Complete 2022 Review & Product Guide: Pros and Cons of Sleeping on Purple® Sheets

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Purple Sheets


Purple, the maker of top-rated Purple Mattress, also makes great bedding! This review discusses the ins and outs of the Purple Sheets. Cool, comfortable and breathable, Purple Sheets is a great choice especially for hot sleepers. The fabric is also similarly designed to those that are used for athletic wear, meaning it’s absorbent and lightweight. Do you want to get Purple Sheets for yourself? Find out and read our review here.

The bed that we sleep in every night is made out of many components. There is the mattress, the foundation, the pillows, the pillowcases, the duvet, and the bedsheets. 

Of all these things, one that is sometimes not given as much attention? 


However, these are very important as they touch our bodies as much as all the other items on the bed. This is the first layer of the bed that we lie on. And no matter how soft or comfortable your mattress can be, if you don’t have the right sheets, your experience will not be perfect.

If you are a fan of perfect experience in bed, wherein, to you, your bed is somewhat sacred; then finding the best kind of linen is advantageous. The perfect linen should complement your bed. If you chose a soft and plush mattress, then your bed sheet should emulate the same feeling. If your bed is breathable, then your sheets should also be so that it can function effectively. Sometimes, choosing the wrong linen can negate all the positive things that you wanted out from your bed. It is essential to find the right linen for you and your mattress.

Lastly, Sheets should be aesthetically beautiful. As much as we want our beds to be stylish and elegant, finding someone who will use a bed without any sheets on it is rare. That is why most of them are ugly looking. Sheets, on the other hand, should be pleasant to the eyes. It should have cool colors that relax your mind, which does not disturb your senses with bright colors and mind-stimulating visuals. Bed sheets should be of solid colors if not white.

purple sheets

Reasons to buy Purple Sheets

There are many reasons to buy the Purple sheet. They look lovely and stylish. Even with their limited color choices, they are perfect and easy to match with any design. Purple sheets are very soft and light. Because of their composition, they are extra stretchy, making them even cozier as you lie down. You won’t have to worry about tossing and turning since they will always remain in place. Plus, they don’t wrinkle! So you won’t get an annoying feeling on your skin when your sheets get wrinkled because of all your tossing and turning.

If you are a hot-sleeper, then this linen is for you. It provides the right breathability to allow the heat from your body to pass through the sheets. Because of its components, which are made of bamboo viscose fabric and spandex combined with its loose weave, you can be sure that it is comfortable and breathable. The bamboo viscose fabric is more cooling than cotton by around 3%. Combined with the spandex component, this bedding is superiorly breathable compared to its competitors.

If you suffer from night sweats, this is the bedding that you need. The fabric in the Purple linen is very absorbent and keeps the moisture from your body. This bedding will keep you dry and fresh throughout the night, even if you keep on sweating. Additionally, the fabric works like sportswear, where you can quickly flick out the moisture if you want to make it very easy to clean and dry.

Aside from being breathable and absorbent, the Purple sheets are very soft and lightweight. This adds to its attractiveness. Its softness makes you get comfortable as you lie on your bed. There are no rough patches, and no, there are no visible seams, so nothing can annoy you as you use it to your heart’s content. 

It’s also lightweight, making it easy to put on your bed. It is stretchable, too, making it easy to cover a thick mattress.

The Purple Sheet

Construction and Materials

The Purple Sheet is made out of 90% Viscose bamboo textile and 10% spandex. This product is unique in the market since most of its competition is made of 100% viscose bamboo textiles. The spandex in this product helps give it the extra stretch that you need to make this sheet extra cozy when you use it. The Purple sheet pillowcases are made of the same fabric, and you will get the same feel as you use your pillows on your head or for your arms and legs. The feeling of the Purple Sheet will make you want to hug your pillows all the time.

The design is effortless, and you will find no seams in its construction. This means that it will be challenging to become strained or torn since there is no visible stitching. Elastic is sewn in the edges of this sheet, making it fit your bed perfectly. No matter how much toss or turn, you are sure that it will stay in place all night long.

High-quality materials are used in making the Purple sheet. The manufactures only use the best viscose bamboo textile and spandex in creating this sheet for each customer. The stitching is perfect, and they are done perfectly that they are virtually invisible. The weave is comfortable loose enough to ensure that the sheet can stretch enough. This loose weave also helps in making the Purple sheet breathable.

The fabric is very stretchable, and it can reach a lot of depth. It can reach up to 16 inches of thickness in a mattress at its maximum stretch. This means that you can use this sheet for extra thick beds.

sheets all colors stacked

The quality of this product and its quality is superb. Because of how good it is made, they offer a limited workmanship warranty for the Purple sheet. Taking into consideration its washability, the Purple Sheet is quite easy to wash. Many people have a hard time finding the right sheets because they might find the wrong product, which shrinks or gets damaged when washed. However, since this bedding is made out of bamboo fibers, the risk of it shrinking is very low. Just follow the washing instruction, and your linen is sure to be okay. However, if there will be any shrinkage, it will only be minimal and will be offset by the linen’s stretchability.

The Purple sheet is very soft, and people just love how comfortable it is. It is very light and breathable, making it perfect for summer and the warm days. Since it is 10% spandex, it is like the fabric in sportswear, making it highly absorbent but can still quickly flick away moisture. This ensures that it dries easily. You can put it under your duvet covers for the cold times to make yourself warmer and cozier.


The Purple sheet is more expensive compared to other linens. However, this is expected because of the materials used and the craftsmanship that is put into it. Spandex and bamboo viscose fibers are the materials that affect its price. The spandex helps the linen to become more stretchable, breathable, and wrinkle-free. Overall, the value that you get is more than the amount that you pay for it because of the improved sleep quality that it brings.

Pros and Cons

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down 1


The Purple sheets have very few cons as a product. This product may not be a perfect fit for you if you are looking for warm linen. This product is very light and breathable and is designed to keep you fresh. So if you want something warm, then the Purple sheet is not for you.

Another problem that people find with this product is the lack of available colors, even when this sheet is close to perfect, some people just want everything in their room to match aesthetically. That is understandable, and unfortunately, the Purple sheets are only produced in four solid colors; white, slate, sand, and purple. We hope that soon; they will provide more choices in the colors that they produce so that more customers can be willing to experience this extraordinary bedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

The question of whether this product is worth it or not depends on what you need in linen. If you are looking for something very soft, breathable, and stretchable, this product might be for you. It is a little on the expensive side compared to other linens, but if you weigh in the extra things that it brings, it surely outweighs its price. The Purple sheet is luxurious and indulging. If you want that extra cozy feeling as you fall asleep or need to become very comfortable first before you can get a good night’s rest, then this linen is definitely for you. If you think that this product is for you, then the price it sets is worth it. It is light, breathable, extra soft, and stretchable. Plus, it doesn’t wrinkle. Compared to other linen, this one is above standards. 

Like any fabric, the Purple sheets have a chance of shrinkage. However, since it is made of 90% bamboo viscose fabric and 10% spandex, you won’t have any trouble washing this bedding. This piece of linen can be washed in cold water or at the lowest heat setting to reduce any chance of shrinkage. If there are stains on the Purple sheet, you can use baking soda or a bar of dishwashing soap to the affected area before putting it inside the washing machine.

The Purple Sheets are made of 90% bamboo viscose fabric and 10% spandex. 

Yes, there is a purple sheet set. The set for Purple sheets comes with a top sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. The fitted sheet can fit mattresses that are 16 inches thick.


The linen that we put on our bed is almost as important as the bed. It is part of the bed as a whole. With this in mind, we have to pick the right bedding meticulously.

People have different preferences when it comes to beddings. Some want their linen to be silky; others want them to be velvety. Some also wish their bed covers to be very soft, while others want a bed cover that feels fresh and light. Because some of these qualities are opposites, it is impossible to have them all. However, you can have something close to the best.

The Purple sheets are one of the best bed covers there is in the market. It is very soft, stretchable, fresh and breathable, absorbent, and light. It keeps you fresh during hot nights, making you feel cozy and comfortable all night long. You can never go wrong in choosing the Purple sheets as your bed linen. Plus, they’re stylish and modern too, even with the few choices in colors.

You might have questions if the Purple sheet is genuinely the right one for you. They are quite expensive compared to ordinary beddings, but surely we can help sort out your thoughts about this product. Give us a call, and we will answer all your questions about the Purple sheets for you.

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