Serta Brindale Mattress: Honest Review (2022) – Buy or Avoid?

serta brindale

Serta Brindale Mattress


At just under $300, the Serta Brindale Mattress is a great bed to own and sleep on. Firm and bouncy, it provides great support, pressure relief and it’s cooling, too. Durability may be an issue, though. Is the Brindale Mattress for you? Our experts have gathered results of our evaluation this full review.


There’s no doubt that mattresses today are quite expensive, and not all of them are worth the money. Some are inexplicably firm while some are just way too soft without providing much support. However, what if we told you that there is a highly affordable mattress that can provide you with both? Yes, that’s right. May we introduce you to the Serta Brindale Mattress.

Are you looking for an inexpensive bed for a guest room? Maybe you have just moved out and moved into your own place, and, now, you’re looking for a mattress that can save you a few bucks. Then, the Serta Brindale Mattress may just be the best product for you. With our guide, see all of the bed’s full features along with its advantages, disadvantages, prices, sizes, and so much more. Now, without further ado, let’s get started with the review.

Size & Price​

Before anything else, we know that you are quite intrigued about the price since this is probably the most essential part. So, we decided to show it to you now along with all available sizes. All in all, the mattress comes in six sizes, which are:

Size & Price​
37.5” x 74.5”
$299.98 (Mattress Only)
$399.00 (Set)
Twin XL
38” x 79.5”
$324.00 (Mattress Only)
$449.00 (Set)
53.5” x 74.5”
$369.00 (Mattress Only)
$497.00 (Set)
60” x 79.5”
$399.00 (Mattress Only)
$529.00 (Set)
76” x 79.5”
$519.00 (Mattress Only)
$768.00 (Set)
C. King
72” x 83.5”
$519.00 (Mattress Only)
$768.00 (Set)
serta brindale

When one should choose the mattress with the full set, it will come with a choice of two box spring types: Low Profile (5.75”) and Standard (9”).

Overall, the Serta company offers mattresses that are way below the average price. Perfect for anyone looking to find an affordable but wonderful bed to sleep on. Making a guest or a new house feel like home.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using the Serta Brindale Mattress

Although we will be showing you an in-depth review of the mattress’ design, construction, and performance, we thought it would be best to show you the pros and cons of the bed.



Let’s Talk About Design and Construction

Now let’s talk about the Serta Brindale Mattress’ one-sided, no flip, two-layer design.  The bed is measured at 10 inches thick and stays that way whether it’s a Twin or a California King. In this section we will show you what makes up the whole mattress and how can it work for you.

The First Layer

First off, let’s start with the comfort layer. This section of the mattress is composed of gel-infused memory foam. The gel that’s mixed with the foam provides a “cool to the touch” surface that goes well when nights are particularly warmer than usual. Additionally, the material is highly breathable which helps with regulating body temperature to prevent a person from sleeping hot and waking up with a pool of sweat.

The Second Layer

Next is the support layer. This layer is made up of Serta’s innerspring support system. It provides plenty of support for each person who will lay down on it. With the innerspring system, it adds a more responsive “bounce” compared to an all memory foam mattress. 

Since the Serta Brindale Mattress is not solely made of memory foam, you won’t be “sinking” too much into the bed. So, this allows for more air to pass through, adding a cooling effect for the sleeper. This is one major advantage of innersprings compared to memory foam mattresses.

images 1

Let’s Talk About Comfort Level

On a firmness scale, 1 being heavenly soft without any support and 10 being severely hard without any comfort, the Serta Brindale Mattress lands on a very firm 7.

Now, don’t get discouraged now, a firmer mattress comes with its own benefits and advantages to offer people. One major advantage is superb support. When you want a healthier form of sleep, a firm mattress can help tremendously.

However, of course, that depends on the multiple factors, such as weight, sleeping position, and most importantly, it highly depends on what customers prioritize best when it comes to the things that they would want to sleep on.

Let’s Talk About Performance

Evidently, every shopper wants to know how a certain product performs when faced with different factors. So, with the Serta Mattress, we will show you everything you need to know how it fairs in various elements.


When talking about durability, the Serta Brindale Mattress, unfortunately, falls short in this category. Although it is a solid product when brand new, it won’t be after a certain amount of time, which is below the average lifespan of a mattress. If you are looking for a durable mattress, we suggest looking at other models that Serta offers. 

Pressure Relief

This is where the bed performs fairly well. With Serta’s intricate innerspring system, each spring is designed to add support on areas with increased pressure. Therefore, relieving any added and unwanted pressure. However, it’s important to note that it is still no comparison to an all memory foam mattress.

Motion Isolation

Couples might, sadly, want to look at other models for motion isolation. The model does not quite prevent the transfer of movement from one side to the other. That means if you are prone to move a lot when you sleep, your partner will definitely notice it. This bed does not necessarily promote a disturbance-free sleep.

Position Shifting

If, however, you do not share the bed with anyone, you can enjoy plenty of tossing and turning with the Serta Mattress. With the individually wrapped coils in place, the bed provides a buoyancy that is comparable to the most expensive mattresses available. The superb bounce quality that the bed provides an easier way for people to change positions while they sleep.

Temperature Neutrality

This is where the mattress performs best. The gel-infused memory foam on the top of the mattress provides a cooling effect that can last through the warmest of nights. If you tend to sleep hot, this mattress can help you greatly. Plus, since it’s an innerspring mattress, you will be sleeping “on top” of your bed rather than sinking into it. That means heat can escape quickly, and an appropriate amount of airflow can be provided.

Who Do We Recommend Use the Mattress?

By now, all customers know what they like and what they don’t like. Each person all has unique sets of preferences, especially when it comes to home furniture. See below if you are one of the people who can benefit from it or not.

correct 1

People who prefer a firmer mattress

This bed is more of a “provides more support rather than comfort” type of mattress. If you love sleeping on a firm surface, this mattress is perfect for you. The firmness of the mattress promotes proper blood circulation and fewer muscle aches.

correct 1

People who prefer to sleep on their backs

For those who love to sleep in this position, rest assured that this mattress can provide healthier sleep since it enables your spine to stay in its natural alignment.

correct 1

People who prefer to sleep on their stomachs

Sleeping on the stomach is generally okay nowadays, provided you have a firm mattress, and the Serta Mattress provides exactly that. With the bed’s superior firm quality, it will prevent the lower back from “collapsing”, so that it stays in its natural curvature. If you’re someone who is looking for a firm mattress, this one is perfect for you.

correct 1

People who sleep hot or who want to sleep cooler

Since the bed is not made entirely out of memory foam, it won’t cradle your body, so that there can be proper ventilation, allowing more heat to escape faster. Plus, with the gel-infused memory foam on the top layer, it provides a much cooler surface for the sleeper.

correct 1

People who want to save a few dollars

There is no doubt that the Serta Brindale Mattress is highly inexpensive compared to its competitors. That is why it is perfect for thrift seekers everywhere.

Who Do We Not Recommend Use The Mattress?

Of course, if there are people who could benefit from that mattress, then there are people who won’t. So, if you did not see yourself belonging to any group from above, chances are Serta’s Mattress cannot provide you with a good night’s sleep. Read on below and find out for yourself.

wrong 1

People who prefer a softer mattress

As stated before, the Serta Brindale Mattress is not a soft bed. It does not provide an equal amount of support and comfort. If you are looking for a softer mattress that embraces your body while you sleep, we highly recommend you to look for a memory foam mattress.

wrong 1

People who prefer sleeping on their sides

For side sleepers, they would need a mattress that is feathery soft and because this mattress is not, they won’t be happy when sleeping on it, especially when waking up the day after. People who love sleeping on their sides need a softer surface so that their shoulders and hips are properly cushioned and allow blood to circulate better. This also decreases the chances of side sleepers waking up with pain or aches in their shoulders and hips.

wrong 1

People who share the bed

If you are sharing your bed with your partner, child, or pet, this mattress won’t keep things peaceful during the night. The mattress provides very poor motion isolation capabilities. If you have someone sleeping next to you, they will definitely feel any movement you make. This especially won’t make light sleepers happier.

More Vital Information

Now that we’ve covered all that you need to know about the Serta Brindale Mattress, let’s now get to the smaller but essential items.


Serta offers a 10-year limited warranty on all their mattresses for their customers.


Serta ships anywhere around the US and offers three shipping options for customers:

Trial Period

The company offers a 120-night trial period for all its customers to test out their mattresses and see if it is the perfect product for their home.

CertiPUR-US Certified

This essentially means that all of the materials that make up the mattress is free from any hazardous chemicals or substances. This promotes a healthier sleep for everyone.

Construction & Design Location

The Serta Brindale Mattress is designed and built in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

With almost 90 years of experience in the mattress industry, Serta is one of the most dependable brands available today. The company offers the most basic beds all the way to premium mattresses with plenty of lines and models for their customers to select. When it comes to mattress companies, Serta is one of those at the top.

The answer is no. For Serta Mattresses, all that you need is a flat and sturdy base that can adequately support your weight and the weight of the mattress. However, some mattresses do need a box spring. That is why it is necessary to check the labels when shopping.

Yes, there is a big difference between the two. An ordinary memory foam traps heat because of how dense the foam is. On the other hand, gel-infused memory foam absorbs heat and wicks away sweat, promoting a cooler sleep throughout the night.


Since we are living in a world where every product seems to get more expensive with each passing day, it’s fantastic to know that some companies still offer low-cost products for the general public. The Serta Brindale Mattress is a perfect example of that. Although it does have a few disadvantages, it still provides what most of humanity needs – a bed to sleep on.

Mattresses are an investment. However, getting the most expensive one may not always be best for you, and buying a highly inexpensive mattress may be too cheap. That is why before shopping for one, you need to know what you are looking for in a bed. Once you have figured that part, that’s the time you go out or check online for that specific mattress that can give you the sleep you deserve.

With so many mattresses available today, it’s hard to choose the best one as every single brand says that they’re the best. That is why it is our top priority to provide you with an honest-to-goodness review of each mattress in the hopes of helping you choose the right one for you.

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