Sleep Country Bloom Mattress (Complete & Unbiased 2022 Review): Is This the Perfect Bed for You?

Bloom Mattress In A Box

Sleep Country Bloom Mattress


Not suited for stomach sleepers, combo sleepers, and heavier individuals – the Sleep Country Bloom Mattress is still a great all-around mattress for everyone else that doesn’t fall in any of the given categories. It’s affordable and really great for couples. But is it worth it? Read reviews from sleep experts here.

If you love the feeling of sleeping on a cloud or a bed of roses, then you need to check out Sleep Country’s Bloom Mattress. This reasonably priced all-foam bed-in-a-box mattress promises maximum comfort during the night.

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Let’s check out our sleep testers’ reviews on this product.

Ideal Sleepers for the Sleep Country Bloom Mattress

If you want to sleep on a soft bed, then the Sleep County Bloom Mattress is ideal for you. This is also perfect for couples who wish to share a bed but don’t want to be disturbed by their shifting sleeping positions.

Side sleepers will like the accurate pressure relief provided by the contouring properties of the foam. The mattress is also great for back sleepers, although heavier people will feel as if they’re sinking into the bed.

The Bloom Mattress, however, is not ideal for stomach sleepers because it doesn’t offer adequate spinal support. Those who frequently shift positions during their sleep wouldn’t like the bed due to its low bounce, which makes changing sleeping positions “unnatural.”


So is the Sleep Country Bloom mattress a great and comfortable addition to your bedroom? Let’s dissect in detail each part of this all-foam mattress in this review.


Comprising the bulk of the Sleep Country Bloom Mattress are four layers of high-quality foam, usually typical for other beds in boxes. Similar to other all-foam mattresses, these layers work in sync to give you an overall comfortable experience when you sleep.

Bloom mattress foam layers

Comfort layer

The first layer comprises an aerated gel foam to provide you with an optimal cooling level, thus increasing your comfort as you sleep. The foam’s breathable air cells and the cooling gel infusion all work to regulate your body temperature.

These cooling features are crucial as all-foam beds suffer a common drawback: they retain heat, making them hot to sleep on. The Bloom Mattress’s dual action comfort foam layer—through its aeration action and infused cooling gel—helps mitigate this drawback.

Pressure-relief layer

The second layer is made of premium synthetic latex foam that has three separate pressure-relief zones. Each of these zones have different levels of softness and firmness to cradle other areas in your body.

The center zone of the mattress, for example, is designed to provide additional support and pressure relief to your hips. This is a boon if you’re a side sleeper, considering that your entire body weight rests on your hips while you’re sleeping.

Conform layer

A quality visco memory foam forms the third layer of the mattress. This material does not spring back to its original form quickly. This unique property makes the bed more adaptive to your body, following each curve, bulge, and contour for customized comfort and support.

Base layer

The bottom layer consists of a thick 7.5 inch high-density foam for strength. The base foam helps prevent sleepers, especially those on the heavy side of the scale, from sinking into the bed too deep.

Bloom’s support layer has perforated holes to improve the mattress’s cooling factor even more. These holes allow cool air to flow through the mattress, cooling your back and giving you a much more cozy sleep freely.


Much of the Sleep Country Bloom’s comfort is derived from its beautiful cover. The mattress features a cover with pastel colors ranging from white and soft gray. These neutral colors allow the bed to match any room style and wall color.

The cover is advertised to be made of 100% organic cotton, which is soft and breathable. This makes sleeping on the bed a joy. However, our sleep testers noted that the cover’s color is super white as if the material is bleached. Fabrics made of pure organic cotton tend to have a tinge of brown or yellow.

The top cover can be easily removed via a zipper. But our sleep testers noted that the zipper doesn’t always stay flush on the mattress’s upper edge. This is especially true if the sleeper constantly shifts position at night. Having a zipper on the way while you try to sleep is annoying and frustrating.

Finally, the Bloom mattress cover is machine washable. Simply unzip the cover then put it in the washing machine. Run a full cycle on low-heat. Once the cycle is finished, allow the cover to air dry.

Comfort Level

Sleep testers often use a scale of 1 to 10 to rate a mattress’s feel and firmness. In general, 1 means the bed is incredibly soft as if you’re sleeping on clouds. 10 means the bed is as hard as a slab of wood.

The mattress industry dictates that a standard mattress has a firmness level of 6.5, usually referred to “medium firm.” This means that the mattress is firm enough to provide adequate support yet soft enough to offer pressure relief on the sleeper’s joints.

According to various mattress reviews sites, the Sleep Country Bloom is rated as a medium-firm bed. However, our sleep testers agree that it’s around 5.8 to 6. This softness is probably due to several things:

1. the mattress’s layers being made entirely of foam
2. the mattress having no transition layer between the conform layer and the base
3. the mattress’s base layer having perforated holes, which means much less support than bases without holes

The rating assumes that the sleeper is a person with average weight and sleeping on his or her back. Thus, the rating may change depending on factors such as a person’s weight or sleeping position.

For example, a heavy set person may feel that the mattress is too soft, rating it even lower at 5 or even a 4. On the other hand, a petite, lightweight lady may find the mattress just right at 6 or 6.5; the foam doesn’t compress a lot due to her light weight.


As mentioned earlier, the Bloom mattress is rated as having a medium-firm feel, although it feels much softer. However, lying on the mattress does not feel constricted or suffocating, as with other equivalent firmness levels. The support layer ensures that you don’t sink too deep into the bed although the softness is very noticeable.

Edge support

Edge support refers to how deep the edge of a mattress compresses when subjected to weight and pressure. In general, memory mattresses don’t exactly have good edge support due to their all-foam construction.

Surprisingly, the Sleep Country Bloom mattress has good edge support. In fact, our sleep testers rated it at 6.5. Each edge compresses more deeply when you sit on it rather than when you lie on it.

Finally, with good edge support, you can use more sleeping space on the mattress. This is quite preferable if you intend to share your bed with your partner.

Motion isolation

If you’re sleeping with a partner, you need a mattress that has good motion isolation characteristics. A bed with inadequate motion transfer makes both of you sleep restlessly as you can feel each other’s movements.

Due to the Bloom mattress’s softness, the motion isolation of the bed is excellent. This means you can barely feel your partner’s movement in bed, allowing you for a much more undisturbed sleep. This is especially good if your partner is known to move a lot during the night.

As a note: a memory foam bed usually has sound motion isolation because the foam provides a raised “gap” between the depressions of the two people sleeping on it.


Bounce refers to how responsive the mattress is when weight or pressure is taken off it. A bed with a good bounce allows you to change positions without effort. A bed with inferior bounce makes it challenging to change positions; the foam “sucks” your back as you try to move.

Our sleep testers rate the Sleep Country Bloom at 3.2 on the bounce rate, which means it is quite soft. This makes changing positions feel stiff and restrained. However, this is still a higher rating than most all-foam mattresses, most likely due to the synthetic pressure relief layer.

Support and Pressure Relief

How does the Sleep Country Bloom mattress fare with different sleeping positions? Let’s check out how our sleep testers think about the mattress’s support level. Note though, that the review below assumes that the sleeper is of average weight. Lighter or heavier sleepers may not experience the same level of pressure relief or support.

Back sleepers

If you like sleeping on your back and like a bit of heavenly softness as you doze off, you will find the soft mattress perfect. The mattress allows you to sink a little, so you can feel the bed somewhat cradling you. The softness doesn’t compromise support, though the foam adequately supports your spine to be in a healthy alignment.

Stomach Sleepers

If you sleep on your stomach, the Bloom Mattress will be uncomfortable. The overall softness and the lack of bounce prevent your spine from being positioned in a proper alignment. You’ll sink too deeply, putting your chest and stomach lower than the rest of your body. If you sleep with a misaligned spine the entire night, you’ll wake up with a huge backache.

If you sleep in a prone position, you are better off with a firmer bed—around 6.5 to 7—for better support. A hybrid mattress is your best bet if you are avoiding the firm surface of an inner-coil mattress.

Side Sleepers

If you sleep on your side, the Sleep Country Bloom mattress is excellent. The softness and the precise conforming characteristics of memory foam provide actual pressure relief on your shoulders, hips, and knees. This is important because you’re resting a lot of your body weight in these points.

Multiple Positions

If you are a restless sleeper who changes positions every often, you may feel “trapped” as you settle in a position. The bed’s softness makes it feel as if you’re sliding back into your previous position as you move along the bed.


The Bloom Mattress is ideal for couples thanks to its great motion isolation properties. Motion transfer is at a bare minimum, and both of you will enjoy a relaxing, undisturbed night.

Temperature regulation

The nature and design of memory foam makes memory foam mattresses inherently hot. The Sleep Country Bloom mattress is no exception. Lying on the bed feels warm, but not too much that it causes discomfort. The breathability of the foam layers and the holes in the support layer seems quite well to mitigate the heating problem.

Available Sizes

The Sleep Country Bloom Mattress is available in various sizes. Single sleepers can fit comfortably in their Twin and Twin XL sizes.

Couples will find the Double and Queen more than adequate. A couple who sleeps with a single child can fit in the King Size. No Cal King Size is available.

Here are the prices for each size. Note that all prices are in Canadian dollars.

CAD $695 – Twin
CAD $795 – Twin XL
CAD $895 – Double
CAD $995 – Queen
CAD $1995 – King

After-sales Customer Service

Sleep Country provides great customer service, ensuring that you have all the customer care support you need all the way.

Free Shipping

Sleep Country offers free shipping within mainland Canada and Prince Edward Island. For shipping in Newfoundland and Labrador, the Northwest Territories, the Yukon Territory, and Nunavut, purchasers need to pay $120 CAD as shipping fee.

Shipping time is usually 3 to 10 days, depending on your location.

100 Night Trial Period

You can test the product for 100 nights. If you don’t like it, you can return the mattress to the Sleep Country. The company will arrange for pickup.

Your money will not be refunded. However, you will gain in-store credits which you can purchase other Sleep Country products.


Sleep Country offers a 10-year warranty on their mattress, covering shoddy quality and subpar materials. It does not cover wear and tear or damage from everyday use, abuse, or misuse.

Green Policy

Once your mattress goes past its useful life, you can send it back to Sleep Country for proper recycling.


The affordability and simple construction of the Sleep Country Bloom Mattress make it a good candidate should you decide to shift to a memory foam mattress. Even though some reviews mentioned it has durability issues; its affordable price alleviates the worry of having wasted money over a bed.

The bed’s softness may be unsuited for stomach sleepers, heavyset people, or those who frequently change their sleeping positions. However, side sleepers will find mattress’s precision pressure relief and support a boon. Couples will also appreciate the above-average motion isolation characteristic.

Overall, the Sleep Country Bloom Mattress gives you a great deal for your money, offering you comfort at a price you can afford.

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