Puffy Sheets Review: Comprehensively Reviewed and Rated (2022 Edition)

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Puffy Sheets


Naturally cooling yet strong and durable, Puffy’s bamboo sheets help make each night’s sleep better than the last one. After extensive testing, our team recommends it over other brands of sheets we’ve tried recently. Check out the pros and cons of owning Puffy Sheets by reading our review below.


Puffy Mattress has launched products to complement its comfy bedroom mattresses. The new bed sheets work perfectly with the company’s wide range of mattresses, bedding sets, and bedroom décor.

The Puffy bamboo sheets are designed to function as cooling sheets that have a soft touch yet durable construction. They’re also designed to be allergy-friendly and very breathable. The fresh sheets are also designed to help keep sleeper cool and comfy all year.

Puffy was founded recently in 2016 and has become a popular maker of mattresses, including foam and hybrid varieties. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It offers a lifetime warranty on all products and is designed to last longer than standard mattresses.

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press release puffy sheets

How to Buy Bamboo Bed Sheets

Why should you consider soft bamboo sheets versus standard sheets made of cotton or other materials? In some ways, classic cotton sheets provide some big perks. That includes lower cost, easy washing, and few wrinkles. 

However, bamboo-based 300 thread count sheets can also provide some big benefits worth considering. If you want to enjoy cool comfort any season of the year, then it’s generally better than other fabrics. This can help to offer you a good night’s sleep. When that happens, it can provide benefits for your mind, body, and quality of life. 

Bamboo beddings like Puffy sheets can also deliver a good blend of durability, fit, and aesthetics. These are all important features that improve the look and feel of bed sheets.

In fact, it might be surprising that bamboo mattresses are available in a wide array of contemporary colors. You can also pair your Puffy mattress and bed sheets with stuff like throw pillows, duvets, and cushions.

Features & Benefits

Health and Safety


Bamboo is made from the plant that’s naturally hypoallergenic. This can help people who have allergic reactions to other materials. It’s important to go with natural bamboo fibers like from Puffy. This can help you avoid allergic reactions like watery eyes and constant sneezing.

Besides picking bamboo sheets themselves, it’s also important to avoid products that contain harsh chemicals. These can trigger allergens, which can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

It’s quite rare for people to have bamboo skin allergies. This makes it ideal for people who have sensitive skin or skin conditions that are more likely to experience various symptoms like hives, rashes, and itchiness.


If you want to keep the “bed bugs” away, then bamboo is easily one of the best options like the best mattress. In fact, in many situations like dust mites, people don’t realize they’re dealing with them until they wake up with skin rashes, for example.

Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial. This is a key feature of the Puffy Mattress sheets that can help to prevent skin conditions like itchiness, rashes, and hives.

Besides that, it can also help to avoid various bacteria-caused diseases. The antimicrobial material works by keeping bacteria from sticking to the surface. Yes, bacteria actually stick to stuff.

Another plus you get is all of the bamboo plant’s parts are super-resistant to bacteria. This is due to the fibers being high in the organic polymer lignin. This makes it microbe-resistant even when the substance is soaked with water.

Lignin are large molecules in plants that make them sturdy and woody. The lignin gets broken down when the paint is pulped.


These critters are quite common around mattresses and sheets because they’re attracted to various bacteria like dust. There are lots of microbes you’ll want to avoid, and that might include mites.


Feel and Comfort


These are some of the top features of the bed sheets in terms of texture. This will help you feel as comfy as possible if you’re catching Z’s at night or taking a midday cat nap. In such situations, it’s important for you to be as comfy as possible, whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach.


Bamboo is an excellent option if you’re looking for a moisture-absorbent material. This is a key feature that can help you get a good night’s sleep, which is especially critical during hot summer nights, for example. It can be easy for sweat bombs to keep you up at night.

Since bamboo is highly-absorbent, this helps to explain why it’s one of the most popular materials for bed sheets. That’s not all! It’s actually one of the most absorbent materials versus other options like cotton.


This is somewhat related to moisture-absorption but is different. That’s because it’s more about sleeping cool instead of dry. Both are key features to look for in bed sheets since they can help to prevent you from tossing and turning at night.

Here’s how it works. Bamboo can help to sleep cool even though it feels thicker and softer versus other materials. This is due to factors like high thread count and outstanding airflow. 

In fact, you get excellent absorbency and micro-venting, which both help to keep moisture off your skin. That, in turn, can maintain lower body temperatures even on warm evenings.



You get complete sheet sets with this product including:

These are all items you’ll need for a complete set. It’ll help to make sure you’re comfy from head to toe. This can also provide more value. That’s because you’ll save money versus buying all these items individually. The cost can add up and cause you to shell out more money than you really wanted to.

For example, the deep-pocket fitted sheets are 15-in. deep. This makes changing bed sheets a piece of cake. Besides that, you can have this experience based on a wide range of different mattress shapes/sizes.


You can use these sets of sheets every month and every season of the year. This is due to the various benefits of the material, including moisture-wicking and breathability features. They can help you feel comfy during warm spring days and chilly autumn nights.


This feature adds value since you won’t have to worry about changing your bedsheets frequently due to whatever style or color is trending this season, for example. Your bedding sheets won’t go out of style anytime soon.

This can also help you to save money. If you’re constantly changing bedsheet sets to keep up with trending styles, this process can cost you a small fortune. It’s better to save your money for other stuff like bed décor, for example.



In terms of overall quality, you get high-quality bed sheets for an affordable price. There will be some variances in the price point due to the size you pick. However, in terms of overall quality, you’ll get good value whether you go with a Twin XL or Cal King size.


One of the top features of bamboo sheets is their durability. While such bed sheets are generally pricier than cotton sheets, they also offer more durability. This boosts value and makes Puffy sheets worth considering over standard cotton sheets.

The durability is due to the long bamboo fibers with high thread count that manufacturers use producing the sheets. This adds more strength versus the short fibers of cotton sheets, for example. In other words: size matters.

The main benefit is this fact helps to protect your investment since the sheets are much less likely to tear and rip during daily use. What’s the long-term benefit? You could end up saving big bucks versus traditional sheets.


You also get a Puffy lifetime warranty. The company guarantees that it has you covered when you’re using its bed sheets. This can help you remain cool and comfortable whenever you use the sheets.

You should also read the company’s quality warranty. This will provide all details about the guarantee, including what it does and doesn’t cover. It’s a best buy when you get both a warranty and a guarantee from a company.

Puffy 101 Nights

This offer allows you to try out Puffy 300 thread count sheets while not making any obligation. This allows you to try out the sheet without any obligation. 

In fact, you’re not absolutely, positively satisfied you can return the silky sheets for a full refund. This offering shows the company is 100% certain that you’ll be fully satisfied with its products.

Free Shipping

You can also get gratis shipping when you order new Puffy sheets through Fed-Ex shipping. The company will ship your items within 5 business days. 

This makes shopping through online retailers even more convenient. You can eliminate one of the few benefits of brick & mortar stores over Internet stores: shipping costs.

Bed Sheet Options


You can pick bed sheets ranging from twin to cal-king. This is critical since you won’t have to worry about the sheets fitting your particular memory foam mattress size. You can also pick from other sizes, including Full, Queen, and King. 

One of the main benefits of having several size options is it’s easier to pick bed sheets that fit your mattress to a tee. This is less likely with other brands that only offer a few sizes, for example.

Just make sure to get the exact dimensions of your mattress before picking a bed sheet size. That’s because there can be some slight differences between Twin, Queen, and King sizes among different makers of memory foam mattresses. Size is king!

In fact, the Puffy sheets are designed to fit mattresses of all depths. So you won’t have to worry about the depth of your mattress regardless of the length and width.


When picking new bed sheets, it’s important to match them up with your other beddings like blankets and bedspreads. You’ll also want to consider how the bedsheets complement the bedroom’s color scheme. 

Here are some ideas. You can select from the color that best matches up with your other beddings. Furthermore, you can also pair it with the color of paint, wallpaper, and furniture. 

One of the x-factors about the color offerings is White and Gray are both neutral colors. They “go with everything” so they’re a good option if you don’t want to spend tons of time mixing and matching your bed sheets with other beddings and room décor, for example.


Did you know that bamboo is one of planet Earth’s fastest-growing plants? This makes it a good option if you’re looking for eco-friendly bed sheet materials. There are other options, but in terms of how soon you can replace harvest plants, the favorite food of panda bears is a great option.

This factor is not only related to the materials’ sustainability but also the availability. Since the plant grows faster, this means high sustainability produces greater availability.

R&D and Design

Research and Development

Puffy Mattresses’ research & development (R&D) team has teamed up to deal with the most common issues that sleepers have. They’ve incorporated their research in developing the company’s beds and mattresses. 

One of the main aims of the researchers was to create cooling sheets that combine durability and softness. These are two of the most common features that sleepers look for to get a good night’s sleep.


Puffy Mattress has been on the market for under a half-decade. However, during that time, it’s become one of the industry’s game-changers in terms of high-quality, comfy, and well-fitting mattresses and bed sheets. 

Puffy bed sheets like the company’s products in mattress reviews create a contemporary vibe due to the design, comfort, and feel. This makes it easier to combine with any room aesthetics from throw pillows to wall décor. It makes the whole process of designing a room’s themes and color schemes 100% easier.

Puffy CEO Arthur Andresayan explains that his company has been an industry innovator in making bed sheets “comfortable and practical.” He notes that the beddings are “luxurious,” easily fit any mattress, and are offered in a pair of contemporary colors.


Today’s bed sheets/spreads are big business with a global value of nearly $61 billion, according to Statistica. Yet about half of all adults worldwide aren’t getting enough sleep. These factors include uncomfortable bed sheets.  Puffy Mattress offers its solution through its super-soft bamboo bed sheets. They’re durable since the sustainable plant is one of the most durable ones in the world. Besides that, the sheets are also designed to fit perfectly over any mattress. They’re also available in two contemporary colors, so the items in puffy sheets reviews can help you look and feel like a king or queen.

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