Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Review (2022): Updated and Comprehensive

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Table of Contents

When we were kids and couldn’t sleep, our parents probably at least once- said, “close your eyes and count sheep.” 

Well, Serta has taken those sheep and herded them up and made them their own. This simple idea- that having the perfect bed meant never having to sleep at night. 

Today, if you have not heard of Serta, you’ve probably been living beneath a bed of rocks.

Serta has been the name ever since they launched the first Perfect Sleeper mattress in 1931. 

Promising to be “Always Comfortable,” they’re known to make this a priority throughout their 90 years run in the industry. 

Notable firsts include the Sertapedic (1950) and the Pillow Soft Plush (1970). They then hit the comfort jackpot (and the love of all sleepers everywhere) when they began their partnership with the National Sleep Foundation. Together with the NSF, they redesigned the Perfect Sleeper and every model under the line.

As the top mattress manufacturer in the United States and with six mattress lines, the Perfect Sleeper, SleepTrue, Mattress in a Box, iComfort, iSeries, and Hotel Mattresses. At some point or on any of your trips- you’ve probably never had to count sheep and be lulled to sleep by a Serta Mattress.

serta perfect sleeper

What you need to know- fast! Is the Perfect Sleeper for you?

The Perfect Sleeper is best for those who have slept/ purchased a Serta mattress before and are used to the feel of an innerspring bed. Innerspring beds are known to feel more firm than their latex, memory foam, and other counterparts. If you’re looking to buy a Serta, but want more of a memory foam feel, we suggest the Standale II line. 

The Perfect Sleeper’s 825-100 coil system also makes it an excellent bed for heavier individuals. The innersprings will be able to withstand the added pressure without losing the support it is known for. 

If you’re a side sleeper, chances are your hips will be taking the brunt of your weight as you sleep. In that case, purchasing the pillow top or EuroTop versions would be best. That added layer between you and the innersprings would significantly alleviate the pressure your hips will feel as you sleep.

What you need to know about the Serta Perfect sleeper line

We’ve mentioned earlier that Serta has six separate mattress lines, for this review- we’ll be focusing on the Perfect Sleeper and the twelve beds in the line.

In 2010, Serta took their beloved Perfect Sleeper and gave them a significant upgrade. Working alongside the National Sleep Foundation, they set out to create a new Perfect Sleeper- one that was not only “Always Comfortable” but also equally supportive. The perfect innerspring mattress.

All twelve Perfect Sleeper mattresses are an innerspring mattress of some sort (some have memory foam toppers, Euro-top, coil hybrids). Featuring 886 wrapped coils to make that custom and signature support system, each layer in each mattress was designed to alleviate pressure, ease pains and support your entire body as you lay down, regardless of whichever way you sleep. A good night’s rest is guaranteed- no more counting sheep at night.

The Perfect Sleeper’s twelve beds are divided into four models- including hybrid and innerspring only options. Each model is also available in firm, medium, and plush. So you really are guaranteed to find your perfect mattress in the line. The prices vary between styles with the Standale II (memory foam-coil hybrid) being the most pricey, followed by the Trelleburg II and Kleinmon II at mid-range and the Elkins II is the bargain option.

Compared to other mattresses (from other brands) in the market- Perfect Sleeper’s wide range of models and prices place the line right in the middle—a reasonably priced mattress with options for everybody and every budget.

Why the Serta Perfect Sleeper is the National Sleep Foundation’s Official Mattress

The Perfect Sleeper line is a product of extensive research and the collaboration between Serta and the NSF. The National Sleep Foundation is a non-profit foundation whose mission is to wake up America to the importance of sleep. After years of studying sleeping habits, the effects of sleep on our health, and lifestyle, they have named the Perfect Sleeper their official mattress since together, they have engineered these beds to combat the common reasons for low-quality sleep.


Poor Motion Support

All Perfect Sleepers have a coil system that is interlaced- this means that the force from movement on the mattress runs from the top of the bed, down towards the base, and is not distributed across. If you are sharing the bed with kids or a fussy partner, you’re sure to stay sound asleep.

Lack of Support

A wrong bed can leave you with aches and pains when you wake up- or worse, keep you up at night. The Perfect Sleeper’s coil support system is designed to support you and make sure you are perfectly aligned- no matter the sleeping position. Several models also feature zoned coils to give support in specific areas like the lower back, neck, and shoulders.

Poor air circulation leading to tossing and turning

Sleeper comfort is increased by the proper combination and placement of the comfort layers. The foams and fibers used are breathable, moisture-wicking, and allow for better air circulation. This reduces tossing and turning at night- looking for that “cool” side of the bed.

The aforementioned comfort layers are also designed to keep you cool when you’re hot and warm when you’re cold. Some of the Perfect Sleepers’ twelve models include CoolTwist Gel foams- drawing heat from you as you sleep throughout the night.

Edge Support

Beds with poor edge support tend to feel cramped. You might even fear falling off at night. Serta Perfect Sleepers are tested to provide relief of 99% of the population – no matter your sleeping style, weight, or height.

Perfect Sleeper Models, Specs, Sizes and Pricing

With twelve models, it can be quite overwhelming to compare all the Perfect Sleepers. So what we’ve done here is lay them all out for you- listed from the most budget-friendly to the most $$$$

ModelTypeFirmness (1-10)TwinTwin XLFullQueenKingCal King
Elkins II FirmInnerspringFirm: 7/10$399$429$479$499$699$699
Elkins II EuroTop PLInnerspring with EuroTopSoft: 3/10$499$529$579$599$799$799
Elkins II PlushInnerspringExtra Soft: 2/10$399$429$479$499$699$699
Kleinmon II FirmInnerspringExtra Firm: 9/ 10$599$629$679$699$999$999
Kleinmon II PlushInnerspringMedium: 5/10$599$629$679$679$999$999
Kleinmon II PT PlushInnerspring  with Pillow TopMedium Soft: 4/10$699$729$779$799$1099$1099
Trelleburg II Extra FirmInnerspringExtra Firm: 9/10$799$829$879$899$1199$1199
Trelleburg II PlushInnerspringMedium Soft: 4/10$799$829$879$899$1199$1199
Trelleburg II PT PlushInnerspring  with Pillow TopExtra Soft: 2/10$899$929$979$999$1299$1299
Standale II Luxury FirmMemory Foam & Coil HybridExtra Firm: 9/10$899$929$979$999$1299$1299
Standale II PT FirmMemory Foam & Coil Hybrid with Pillow TopMedium: 6/10$999$1029$1079$1099$1499$1499
Standale II Plush PTMemory Foam & Coil Hybrid with Pillow TopMedium Soft: 4/10$999$1029$1079`$1099$1499$1499

What are the Perfect Sleepers made of?

Three of the Perfect Sleeper Models are, in essence, innerspring mattresses: the Kleinmon II, the Elkins II, and the Trelleburg II. They feature these following base layers (all of which are also found in all Perfect Sleepers)


HyperTouch Specialized Comfort Foam

In place of your average foam, Serta uses a combination of specialized foam, premium stretch material, and engineered fibers. This so that you immediately feel the top layer cradle your body and ease tension on all known pressure points (back, hips, neck, and shoulders).

Cool Twist Gel Foam

The “cooling layer” of the bed is made with their patented Cool Twist Gel Foam, designed to keep cool air flowing and regulate your temperature as you sleep- drawing hot air out to keep you cool.

Custom Support Coil System

The “meat” of every Perfect Sleeper and the result of their collaboration with the NSF- this 825 individually coil layer provides cradling support, contouring and keeps movement from spreading across the bed and transfers that motion up and down the coils. No more waking up at every move.

Cool Twist® CoolFeel™ Fabric

The pillow and EuroTop versions come with this revolutionary breathable, anti-microbial cover that is as comfortable as it is cool. This layer guarantees an instant cooling effect the moment you lay down.

Cool Twist® Gel Memory Foam

At the top of the line is the Standale II made even better with the extra layer of foam, Cool Twist®CoolFeel™ Fabric, and a 1000 coil support system. This sets the Standale Apart from the rest! A hybrid mattress – Cooling gel is added to the known to be warm memory foam: better airflow, perfect support, and premium contouring. 

Between the three Standale models, the Standale firm has the least layers of foam- yet we can still say that there is still a good number of layers between that and the coil layer.

100% Made in the USA

Like they have been for nearly nine decades, all Serta mattresses are made in the USA’s state-of-the-art facility.

Purchasing a Serta Perfect Sleeper

The trial period

If you purchase your mattress online on Serta.Com- the huge plus is that you are then entitled to the 120- day trial. (which is the industry standard). When purchasing from various retailers- you will have to note that trial periods may vary or not even be on offer. Serta.Com also offers free returns for all mattresses purchased directly from the site. This guarantee is why we highly recommend buying directly from Serta.

Shipping, Handling, and Returns

After ordering from Serta.Com, expect your mattress anytime from 4 to 14 days from your purchase date. The basic service comes free, and the delivery company is always glad to arrange delivery at the time of your convenience. If you opt for White Glove service (at an additional cost)- delivery will include personalized service, basic set-up, and the removal of your old mattress. 

Purchasing from other retailers mean having to work around varied set-ups and that they may not have the option for White Glove service.

Warranty period

For purchases made on the official site, Serta Perfect Sleep mattresses (as well as all Serta branded mattresses) are covered by a ten year warranty period. Whether buying on the website or from another retailer, no warranty covers a change of mind or a change in the kind of mattress you need.


With Serta being one of the United States’ top mattress brands, you are almost always sure to find a Perfect Sleeper at other online shops or other major and smaller retailers across the country. 

Final Rating - is the Serta Perfect Sleeper Perfect?

Serta is a brand that has been making one thing for 90 years- mattresses and they are proud to say they do it well. Collaborating with The National Sleep Foundation was a significant plus. Not just PR-wise, but sleep-wise. The research pulled together to create this bed has been widely acclaimed to have helped many reach their well..perfect sleep. 

These Perfect Sleeper Innerspring mattresses were made to cradle your pressure points, keeping you from waking up in the middle of the night because of aches and pains. They’re also made to withstand and keep your weight balanced, preventing you from sinking- which we all know causes a terrible amount of back pain.

With a wide range of firmness levels and hybrids across the Perfect Sleeper spectrum- we can almost guarantee that you’ll find the right one for you, no matter your preference or price range. If you’re looking for a mattress with loads of rave reviews and is made by an established and trusted company, we cannot recommend the Perfect Sleeper line enough. The Perfect Sleepers embody the Serta brand- unfussy, uncomplicated, straightforward, and Always Comfortable.

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Table of Contents

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