The Puffy Pillow Reviewed and Rated (2022): Does This Adjustable Pillow Really Work?

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Puffy Pillow

Whether you’re sleeping restlessly or waking up to a sore neck and shoulder, you can solve the most common sleeping problems with a Puffy Pillow. Easily adjustable, you can customize your pillow according to how fluffy or firm you want it to be. It takes a bit of time to find out how much fill works for you, you need to keep on taking out and putting in the bits. But once you arrive at the right level of softness or firmness, you can expect a restful and refreshing quality of sleep.

How do you like a pillow that you can actually adjust to your liking? How about a pillow that you can customize according to the way you sleep? You would definitely enjoy an excellent quality of sleep every night.

That’s what the Puffy Pillow offers. Rather than traditional foam or cotton for its filling, it uses shredded memory foam. This allows the pillow to conform exactly to the contours of your head as you lay down on it. Furthermore, you can adjust the filling to make your pillow fluffier or firmer, depending on your sleep position or preference.

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Let’s discover more about this interesting pillow.

Who Should Get the Puffy Pillow

The Puffy Pillow is an ideal product if you are a novice in purchasing memory foam pillows. There are lots of brands of memory foam pillows out there, and they come in all levels of comfort. Feeling the right balance of softness and firmness may not be a piece of cake if you’re used to standard cotton-fill pillows.

This isn’t a problem with the Puffy Pillow with its adjustable filling. By putting less or more memory foam in the casing, you can tailor the pillow to your comfort. Test out different amounts of filling until you find the right level that can help make you sleep soundly.

In general, memory foam pillows are recommended for you if you’re suffering from neck and shoulder pain. That’s because memory foam has properties that allow it to conform perfectly to your head, proving the right support.

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Features and Benefits of the Puffy Pillow

PillowProductImage3 1200xSo what makes the Puffy Pillow a great addition to your sleeping system? Let’s check out how it could give you the best sleep of your life every night! Let’s get some you some happy zzzs!

Adjustable Comfort Level

The Puffy Pillow has an inner sleeve that you can easily unzip. Inside the sleeve are thousands of pieces of shredded memory foam. By default, the pillow is overstuffed with the material. Open the zipper and remove some of the memory foam fill to adjust the pillow to your liking.

Thus, if you want to sleep on a fluffy pillow or if you’re a side sleeper, you can add more foam to provide more support and pressure relief. If you are a stomach sleeper, you can remove some of the fill for a firmer feel.

Here’s a useful tip: when taking out some of the memory foam, have a large plastic bag handy. Don’t leave the foam bits anywhere as it’s messy. Even a moderate breeze can scatter those bits away.

Sleep testers often use a scale to determine the softness and firmness of a sleep product. 1 is extremely fluffy while 10 is extremely firm. The Puffy Pillow rates at an average of 6, which means it is in the medium firm category. But since the product is adjustable, the range can actually go from 3 to 8, depending on how much fill you put in the pillow.

Adaptive Memory Foam

To understand why the Puffy Pillow conforms exactly to your head shape, it is important to know first how memory foam works, which is the main “ingredient” of this pillow.

Memory foam is a high-tech temperature-sensitive polyurethane foam that was originally developed in 1996 by the AMES Research Center of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Yes, you guessed it: they developed the foam for spacecraft and aircraft! It was only in the 1980s when memory foam was released into the public. Further refinements over the years made the foam better, cheaper, and more effective. The modern generation of memory foam that we know of today was made widely available fairly recently in 2006.

Memory foam is referred to as a “viscoelastic” or low-resilience polyurethane foam consisting of millions upon millions of microscopic bubbles called cells. Altogether, these cells form a matrix wherein air can move. When heat and pressure are applied on the foam, such as your own body heat and weight, the foam softens in reaction to those properties. In just a few seconds, the foam is molded to every bulge, curve, and contour of your body, wherever the heat or pressure is coming from. When you take that heat and pressure off, the foam reverts back to its original shape. Better materials and compositions of newer foams allow the foam to recover more rapidly to their original shape.

This is what makes this product so adaptable. But the people at Puffy made this even better. Rather than just a big solid slab of foam, they actually shredded the foam. That gives you even more conformability as each foam piece adapts to every minute feature of your head.

Of course, as mentioned above, you can adjust how much fill you want to put inside the pillow for your loft preference.

Cooling Cloud Cover

By nature and design of the core material, memory foam products can be hot as the cells can retain and trap body heat. Some manufacturers alleviate this by infusing cooling gel into the foam.

The Puffy Pillow cools down efficiently due to its shredded foam filling. That means cool air can flow freely between each foam piece.

Furthermore, the pillow’s unique Cooling Cloud cover keeps you cool and comfortable for a good night sleep. In addition to being breathable, this cover is made of a special blend of bamboo rayon and polyester, which feels cool to the touch.


When you look at the Puffy Pillow, it looks really comfortable. Well, it really is. The Cool Cloud fabric is soft and velvety smooth to the touch. It also has an elegant quilted diamond pattern that helps deliver great comfort.


The thing about standard cotton foam and fabric is that they harbor allergens. The material becomes a haven for dust mites, dust, dead skin, and other nasty stuff that can trigger allergies.

Thankfully, the Puffy Pillow’s bamboo rayon and polyester-blend material are hypoallergenic. This means that the material considerably decreases, or even eliminates, the chances of you suffering from allergic reactions.

Low Maintenance & Easily Cleaned

Like all other fabrics, the Puffy Pillow will soon need to be washed. Fortunately, the zip-and-wash cover is removable and can be easily hand-washed or machine-washed. Unless the stains are really tough, the cover can be washed with simple warm soap and water. Let it air dry for a day, and you’ll have a clean and fresh pillow the next night when you sleep.


Some foam material and fabrics, especially synthetics, are made or processed with materials that may cause harm to the end user.

With Puffy Pillow, however, you are assured of safety because the memory foam is CertiPUR-US Certified. This means it does not contain mercury, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, heavy metals, and other harmful materials. It also means that no toxic substances were involved upon the production of the memory foam.

Furthermore, when you sleep on the Puffy Pillow, the product does not emit any kind of gas that can compromise the surroundings and the atmosphere, making it environmentally friendly.

Size Options

If you like a large, all-encompassing pillow for your massive mattress, then you can opt for the king-size pillow. For smaller beds, the standard size Puffy Pillow is the right choice. Only the surface area differs as the quality of the pillow is the same whatever the size.

Free Shipping

When you order a Puffy Pillow, it gets shipped directly to your door within 2 to 5 business days upon your order. You also enjoy free shipping if you’re living in the 48 contiguous states of mainland USA. If you live in Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada, you’ll have to pay a shipping fee.

101 Night Sleep Trial

No matter how perfect any product is, you won’t know if it’s the right product for you. You won’t know if the Puffy Pillow provides the comfort you’re actually seeking despite the flavorful marketing and advertising.

That’s why Puffy offers a risk-free 101 night sleep trial so you can experience for yourself if the product is for you. Sleep on it, feel it, and test it for 101 nights. That is actually more than 3 months of testing and finding out whether it’s really for you.

If you feel that the Puffy Pillow falls under your expectations, you can return it to Puffy as long as the return date falls within 101 nights from the date of purchase. Send the product back to Puffy and you’ll be refunded your full purchase price.

Lifetime Warranty

When you purchase a Puffy Pillow, you’ll also enjoy a lifetime warranty. While Puffy produces top-quality products that go through stringent checks before being released to the customers, sometimes, a product that failed to pass the quality checks can slip out unnoticed.

As such, if you detect any defects from shoddy workmanship or material, you can file a warranty claim. To file a claim, send them an email, contact details, a description of the defect, and a photo of the defect. Their customer service team will get in touch with you within 7 business days. 

Send the needed documents, and Puffy will send you a new pillow. Alternatively, they can repair your pillow rather than replacing it entirely.

Note that you cannot claim warranty due to misuse, abuse, or normal wear and tear. Puffy doesn’t replace or repair pillows that have structural or visual damage such as stains and frayed stitches.

Return Policy

Whether you’re returning the product due to dissatisfaction or validity of a warranty, Puffy will only accept returns from products bought from their website. Also, you will only get a legitimate return only once per household per year.  A valid return warrants you a full refund less the shipping cost.

Complete Sleep System

The Puffy Pillow is just one part of a comprehensive sleep system offered by Puffy. They also manufacture, showcase, and sell other bedroom products such as but not limited to

They even have a comfy bed for your dog!

Corporate Social Responsibility

When you purchase from the Puffy, you will also give a hand in helping society. That’s because Puff donates mattresses to shelters for needy children. Beneficiaries of Puffy’s corporate social responsibility program and generosity include


Customers of the Puffy Pillow swear by its wonderful features, characteristics, and benefits with positive reviews. But while these reviews are favorable, our sleep testers did find some minor disincentives that plague the pillow.


Whether you’re sleeping restlessly or waking up to a sore neck and shoulder, you can solve the most common sleeping problems with a Puffy Pillow. Easily adjustable, you can customize your pillow according to how fluffy or firm you want it to be. It takes a bit of time to find out how much fill works for you, you need to keep on taking out and putting in the bits. But once you arrive at the right level of softness or firmness, you can expect a restful and refreshing quality of sleep. Check out the Puffy Pillow and experience the difference.

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