2022 Review of the Ooler Sleep System by Chili: Will the Ooler Make Your Bed Cooler or Warmer?

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Ooler Sleep System


Sometimes a mattress isn’t enough. Sure, you’ve got a great bed to sleep on but there are other factors to consider. Are you a naturally warm-bodied person? Do you often get hot and stuffy while trying to sleep? Is your room located in an area of your home that’s warmer? If you fit into any of these and you’re not getting the sleep you need, then you might need an Ooler by Chili. A sleep system that’s basically like an airconditioner for you mattress, it offers temperature regulating features and is also compatible with Alexa. Read all about it here.

Sleepless nights are a huge hassle.

Primarily when they’re caused by discomfort or night sweats. Or worse, you could be suffering from insomnia, body pain, or anything of the like.

How do you get away from all these?

Today, we will be reviewing a product that may be just what you exactly need to solve this dilemma. We’re going to show you an in-depth review of a sleeping technology to help you get better sleep- an Ooler.

Let’s take a closer look.

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Everything You Need To Know About Oolers.

ooler feature
What is an Ooler? An Ooler is water-based sleeping technology that gives an advanced sleep system to regulate the precise temperature on your bed. Commonly, its thermal range is from 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. It consists of:
  • A control unit
  • A mattress topper
Which is incorporated with thin-like circulation tubes that give the accuracy of climate control throughout your bed, Oolers are available for single and double configurations. Which means, it may have single or double occupancy. It includes smart features as:
  • Sleep Scheduling
  • Smart Alarm
  • Bluetooth control
Which helps a lot in creating a seamless experience for the users of the product.   Ooler is designed to improve your sleep experience by providing an optimal bed climate, especially if you’re suffering from night sweats, illnesses, muscle pain, or recovery from sports activities,  Oolers are also known to help improve over-all sleep and health.

A Background History About Oolers: How It All Began

Oolers began with Chilipads.


Founded back in 2007 by husband and wife Todd and Tara Youngblood, Chilipads are a water-based system with a control unit and a mattress pad lined with thin circulation tubes. This was the first consumer device that offered accurate and reliable temperature for beds, which helped Chilipad gain popularity with celebrities, athletes, and even health advocates.

Chilipads have gone through 3 different generations, including:

  • The Chilipad Cube
  • Kryo Sleep Performance System

From Kryo, it was rebranded as Ooler, which was launched to the public last 2019 as it gained new features such as having Bluetooth connectivity and became more compact in form.

Chilipads And Oolers: The Similarities And Differences

Chilipads and Oolers are quite similar since these devices share the same core tech. Both offer:

  • Heating and cooling between 55-110 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Offer a range of mattress pad sizes
  • Give options for single and dual sleepers

The distinguishing factor of an Ooler from a Chilipad is it’s physical trait since it is 6″ tall unlike a Chilipad, which is at 7″. 

Do you know why Oolers were given this size? This is so it can fit more beds.

In addition, Ooler offers the following specs which are not inclusive features of a Chilipad:

  • Smart-phone related features
  • Programmable Sleep Schedules
  • Sleep Optimization System
  • UV cleaning system
  • Noise Control

Over-all, Chilipads and Ooler are similar except that Oolers are a more sophisticated device that delivers precise temperature control to your mattress with its additional features that helps in sleep improvement.

Ooler Specs

Purchasing an Ooler will give you a control unit, a power cord, a plastic draining tool, and a mattress bag that is placed inside a drawstring bag that you may use for your storage. 

Let’s have a closer look at Ooler’s Control unit and its unique features.

The Control Unit

An Ooler’s control unit weighs 4kg when it is not filled up with water. As it is a well-engineered kit, it contains buttons and components that will optimize your sleeping activity.

To begin with, unlike the Chilipad, Ooler’s slim design makes it sleek and more comfortable to store under your bed.

With its minimalist design, it only has 3 buttons, only the power, temperature, and up and down controls. This is because most of the buttons to play with Ooler’s features are set inside the app to help you control it all with your smartphone.

We’ll talk about the app later.

An Ooler also has a LED display that helps show the current temperature you set. Warning alert for low water levels is also being notified through the LED Display.

The unit has all the necessary connectors to the mattress pad at the back where you find its main socket. Take note that the control unit and the mattress pad is connected with a connector tube which is very sturdy, and has two outlets to connect to the control unit and the mattress pad itself, sending water to circulate around the pad.

Control Unit
Cooling heating range 55-110°F (13-43°C)
Dimensions 15” L x 10” W x 6” H
Connectivity Bluetooth
App compatibility iOS and Android
Power: 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz, 140W
Energy consumption ~500kWh/year
Noise levels Silent ~ 51-56 dBA
Regular ~ 58-63 dBA
Boost ~ 61-66 dBa
Warrantee 2 years, 90-day satisfaction guarantee

The Mattress Pad

Mattress pads can either be a “ME,” which signifies the mattress is good for one person, while the “WE” is for dual-use.

Ooler’s mattress pads are hydronic, made of high-loft jacquard stretchable top fabrics with waterproof polyester as a bottom coating. 

The top area on the other hand, is stitched with geometric patterns. It is attached underneath with several elasticated straps connected to the grey fabric to help secure the mattress pad. The pad is also attached to a hose measured 7 feet that connects to the control unit.

This mattress pad fits any mattress size and is washable.

Material: high-loft jacquard

Ooler Sizes

As mentioned, Oolers can be in “ME” or for single-use, and can also be a “WE,” which means it is for dual occupancy. Take note that “WE” Oolers can also be set in different configurations to satisfy the individual sleeping in that specific area. 

Let us show you a chart containing Ooler sizes both for single and dual occupancy:

Bed Category ME (for individuals) WE (for couples) Price
Half Queen 30" x 74" (76 x 190cm) $699
Half King 38" x 80" (96 x 203cm) $799
Half Cali-King 36" x 84" (91 x 213cm) $799
Queen 60" x 80" (153 x 203cm) $1399
King 76" x 80" (193 x 203cm) $1499
Cali-King 72" x 84" (183 x 213cm) $1499

Other features

Let’s take a look at Ooler’s other features.

Take note that these are all improvements compared to the previous specs of Chilipad, which makes this sleeping technology more sophisticated than the latter.

Water Tank

Ooler’s water tank can accommodate 900mL of water. The water used to be filled, should preferably be distilled water. Distilled water prevents limescale from building up inside the tank, This usually happens when mineral water is used.

The LED Display on the Water Tank flashes once the water level inside is getting low and needs to be refilled.

LED Display

With its minimal features, the LED Display gives out readings on the actual temperature being brought out, and the target temperature that you set. This could be in Fahrenheit or in Celsius.

This also reads out the Bluetooth indicator when pairing a device with your smartphone/tablet, and as well as the low water indicator. The best thing about it’s LED Display is that it has a blue-light blocking off the lens, which you can permanently set off or auto-dim to help prevent blocking blue lights that may disturb your sleep.

UV Cleaning System

One more difference of Oolers from Chilipads is it’s UV cleaning system. Compared to Chilipads, which you had to manually flush out to refill water, Oolers have ultraviolet light cleaning systems.

How does it work?

The UV lights periodically zap the interior of the control unit, which kills any bacteria that may tend to build up over time because of its extensive use. This usually happens inside the network of pipes.

This is what makes using Ooler less time consuming and very user-friendly as well.

Noise Levels

Being able to handle noise is something that Ooler has also successfully improved on because of its ambient noise control.

In the Ooler app, you would be able to see 3 different noise configuration:

  • Regular
  • Boost
  • And Silent

Based on your configuration of choice, each will be giving out a different level of power that affects the kind of noise being brought out by Ooler.

If you’re a person who enjoys sleeping with white noise, this device also holds perfect for you because it can also be a form of a sleep sound machine.

But you have to take note that using “Silent” does not entirely mean that the device does not make any sounds. This simply means there is a reduced use of power. Also, you must know that when this configuration is used, your desired temperature isn’t usually met.

Integration Of Smart Home

 It looks like Alexa and Google are going to hang out with you a little more.

Ooler has another feature that allows you to build scripts so you can navigate it through voice commands.

For instance, if you were doing something and you wanted to cool the bed, all you need to do is to tell Alexa to do so.

Using The Ooler App

In improving the specs of the Chilipad, Chili Technology has worked very hard to make sure that Ooler becomes a smart device to create a seamless and enjoyable user experience. Although the Chilipad has similar features with an Ooler, it seemed to lack features to resonate with the sleep technology market because not much technology was added to it in the first place.

So, how did Ooler do it?

To address the issues brought up in Chilipads, Ooler has been integrated with a mobile app that is available on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. You may download this in Google Play or App Store.

Once you’ve downloaded the mobile app, you’re now ready to create your own Ooler account. After which, you may pair it with your Control Unit Via Bluetooth.

The Device Control

The first thing you see on the device once you open the Ooler App is the Device Tab where you can see a temperature dial. You may choose if you want to display it in Fahrenheit or even in Celsius.

In the Menu Tab, you will see the On/Off button, and as well as the noise modes (Boost, Regular, and Silent.) This helps control the speed of your unit according to your preference.

As mentioned, turning your Ooler in “Silent” may not reach your target temperature. Thus, if you want to push through with the exact temperature you’ve set, you may stick to Boost or Regular.

The Menu Bar also helps you turn off your display light and do a deep clean function to activate the UV Cleaning System.

Scheduling The Change Of Your Ooler Temperature

Do you know that you may automatically schedule the change in the temperature of your Ooler?

Here is how it is done.

For your device control, you’ll be able to see the Schedule Tab which can be used in the following ways:

  • You may set it up at a particular time of the night, where you usually get hot flashes and change the mattress temperature at that specific time.
  • If you prefer getting into a hotbed, you can set the Ooler to gradually reduce its heat to help you fall into a deeper sleep.
  • You may set up different temperature changes on a daily or weekly basis.

You can even set your Ooler to become your alarm clock when you enable the Wake Up Function. All you need to do is enter your desired wake up time, and the Ooler will gradually warm up the mattress 30 minutes before your set time. This mimics the effect of a rising sun on your body and gives you a “warm awake.”

Reviewing your Sleep

The next tab to the Schedule tab the My Sleep. This tab allows you to give your night’s sleep a star from 1-5 to rate your sleep throughout the night.

Other Settings

Last but not least is the Settings Tab, which helps you access upgrades, notifications, unit preferences, and other admin tasks.

The Benefits Of Using Ooler

Aside from being automated and offering a seamless user experience, there are many reasons one should use Ooler.

Let’s briefly discuss point by point.

Offers Core Temperature

One of the key biological factors of using Ooler is that it ensures a good quality of sleep through the temperature it creates. Although it may be simple to get yourself an electric fan or even an AC unit, Ooler offers benefits like no other.

Uses a Water-based System

Ooler uses a Water-based System, which is more thermally efficient than just using an AC. This means the heat transfer between the mattress pad and your body is less likely to be affected by the room temperature.

Compared to Oolers bringing the right temperature to the body, an AC affects the heat of the entire room, which means the device works harder. On the other hand, all an electric fan can do is circulate air at room temperature without any active cooling.

Offers Varied Temperature Needs

If you’re sleeping with your partner, yet both of you have different temperature needs, using an Ooler will be perfect since it offers dual configuration.

This means that different kinds of configuration may be set on different sides of the bed, according to the individual’s liking. Thus, bringing independent temperature control

Offers Smart Features

Aside from offering benefits by bringing precise room temperatures in your bed, it offers smart features through the Ooler App to help you control temperature, create schedules, and access it through voice commands.

This makes the device more reliable and convenient to use.

Easy To Maintain

An Ooler is easy to maintain because of its UV Cleaning System Feature that makes it less hassle to clean.

Offers You A Good Night Rest

The most important thing that Ooler gives is its ability to help people get a good night’s rest, which prevents one from having sleep troubles such as getting hot flashes or recovering from illnesses and muscle pain.


Overall, Oolers:

  • Are user-friendly
  • Are an advanced technology device offering a seamless user experience
  • Prevent sleeping discomfort, guaranteeing a good night sleep
  • Are energy-efficient
  • And improves sleeping conditions

All of these things make Ooler solve your sleepless nights. What are you waiting for? Get yours today and experience the life-changing benefits of this sleeping technology and the Ooler sleeping system.

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