Spindle Mattress: A Full 2022 Guide and Unbiased Review (Buy or Avoid?)


Spindle Mattress


Cool, comfortable and just in between soft and firm, our team of sleep experts fully recommends the Spindle Mattress. It may not be so great for couples as its motion isolation isn’t actually so great. Still, it has other stellar features that make it a quality mattress to own. Find out more about the Spindle when you read our review below.

Are you someone who doesn’t want to sleep on a firm inner-coil mattress but also doesn’t prefer sleeping on an overly soft and suffocating bed? Then a latex foam bed may be right for you.

Enter the all-latex foam bed from Spindle, a company based in Acton, Massachusetts, USA. Their Spindle Mattress is built with eco-friendly and naturally sourced out latex foam. The product promises great comfort for those who want a not-so-soft bed.

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Ideal Users of the Spindle Mattress

A Spindle Mattress makes a great primary addition to your bedroom as an integral part of your sleeping system. This product is ideal if:

Features of the Spindle Mattress

The Spindle all-foam Mattress boasts of high-quality, all-natural materials and a unique layered design that “puts you in charge of your comfort.” But is it the right product for you? Let’s help you make a right decision with this unbiased Spindle Mattress review and information.


The Spindle Mattress is made up of 3 foam layers of different characteristics, all working in sync to provide you with a restful, comfortable sleep throughout the night.

Spindle offers soft, medium, firm, and extra firm versions of the mattress, although only the Medium and Firm types are presently available on their website as of this writing.  Whatever the firmness level is, both types share the same construction layout and materials.



The flame-retardant cover is made of natural California sheep’s wool batting and organic cotton. These two materials give you that classic, gentle, soft feeling when you turn in for the night. Most importantly, the wool material effectively wicks, rather than soaks, moisture. Thus, even during a warm summer night, you will still feel cool and comfortable.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified cover is knitted and padded, adding even more comfort.

The wool is harvested from sheep that are raised and treated humanely. Processing is done minimally without using hazardous chemicals. The quality of wool material, the harvesting method, and processing are all following Eco-wool guidelines.

Comfort Layer

The Spindle Mattress starts with its comfort layer, a 3-inch layer of medium Dunlop natural latex foam. It is soft enough to cradle your body for somewhat average pressure relief. Yet it is also responsive to pressure. This ensures that you will enjoy some pressure relief minus that uncomfortable, suffocating feeling of being “trapped” in the middle of the mattress.

This foam material is OKEO Tex certified, audited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and recommended by the Rainforest Alliance. All these approvals and certifications mean that the materials used to manufacture this foam as well as the process in making it are environmentally friendly.

Transition Layer

Below the comfort layer is another 3-inch layer of medium natural Dunlop latex foam. This foam layer is a little firmer than the first one to provide further pressure point relief and helps align your back. It also acts as a soft “barrier” between the softer comfort layer and the firm foundation layer.

Like the comfort layer, the transition layer is OKEO-certified and approved by the FSC and Rainforest Alliance. This assures you that you are sleeping safe and green!

Foundation Layer

The foundation and base layer consists of 3 inches of firm natural latex. It provides the Spindle Mattress its shape, durability, and stability as the main support. As a natural characteristic of latex foam, the air pockets allow air to freely flow while cooling the mattress.

As the previous layer, the foundation layer is certified and approved by the same bodies as above.


The level of comfort offered by a mattress is generally represented on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being very firm and 1 being very soft. The industry standard is 6.5, or medium firm.

In the case of Spindle Mattress, our sleep testers placed the Medium mattress at 6, which is just right at the industry standard. The firm version scales from 7 to 8, which means it offers good support.

Pressure Relief, Sinkage, and Support

In the end, the ratings are just numbers. How comfortable a mattress depends upon an interplay of pressure relief (how the material cradles pressure points), sinkage (how soft the material is), and support (how firm the material is).

Back sleepers will feel their weight evenly distributed across the surface of the mattress. The bed offers good support on the lower back. The soft comfort layer follows the contour of the hollow of your lower back for good lumbar support.

Side sleepers will still feel comfortable as the soft comfort layer provides some pressure relief. However, due to the bed’s medium-firm rating, you can actually notice pressure points forming at your shoulders and hips. It’s not exactly something that should be of concern, but those who have particularly sensitive joints may find it quite discomforting.

If you are suffering from any sort of shoulder or hip ailment, you may want to opt for a softer memory foam mattress that offers more pressure relief.

Stomach sleepers usually suffer from soft mattresses as their tummy and chest sink deeper into the foam material. But the medium-firm to firm nature of the Spindle Mattress will help stomach sleepers keep their spine straight.

If you’re suffering from back pain and are advised by your doctor to sleep on a firm bed, you may want to consider the Spindle Mattress. The bed’s superb support helps keep your spine in proper alignment.


Bounce is referred to as the mattress’s surface’s propensity to spring back to its original form after weight or pressure is removed from it. This is an essential factor to consider if you often change positions while dozing off.

Softer memory foam mattresses have a problem with its bounce; its softness makes you feel as if you’re trapped or sinking too deep into the mattress. If you attempt to change your position or move to another bed area, the softness sucks you back to the center.

The medium-firm to firm comfort level of the Spindle Mattress enables you to change your position and move to another part of the bed without any difficulty at all. You won’t sink far into it. Thus, you won’t feel “trapped” or pulled back to the center of the mattress as you move.

Motion Transfer

If you’re sleeping with a partner, you should check the motion transfer characteristic of the bed. Motion factor refers to the level of motion or disturbance you’re likely to notice from one side of the bed to another. A bed with too much motion transfer makes your sleep fitful as you feel your bedmate’s movements each time he or she shifts positions.

Unfortunately, like many medium-firm to firm mattresses, the Spindle Mattress has high motion transfer. This isn’t really surprising considering the buoyancy of the latex foam. Although the bed is very responsive and supportive, you would definitely feel every ounce of your partner’s move. The night becomes worse if your bedmate is quite restless.

If you share your bed with a partner, you might want to consider a softer mattress that offers good motion isolation qualities.

Edge Support

The Spindle Mattress has adequate edge support between the center and each side of the bed. However, our sleep testers noticed that the closer the sleeper is to the edge, the deeper the compression becomes. The compression becomes noticeable when sleeping on your side at the edge of the bed, causing your spine to misalign.

The compression isn’t enough of a bother that you would feel as if you’ll be sliding out of bed. However, it does limit the size of the available sleeping area that is affected as per the bed’s marketed features. Because of the less-than-adequate edge support, the Spindle Mattress isn’t exactly ideal for duo or multi-sleepers.

The less-than-adequate edge support is quite surprising for a latex bed. Normally, edge support problems plague softer memory foam beds. Latex foam, hybrid, and inner-coil beds usually have little or no problem at all when it comes to edge support.

Temperature Regulation

Latex foam is generally cooler than memory foam, and the Spindle Mattress is no different. Thanks to the breathability of the cover and foam, the Spindle Mattress is reasonably comfortable and cool. However, some sensitive sleepers may find the product too warm for their tastes due to the wool batting.

Customer Service

To ensure a pleasant and memorable experience when purchasing Spindle products, the company has an array of after-sales services available to each customer.

Comfort Calculator

Spindle helps you determine the right mattress for you before you even buy it. How? You can use their Comfort Calculator, which is available on their website. Simply fill in the fields, and the application will recommend the closest firmness level that may suit you.

365 day Trial Period

There is no one-size-fits-all mattress. Even if you follow the recommendation of the Comfort Calculator, you will never know if the mattress is perfect for you until you actually try it. Knowing this, Spindle offers you a 365 day trial period.

Spindle requires that you use the mattress for 60 days as it takes some time to get used to the bed. If within the trial period, you decide that the bed is really not for you, Spindle will refund you in full. However, you need to note the following:

10-year Warranty

Spindle offers a 10-year limited warranty on the mattress. The warranty covers defective materials and substandard workmanship. It does not cover wear and tear due to regular use. It also doesn’t cover damage and stains due to misuse, accidents, or abuse.

Free Shipping

Upon purchase, the company spends your Spindle Mattress free of charge if you’re address is somewhere in the 48 contiguous states in the US. This includes US Military FPO/APO addresses as well as PO Boxes. UPS Ground is used for transporting your orders.

The company also ships to addresses in Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada. However, you need to pay additional shipping fees, which will be reflected in your shopping cart.

People Who May Not Want the Spindle Mattress

Some people may not enjoy sleeping on the Spindle Mattress, even with its share of benefits as per Spindle Mattress’s customer reviews. If you are any of these people listed below, you may want to look for other options.


Not all people want super soft or super firm mattresses. The Spindle Mattress is an excellent bridge between a soft and a firm bed. It provides adequate support and somewhat average pressure relief. The bed is also cool and comfortable to sleep on, which must always be the most crucial consideration when choosing your mattress.

The Spindle Mattress suffers from poor motion isolation and edge support. As such, it’s not an ideal mattress for couples.

Nevertheless, the Spindle Mattress shows good promise, and you get your money’s worth. We highly recommend getting one for your bedroom.

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