The Best Pet Bed For Your Furry Friend: The Puffy Dog Bed (2022 Reviews)


Puffy Dog Bed


After a long day of chasing squirrels, meeting other dogs in the park, or playing catch, your dog’s gonna want to snuggle in for a good night’s rest. That’s why you need to get your furry best friend only the best pet bed to snooze on! Warm and soft, yet cooling and supportive, the Puffy Dog Bed ticks all the right boxes. Is it worth it, though? Is it easy to wash? Is it comfortable? We explore its pros, cons and other important details in this review.


Are you looking for the best dog bed for man’s best friend?  In early 2020, Puffy announced the much-awaited release of the Puffy Dog Bed. This dog bed is designed to provide luxurious support and comfort for all sizes of canines. The California-based company is adding the pet bed to its fast-growing range of mattresses and bedroom furniture.

A quality canine bed can help to encourage healthy sleep habits, which can ensure a happy dog. Puffy’s doggie beds are available in small, medium, and large sizes to accommodate pups ranging from Dachshunds to Dalmatians.

Let’s have a closer look at exactly why this dog bed is simply a must-have.

Who Is Puffy?

puffy mattress main product 2 1200xPuffy has quickly become a game-changer in the online mattress market. The company has been awarded as America’s Most Comfortable Mattress, and become famous for its memory foam mattresses and pillows.

Puffy has been featured in YouTube videos and The Ellen Show. The company has become a go-to mattress brand for providing outstanding comfort and improving sleep quality.

The Puffy Dog Bed continues this tradition through its best pet beds. Studies show that 53% of United States households own dogs, according to Spots. Like their human owners, during the day canines experience great pressure on their muscles and joints so they need a comfy spot to sleep on at night.

The Puffy Dog bed helps to make your beloved furry friends, get a good night’s sleep. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation reports that dogs need an average of 12 to 14 hours of daily slumber. Getting your pup the Puffy Dog Bed helps ensure that the recommended.

Overview of the Puffy Dog Bed

1Dog Bed Product Image 6Here are some of the main reasons to consider the Puffy Dog Bed:

Designed for Quality Sleep

The Puffy Dog Bed is designed to provide cloud comfort and the perfect balance of durability, comfort, and support. A polyester microfiber fabric has been engineered for playful dogs to get a full night’s sleep.

Pressure-relieving Sleep

Playing catch, chasing cats, and burying bones is hard work for doggies. The Puffy best pet beds relieve pressure so your family friend can rest and recover after a busy day.

The strong high-density memory foam base is perfect for super dogs. Here’s why. This study material is designed to lower weight pressure and comfortably support quick movements.

No Slipping or Sliding

A non-slip fabric bottom makes sure your doggy doesn’t slip or slide when they rest, sleep, or play on their Puffy Bed.

Scratch-resistant Cover

The Puffy doggy bed, like quality cat beds, features a scratch-resistant and anti-tear cover. The combo of polyester and microfiber will help the cover withstand all wear and tear.

That’s not all! The bed is also durable, so the fabric can withstand playful claws. Your mutt won’t be able to destroy the fabric even if it tries!

Luxurious Bed

Your pooch is like a family member, so they deserve the best you can offer. The Puffy Dog Bed’s design is practical, supportive, and luxurious.

This pet accessory’s grey and cream fabric includes neutral colors that can pair with any color scheme. The ultra-comfort is the perfect doggy treat for your best buddy.

Cooling Dog Bed

The Puffy dog mattress is designed with a high-quality, high-density memory foam that will help to keep your canine companion cool after a day of playing. This memory foam pet bed can absorb moisture and distribute weight evenly for comfort.

The material is also breathable, so air flow provides a cool and refreshing rest. This is critical since memory foam is often known to cause humans and animals to “sleep not.”

Soft yet Supportive Side-walls

Your pup’s head will be cushioned with supportive foam bolsters as they lie down to sleep or nap. The soft side-walls provide a barrier for quality sleep.

Removable and Washable Cover

Puffy’s bed for dogs includes a removable cover that you can take off by unzipping, then toss it into the washing machine. It’s a cinch to clean doggy drool, hair, and dirt. Every time you wash the bed, your adult or baby dog will experience a new-bed feeling!

For Dogs of All Sizes

You can select the Puffy Dog Bed for different canine sizes, including small, medium, and large. So they support big breeds like Saint Bernard, Great Dane, and German Shepherd.

101-Night Sleep Trial

Your pet pooch can sleep on and roll around on the Puffy dog mattress for a full 101 nights before it decides whether or not it’s dog-gone good. If it’s a thumbs down, then you can return the Dog Bed for a full refund.

Ships to Front Door with FedEx

After you order a small, medium, or large variant of the Puffy Dog Bed, it will ship within 1 to 3 business days. Your furry friend will soon be enjoying memory foam comfort.

Puffy also provides a 100% refund and free returns if you’re not fully satisfied. Shipping fees apply to Alaska and Hawaii.

Lifetime Warranty

The Puffy best dog bed, like the best cat bed, includes a lifetime warranty to provide more comfort for descendants of the gray wolf and their owners. The bed is covered under Puffy’s warranty as long as your canine snoozes on the small bed.

A non-slip studded fabric bottom will ensure your dog doesn’t slip and slide as they rest or play on the Puffy Dog Bed.

Size & Specifications

DogBedProductImage6 1200xThe Puffy Dog Bed is available in multiple sizes that suit small to large dogs. You can pick the perfect size for dogs ranging from 2-lb. Chihuahuas to 230-lb. English Mastiffs:

Contemporary style: The light beige and grey tones can be paired with any home color scheme in your home.

Zip and wash cover: You can easily manage the stain and smells. Just unzip the Puffy Dog Bed cover, and then wash it in the washing machine.

Scratch-resistant cover: The dog bed is designed to be long-lasting with an anti-tear plus scratch-resistant cover made with polyester and microfiber.

Support for rest and recovery: A high-density memory foam base reduces weight pressure, so running, jumping, and swimming dogs have a fast recovery.

Cooling dog bed: Dogs can have sleep deprivation like humans due to temperature changes. This dog bed contains highly-breathable memory foam to keep dogs from getting too warm.

How to Determine Your Dog’s Size

A dog’s size of small, medium, or large is usually based on its weight. Sometimes there are also subcategory breeds like Miniature, Giant, and Extra-large. There are no official weight categories for dog sizes, but here are some general guidelines:

Pros & Cons of the Puffy Dog Bed

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Reasons Why You Need to Invest In A Quality Dog Bed

DogBedProductImage5 1200xThe American Pet Products Association reports that in 2019, Americans spent over $95 billion on their pets. This data simply shows us that we simply adore our pets and love to spoil them with lots of pet products. 

However, it’s always good to be choosy. While it’s tempting to just buy the first affordable dog bed you can find online, choosing to buy something of high quality will add more value to your hard-earned money and of course, make your dog happier.

Here are some of the best reasons you should buy a top quality dog bed for your fur baby:


Over time any dog bed will get messy and smelly, and especially if you have outdoor dogs or puppies. The perfect solution is a washable cover so you can keep dirt, grime, and funky smells off the bed.

Pain relief from arthritis

Studies show that 20% of adult dogs have arthritis, and it’s more common among elderly dogs. The natural aging process causes the joints’ cartilage to wear out over time. This results in inflamed and painful joints.

Supportive orthopedic beds have enough cushioning to reduce joint pain. When your senior dog has less pain, this means it will get a better night’s sleep.

Keeps its shape

A quality dog bed won’t collapse into a pancake over time, so you won’t have to replace it sooner rather than later. You can find models that provide the perfect blend of firmness and softness for your sleeping dog.

Comfort and support

If you’ve ever slept on the floor or an old mattress, you know it can be uncomfortable. Dogs lie down 80% of their lives, so it’s important for them to be comfortable. A quality bed will provide your buddy with enough cushioning to keep him or her snug as a bug in a rug.

Many dogs sleep on the couch or their owner’s beds because they’re really comfy spaces. This is another reason why it’s worth investing in a quality bed to provide sufficient comfort and support for your doggie.


Buying a quality dog bed means the unit will be durable and long-lasting due to quality design, materials, and craftsmanship. This includes materials like quality memory foam that can help dog beds to last for several years instead of less than one year.

Soothing and preventing elbow calluses

Large breed dogs are more likely to experience calluses on elbows. The thick and hard skin notches can cause pain and discomfort for senior dogs when the skin growths crack and bleed.

An orthopedic bed can help to prevent calluses from forming from the get-go. If your dog already has elbow calluses, it can experience cushioning and pain relief.

Clean home interior

When you have guests over, you can show off your beloved pet’s bed if you’ve invested in a high-quality one. You won’t have to embarrassingly hide the pet furniture every time friends or family visit. You can also welcome them with the stylish puffy rug.


The Puffy Dog Bed is loaded with features that can help your pet pooch sleep better and longer. Since dogs sleep about half the day, it’s important for them to have a comfy and supportive bed. One of the best gifts you can give your dog or puppy is a good night’s sleep.

Puffy has quickly become famous for its bed mattresses, and this pet bedding offers many of the same benefits due to the design and materials like high-density memory foam. While every dog has its day, your best friend should also have quality sleep every night!

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