Tempur-Pedic Contour Supreme Mattress 2022 Review and Product Guide

Tempur pedic Contour Series

Tempur-Pedic Contour Supreme Mattress


The only setback being its high price (around $2000), we think that the Tempur-Pedic Contour Supreme mattress is worth the investment. It is the firmest mattress model manufactured by Tempur-Pedic and recommended for stomach or back sleepers. Is this the right mattress for you? Our full review will help you decide.

As the competition in the mattress industry increases, many companies have integrated new innovations to their products. Gone are the days that people didn’t put too much thought about the mattress they buy. People at present are more particular about the features and technical specifications of mattresses. 

This article aims to provide a buyer’s guide to the Contour Supreme mattress, the Tempur-Pedic’s firmest mattress. In this review, the key features of the mattress will be discussed.

Tempur pedic Contour Series

Tempur-Pedic Contour Supreme Mattress Overview

The Contour Supreme mattress is the firmest mattress manufactured by Tempur-Pedic. The company designed the mattress firm to be able to provide:

Tempur-Pedic wanted a mattress that can address the needs of the stomach and back sleepers who find comfort in a firmer mattress. 

Contour Supreme, an all-foam mattress, is comprised of 4 layers of high-density foam. The all-foam construction of the mattress allows memory foam contouring that can accommodate different sleeping positions regardless of;

Most contouring mattresses are not so supportive. However, despite the contouring characteristics of the Contour Supreme, it has enough support necessary for proper spinal curvature and alignment.

Stomach and back sleepers will find this mattress very firm and supportive. Side sleepers, on the other hand, may find the Contour Supreme too firm. They won’t get comfort and pressure relief that they get from a softer mattress.



The Contour Supreme mattress has a total thickness of 11.5 inches and is made up of 4 layers of foam.

Moreover, the Contour Supreme mattress uses a high-loft super-stretch fabric with sports grey upholstery sides as cover. It is removable, so it is easy to wash or even replace.


The Contour Supreme mattress is the firmest in the mattress line of Tempur-Pedic. It has a firmness rating between 9 and 10. The mattress allows contouring but not too much to still support the back and spinal area of sleepers. The mattress is so firm that you won’t feel stuck as you move around its surface. Lying on the bed will feel like you’re “on” it, rather than “in” it. Getting in and out of bed also won’t be difficult.

Firm mattresses are suited for people who sleep on their stomach or back. Being one of the firmest in the mattress industry, the Contour Supreme might be ideal for stomach and back sleepers. The mattress can provide sufficient support for their backs. They will not get a sinking feeling because the mattress’ firm build will keep them afloat.

Temperature Regulation

Memory foams are commonly associated with high heat retention quality. Many memory foam mattresses get complaints of poor temperature regulation. The Contour Supreme is also a memory foam mattress. 

However, it does not get complaints as much as other memory foam mattresses do regarding heat retention. This is because the Contour Supreme does not sink that much, which allows heat to escape around the body. The SmartClimate cover of the mattress also helps in temperature regulation. It draws away excess heat and circulates it through the foams. The cover also absorbs moisture and keeps the mattress dry to preserve the mattress’ coolness.

While the technology of Contour Supreme is great in keeping the mattress cool, a sleeper who tends to get extremely hot may not find this mattress cool enough. Memory foams tend to retain more heat than other types of mattresses. Hot sleepers might want to turn to cooler mattresses such as innerspring or other memory foams that have better temperature regulation technology.

Motion Isolation

As mentioned, the Contour Supreme is a memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses are known for their motion isolation feature. Motion transfer is minimal in most memory foam mattresses. 

The motion isolation of the Contour Supreme is one of the best, if not the best feature of the mattress. Most users give the mattress an excellent rating in such a category. Movements in the mattress are isolated to right where it happens. The mattress allows for independent movements. 

The great motion isolation feature of the mattress makes it ideal for couples. Feedback from sleep testers says that movements made on one side won’t be felt on the other side. In getting in and out of bed, the other side does not budge, leaving the sleeping partner undisturbed.

Because of the above-average density of the Contour Supreme, it is better than most of its competition in the motion isolation department. Furthermore, among the mattresses produced by Tempur-Pedic, the Contour Supreme is deemed to be the mattress with the highest level of motion isolation. 


It is important to note that the Contour Supreme’s memory foam construction plays a significant role in the overall comfort that the mattress provides. Memory foams contour to sleepers’ bodies. This helps in distributing weight evenly and relieving pressure points regardless of sleeping position. The memory foam feature of the Contour Supreme is very helpful in promoting spinal health.  

As the Contour Supreme was designed for stomach and back sleepers, the focus will be on them. The aforementioned sleepers need a firmer mattress that can support their spine to be comfortable. When a mattress sinks sleepers too much, the spine goes out of alignment. It is very important that a mattress is able to support the spine to promote natural alignment and curvature. 

The Contour Supreme is the firmest mattress that Tempur-Pedic offers. It is very firm and very able to hold the spine up. A well-supported spine will not put pressure on the surrounding muscles. The Contour Supreme is very ideal for stomach and back sleepers. They will surely find the mattress comfortable.


Foam density often reflects the quality of mattresses. High-density mattresses are usually of higher quality; they don’t wear down fast and last longer.

As Tempur-Pedic Company uses high-density foams in the Contour Supreme mattress, you can say that the mattress is doing well as far as quality is concerned. The comfort layer of the Contour Supreme uses high-density foam that weighs 7.1 lbs per cubic foot and a support layer that weighs 5.3 lbs per cubic foot. From those two layers alone, you can already say that the Contour Supreme is a quality mattress. The base layers of polyfoams that weigh a total of 2 lbs per cubic foot also qualify as of decent quality. Polyfoams are also high-quality foams.


As mentioned, materials of greater density are very durable. We can say that the mattress is quite durable because it uses high-density foams. The thick construction of the mattress can also contribute to its durability. Thicker mattresses are usually more durable than thin ones. 

The price of Contour Supreme also says something about its durability too. The Contour Supreme costs relatively high compared to its competitors. In mattresses, more expensive ones offer greater durability because they make use of high-quality materials. The Contour Supreme has a lifespan double to that of budget mattress alternatives. The mattress is also more durable than many high-quality mattresses in its competition.

The Contour Supreme Mattress is Ideal for

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Stomach and Back Sleepers

People who sleep on their stomachs and backs need firmer mattresses that can support their weight. Soft mattresses sink stomach and back sleepers uncomfortably, causing misalignment of the spine and putting undue pressure on surrounding muscles. 

Being one of the firmest mattresses that Tempur-Pedic offers, the Contour Supreme is very suitable for stomach and back sleepers. The mattress can support the spine and evenly distribute the weight of the stomach and back sleepers.

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Sleeping Partners

If you are sensitive to movements and share the bed with a partner who tends to move a lot while asleep, you would want a mattress that allows independent movements. The high level of motion isolation of the Contour Supreme makes it ideal for them. Sleepers can feel little to none motion transfer as their partners make any movement in the mattress. 

Sleep tests have shown that movements on one side do not spread to the rest of the mattress. Sleeping partners would want the Contour Supreme because of its ability to keep movements to where it happens. They can sleep undisturbed as their partners make any movements. 

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Sleepers that change positions a lot

The firmness of the Contour Supreme allows sleepers to move easily on the surface of the mattress. Despite the contouring feature of the mattress, sleepers don’t feel stuck because the mattress is so firm. This allows sleepers to change their positions without difficulty.

The Mattress is Not Ideal for

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Side sleepers

People who sleep on their side need softer mattresses that allow them to sink into the bed. Side sleepers need a hugging mattress for pressure relief and support. The Contour Supreme is too firm for that. The mattress was designed to be very firm. Side sleepers won’t get the comfort and support they need from it.

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People who prefer a soft mattress

If you want to sink into the bed or if you want a mattress that hugs you, you may want to look for another mattress. The Contour Supreme is not the mattress for you. It is too firm and won’t be able to give you an “in” the bed feeling. An “on” the bed experience is what the Contour Supreme will give you instead.

Pros and Cons

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The Tempur-Pedic Contour Supreme is one of the firmest mattresses that our team has discovered. We find it very supportive and comfortable to use. Some of us are combo sleepers and like a mattress that allows us to move around the surface easily and quickly. The Contour Supreme allows us to do so. It is also quite cooling for a memory foam mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Contour Supreme is quite expensive. It comes in a Queen size that costs $2,199.

The Contour Supreme comes with a 10-year warranty, which is the average length of a mattress warranty. It also comes with a 90-day sleep-trial.

There is no general concept of what the best memory foam mattress is. This question elicits a subjective answer. The best memory foam mattress depends on a person’s needs and preferences.  Some people may prefer softer memory foam mattresses, while others may prefer firmer mattresses. The best memory foam mattress is up to your personal discretion.

Sexual activities require a bouncy and responsive mattress. The Contour Supreme is quite a responsive mattress despite its memory foam construction. It is very firm, which makes changing positions easier. It does not sink too much, so users can move easily on its surface. It is not bouncy, though. It does not provide as much bounce as innerspring mattresses do. So is it ideal for sexual activity? We could rate it in the middle.


If you want a firm mattress that has memory foam feel, then you should consider Tempur-Pedic’s Contour Supreme mattress. It is the firmest mattress of the company’s mattress line. It is very suitable for stomach and back sleepers that need a firmer mattress for support of their spine. It also has great motion isolation that makes it ideal for people with sleeping partners. The Contour Supreme costs quite expensive compared to its competition. However, it has great qualities that make the high price worth it. So why don’t you give us a call now to try one!

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