2022’s Best Home Essential: Our Review of The Puffy Area Rug

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Puffy Area Rug


An area rug is a simple addition to any living space but it has the potential to change the look of your interiors completely. In fact, you may be looking at your own space right now and asking, “What’s missing here?”. Chances are, an area rug might just do the trick! We recommend for you to check out the Puffy Rug. With its neutral colors, excellent quality materials and perfectly plush feel, it can instantly make your bedroom, living room, home office or reading nook feel that warmer and more welcoming.

Add style and elegance to any contemporary space with a Puffy area rug. Available in two sizes and colors, the Puffy Rug is suitable for any space in the house, whether it is in the living room, the family library, or the master’s bedroom.

Puffy is a brand renowned for its line of furniture, more specifically, the Puffy Mattress, and their bedding. Similar to their other products, the Puffy rug is designed to be luxurious yet evoke a minimalistic feel.

The brand’s CEO, Arthur Andreasyan, understands that homeowners choose decorations that are consistent with their current style and aesthetics. As such, the Puffy rug was carefully designed and crafted using premium materials to give that sense of opulence. At the same time, it can complement your existing furnishings.

The Puffy rug is available in two flexible colors: elegant gray and soft ivory. See its features to know what makes it a great addition to your home.

Overview of the Puffy Rug

RugProductImage3 0f9975c3 b77b 4fdd b545 d1fbe0756980 1200xIt may be a humble shag rug, but it is built to make a lasting impression. Here are some of the reasons why you should get one for your space today:

Adaptable colors

With a choice between gray and ivory, homeowners can quickly spruce up the look of their home.

101-night trial

Ensuring customer satisfaction is the goal at Puffy. With 101 nights to try out the Puffy Rug, users have ample time to see how it looks and fits with the rest of the home.

Lifetime warranty

Puffy stands by the quality and craftsmanship of its products. As such, each purchase of a Puffy shag carpet is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Delivered free via Fedex

No need to leave your home to get your rug. Order online today and get it within one to three business days. If unsatisfied, return for free and get a 100% refund.

Sound absorbent

Getting a quality area rug from Puffy is a practical way to soundproof any space. The thick and dense pile can effectively absorb some of the noises made while walking around or reduce ambient sounds in the area.

Thick pile

With a high pile, you’ll forget it’s a shag rug. You’ll enjoy every minute of walking over the Puffy rug.

Keeps the floor protected

Add a layer of protection to your flooring with the Puffy shag rug. With the quality craftsmanship of this rug, you can maintain the look of your floors for years to come.

Size & Specifications

RugProductImage1 2677dce8 3ec2 4b95 8604 cbd8ea0ffe2c 1200x11Plush, aesthetically-pleasing, and durable, these are only a handful of the features that make the Puffy area rug a standout in its class.

Tall pile height

The Puffy rug features a generous pile height of 1.5”. With a high pile, you can make any space appear warmer and inviting for both residents and guests.

Soft to the touch

Your entire household will love how this shag rug feels on your skin and toes. Walk, sit, or even lie down on the carpet. It’s great for when you are spending time with family.

Does not shed

Cheap rugs made with substandard materials or manufacturing processes have weak foundations. Signs of wear and tear may appear within two years of use.

Instead of saving a few dollars on a cheaper carpet, invest in a Puffy Rug. The materials and stitching on a Puffy Rug ensure that it does not shed for many years to come.

Quality jute backing

The jute backing is what keeps the rug in place. Puffy area rugs feature premium backing, ensuring that people don’t slip or slide when walking over them.

Cleans easily

Carpets are notoriously high-maintenance, but not the Puffy Rug. This area rug is designed for easy spot cleaning and vacuuming.

Pros & Cons of the Puffy Rug

A Puffy Rug is a great addition to any home. But if you are hesitating on what makes it an amazing investment for your space, consider these pros and cons:

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Reasons Why An Area Rug Can Instantly Improve A Space

RugProductImage4 6b7fdf18 24fd 4625 9176 dd5fc66c8988 1200xArea rugs are not just for aesthetics purposes. Listed here are some of the ways a rug can enhance your living area:

Sound absorption

Sound bounces off hard surfaces such as cement walls and tiled floors, creating an echo. On the other hand, soft furnishings, such as carpets and curtains, can absorb some of the noise in the room. Add an area rug and see how quieter your space gets.


Carpets are soft and are nice to walk on. But on top of that, they also absorb some of the impact your feet and knees make with the ground. For people who experience joint pain or are prone to falls, having a carpet can make the space safer and easier to walk around.


Cement, floor tiles, stone, and other similar surfaces are cool to the touch. They are great if you live in the tropics and need flooring that stays cool even during the summer. It can even be a temporary dog bed, to keep them warm.

Carpets, on the other hand, can make spaces warmer, and more inviting. In basements and similar spaces with poor insulation, having a carpet is a welcome addition as it can help keep your feet warm and toasty.

Keeps furnishings grounded

Regardless of their layout and spacing, furnishings can appear distant and appear as if they are floating on the floor. Having an area rug underneath major pieces such as the sofa and coffee table can bring them all together. Simply adding the rug can create a focal point or delineate smaller niche spaces within a larger area.


When looking for the ideal rug for your home, go beyond the aesthetics. The Puffy Rug makes for an excellent choice in this regard as it is plush, comfy, and durable. As a quality floor covering, it is a great sound absorber and requires minimal maintenance. Get your rug from Puffy today and enjoy a risk-free 101-night trial plus a lifetime warranty.

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