The Best Mattresses for Sex (2022 Ultimate Guide): Which Should You Choose)

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Table of Contents

  • Doing the deed.
  • Getting it on.
  • The mumbo jumbo. 
  • Doing it.
  • Getting lucky. 
  • Going all the way. 
  • Getting laid. 
  • Get in her (or his) pants. 
  • Making love. 

It can be said in any language, but having sex is one of the most important and enjoyable times in a couple’s life. During a passionate night of lovemaking, the couple’s souls meld into one. Getting close and physical is the ultimate, the best, and most intimate expression of how much they love each other.

Having great sex requires the right kind of environment. And the mattress where the couple makes love is among the most important elements in such an environment. The mattress can make or break a romantic, passionate evening of sex.

Knowing how important a comfortable mattress is to a couple, we compiled a list of the best mattresses for sex. Check out the features of each to know why you should consider any one of them.

Make Love on These Mattresses

Having an excellent mattress adds flavor and comfort to your lovemaking. Here are our best picks to make your intimate “us” time not just steamier but more comfortable and satisfying.

brooklyn bedding aurora

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

Saatva Classic

We have to choose this as among the top rated mattresses for sex. A revolutionary hybrid innerspring mattress, it has the feel of a classic, luxurious, good ol’ bed. The heart of the mattress consists of small individually wrapped comfort coils to enhance comfort. Each of these coils responds independently from others, so the bed conforms to your body and your—actions. Supporting the bed are the large main support hourglass-shaped wire coils that use a heavy-duty “Bonnell” system. Finally, the mattress’s edge is reinforced so all sides can support you and your partner’s weight.

The Saatva’s sturdy hybrid coil system makes it a sturdy yet bouncy bed for even the wildest lovemaking. But that doesn’t mean it’s a hard, uncomfortable bed. Its responsive memory foam top layer also lovingly embraces you and your partner’s bodies.

Casper Wave Hybrid

Hitting a home run can be quite hot—literally. And if it’s too hot, it could be too uncomfortable. If your hot nights are too hot for comfort, then the Casper Wave Hybird is ideal for you. That’s because it is designed for coolness. Its top layer is made of moisture-licking wool that prevents humidity from being trapped while wicking away all that sweat. It is followed by a 1.5-inch layer of breathable latex foam that doesn’t trap heat while giving you that fun, bouncy feel as you get busy.

After the third layer of memory foam comes the heart of the Casper Wave Hybrid, a layer of 27 strategically positioned “targeted gel pods” that not only cool the mattress but provide excellent support for the body. Finally, a 7-inch base of pocket coil springs supports the mattress, which gives it a great deal of durability, improved airflow, and motion isolation. That’s cool lovemaking, right?

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

Another best bed for sex, the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora should be in a couple’s sights for a mattress that can stand up to the steaminess of the night. Nights can be hot, so the Aurora helps keep things cool without reducing that good balance of softness and firmness. The top layer of patented CopperGel Energex foam is bouncier than standard memory foam. However, it is cooler to the touch as it’s infused with TitanCool water-based solution which absorbs heat.

A layer of TitanFlex gives the bed its responsiveness, adjusting the mattress’s surface as you play in all positions. The subsequent layers add support for active couples, including a final 8-inch layer of 1,283 individually wrapped pocket coils. So twist, turn, and tumble with your partner; whatever way, you two will feel comfortable.

Tempur Breeze

Its name alone connotes a comfortably cool night of smooshing. And it does wonderfully so with six layers of foam that all work together:

  • Layer 1: Two layers of cool-to-touch “SmartClimate” material
  • Layer 2: Phase-change material that adjusts to body temperature
  • Layer 3: Breathable comfort layer that enable heat to escape 
  • Layer 4: Another comfort layer with top-to-bottom holes for improved airflow
  • Layer 5: Thick transition layer for support
  • Layer 6: Densest layer whose cut is similar to an egg carton, improving airflow and support

There are different sizes and models of Tempur Breeze. However, they all share the same advantages—excellent contouring and support, great pain relief, extremely durable, and amazing motion isolation (useful if one of you sleeps ahead of the other due to exhaustion).

Purple Mattress

You can’t go wrong with one of the leading names in all-foam mattresses. 

The Purple Mattress is perfect for couples who want to have fun and bounce around. The signature technology of the Purple mattress that makes this possible is its patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid. Often called the Purple Grid, it is made of pressure-responsive gel-like silicone; it’s important to know that this is not memory foam. The Purple Grid provides the mattress with just the right balance of softness and firmness. Finally, the grid structure makes the mattress extremely breathable, allowing you to enjoy a much cooler sex—and sleep.

Subsequent layers of polyurethane foam and reinforced base foam adds a lot of rigidity to the bed. Thus, the Purple won’t contort or deform even when you two move around a lot.

Brooklyn Spartan

Want to make love in paradise? Then the Brooklyn Spartan is perhaps one of the best mattresses for sex in utopia. High-tech layers that feature patented technology such as CopperGel Energex, TitanFlex, and Swirl Visco Elastic Memory Foam make the bed incredibly responsive, soft, and comfortable. In fact, the combination of these layers allows the mattress to hug your bodies in a lover’s embrace.

Memory foam beds may be too soft or responsive for your taste. Sometimes, you just want to do the hunka chunka on a good ol’ familiar mattress. Well, the Brooklyn Spartan has that covered. It has a thick, 8-inch base that consists of more than a thousand individually encased Ascension X-coils. All these coils lessen motion transfer between you and your partner, makes the bed firm yet comfortable, and provides pressure point relief.

You and your partner may be quite—athletic—in bed. You want it rough, wild, adventurous, and exciting. In that case, you want a mattress that can stand to the rigors of your active lovemaking—a mattress that is as tough as a bear. Well, you got it with the Bear Hybrid mattress. Its durable foam layers make motion transfer a thing of the past. Its edges are supported and reinforced, which allow you to do your lovemaking on every square inch of the mattress. A dense fourth layer gives the bed great durability, strength, and support.

Feeling a little hot due to the heat of the night? Or perhaps it’s the warm weather? A faulty air conditioner, maybe? No worries. The top layer has celliant fibers that reflect infrared light and absorb body heat. The memory foam under the cover has injected graphite gel, which helps keep you and your partner cool.

Zenhaven Mattress

For years, you two went all the way on a soft, plush bed that makes it feel you’re making love in the clouds. But as you two grow older and suffer the aches of aging, you need to do it on a firmer bed. Should you buy another bed? No! Simply turn it around! That’s how simple it is if you have the Zenhaven as your sex mattress.

This is a unique dual-sided latex mattress made by the brand Saatva. One side is soft, a comfortable organic cotton quilted cover supported by layers of Talatay latex that has zone support. Five various firmness layers are laid across the top layer. The other side is a 6-inch core layer made of plush latex that gives superb support.

Thus, you can just flip the mattress over depending on how soft—or firm—you want it to be during a sensual night.

Loom and Leaf

Memory foam mattresses may not be ideal for some couples. In general, rather than being bouncy, the pressure-sensitive foam makes them actually “sink.” The Loom and Leaf though is different. The comfort layers that make up the mattress are sufficiently firm, giving couples like you a stable and comfortable platform for lovemaking. Less the sinking feeling, of course. In addition, the memory foam is gel-infused, making your sex and sleep pretty cool and comfortable.

Finally, that creaking noise in your old mattress bed every time you hump steals away the sensuality of the evening. Fortunately, those awful noises are gone thanks to the all-foam construction of the Loom and Leaf. Now, you won’t hear anything except those wonderful sounds of pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no one-size-fits-all kind of mattress. The best mattress for sex depends on your preference or style. As a short guide, here are the pros and cons of each type of mattress


  • Memory foam - quiet but generally not bouncy. It can get hot as well.
  • Latex - quiet, durable, and responsive. But its edge support may not be sufficient for couples.
  • Hybrid – durable, responsive, and cooler than foam. However, it can generate some noise as you move.
  • Innerspring – durable, excellent edge support, nice bounce. But as it gets older, the springs tend to generate noise with each bounce.

No one mattress can give you all the features you want. But when you do buy a mattress that you intend to use for sex, you need to check the following qualities.


Responsiveness – the mattress should not feel too soft that you and your partner will feel like you’re sinking.


Bounce – the mattress has a degree of springiness. When you move around while lovemaking, the mattress should react to your movement. The place where you’ve been seconds before should not leave an imprint for more than a second.


Noise – this is common in mattresses that have moving parts, particularly hybrids and innerspring types. Brand new, they usually don’t emit noise. But as their components wear out, they tend to produce noise, which gets louder over time.


There is usually a trade-off between noise and responsiveness/bounce. If noise is a factor for you but you still want a responsive and bouncy bed, then a hybrid mattress can strike a good balance for you.


Durability – in general, the more action there is on the mattress, the faster it will wear out. Thus, look for mattresses that are made with high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of your actions.


Edge support – this is about how stable or rigid the edges of the mattress are. If your sex position shifts towards the edge, it shouldn’t feel as if you or your partner is slipping off the bed. Falling off the edge while having sex isn’t really fun at all and ruins the sensual moment.


In general, all-foam mattresses are more susceptible to weak edge supports because they compress easily. Thus, look for mattresses with thick, sturdy, firm, and high-quality base support foams. Hybrid and innerspring mattresses usually don’t have this problem.


One of the most important keys to having a successful, sensual, and pleasurable night of lovemaking is to do it on the right mattress. Mattresses that creak, moldy, too soft, too hard, or generally uncomfortable can really wreck that beautiful moment.

The right mattress, on the other hand, can help elevate your lovemaking to new heights. Just imagine doing amazing sex to your lovely partner on top of a bed that offers you utmost comfort. After an intense night of passion, you fall into a deep and romantic sleep, cuddling your partner in your arms.

All the selections above are among the best mattresses for sex in the market. Now, the question is, which one is best for you? Talk to your partner and shop for the best bed for sex today!

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Table of Contents

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