Sweet Zzz Mattress: Is This The Mattress For You? (Reviews Updated for 2022)


Sweet Zzz Mattress


Producing comfortable, non-toxic latex mattresses that’s responsibly made and also amazingly comfortable, the Sweet Zzz Mattress may just be what you need to give you better zzzz’s. Read our review to see unbiased pros, cons and our verdict.

It’s safe to say that there really isn’t a “one size fits all” mattress. Sweet Zzz understands the different needs of each type of sleepers, and offers a line of mattresses that would cater to all.

In today’s mattress review, we’ll be talking about the Sweet Zzz’s mattresses. We’ll comprehensively discuss its features, pros, and cons, and why it could be a suitable bed for your sleeping style.

Let’s begin!

Company Overview

The Sweet Zzz is an online mattress company based in Panorama City, CA. Knowing the fact that it is impossible to please many with just one mattress type, they began to offer a line up of mattresses that would cater to every kind of sleeper.

What makes the company stand out from other manufacturers is the fact that they produce mattresses that are built from O-Cell Cooling Foam Technology, giving you the perfect mix of impressive features and comfort. 

Aside from that, their line of mattresses ensure to provide users with excellent pressure relief and ergonomic support for a better sleeping experience.

Hotel Choice Hybrid

sweetzzzmattress.com hanna hybrid mattress

Nature’s Novel

sweetzzzmattress.com natures novel mattress 1

Product Overview

The Sweet Zzz Mattresses are a line of advanced bed models which offer excellent comfort and support for a wide array of users.

As mentioned, their mattresses are built from O-Cell Foam technology which ensures the beds provide optimized comfort and durability. 

These mattresses are built with an open-cell structure making them more breathable. This structure also helps moisture escape the mattress. Thus, they are perfect for hot sleepers. 

All mattress models of the Sweet Zzz have a 4-5 lb of density, compared to other brands which are made with a 2-3 lb density. What’s great about this product having higher density is that it’s built to be more durable and long-lasting; users can sleep on for long years. 

These mattresses are available with a choice of 10 or 12 inches and are great across all types of sleepers, whether back, side, or stomach sleepers. 

And of course, the Sweet Zzz mattresses are made with eco-friendly materials, which are CertiPUR-US Certified. 

And of course, it comes with a 100-night trial and a 10 year warranty!

Here are some highlights you can expect if you’re planning to get the Sweet Zzz mattress:

Although, here are some mishaps you need to take note of before getting this mattress for yourself:

Product Features

Here are some of the highlighted features of the Sweet Zzz mattress. We’ll discuss more on this as we go along this mattress review:

Who Is The Sweet ZzzMattress Best For?

What’s great about this mattress is that it’s perfect for sleepers of different sleeping positions and weights. 

Thus, making it great for side, back, or stomach sleepers.

Although for the Nature’s Novel Latex Mattress, we recommend that this would be best for stomach sleepers who weigh more than 230 lbs. This mattress choice would also be great for sleepers who feel more comfortable in beds with firm comfort.

However, this mattress’ firmness level might be too much for those sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds.

Sweet ZzzMattress Recommendations

We highly recommend this mattress to users who:

Sweet ZzzMattress Models

Before we proceed to this mattress’ features, let’s get to know more about the line of models it provides. 

The Sweet Zzz mattresses are offered in four categories, which equally bring impressive comfort, support, cooling, and durability features.

Affinity Mattress

Affluent Rest Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Hotel Choice Hybrid Mattress

Nature’s Novel Mattress

Sweet ZzzMattress Breakdown Of Features

Comfort And Support

What makes the Sweet Zzz mattresses interesting is that they are built from memory foams which were created with a unique process. These memory foams are made with low temperatures, which are applied for a much slower and more extended period of time. 

This process ensures the mattress gains better glass transition, providing better coolness and breathability to the cell structure. 

Overall, the Sweet Zzz mattress provides excellent comfort, support, and pressure-relieving features.

Firmness And Edge Support

Through the mattress’ open-cell base and quantum edge spring, the mattress provides excellent firmness without being too firm for users.

With an impressive edge support, this mattress guarantees that aside from being a great sleeping area, it could also serve as an excellent sitting area too.

Airflow And Breathability

What’s great about the company who manufactured the Sweet Zzz mattress is that it built it with bigger cell pores and openness, resulting in a distinct open cell structure.

This design makes the Sweet Zzz mattress much cooler than the average mattress.

With this mattress’s unique design, airflow for this bed has increased as much as 95%, which helps moisture and heat dissipate easily compared to using a regular memory foam.

Motion Transfer

Built with excellent and high-quality memory foam and Talalay Latex, the Sweet Zzz successfully absorbs movements on the mattress. 

Thus, making this product excellent for those who sleep with a partner on the bed.

Odors And Off-Gassing

The Sweet Zzz mattress does not emit any harmful gasses or odors.

However, it only does when the product is newly unpacked. But don’t worry, this smell quickly dissipates within 24 hours once you place the mattress in a well-ventilated area.

Considering the mattress is built with an open-cell foam design, the smell is also expected to dissipate very quickly.

Sizing And Pricing

Refer to the table below to check on the Sweet Zzz mattress’ sizes and price for each bed category:

Bed Size Dimensions Price
Twin Sweet Zzz Mattress
39in x 75in
Twin XL Sweet Zzz Mattress
39in x 80in
Full Sweet Zzz Mattress
54in x 75in
Queen Sweet Zzz Mattress
60in x 80in
King Sweet Zzz Mattress
76in x 80in
Cal King Sweet Zzz Mattress
72in x 84in

Frames And Bases

Setting up a new mattress would require you to have your own mattress foundation. This ensures that your mattress lays on a perfectly flat surface to ensure the weight of the mattress and the user is supported.

This also ensures the mattress is set at the right height and contributes to it looking aesthetically pleasing in your room.


We guarantee that the Sweet Zzz mattresses are definitely safe. 

All Sweet Zzz mattresses are 100% made in the USA, and are also CertiPUR-US certified, which means they are toxic-free.

One more thing, these mattresses are deemed to have low emission for the indoors, which guarantees that it does not emit:

Being built from eco-friendly materials, we guarantee that this line of mattresses are safe, healthy, and perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Customer Reviews

If you were to check the customer reviews of the Sweet Zzz mattress, you would notice that it has impressive and positive reviews online.

Most of the reviews express that these mattresses are:

Many users also appreciate the ability of the Sweet Zzz mattress to reduce back and neck pain. 

However, there are some minimal complaints about the product, such as it takes 2-3 weeks for the body to adjust to sleeping on the Sweet Zzz mattress.

Sweet ZzzMattress Frequently Asked Questions

You can get your Sweet Zzz mattresses online. If you buy from their website, you can claim the benefits of their coupons, promo codes, sale, free shipping, and other offers.

Since the mattress is not built with any harmful or toxic chemicals, it’s safe to say that you can easily sleep on your mattress after unboxing it. However, you would need to wait until your mattress is in full shape. Take note that expanding the mattress may take you at least 48 hours.

You can visit the locations of Sweet Zzz Mattress in Los Angeles. They also have stores at Panorama City LA.

It is highly recommended that you rotate your mattress at 180 degrees from time to time. Doing this would increase the lifespan of your bed.

What’s great about these mattresses is that they work well with any flat surface. You can also choose between:

-Slatted bed
-Flat box spring
-Adjustable base

The Bottomline

If you’re looking for a mattress that would fit users of any weight and sleeping position, we guarantee you that this is the mattress you’re finally looking for!

First of all, it offers four different lines of mattresses to ensure different kinds of sleepers with different firmness and comfort preferences are well-taken. 

Aside from that, it has a unique o-cell technology that ensures moisture and heat dissipate quickly from the mattress to make sure users don’t sleep hot.

And of course, the Sweet Zzz Mattress offers the perfect mix of optimized comfort, support, durability, and ergonomic edge support, offering a better night sleep.

It’s definitely time to zzz.


For those who are experiencing chronic back pains, we recommend that you pay a visit to a medical practitioner to seek medical help. This review aims to solely provide information about the Sweet Zzz mattress and not use it as reference for self-treatment or medication.

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