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Canadian mattress brand GoodMorning.com’s Recore mattress is a great mattress for active sleepers – especially athletes. It promises great pressure relief and eases muscle pain. Do you lead an active lifestyle yourself? The Recore Mattress may be for you. Check our full review here.

If you find yourself interested in GoodMorning.com’s Recore Mattress but still need a little push to decide to get one, then this Recore Mattress Review will be helpful for you.

This article will discuss the Recore Mattress in detail, its composition, its benefits and even bits of information you might need to know when deciding to buy one like shipping, sleep trial period, or year warranty. 

Read through to get to know the Recore Mattress better, and then be able to determine if it is suited for you or not.

About the Company

GoodMorning.com is a Canadian retailer company located in Edmonton, and all their mattresses are produced and distributed from Montreal. Customers can presume to connect with a Canadian-based service support team that is readily available with the goals of educating their customers about the relationship of mattress performance and sleep as well as how their manufactured products can provide ideal sleeping conditions. 

This best bed in box Canada company also scores on some Earth Day points with their zero-waste policy, where they commit to donate all returned mattresses to charities in North America. According to GoodMorning.com they will repurpose or recycle everything that is not used in the manufacture of a finished mattress.  

The retailer GoodMorning.com lets consumers understand that not all mattresses are made equal, but they are manufactured to cater to specific people and their needs. This does not mean though that one mattress is better than the other. The real challenge in shopping for a mattress would always be finding what specific type of layer composition will work best with one’s preferences and unique needs.

About GoodMorning.com’s Recore Mattress

Since Goodmorning.com’s pioneer in 2009, the brand has gone on to be the producer of the most popular mattresses in Canada. It scored really big to a wide range of sleepers across Canada with its original memory foam mattress model. The Recore Mattress is the first that GoodMorning.com designed for active sleepers specifically having athletes in mind, and comes with a 15 year warranty.

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Layer-By-Layer composition of the Recore Mattress

GoodMorning.com’s Recore Mattress stands at 10.5 inches thick making it a medium-profile mattress. This is made of three layers of foam that combines the features of contouring, support, and cooling. We will dissect this mattress and provide the results for this Recore Mattress Review, then understand what benefits we can get from each of its featured layer.

The SilverCharged™ Top Cover

Recore’s breathable and soft top cover is specifically permeated with SilverCharged™ thread sewn into the fabric so that it will naturally impede odor-causing microbes, mold, bacteria, and allergens. This cover is made from a blend of viscose, spandex, and polyester that result in a stretchy and very soft feel. 

This cover also comes with a unique color which is not the standard white, that can easily be removed by unzipping it from the Recore Mattress. The cover can be washed on a gentle cycle and reused after either air-drying or tumble-drying. Care is easy as you may even spot-clean its fabric in case staining will occur on the bottom cover, you may simply use baking soda or a mild detergent. It is still recommended that you use a sheet or a mattress protector to keep the cover in good shape.

The Graphite Latex Comfort Layers

Combining the thermal-regulating qualities of graphite latex along with the pressure-relieving properties of latex, the top layer of the Recore Mattress is able to rapidly transport heat away from your body. The comfort layer is made of 1.5 inches of synthetic latex to provide optimum responsiveness and body-conforming features, while the graphite latex has natural cooling characteristics and heat conductivity capabilities are designed to regulate the bed’s temperature. 

The graphite infused latex foam used on the Recore Mattress’s comfort layer is synthetic which means it does not contain proteins from natural rubber latex. So, to those of you who may have latex allergies, you can enjoy the unique combination of pressure relief and bounciness with this Recore Mattress. Additionally, the Recore Mattress is very bouncy which is quite beneficial for those people who may have difficulties moving around in bed.

The Transition Layer Vortex™ Cooling Gel Foam Layers

Up next is a 2-inches of Polar™ Gel Foam section which is a transitional gel-infused polyfoam, which has a much slower response to pressure compared with the comfort layer made of latex above it. The memory foam used on this transition layer is denser and firmer than the synthetic latex which will prevent the sleepers from getting into contact with the base layer by sinking too deeply into the Recore Mattress. This breathable middle transition layer works with the other layers to give pressure relief and contour your body, all the while still allowing excess body heat to escape. 

The special heat-transmitting gel microbeads are infused in the foam mattress keeps the cooling game all through the mattress as it performs to lessen the spontaneous overheating properties of a memory foam. The gel composition offers billions of air cushions within the layer, and still performs to absorb shock while keeping heat from being stuck. So, if you like memory foam but do not like the feeling of being trapped in a mattress then the addition of a latex on top of this later is what you are looking for.

The Ultra-Durable Support Foam Layers

Under the Recore’s transition layer is an ultra-durable base layer that delivers the added assistance that your body needs and craves at the end of a day. The 7-inches support core is made of a high density polyfoam that stabilizes the whole Recore Mattress thus retaining an even surface for the mattress user. This layer also facilitates the isolation of movement among sleepers so you can doze deeply and without any disruption. It also offers a modest strengthening edge support so the owners can avoid sinking when getting in and out of bed.

The Recore Mattress review showed that this model has sacrificed some space for comfort items or materials just to be furnished with a thicker base layer support. As a result, the Recore Mattress rates a 6 on a firmness scale of 1-10 which translates that it feels fairly supportive and relatively firm. This makes the mattress best fitted to individuals in the average weight division, as well as lighter persons or heavier individuals who may prefer a mattress with mid-level firmness.

Overall, having combined the three layers that each have their own features, the Recore Mattress owner will definitely enjoy the total benefits of the well-designed mattress.

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The Benefits of a Recore Mattress

Next is, we are going to take an in-depth look at the benefits of using a Recore Mattress.

Build Quality and Durability

Though there has not been enough time to test this Recore Mattress model against other mattresses because this has only been available to the public for about two years. The only durability assessment is founded on the construction and quality of materials used, plus the brand’s overall reputation. 

The expected lifespan of a Recore Mattress is at par with that of a standard mixed-foam mattress model which is about 6 to 61/2 years before a replacement is necessary. The sturdy materials should reinforce the edge support and fully sustain the surface to be able to survive excessive body impressions and sagging over time.

However, the comfort layer may be made of synthetic latex material, which is not that particularly durable compared with natural, organic, or even blended latex. The owner may notice a loss of support as the materials within the Recore Mattress deteriorate. 

It is recommended to rotate the cushion head-to-foot every three to six months to protect the Recore Mattress from quick major wear and tear.

Pressure Reduction

The testers’ results show that the Recore Mattress reduced the pressure for the majority of the testers. The mattress was able to provide great overall support for both back and stomach sleepers plus it resisted sagging in the tension-sensitive zones. Side sleepers also enjoyed good cushioning for their hips and shoulder while improving pressure relief throughout the body, and still keeping the spine aligned.

Motion Isolation

The motion isolation feature was proven and tested when two testers laid side-by-side on the top surface of the Recore Mattress. Then one tester moved around, and the other tester still felt a bit of motion transfer from across the surface. The test demonstrates that the mattress offers acceptable motion isolation because neither of the two testers felt much movement from the other side of the mattress. The synthetic latex foam is fairly responsive, but the material does not completely eliminate motion transfer.

Thermal Neutrality

In totality, the Recore Mattress provides excellent temperature neutrality because the synthetic latex in the comfort layer does not absorb as much body heat as a polyfoam or a memory foam. The components of the synthetic latex foam allow the mattress to sleep a bit cooler than many other brands having the same material composition. 

This specific mattress does not provide airflow because of its solid foam base but the innerspring and hybrid models offer a better thermal neutrality because of their open coil systems that allow much more air to circulate.

Edge Reinforcement

The testers sat along the perimeters of the Recore Mattress to test it for its edge support. The heavier testers observed more sinking than those who fall into the average and light weight categories. Generally, the Recore Mattress played equally well in this classification especially that this is a mixed-foam bed. Other models from competing brands with foam comfort layers are more prone to deeper sinkage but the Recore Mattress owes its edge reinforcement to the latex comfort layer that makes it better to resist sagging than foam. 

The testers also took turns in lying down near the edges to check for “roll-off” feelings. The heavier testers felt less secure than those who weigh 104 kilograms and less. Yet, the mattress scored fairly in giving a decent edge support that does not sink excessively.

Mattress Responsiveness

Though the Recore Mattress lacks the bounciness of hybrid, innerspring, and all-latex mattresses, it still is somewhat responsive due to its synthetic latex comfort layer. Some users may find that it sinks a bit too deeply, which can make changing positions to be challenging as it hinders movement. The mattress still provides decent traction for people who typically maintain one position.

Unboxing Off-Gassing

Usually new mattresses may have some initial off-gassing odor after unboxing, but the Recore Mattress test has found that its smell has mostly dispersed after a few days from opening the package but still noted some lingering scent. The foam components on this mattress release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are non-toxic particles that bring a distinctive chemical smell. The synthetic latex foam also has a known odor that is similar to rubber. 

It has been known though that long-term odor from the Recore Mattress is not a problem, it is not even bothersome anymore after one week from unboxing.

Virtually Silent

Most of the mixed-foam beds and all-foam beds do not have internal mechanisms that is usually the cause of loud, creaky mattress noises. However, the Recore Mattress is designed in the way that made it virtually silent for the duration of all of the tests conducted. 

So, if you’re not a fan of noisy mattresses, the Recore Mattress would be great for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Recore Mattress can be purchased online through the website GoodMorning.com. They only ship within Canada but additional fees may apply for remote locations.

Unlike companies that offer the White Glove Service, GoodMorning.com does not have one at this time. Removal of old mattresses is not a service they offer at this period.

GoodMorning.com offers a 120 night sleep trial that starts on the delivery date of your Recore Mattress, given of course that one has fully taken the 30-night break-in period. So, it simply means that customers are not able to request for a return unless the thirty nights have passed.

Full refunds are given to those who return the Recore Mattress between 30 and 120 nights. Return shipping is free and all the returned mattresses are going to be donated to charity or recycled.  

The Recore Mattress comes with a partially prorated 15 year warranty, so repair or replacement within the first ten years will all be for free. Starting from the 11th year, the owner will already have to pay 75% of the original price if a replacement will be needed. 

Take note that the warranty will be canceled if the mattress is not removed from its packaging even after two weeks from delivery.

Final Verdict

This Recore Mattress Review has surely divulged that the said Recore Mattress has been carefully designed to ensure an owner’s support and comfort while sleeping. Though this has not been in the market for longer than two years yet, so far, the Recore Mattress’s tests have confirmed its competitiveness in the mattress industry. Unfortunately, it is not available to a world-wide market yet so we can get more feedback, but after knowing its layer-by-layer composition, it has become easier to tell what quality, features, and benefits a Recore Mattress owner will expect.


If you believe you have difficulty sleeping due to physical aches and pains, have PTSD or other similar mental health conditions, it is best to personally consult a medical or psychological health professional. This article will only provide general information and should not be used for self-diagnosis and self-treatment.

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