Silk and Snow Mattress (In-Depth and Unbiased Review 2022): Is This the Perfect Bed for You?


Silk and Snow Mattress


Some people find the sinking, enveloping feeling of memory foam mattresses awkward and uncomfortable. But a lot of people love its softness! If you’re a memory foam mattress fan, you’ll want to check out the Silk and Snow Mattress. Our team tried it out so you won’t have to. Check our full review here.


A big challenge of manufacturers of all-foam beds is incorporating a good amount of support, pressure relief, and conformity in their mattress. Silk and Snow, a bed-in-a-box manufacturer, based in Ontario, Canada, seemingly made an all-foam mattress that provides amazing equilibrium, hitting the key spot in all these factors.

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Let’s check out how this product fares against our sleep testers in this Silk and Snow mattress review.

Ideal Customers for the Silk and Snow Mattress

All-foam mattresses come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and levels of comfort. So how will you know if the Silk and Snow mattress is for you? If your answer to these questions is “yes,” then it’s likely that you will enjoy this product.

However, the Silk and Snow Mattress may not be for you if you answer “yes” to the following questions:


Features of the Silk and Snow Mattress

The heart of any mattress lies in how it is constructed and how it provides comfort. Let’s check out how the Silk and Snow mattress fares in these two aspects.


Similar to other all-foam mattresses, the Silk and Snow cover comprises several layers of different kinds of foam.


According to the manufacturer, the Silk and Snow mattress’s ultra-soft cover is made of “one of the world’s smartest natural materials.” The cover consists of a pioneering anti-microbial textile infused with pure, powdered silver. The infusion inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, and molds that may produce unpleasant odors, harbor allergens, or, worse, cause skin diseases.

Our sleep testers agree that the mattress cover feels incredibly soft and plush, thanks to the polyester-spandex-silver infused fabric. You would not have a difficult time falling asleep in utmost comfort.

Like all other bed covers, the fabric can get dirty over time. That’s not a problem because the Silk and Snow cover can easily be removed via a zipper that goes all around the mattress. You can have the mattress cover laundered the standard way to remove the dirt.

Cooling and Support Layer

Underneath the cover is the top layer that provides the first level of comfort. It is made of 2 inches of supportive memory foam that features excellent contouring properties. It enfolds your body, following every curve, bulge, and shape of your unique physique. Pressure relief is tremendous, which is a boon for side sleepers.

The top layer also has consistent cooling properties, which counteract memory foam’s natural tendency to trap body heat. And as we all know, a cooler bed provides a much better and comfortable snooze.

Response and Transition Layer

Under the Silk and Snow mattress’s top layer is another 2-inch layer of foam that acts as an intermediary between the responsive top layer and the firm base layer. This ultra-dense and responsive memory foam layer add a great level of springiness, support, and bounce. The support level is akin to that of a latex or pocketed coil bed.

Thus, unlike other ultra-soft memory beds, you won’t feel as if you’re sinking and trapped in the Silk and Snow mattress.

Support Layer

The bottom layer consists of 6 inches of thick, high-density foam. This layer gives the bed its shape, durability, and strength. The foam’s toughness allows the mattress to be placed on any surface by itself on a protective floor mat, box spring, flat platform, slotted base, or an adjustable frame.


Sleep testers often assess the softness or firmness of a mattress with a scale. 1 means the mattress is incredibly soft, while 10 means the mattress is incredibly firm. Most sleep testers agree that the industry standard is 6.5, which puts the bed at medium firm. That means the bed can sufficiently and comfortably support a sleeper without the sleeper feeling as if he has sunk into the bed.

However, it is essential to know that the rating is generally based on average weight back sleepers. It is likely to change from another person’s perspective, depending on his sleeping position and weight. For instance, a heavyweight person weighing 230 pounds or more may find a mattress too soft even though it is rated as medium-firm. On the other hand, a petite and lightweight person may find the bed too firm and would prefer a softer mattress.


As per our sleep testers, the Sleep and Snow Mattress is rated 6 to 7, right at the normal mattress standard. The two layers of memory foam do a good job of adapting to your body weight and shape, as well as your sleeping position.

The surprising thing is that even our heavyset sleep testers agree that the Silk and Snow Mattress supports them adequately without them feeling sinking into the bed. The thin transition layer seems to be the key to this. It allows the top memory foam to sink but cushions the depression right before you can feel the base layer.

Temperature Regulation

Due to its microscopic air cells, memory foam tends to trap warm air. Sleepers often complain that memory foam mattresses become uncomfortably hot.

Not so with the Silk and Snow mattress. Our sleep testers found the mattress relatively cool. The breathable, silver-infused cover with its soft and silky touch seems to take the primary role of cooling the bed.

Even if the foam layers do not have a cooling gel infusion like other memory foam beds, they dissipate away trapped heat. It may have to do something with the material or technology being used. The company boasts that their memory foam is 13 times cooler than ordinary memory foam and 16 times cooler than latex. 

Finally, our sleep testers didn’t feel a noticeable heat buildup as they lay down on the mattress. This is a relief considering that memory foam gets hotter as the night wears on due to an increasing amount of heat trapped in the air cells. As such, the Sleep and Snow Mattress is ideal for people who are located in warmer climates.


The sinkage of a mattress refers to how deep a person “sinks” into the bed as he or she lies down on it. A mattress with too much sinkage makes the sleeper feel trapped as if the foam is sucking him into the structure. It also makes switching positions or sleeping area feel stiff and awkward as the mattress’s softness pulls you right back in. 

The foam materials and the structure of the Sleep and Snow Mattress make its sinkage very controlled, which is quite impressive for a mattress that is only 10 inches thick in total. You can feel yourself sink a little on the memory foam, but not too much that you’ll feel trapped. 

This also means that changing sleeping positions or moving to another side of the bed while lying down is effortless.

Edge Support

With good sinkage and support, the Sleep and Snow Mattress has good edge support. The edges don’t compress too far down when subjected to weight and pressure. Great edge support also means that you get more sleeping area on your Sleep and Snow Mattress.

Motion Transfer

Are you sleeping with a partner? If so, don’t you find it annoying if you can feel your partner tossing and turning? You might as well keep awake at night. The main culprit may be your mattress. If it has poor motion isolation, your partner’s motions are “transmitted” to your side.

This doesn’t seem to be a problem with the Sleep and Snow Mattress. The mattress isolates motion quite well. The memory foam layers’ adaptive action appears to provide a “barrier” for motion between the two sleepers. You won’t feel rolling or sliding towards your partner when you sleep.

Without you feeling the movements of your restless partner, you can enjoy undisturbed sleep.

CertiPUR-US Certified

The Silk and Snow mattress meets the highest compliance standards of the bed-in-a-box industry in the US and Canada. The foam materials are CertiPUR-US certified, which means they don’t contain harmful materials. They are constructed without ozone depleters, flame retardants, heavy metals, mercury, phthalates, or formaldehyde.

The foam emits negligible amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which means it does not affect indoor air quality.

Lastly, the Silk and Snow mattress meets the required safety standards required by the federal government. This assures you that you are getting a safe and high-quality product.

Customer Service

Besides the Silk and Snow mattress’s quality and comfort, the manufacturer also promises great customer after-care service.

Other Sleep Products

Sleep and Snow doesn’t just manufacture and sell memory foam mattress. They also create high-quality products that synchronize to give you the best sleep possible. Elements of their sleep system include the following:

100 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial

The company allows you to try out their Silk and Snow memory foam mattress for 100 nights. That is more than 3 months of testing, although you are required to try the mattress for at least 30 days.

If at any time within that 100 nights you feel that the product falls short of your expectation, you can return it to the manufacturer. Just contact them to know the details of the return. Silk and Snow will then refund you in full.

Free Shipping

A mattress is a hefty investment, and you wouldn’t want to spend any more than you have to. Silk and Snow understand that predicament, so the company offers free shipping to all Canadian provinces. For customers in the Canadian Territories, you will be charged with a minimal non-refundable shipping fee.

The company also offers free shipping to the 48 contiguous states of the US as well as the District of Columbia. Customers living in Alaska or Hawaii will be charged a small and non-refundable shipping fee.

15 Year Warranty

The company assures you will receive a product of the highest quality—a mattress designed to help you sleep comfortably. Thus, they are giving you a 15-year warranty for the Silk and Snow mattress for your peace of mind. Your mattress is covered against factory defects, shoddy workmanship, and substandard materials.

However, the warranty does not cover natural wear and tear as well as damage from misuse or abuse.


Overall, the Silk and Snow Mattress is quite impressive due to its almost perfect balance of features. Even at 10 inches, which is thinner than most all-foam mattresses, it has good synergy between pressure relief, support, and bounce. It is ideal for all sleeping poses, with the right amount of bounce making it easy to shift positions. Achieving good balance when it comes to comfort is quite a challenge for most manufacturers, but Silk and Snow did it beautifully.

That good amount of balance also makes it an excellent bed for couples, even those who are restless sleepers, thanks to the product’s great motion isolation characteristic.

However, it is not an ideal bed for those who want to lie down on either extreme side of the comfort scale due to preference or existing body conditions. 

Silk and Snow Mattress is great value for your money. It should be a great addition to your bedroom or as a replacement for your old mattress.

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