2022’s Best Budget-Friendly Bed: The Quatro Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

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When it comes to sleep- we all one the same thing- a GREAT night’s sleep. You spend 1/3rd of your entire day on your bed and that fact alone adds to the overall pressures of choosing a good mattress. You’ve got a lot of questions to ask yourself: Is more expensive actually all that better? Or can I get a top-quality bed for less? Do I have to sacrifice good lumbar support in the name of savings? 

Apparently, Quatro Sleep believes in the latter and we do too! We’ve found our new favorite budget bed- an option that’s sure to keep you and your wallet happy! A tri-memory foam mattress designed with cooling and comfort technology. This Quatro mattress spells a great night’s sleep! 

Throughout this review, we’ll be discussing why we think you’ll love the Quatro Sleep Memory Foam Mattress, what it’s made of, and most importantly- how it feels. We’ll leave our final verdict right at the end.

quatro sleep memory foam mattress

What’s It Made Of?

So what’s the best budget-friendly mattress made of? The Quatro sleep features a plush zip cover and three layers of foam. We outline them all here:

The Cover

A breathable and soft cover lines the very top of this bed- encasing the 10 inches of supple foams that make the bed. What we love the most is the easy zip feature. Making it easy to wash and clean.
quatro sleep memory foam mattress

First Layer- Plex-air™ Memory Foam

1-inch of the brand’s patented memory foam lulls you to sleep by relieving pressure where you need it most, relieving stress, and keeping you cool as it increases airflow between layers. Wake up refreshed!

Second Layer - 2 Inches Of Memory Support Foam

This is the layer that holds you up while providing extra comfort and contouring to your body. With this 2-inch layer in place, your weight is evenly distributed throughout- ensuring a balanced position all night.

Third Layer - 7 Inches Of Support Case Foam

This is the foundation of the mattress. The bedrock that supports all weight considerations and keeps the entire bed solidly in its place- minimizing motion transfer. 

The Quatro Sleep mattress ships flat-packed and arrives at your home ready to put together. Setup is fairly easy-breezy since the mattress is light. Totally a do-it-yourself project.  Quatro Sleep recommends that you place the mattress on a bed frame that also encourages ventilation ( to take full advantage of that Plex-Air™ Memory Foam layer ). They also make adjustable bed frames but we found that this works with most frames on the market.

quatro sleep memory foam mattress layers

How Does It Feel?

Knowing all of this now, we know you’re curious too- how exactly does this mattress feel? How cool is it really? Will you be waking up every time someone gets up? Will you be falling off from its edges? Is this mattress durable? Also, how exactly does this feel relative to how you sleep?

Support, Comfort, And Firmness

This foam sits right at the sweet spot between a soft and a medium-firm mattress. In numbers, it is at about a 5.5 (with 10 being the most firm). This mid-range score means it’ll be perfect for a wide range of people. If you’re still on edge about what level of firmness you’re comfortable with, this guide is a pretty great help.

The layers of foam have quite a turtle’s response time and so the entire bed doesn’t really bounce as much. The 7-inch base layer, however, does help with positioning and keeping the entire mattress still whenever there is an excessive level of movement (say, kids jumping around)

We love the top layer of this bed! It’s incredibly lush and just comfortably soft. The temperature regulation is an amazing advantage too- especially for those warmer times of the year. Laying into it, you should feel that contour and deep cradle as the top two comfort layers mold to your body. A great night’s sleep guaranteed!

Sleeping Positions

Everyone sleeps in various positions throughout the night- it is always dependent on what you’re comfortable with.

Those who sleep on their backs should immediately feel the tension ease as they lay on those top layers of the Quatro sleep. Your back and shoulders should immediately be enveloped and supported by the memory foam while your spine is given sturdy support by the 7-inch base layer.

Side Sleepers hips are what need the most support. This particular part of the body is what pushes deepest- a small surface area that when laying on the wrong mattress can cause annoying blunt pains and pressure build-up. If this is you, then you would be overjoyed at the release of tension and strain once you sink into the Quatro Sleep Mattress’ soft materials.

Laying on your stomach means that your hips might be sinking deeper onto a softer bed. This leads to increased lower back pain – which in fact is the leading form of back pain in the US. This bed is firm enough to support lowered hips, keeping your spine at a level position, perfectly aligned with your body. However, heavier people might need or prefer a much firmer option for much better support.

As far as sleeping preferences and positions are concerned, we find that the Quatro performed suitably well. A great mattress choice for almost anybody looking for that much needed good night’s sleep and freedom from pressure buildup.

The Quatro performs well under most body types and sleeping preferences. This should be a solid mattress choice for almost any individual looking for excellent pressure relief.


Memory foam is not at all popular for being cool, but the Quatro sleep proves that notion wrong thanks to their patented 1inch Plex-Air™ Memory Foam layer that sits right atop the mattress. This layer distributes and regulates body heat and draws that heat away from your body, giving cooler air more space to roam. 

A denser memory foam layer really usually does spell w-a-r-m, but this cooling technology proves unique and astounding. Their use of a less dense memory foam combined with another comfort layer and a breathable foundation makes this mattress stay cooler than most on the market. 

When combined with the right frame (with ventilation coming from underneath) this mattress might just be your “coolest” one yet!

Motion Transfer

Moving around, getting up in the middle of the night usually causes a little bit of a problem for those who share a bed. The memory foam material absorbs motion and isolates the movement well on to one side of the bed. 

If either you or your partner is a light sleeper and tends to wake easy- this seems like an option worth checking out. The three layers on this lightweight mattress make it rise above the rest in this regard.

Edge Support

Beds with better edge support don’t seem to be the beds that come flat packed and easy to install. That’s the tradeoff here. Easy installation means that this might not be the bed for you if you’re sharing your bed with kids or are an active sleeper yourself,

The thicker (yet light) layers of the Quatro sleep at the base and center of the bed do, however, help support load when laying on the edge. Through testing, we saw that having all the weight on a specific space on this bed doesn’t mean it compresses by much and performs to the set industry standards. We’d only really worry about falling off when kids are involved.


A mattress is deemed durable when the quality of its materials are great and its layers are dense. When we speak about the density of these memory foam layers in the Quatro Sleep, we see that the first layer, the 1-inch Plex-Air™ Memory Foam is 1.8 lb in density and the Memory Support Foam beneath it has a 1.5 lb density

Truthfully these are quite low numbers when pegged against other memory foam mattresses on the market today. But keep in mind that the Quatro Sleep Mattress is a budget-friendly option- retailing much lower than many other memory foam mattresses for sale.

This does not mean it comes made with lower quality products- in fact, just the opposite proves true. Beneath the soft and plush zippered cover are great quality foams and materials. This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty so you’re sure to be covered just in case this starts sagging earlier than it should. Make sure you read the terms and conditions that come with the warranty card to be sure you don’t void it.

More points to ponder

Heavier Individuals

This would not be a great mattress review if we were not honest with you- most memory foam beds are not recommended for heavier individuals since they usually sink deeper into the mattress. 

If this were a bed a higher density- sure. But the Quatro Sleep is a low-density mattress. The density of the top two memory foam layers total at 3.2 lbs (the 1-inch Plex-Air™ Memory Foam is 1.8 lb in density and the Memory Support Foam beneath it has a 1.5 lb density) short of the 4-5 lbs needed for better weight support. 

We also recommend a taller mattress for heavier folks. A minimum of 12 inches rather than the Quatro Sleeps’ 10 inches.


You’ll be in bed a great part of your day, of course, it’ll have to be a bed you’ll love and feel good about! The Quatro Sleep mattress is CertiPUR-US® Certified.  CertiPUR-US® Certified means that the foam is made without ozone depleters harmful chemicals such as lead, mercury, formaldehyde, and phthalates and are regulated by the Consumer Product and Safety Commission 

(To know more about CertiPUR-US® click here.) 

Frankly, a new mattress when freshly opened there might be a bit of a “factory stench” but trust that it’ll fade after a few hours. If this smell does not go away after a day or two- do not worry, foams made with this certification are guaranteed not to have any harmful chemicals in them. Contact Quatro Sleep for any DIY methods to remove the smell. 

In case this really bothers you- there are also organic and greener selections available but of course, at a higher price point.

Final Verdict

Here’s our final say- we break down why you might love or not love this bed. Overall, we believe that the Quatro Sleep Memory Foam Mattress is a fantastic choice for anyone, may you be buying a mattress for the first time and wanting to get the best out of their buck! The shoulder and back support, lightweight feel and unique cooling technology of this bed makes it our favorite in its category.

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Why you’ll love this bed

Memory Foam = Pressure relief

Too often consumers believe that extra firm mattresses are what’s best. This could not be further from the truth. The National Sleep Foundation recommends a more comforting, supple bed leads to better sleep. Years spent sleeping on a mattress that’s too firm means there should be a bit of pressure built up on your back (especially your lower back) and shoulders. This is where memory foam comes in- memory foam is known to contour to your curves and to ease all that tension and pressure.

Motion Isolation

Memory foam tends to be the material du jour for mattresses that keep the movement to a minimum. Get up and go forth to the bathroom freely! That other side remains unmoved and your partner will love you more for it!

Cooler Foam

The first (top) layer of this Quatro Mattress comes with the brands patented Plex-Air™ that’s specially created to allow air to flow freely. This bed remains cooler than most traditional memory foam materials, helping you keep cool all night long.
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Why you might not love this bed

Edge Support

Sharing a bed with your kids or maybe you move around a lot in your sleep? Some circumstances require good edge support and this mattress has a little in the way of that. But what Quatro lacks in edge reinforcement- they make up for with amazing motion isolation and support. You’re still guaranteed to stay in place if it can be a little fussy on the other side.
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Table of Contents

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