Puffy Split King Adjustable Base 2022 Review: Is This Adjustable Bed Right For You?

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Puffy Split King Adjustable Base


Barring any budget issues, if you’re looking for a quality adjustable base with innovative features, then the Puffy Adjustable Mattress Base is definitely worth your money. If you sleep with a partner, then the Split King option is even better! Sleeping on a split king ensures that motion transfer is greatly reduced, making it great for couples. Our full review will give you all the details you need. Check out our article here.

For this article, we’ll be focusing on an adjustable bed manufactured by online mattress company, Puffy. Along with its flagship mattress featured on the Ellen Show and other sleep products, Puffy also sells an adjustable split king mattress base, which our team has loved spending considerable time reviewing and evaluating. This review is specifically for the Split King size but it also comes in Twin XL, Full, and Queen sizes.

As a quick overview, this adjustable mattress base features the following:

Additional, “vanity” features also include:

Lots of happy Puffy customers particularly love its zero gravity configuration. But, there’s more to love about this adjustable mattress base. Check out everything you need to know with this comprehensive review.

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What Is A Puffy Split King Adjustable Base?

Puffy’s adjustable base features an excellent and durable metal foundation that allows you to adjust your head and leg height anytime you want. Most adjustable mattress bases are packed with special features – and the Puffy is no exception. We’ll get into its specific features later in this article.

In regards to its size, “split king” refers to both the size and configuration of the mattress:

What’s to love and not to love about the Puffy Split King Adjustable Base? See pros and cons below:



We’ve evaluated the Puffy adjustable base extensively and reviewed recent consumer reviews, and there seems to be only one “con” for this product:

Features & Benefits

Based on the findings of our team’s evaluations, we’d definitely say that owning a Puffy Split King adjustable mattress base is a great choice for almost every type of sleeper preference. Here’s our breakdown of features and benefits:

The cool thing about it is that all these features are controlled and accessed through a wireless remote control that comes with the base. Through the wireless remote, you can easily adjust your base to its desired position in less than a minute and overall, control its comfort.

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Construction And Design

Puffy’s adjustable base is compatible with any bed with an open cavity. What’s great about it is that it can even work well with or without box springs and foundations. This alone makes it pretty convenient, especially if you don’t have these available at home.

This only means that the Puffy adjustable base is suitable with any mattress. You can choose from:

If you’re a true Puffy fan, you can also choose to pair it with your own Puffy Mattress. 

For the Split King, it’s the size of twin beds combined with a division in the middle. You can purchase two Twin Puffy mattresses for this purpose or, if you have a preferred twin mattress model, you can use that, too. One King Size mattress will also work for the Split King.

All features work seamlessly through battery-operated, wireless remote. It’s very easy to use, and helps you:

As mentioned earlier, its base is equipped with 3-speed dual independent massage motors and two USB ports too, allowing you to charge any portable device. Aside from that, it also features a large metal retainer bar at the bottom of the platform (foot of the mattress) that helps keep your bed in place while adjusting the base.

Assembly & Set Up

Puffy delivers this adjustable base right to your doorstep at your convenience. Once it arrives, all you need to do is set it up. After you unpack it, make sure to:

It will only take you a few steps to set up your Puffy base successfully – no special tools required and it will only take less than an hour of your time.

Quality And Durability

The Puffy adjustable base is built with durable metal construction, with six legs and a platform that is wrapped in its soft fabric. This gives the adjustable base its excellent look and feel. Also, it even features a layer of poly foam around its edges to reduce experiencing painful bumps when you get in and out of bed. 

The legs of its base are also adjustable, giving you an option to adjust your base’s height in a range from 4, 6.5, to even 9.5 inches.

The frame is sturdy and durable and is designed to offer support to the mattress and the users above it. We love it because it’s equipped with quality motors operating independently controlled by a wireless remote.


The base is smooth and quiet to use. Although if you put it on massage mode, minimal sounds may come out of it. Otherwise, it doesn’t emit any annoying noises when using the adjustable features of the bed.

User-Friendly Wireless Remote

What we love about the Puffy adjustable base is that it offers a wireless remote. It helps you choose your desired position easily with a simple click of a button. 

Its remote control is designed to be both simple and innovative. Aside from controlling your position, you can also navigate its bed lighting and massage features.

puffy adjustable bed frame remote 06.2 1200x

Price And Warranty

What’s great about the adjustable base is that it’s reasonably priced, considering it offers excellent value and quality construction making it pretty convenient to use.

Size Price
Twin XL

101-Nights Sleep Trial

Even with its durable construction, you can still opt to try it for 101 nights. This is ideal, especially for those who have never used an adjustable base before, but feel like they would enjoy it.

Lifetime Warranty

According to the information found on Puffy’s website, their industry-leading guarantee includes lifetime warranty. Puffy themselves say that “For as long as you own the base, you’re covered!” and that “should anything go wrong, we’ll replace it free of charge”.

If you are, however, experiencing any issues with your Puffy adjustable base and require a replacement, we recommend for you to contact the Puffy team for more information.

Returns & Exchanges

Claiming to have the best return policies in the mattress industry, we can’t help but agree. Aside from giving their customers a hundred and one nights to see if they like Puffy’s sleep products, it’s also free and easy to return should they change their mind.

As mentioned, however, if you’re looking to return or exchange a Puffy product, best to contact the Puffy team to get full details.

Split And Single Options

The Puffy adjustable base is available in split and single options, which fit perfectly in a variety of mattress sizes.

Split adjustable bases are excellent solutions, especially for those who share a bed with their partners who have different sleeping needs and preferences. It allows each person to choose their sleep position without disturbing the other.

On the contrary, single bases may make you compromise on adjusting positions to your liking separately. This is something that may work perfectly for side sleepers, especially since Puffy mattresses have a great way of offering a cradling feeling and support to hips and shoulders. 

This is also great for back and stomach sleepers since it maintains the spine in excellent alignment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using adjustable beds is safe. Although, it’s better to keep them off from pets and children to avoid any injuries and accidents.

Adjustable bases are made to be highly durable. However, take note that sitting on its sides may cause the frame to warp. Standing and jumping on the adjustable frame may also cause damage to both motors and the frame. Tilting the base on its side can also risk damage to its legs and screws.

If you’re on the lookout for the best mattress type to perfectly fit with your adjustable bed, you can choose between latex, memory foam, or even air mattresses. Although, we recommend you to skip innerspring mattresses. This mattress type may find it hard to flex with the movement with your adjustable base.

Adjustable mattress bases have sure come a long way from the “Gatch bed” or the predecessor of the modern hospital bed. Gone are the days when you can simply incline and recline an adjustable bed. Today, it is a feature-rich bed that offers customizable comfort and smart features, too.

The Bottomline

So – big question:

Do our experts recommend the Puffy Split King Adjustable Base? 

Barring any budget issues, if you’re looking for a quality adjustable base with innovative features, then the Puffy Adjustable Mattress Base is definitely worth your money. If you sleep with a partner, then the Split King option is even better! Sleeping on a split king ensures that motion transfer is greatly reduced. 

Besides its adjustability features, it offers you zero gravity positioning, massage options, USB charging, and even a soft, underbed night-light giving you a better sleeping experience.

Overall, the Puffy Adjustable Mattress is designed to meet the needs and preferences of different ranges of sleepers, making every sleeping experience extra relaxing and enjoyable.

Disclaimer: If you are experiencing high blood pressure, stomach acid problems, and extreme body and muscle pain, please consult a medical professional as soon as possible. This article only aims to provide general information and should not be used as a reference for self-diagnosis and treatment.

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