Sleepmaster Mattress Unbiased Reviews (2022) – Is This The Mattress For You?

sleepmaster mattress

Sleepmaster Mattress


Comfortable, durable, affordable and made by a family-run mattress company based in Syracuse, New York, the Sleepmaster Mattress may just be the perfect mattress for you. Their mattresses are created to suit the comfort of those who prefer firm or soft mattresses. Find out why the Sleepmaster Mattress may just be right for you. We’ve done a comprehensive evaluation of this mattress to help you make the best buying decision.

What are the things that you usually do before bedtime comes? Probably, you’ll take a hot bath and slip on your favorite pajamas. You may adjust the temperature of your HVAC system. Dimming or turning off the lights? You may fluff up your down pillow and get under the plump, quilted cover of your comforter.

Even if you’re utterly exhausted after a hard day’s work, why do you have time to do these? Why not simply take off your shoes and plop on your bed?

The reason is simple: you want to be as comfortable as possible. We’re not talking about just sufficient comfort here. We’re talking about the ultimate comfort. You’re looking for a level of comfort that will give you the finest quality of sleep—a beautiful trip into unconsciousness that will repair, restore, and rejuvenate your body.

sleepmaster mattress

All About Sleepmaster

The bed-crafters at Sleepmaster know the importance of superior comfort to attain the best sleep. This family-owned and family-run enterprise have been in the business of making comfortable beds for more than three generations. Their superb mattresses are manufactured at their factory in Syracuse, New York.

No two people are the same, including their physique and comfort requirements.  The bed-crafters of Sleepmaster take this into account, and the result is a great product line filled with mattresses that are suitable for any body type or sleeper type. When you’re shopping for mattresses in their Syracuse or Cicero offices, their sales associates will be happy to show and explain to you what goes into the mattress of your choice. Thus, when the final product is delivered to your door, it is the mattress that is made specifically for you.

Typically, ultimate comfort comes with a price. Want a lush down pillow? You need to pay a lot. Do you want a superior-quality mattress? Then you got to slice off a large chunk of your wallet.

But the Sleepmaster is different. Believe it or not, you enjoy the finest in comfort even though you’ll be paying a fraction of the price of traditional luxury. That’s because Sleepmaster doesn’t use middlemen to market and sell their products. Without a third party, there is no need to markup the price. You get a product with great value and great comfort along with a great deal of savings!

Finally, choosing the right mattress can be quite tricky. 

Do you sleep on your back or on your side? 

Do you sleep on something feathery soft? 

Or do you prefer something firmer to support a bad back? 

How long do you sleep? 

All these questions are important factors in choosing the right mattress.

Good thing that the Sleepmaster has a way to do that even BEFORE you shop.

Sleepmaster Mattresses

Sleepmaster has a variety of mattresses that will provide you with optimal comfort. Let’s check out their main product line.

SleepStarter Mattress

If you want a comfortable mattress but don’t want to spend too much on it, then the SleepStarter mattress is for you! Its affordable price makes it perfect for college students, cash-strapped individuals, and new families. The SleepStarter mattress is also great as an extra bed for guests who want to stay overnight in your place.

The SleepStarter mattress is an innerspring mattress that features upholstered foam for great comfort. Under the comfort foam is a base layer of 312 coils that move independently. The entire mattress provides gentle support and excellent contouring for a night of undisturbed sleep.

Sleepmaster Innerspring Mattress

Mattress brands such as Sealy, Simmons, or Serta are reputed to be the best. Definitely, you would like to have any of these luxury mattresses, but the prohibitive cost prevents you from doing so. Well, you can just check out the Sleepmaster Innerspring Mattress.

It is designed similarly to the vastly more expensive brands. Sleepmaster Innerspring Mattresses are even made out of the same materials as their more costly counterparts. The difference, of course, is the much lower factory price as there’s no middleman.

The heart of the mattress is a layer of individually pocketed coils that immediately compress, bend, and shape themselves to your movements and body shape. They provide you customized support and pressure relief. Your hips, shoulders, and joints will thank you for sleeping on a Sleepmaster Innerspring Mattress.

The independent coils make the bed ideal for you if you have a sleeping partner. 


Because of the independently moving coils, the bed conforms to each sleeper’s movements. Thus, you experience less motion transfer; you’ll hardly feel your partner shift while you’re sleeping!

The coil system extends to the sides of the bed, providing you with excellent edge support. You won’t feel as if you’re rolling off the mattress in case you position yourself on the size. Plus, with the edges reinforced, you have a bigger sleep space.

Finally, the entire system is covered with soft, smooth, and breathable fabrics that give the bed a lavish look and feel.

Sleepmaster Memory Foam Mattress

Originally designed by NASA for spacecraft cushions, memory foam has seeped rapidly into the commercial market. Many furniture businesses loved the high-tech foam and began to incorporate it into their products. Today, memory foam products are hot items, including memory foam mattresses.

Sleepmaster did not let space-age memory foam out of its scopes, so they also have their own line of high-quality memory foam mattresses. Their mattresses feature viscoelastic cells that compress and reshape, enabling the bed to fit your body form and your sleeping position.

Due to this unique property, the Sleepmaster memory foam relieves your hips, shoulders, and joints of agonizing pressure that prevents you from having a restful sleep. Back and side sleepers will find the mattress comfortable as it supports their bodies so that their spines align properly.

Have you ever wondered how it feels like to sleep on a soft bed of clouds, feathers, or cotton candy? Then get yourself a soft, comfortable, and high-tech Sleepmaster Memory Foam mattress to make your fairy-tale dreams come true!

Sleepmaster Latex Mattresses

Are you suffering from allergies as you lie down in bed? Do you keep sneezing, coughing, and itching? 

Chances are, invisible allergens in your bed are causing your allergies. These are dust, dust mites, pollen, and mold that harbor themselves in your mattress’s fabric. The slightest exposure to these allergens makes your immune system overreact, thus your allergy attacks.

If you have asthma or allergies, you need a bed that is hypoallergenic. This is where the Sleepmaster Latex Mattress comes in. The foam is designed to repel allergens such as mites, dust, and pollen, significantly decreasing the chances of an allergy attack from happening.

But the Sleepmaster Latex Mattress doesn’t just fend off allergens. It also provides utmost comfort due to its natural elasticity and resilience. It has a balanced degree of bounce and softness, allowing the mattress to properly aligning your spine and providing superior pressure relief.

Worried that the latex foam might be too hot for you to sleep in? 

Don’t worry! The Sleepmaster Latex Mattress foam has millions of tiny interconnected cells that help the air move throughout the bed. It also resists moisture, giving you a much drier and cooler sleep.

Lastly, like their memory foam brand, the Sleepmaster Latex Mattress greatly reduces partner disturbance because it absorbs motion waves generated by the shifting person.

Sleepmaster Organic Mattress

Decades of industrialization has polluted our planet and consumed our natural resources. But there’s good news; the world has seen the folly of their work. This realization made millions of businesses shift their philosophies to the preservation and protection of our environment. Thus, they make sure that the production and delivery of their products/services as well as the raw materials being used are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Sleepmaster, being a responsible company, wants to make products that provide you excellent quality sleep but in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. Thus, their Organic Mattresses are manufactured using sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

For example, their organic cotton fiber is free of harmful chemicals and does not use pesticides that increase the company’s carbon footprint. The mattress’s latex foam is sourced out naturally from rubber trees, eliminating the reliance on petroleum-based materials that are traditionally used in making foam. 

The temperature-regulating mattress cover is made from eco-friendly wool harvested from sheep who are taken care of by sheep-friendly herders. The animals are allowed to roam freely in meadows and not imprisoned in wool farms. You are assured of wool that is not marred by animal cruelty.

The eco-friendliness of the Sleepmaster Organic Mattress should comfort your thoughts; you know that you are enjoying the comfort of a mattress that didn’t harm Mother Nature.

Other Products

“Sleepmaster” is named for a reason. As “masters of sleep,” the company offers more products that promote top-quality sleep without hurting your budget.


With the high costs of property rent and mortgage coupled with dwindling urban areas, adequate living space is now at a premium. Many people, however, embrace this fact with grace. Having a small living space means smaller bills to pay, less clutter, and fewer distractions. 

The challenge of small-space living is how to maximize the space available to you. One way this can be done is to use multi-purpose furniture. Sleepmaster’s Futons are perfect for this.

The Sleepmaster Futon can be easily converted from a bed to a couch, sofa, or loveseat, depending on the futon size you want. You can choose between wood and metal frames to match your living space.

The Sleepmaster Futon’s comfort level definitely matches its stylish looks. You can choose the cushions to be made of pocketed coil, memory foam, cotton, or a combination of foam and cotton.

According to Sleepmaster, their futons are “part bed, part couch, all comfort.” We wholeheartedly agree!

Sleep Accessories

Sleepmaster also has fine accessories that go along with your comfortable mattress. Let’s check out some of them:

Metal bed frames

These provide support for your mattress, extending its lifespan. The frames are easy to assemble and require very simple tools to set up.

Pillow protectors and mattress pads

These protectors are armors to your pillow and mattress. They keep your pillows and mattresses clean. They are also waterproof and breathable to allow a comfortable sleep. Should they get dirty, they can be easily taken off and washed in your washing machine.


The right pillow supports your neck and spine, keeping them properly aligned and allowing comfortable sleep. It also relieves the pressure on those areas to prevent neck and back pain when you wake up.

Sleepmaster has a line of memory foam pillows that conforms to every curve of your head. If the softness of memory foam isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you can opt for their firmer, bouncier, all-natural, and hypoallergenic latex pillow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, and Sleepmaster is one of the few mattress companies that allow customers to do so. Buying straight from the factory saves you money because you are purchasing the product without any markup. That means, you get a high-quality bed for a very reasonable price.

Another benefit is that you are assured of receiving a brand-new product. That’s because in most cases, they are built as ordered. Compare that to mattresses that may have been lying in their warehouse or display area for weeks, months, or even years.

Mattresses come in all sizes, softness, firmness, comfort level, and materials. Much like picking the best-fitting clothes, it is impossible to know which one is ideal for you if you just base it on looks or information gathered from the Net. You have to remember that the right amount of comfort is very subjective and personal.

The best way is to actually lie down on the mattress. Take off thick coats that may impede in getting the true feel of the mattress. Lie down on your side, on your back, and on your stomach. Lie down at the center and at the edges. If you sleep with a partner, test the mattress with him or her on it.

The right mattress should make you comfortable in your sleeping positions without causing pain or discomfort.

Great Comfort Right Under Your Back

Sleepmaster Mattresses definitely live up to their promise of uncontested comfort. They have different kinds of mattresses for all kinds of sleepers. Whether you’re a side or back sleeper, whether you like firm or soft foam, Sleepmasters have the most comfortable beds for you.

Perhaps the most comforting thought is that you can get these high-quality mattresses at a much lower price compared to the competition. Thanks to the absence of a third party or a middleman, Sleepmaster can give you the right bed without having to worry about your budget.

Comfort and affordability go hand in hand with Sleepmaster mattresses and their other sleep products. Get one now!

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