excellent support and firmness. Examples of which are those who like to sleep at the edge of the bed or the Mattress.

Casper Mattresses are also competitive when it comes to Mattress Durability because of its specs, and it’s 3 layered material.

What is Casper Best For?

The Casper Mattress is definitely perfect for:

  • Those who prefer comfortable beds rather than big beds
  • Those petite to medium-sized people
  • Back, stomach, sides, and combo sleepers
  • People who choose to sleep with more support

Points To Consider Before Getting A Mattress

Like what we mentioned earlier, choosing a perfect mattress among all variations is already tricky. Aside from getting to know the product, there are many other aspects you need to dig in to.

Now that you’re a bit familiar with each Mattress let’s check out the other items you should consider before choosing…

Between a Tulo Mattress and a Casper Mattress.


When getting yourselves a mattress, you should also consider if the specific Mattress would fit your budget.

Let’s take a look at a Tulo and a Casper Mattress’ pricing.

Aside from having a lot of firmness options, an advantage of Tulo from a Casper Mattress is its pricing. A Tulo Mattress can cost you $750, while a Casper Mattress can cost you around $1,100.

Thus if you’re comparing both Mattresses budget-wise, it’s easy to say that the Tulo Mattress wins at this round. Especially since the added cost to get a Casper Mattress doesn’t really offer you added features.

Edge Support

One more thing you should never miss when choosing between Tulo Mattress and a Casper Mattress is the Edge Support.


It’s because there are many simple activities you do on your bed aside from sleeping, which you would most certainly need support, right?

An example of which is sitting at the edge of your bed because you might be folding clothes fresh from the laundry.

For the Casper, although it performs like the rest of the mattresses, it doesn’t compare to an innerspring mattress. Sleeping at the edge of a Casper Mattress won’t even feel that supportive.

As for the Tulo Mattress, it gives an excellent job when it comes to edge support, especially since there are 3 firmness levels to choose from. The firmer level of choice, the firmer the edge support will be.

Although the edge support on a Tulo Mattress is quite typical, you won’t really feel any difference when you sleep in the middle or at the edge of the bed.

Sleeping Cool

All-foam mattresses available in the market try it’s best to provide a more relaxed sleeping experience than other mattress companies. Woven stretch tops are commonly known to be the most breathable and avoids overheating.

The Casper Mattress is firm and avoids the body to sink in, which means lesser heat is built around the body that gives more circulation. With this Mattress designed as an open-cell top layer, it pulls away heat from the body that acts as a barrier from the memory foam.

Tulo, on the other hand, makes sure it releases heat because of a breathable layer that helps dissipate it.

Motion Transfer

Another thing you should consider when choosing a mattress is its motion transfer.

Let’s start with the Casper Mattress.

This Mattress has minimal motion transfer because of the nature of its materials, making it perfect for couples, sleepers who get in and out of bed, and even tossers and turners.

Tulo Mattresses also perform really good in motion transfer because it is excellent with motion isolation and movement. With its variety of foams, it absorbs vibrations and even partner disturbances.

Weight On The Mattress

Last but not least, before choosing your Mattress, consider the weight of the one who will be sleeping on it.

Or, in other words, your weight.

You must take note that the heavier you are, the firmer the Mattress will feel.

Let’s say, for example, if a petite 100 pounds woman were to lay on a mattress the same as a man who is 400 pounds, he would definitely be sinking into the layers more than the woman would.

This would make the woman feel like the bed is firm, unlike the man who will say the bed is soft because he sank deep down into it.

But take note that Tulo and Casper mattresses are not really good for individuals weighing more than 250 pounds. An innerspring mattress would be more durable and supportive for this kind of body weight.

The Takeaway

Let’s wrap it up.

There is no right or wrong mattress choice.

It will always depend on your preference considering your comfort and as well as your budget so you can finally choose which Mattress fits you best.

If you’re looking for a mattress with:

  • Great value
  • A bed with firmness variation
  • A bed with a unique construction.

Then you should definitely go for the Tulo Mattress.

But if you’re looking for a:

  • Thicker Mattress
  • A more supportive mattress
  • Has a more substantial body weight 

Then the Casper Mattress is the perfect one for you.

Now let me ask you, are you a Tulo or a Casper?

If you’ve figured it all out, then it’s high time to order yours today.

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