An Honest Review of the Sweetnight Mattress (2022): Pros, Cons & Our Verdict

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What does it take for you to have a restful, relaxing sleep? Many people lull themselves to sleep by listening to soft music. Others imagine counting sheep. Many want to have a long warm bath or shower to make them feel fresh and relaxed when they crawl to bed.

There may be many ways to induce a mood of sleepiness. But no person can actually start the trip to dreamland if he or she is lying down a terribly uncomfortable mattress. Comfort is the common denominator and the main key to enter into the ethereal world of dreams.

So, if you want a comfortable, cozy mattress, let us introduce you to SweetNight mattress. Let’s find out how this bed can really provide you with a sweet night and sweet dreams.

About SweetNight


Do you want to experience sweet dreams? Are you looking forward to a sweet and restful sleep? Are you looking forward to a sweet experience when you wake up, smile, and greet the morning sun? Then that is possible with the lovely products from SweetNight.

SweetNight is an American brand specializing on high-quality memory foam mattresses.  However, they also carry sleep-related product lines such as hybrid mattresses and pillows. Every product that reaches you is manufactured, compressed, packed, and shipped directly from their factory. Because you are dealing directly with the company and not with third-party providers, you are assured of the best quality at the best prices. 

SweetNight carries a few mattress brands, which is typical for a relatively new company. They have two for memory foam mattresses: the 3-layer Breeze and the 2-layer Sunkiss models. It’s important to note that all their products have infused cooling gel, which makes their mattresses cooler than most standard ones. They also carry 3 hybrid mattress models:  Island, Twilight, and Ocean Blue.

Finally, the company sells comfortable SweetNight pillows filled with shredded memory foam. One of their most innovative products is their Bamboo pillow, which is filled with activated bamboo charcoal. This material effectively deodorizes, purifies the air, and damp-proof your bed.

Sweet SweetNight Mattress Features

SweetNight reversible mattresses promise to give you a sweet shut-eye. That is not an empty promise, mind you! How their product is made already speaks volumes for itself. Just take a look at the Breeze, one of their most in-demand mattresses:


We’ll start with the top polyester cover. The material is thin and breathable, making the mattress stay cool. The material’s cover is breathable, allowing air to freely circulate through the fibers and dissipating heat. This is important because memory foam mattresses naturally tend to trap body heat, which usually makes mattresses hotter than they actually are. The last thing that you want every night is to sleep in a hot, uncomfortable, and itchy bed.

The cover is also hypoallergenic, which means it keeps out dust mites, dust, and other allergens. It also prevents bacteria and fungi from growing; these pathogens produce unsightly stains or make your mattress stink.

HD Foam Comfort Layer

Right under the breathable cover is the support comfort foam layer. This is a pretty unusual arrangement because, as a default for other all-foam beds, the comfort layer is positioned just before the bottom layer.

This comfort layer is made up of high-density poly-foam. Its high density adds a good degree of support for sleepers of light to average weight. This helps sleepers maintain positive and proper spinal alignment—especially important if they sleep on their back or stomach.

It also augments stability to the SweetNight mattress. So no matter how you toss and turn, the mattress stays in one place.

HD Foam Transition Layer

The strength and firmness of the SweetNight mattress come from the support layer, positioned right next to the comfort layer. This layer is made of thicker high-density foam meant to add support, durability, and longevity to the mattress.

Both comfort and transition layers prevent sleepers, especially heavier ones, from sinking too deep into the foam mattress. This becomes apparent and important when the SweetNight mattress is turned over so that its soft side is up.

Gel Memory Foam Layer

The last (or the first, depending on the mattresses orientation) is its soft memory gel foam above the support layer. The softness of the layer is ideal if you want to feel as if you’re lying in the clouds. The memory foam hugs every contour and curve of your body, embracing you with its softness.

Memory foam, in general, has inadequate bounce and not responsive. It leaves impressions for some time; it won’t spring back to its original puffiness. However, the unique layering of SweetNight mattresses solves this problem. The firmness of the support layer acts as a counter to the softness of the memory foam layer.

Cooling Gel Infusion

One of the cons of memory foam mattresses is the material becomes hot. Although this “handicap” brings mattress reviews down, customers should understand that this is not the manufacturer’s fault. That’s because heat retention is a natural property of memory foam. After all, memory foam was originally made by NASA to provide warmth to spacecraft pilots in the extreme freezing temperatures in outer space.

Thus, manufacturers of memory foam beds find ways to keep this inherent yet inconvenient property in check. For SweetNight, this means infusing their mattresses with cooling gel. The gel cools the mattress by permeating cool air to the fibers while absorbing body heat. This helps you enjoy a cooler and more comfortable sleep.

CertiPUR-Us Certified

When processed into products, many kinds of foam material become hazardous to health. It’s a good thing that SweetNight uses only CertiPUR-US certified foam for their mattresses.  This means that their materials are manufactured without dangerous substances such as:

  •  ozone depleters
  • flame retardants
  •  lead, mercury, and other heavy metals
  • formaldehyde
  • phthalates that are prohibited by the Consumer Product Safety Commission

When you lie down on a SweetNight mattress, you are assured that you are sleeping healthy and safely.


The best thing about this gel memory foam mattress is that it is reversible. That means you can choose which surface you want to sleep on by just turning the bed around. For example, if you want to lie down on something firm to support your bad back or painful shoulders, then you can choose the default firm side and sleep on the comfort layer.

However, if you want pinpoint pressure relief or if you want to sleep in a softer surface, simply flip the bed up and doze off on the memory foam side. It’s that simple! Come to think of it, that’s basically two types of bed in one!

Because it is likely that you’ll be flipping the bed frequently, it might be a good idea to put the mattress on some sort of base such as a bed frame or a spring box to protect the foam surfaces. For extra protection, use an elastic duvet cover to wrap the entire bed. The cover does a dual job of protecting the mattress from debris and keeping the shape together.

Other Enticing Tidbits

By reading the features above, you can probably tell already that the SweetNight mattress easily delivers its promise of letting you enjoy sweet sleep.

But that’s not all!

The company makes sure that you also enjoy your buying experience. If you’ve experienced buying your first mattress, you would agree with us that it would be a most—-challenging—experience, and it’s mostly on the rather unpleasant side. SweetNight tries to do away with unpleasant experiences by offering some cool extras:

30-Night Trial Period and Money-Back Guarantee

You can never be certain if the Sweetnight Mattress is truly for you unless you spend some time sleeping on it. That’s why the company offers customers a 30-night trial period. If any time in those 30 nights you feel that the mattress is not for you, you can return it to SweetNight and have your money refunded.

10-Year Warranty

If you decide to keep your SweetNight gel memory foam mattress—which we believe you will—then you enjoy a 10-year warranty. As long as you do not breach the terms and conditions of the warranty, you can return the mattress should it incur shipping or manufacturing damages as well as faulty design.

PS: That’s why we mentioned a while ago to protect your mattress with a duvet cover and to put it on a bed frame. That really helps preserve your bed.


You don’t have to spend a penny for the product to be delivered to your door. The company ships your mattress to you for free. Your bed comes to you compressed in a convenient cylinder and wrapped in a protective sheet.

Who Benefits Most from the SweetNight Mattress

The versatility of the SweetNight mattress makes it an ideal bed for sleepers of any age and weight. It can accommodate a variety of sleeping positions:

  • Those who sleep on their sides would want to flip the mattress over and lie down on the memory foam layer. When you sleep on your side, most of your bodyweight presses down on your shoulder and arms. The soft and low response memory foam helps relieve the pressure by enabling you to sink into the layer.
  • People who sleep on their backs or stomachs will love the firmness of the high-density foam layers. That’s because altogether, these layers provide adequate support and excellent spinal alignment.

Who Benefits Least from the SweetNight Mattress

There’s no one-size-fits-all product anywhere in the world. The SweetNight mattress is no exception to this rule. Indeed, according to some SweetNight mattress reviews, there are sleepers who find the product inadequate for their needs.

  • Memory foam, in general, lacks bounce. Thus, if you are on the heavy side of the weighing scale and you sleep on the memory foam side, you might feel as if the material sucked you into the bottom. The impressions form borders around your body, which may feel as if you’re stuck in the bed.
  • The mattress seems to be designed for people of light and average weights. If you are more than 250 pounds, the mattress begins to sag heavily. Even the firm dual HD foam layers cannot seem to provide adequate support to heavyweight folks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! In fact, in their website, the mattresses are available in 9 sizes, divided into 3 main sizes. The difference is the thickness, or height, of the foam. Check out the sizes below with the last set of figures being the thickness or height measurement of the mattress.

  • Twin – 39 X 74 X 8 inches
  • Full – 54 X 75 X 8, 10, or 12 inches
  • Queen – 60 X 80 X 8, 10, or 12 inches
  • King – 76 X 80 X 10 or 12 inches

It all depends on the size and thickness of the mattress. The thinnest Twin bed is $288 when bought directly from their website. The thickest and largest King sized bed can cost you $698 at the same venue. As most of their counterparts can run more than a thousand dollars, these mattresses are reasonably priced.

Is the SweetNight a Good Mattress

For a reasonable price, the SweetNight mattress does offer a sweet night’s sleep. The combination of memory foam and HD polyfoam balances each other out. Because the foam is breathable and infused with cooling gel, you can expect a cool and relaxed sleep.

Its main advantage is that it is reversible; it feels like you are actually buying two beds in one. That is just awesome! You can choose which surface you want to sleep on, whether you want more support or a softer, heavenly feel.

It’s not just the price, comfort, quality, and versatility of the mattress that lull you to a night of sweet sleep. Being readily available, a considerable free trial period, a long warranty, and a free delivery scheme altogether make buying a SweetNight foam mattress a pleasant experience.

However, we believe that only people of light or average weight can truly enjoy these sweet dreams. It seems that the mattress is not designed for heavyset people. If you weigh 250 pounds or above, you might consider buying SweetNight’s hybrid mattresses which offer a lot more support for heavier people.

No doubt about it, you can confidently believe you’ll dream sweet dreams on a beautiful night when you lie down on a SweetNight memory foam mattress! Get one for your bedroom now!

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Table of Contents

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