How to Dispose of a Mattress and Help Save the Environment

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A big part of our lives gets expended in thinking about the things we consume rather than those we waste and throw away. We do this without regard to their impact on the environment. Mattresses are one such commodity that is available worldwide, and people often throw them away after they start “feeling funny”. You may think mattresses are rarely thrown since they expire in years, but according to a report, Americans dispose of around 20 million mattresses per year!

This staggering number isn’t going down any time soon, probably because people don’t know how a mattress is to be disposed of and recycled successfully for the less unfortunate, or to make a few bucks after using the mattress for several years. You may have seen a random used up, worn out mattress dumped carelessly on the street, and that’s what you must never do. Disposing of it safely is a responsibility that will save our environment from numerous problems in the future.

Let’s look at some facts and methods that can help you dispose of your mattress easily.

Expiry time

So how do you know your mattress is ready for disposal? Before you dump your mattress, it’s crucial to understand its condition.

Understandably, the company that sold you your mattress hasn’t told about early symptoms of its demise. According to homeguides, a general rule of thumb is that mattresses take 5-10 years before reaching their end.

In all honesty, though, no clock’s ticking away your mattress’ life. It usually depends on several factors that we’ll share below:

Funny noises

Although you may wish to hold that mattress for another year, it’s time to say goodbye when your mattress starts squeaking or creaking. However, it may be the case that your springs and frame have a problem or two. Better get it checked before the mattress depreciates further.

Body pain

A good nap of 7-9 hours usually eases up body pains and aches, but if that doesn’t apply to you, then that may mean your mattress’s life is over. Plus, your back/shoulders may also feel stiff or numb. Try confirming from your partner or another person for surety.


Mattresses stay in good shape for about 5-10 years, and when you’ve hit that time limit, that’s a soft signal to have a new one. It may also be that you even forgot when you bought the mattress, and that’s more of a reason to dispose of the current one.

Different mattress

Try sleeping on a different mattress or a cough for a change. If you experience better sleep and wake up with no body aches and pain, then that’s your clue.


Due to wear and tear, mattresses tend to sag from the middle, usually. Sagging is a sign that your buddy’s time with you has reached its limit.

Still, a mattress’ expiry time mostly depends on its quality, the company, and your use. Some people may even end up keeping their mattresses for more than a decade.

Warranty procedures

A warranty is a company’s guarantee, and it has two main types: implied & written. An implied warranty is forced upon by law, and they account for the product to go by its description and do as the seller says it will. 

Meanwhile, a written warranty is when the company hands you a written note, explaining when your warranty will hold and this type of warranty is not required by law.

Mattress-selling companies provide warranties, and it’s only smart to think about the warranty on your used-up mattress just in case. 

Although warranty terms and conditions are unique, you may want to familiarize yourself with them to know what you should expect.

Since customers may ask for a warranty even if they have damaged it, companies sometimes tend not to oblige the customers under certain circumstances and this holds true for almost all mattress companies out there.

The company will not cover if the mattress has deteriorated due to overuse, or if it’s damaged in any way (during an accident), if the color of the mattress has faded because of cleaning, and if the sagging limit hasn’t reached the depth that they cover.

However, they do cover sagging that has reached a certain extent, coils that are damaged or broken, and the product that has any inherent defects.

How can I send my mattress for donations?

After reading the above paragraphs, if the realization has finally struck you that your current mattress needs to go, you should start to consider purchasing a new one. 

Before that, know that it’s best to donate it to a charity/organization that can provide it to people in need or sell it to buy useful items for them.

Mattresses can be recycled for the betterment of this world and many people are oblivious of this fact. 

There are reputable organizations that will aid you in recycling your mattress. 

Some of them are:

Habitat for Humanity International

An international non-profit organization working to assist the unfortunate. They have been undertaking a wide variety of social tasks, and accepting mattresses for people is one of them. Even though you may experience trouble in donating your mattress to HFHI since they do not work in some locations, it’s always good to try. Just let ReStore home improvement centers know that you have a mattress lying around that can be used to aid people. They may even pick up the mattress (for free), or you may have to drop it off to their center.


As much as Goodwill is widespread in America for being a charity that gives out jobs and training to countless people, they have donation centers that operate to take in donations from people. However, they do not accept mattress donations (used or unused), but you can donate other essential mattress-related items like linens, bed frames, and mattress pads. You can always browse through their website for more information.

The Salvation Army

Known for serving needy families selflessly for several years, The Salvation Army is a deserving and respected place for you to donate a mattress. They accept a mattress under some conditions; however, and generally, a good-looking, damage-free mattress will do just fine. In order to know whether The Salvation Army is available to pick up mattresses at your location, just hop on to their website and write your zip code. If not, you can always drive by their charity shops to donate the mattress.

The American Red Cross

They’re widely known for helping people in their times of need. American Red Cross has a guideline that the donated item must follow so that it can be accepted. When a person donates any item through GreenDrop, they are converted into cash and sold to local thrift stores and charities. Furthermore, American Red Cross utilizes this money to invest in its services and charities. They accept a wide variety of items, mattresses being one of them; however, if your mattress weighs over 50 pounds, then it may not be accepted. It’s better to check the weight of your mattress before giving them a call. You can further look into their donation requirements in case you have more questions.

How do I dispose of my mattress?

Realistically, not everyone will have the facilities and means to donate their mattress or have them recycled. If this applies to you, then your first and last resort is a junk removal service. 

These companies are skilled at what they do, and they heavily focus on conserving the environment and disposing of items (such as used mattresses) in the best way possible. They either donate or recycle the mattresses.

You may need to pay attention to this procedure if you wish to travel this route.


Check the warranty of your mattress before disposing of it for good. Some sellers offer exchange offers or even disposal services, in some cases.


It’s important to know your national and international disposal services first. Make sure you know how much they charge. Consider a few options before you choose one. You may save some bucks this way.


Figure out or calculate the weight of your mattress. Because you need to provide the weight to the service provider as their fees mostly depend on the weight. However, some disposal services charge the same fee for all weights.

Following are some companies that provide disposal services nationwide; you may want to give them a call for additional information.


They’re known for disposing of household items like furnishings and mattresses. You can call them at (800) 468-5865 and schedule a time for your pickup. This company even takes care of mattresses that have bed bugs in them, but you will have to inform them beforehand.

Load Up

Famous for offering decent rates and providing exceptional customer service, Load Up will remove anything household related that you tell them to. They also remove mattresses with bed bugs, and yes, you need to inform them beforehand.

What else can I do with my old mattress?

Let’s say your old mattress isn’t in proper shape, or there’s any other reason that you may want it to stick with you, there are a few options that you may want to consider. Interestingly, an old mattress isn’t useless. 

Mattresses can be used for different purposes like:

Mattresses have in them different fibers, for example, cotton, silk, wool, and polyester. You can use them for different purposes like insulation in winters, padding your cushions and carpets, and even artistic purposes. As YouTuber Upasna Art Class displays how she utilizes cotton to make beautiful paintings and drawings for children.

Once the mattress has been taken apart, the wooden frames can be handy. In winters, you can burn them to increase the temperature and even craft them in some way to make your house or garden prettier. To our surprise, there are numerous ornaments that you can make if you have sufficient wood available.

You can remove the nails and screws to use them elsewhere. These metal objects are handy, and they can come in use at any time. Don’t let them go to waste!

Mattresses have a lot of steel, most of it comes from the steel springs, and this metal can be utilized in several ways. The steel can be melted to craft a decoration such as a key stand of a steel ornament. However, while removing these parts, make sure you’re well-protected since the sharp edges can lead to injuries. Furthermore, you may want to look up scrap yard services in your local area and sell them steel in exchange for some money.

Again, be very careful while disassembling the mattress since it can hurt you severely. DLX Willington displays in a video how you can disassemble your mattress easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a lot of questions, and hopefully, this will reduce your confusion by a mile or two.

Your primary action should be to contact the company that sold you the mattress. They may take it back and offer a new one, but if that doesn't work, you can contact the garbage collector or donate it to a charity.

Organizations like The Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity have operations that enable you, as a citizen, to offer mattress donations and box springs for them to use in a better way.

If you can't reach out to a charity, drop the box spring at a landfill only after contacting them and informing them about your arrival.

Yes, you can. These mattresses (if in certain conditions) will be accepted, donated, or used for some other useful purpose.

After buying a mattress, you can remain carefree for around 5-7 years. Try to observe and compare the mattress's performance over the years to grasp its health better.

It is legal to sell a mattress; however, in certain states, mattresses that are dirty or stained cannot be sold. Make sure yours is in an acceptable condition.


Mattresses are a commodity, just like any other that people dump and don’t even bother to look back. 

These used, dirty mattresses hamper cleanliness and are a blot on our society. Instead, recycling or donating them to reputable charity foundations can enable them to help more unfortunate people.

Disposing of a mattress is a fantastic opportunity for people, especially concerned individuals, to help our society prosper. 

Not many people may have wondered about the different uses, disposing methods, and recycling of mattresses, but now we’re sure you are well-equipped even to hold a session on how to dispose of a mattress responsibly.

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Table of Contents

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