Nectar Pillow (In-depth & Unbiased Review 2022): Is It Really Highly Recommendable for Back Sleepers?

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We love the Nectar Pillow! It’s a full 5.5 inches and it also has an adjustable filling – any kind of sleeper will appreciate this because it’s a pillow that can be easily customized based on the individual’s needs. It also comes with a 50-night trial and a 5-year warranty. Check out our full review and learn more about this life-changing, supportive pillow.


A great pillow is a healthy one, and that means the pillow that you are using or should be using must provide a healthier sleep. Pillows contribute to the overall quality of your sleep, which is why choosing the right pillow is vital. 

One example of a fantastic pillow is the Nectar Pillow. Since its establishment in 2016, Nectar has since then made a name for itself in the mattress industry. That is why they started offering other premium products, such as the Nectar Pillow.

In this review, our team spent ample time gathering relevant information to show you all that there is to know about the Nectar Pillow, including its disadvantages. If you are shopping for a comfortable pillow to sleep on, this pillow might just be for you. Read our full review below and find out for yourself.

What is Nectar Sleep?

Nectar Sleep is, first and foremost, a mattress company, but has now entered the world of pillow production. During its first year as a company, the company already sold over 50,000 beds and generated a revenue of $35 million. Since then, Nectar is now one of the most popular brands in the US, and they are well-known for its warranties, advertising, and night trial periods.


In this section, we will let you know who would benefit from using the Nectar pillow and, of course, who would not. See below if you belong to any of the particular section.

Who would we recommend use the Nectar Pillow?

Who wouldn’t we recommend use the Nectar Pillow?

What You Should Know First

Before we really get into the chunk of what makes the Nectar Pillow, we thought it would be best to know about its warranties, shipping, size, price, and more. See below all the highly essential details about the Nectar Pillow.


The pillow only comes in one size, which is 29” x 17”.  Additionally, this pillow would fit best in a king-sized pillowcase than a queen-sized one. The loft, on the other hand, is measured at 5.5-inches out of the box.


The price of the Nectar Pillow is at $75, which is a pretty competitive price when you compare it to other brands that offer about the same products. You can even find prices lower than the $75 mark.


Unfortunately, there is no part of the pillow that is machine washable. Nectar strictly recommends that the pillow should only need spot cleaning when needed. Additionally, you should only use mild detergent when spot cleaning the pillow.


When buying the pillow, you will be provided with free shipping and free returns, in case you won’t end up loving the pillow itself.

Night Trial Period

Nectar offers shoppers with 50-night trial period. If they find the pillow, not to their liking, they can return it, free of charge.


Astoundingly, Nectar does not provide a warranty policy for the Nectar Pillow. This might be agreeable for some, but we understand that others may feel a lot more comfortable and secure with a warranty policy.


Now that we have put most of the necessary information of Nectar Pillow, let’s now go to what makes this pillow so fantastic. The Nectar Pillow is designed as a “pillow-in-a-pillow”. Basically, what that means is that the cover of the pillow also has filling on its own. If you’re still taking time to process that, don’t worry, we’ll discuss everything below.

See below to know all about the different materials that make up the entirety of the product.

The Cover

The cover of the Nectar Pillow is made from a combination of Tencel and Polyester. It has superb moisture-wicking abilities, highly breathable, heavenly soft, and the Tencel fabric is sustainable, which is great news for environmentalists.

The highlight of the cover, though, is the “pillow-in-a-pillow” design. The cover is stuffed with a layer of shredded memory foam. This gives the pillow an added degree of softness when laying down on it and provides a bit of elevation. However, although advertised as “pillow-in-a-pillow”, the cover itself is too thin to be called a pillow.

Overall, even though it is not quite two pillows in one, you’ll still love the tremendously soft cover. Plus, the highly breathable fabric is definitely needed, especially for unusually warm nights.

The Filling

The Filling of the Nectar Pillow is full of shredded memory foam that is about the size of a ping-pong ball. This provides sleepers with a dense memory foam that has a slow response when pressure is being applied to it, which would promote superb pressure relief.

Having a shredded memory foam fill means that the fill is adjustable. This is excellent for all sleeping positions, as an adjustable fill means that they can control the overall height and comfort of the pillow until they are fully satisfied. Another benefit from the Nectar Pillow having an adjustable fill is that it promotes proper airflow. Proper ventilation is quite common for any shredded material filling. 

So, in general, those who love memory foam and those who love adjustable fillings will love the Nectar Pillow. Plus, the filling is easily adjustable, too. All that you need to do is open the zipper on the side and grab a handful of those ping-pong sized memory foam until satisfied.

Sleep Position Performance

In this section, we will show you how different sleeping positions can benefit (or not) from using the Nectar Pillow. Bear in mind that the best pillow is one that can keep the shape of the spine on its neutral alignment. 

Are you a combo sleeper or prefer sleeping in only one position? Find out below how this pillow performs.


Back Sleepers

For back sleepers, they have more flexible options when It comes to pillow loft and comfort level. When using the pillow, out of the box, the first thing that you would notice is its super soft fabric. Then after a few short moments, the pillow slowly contours to the shape of your head, shoulders and neck, providing a cradling sensation. That being said, this pillow is ideal for back sleepers.

Side Sleepers

People who prefer sleeping on their sides need a high lofted pillow that also has a firm feel to it. The firmness of the pillow eliminates the craning of your neck, keeping your head and neck in line with the spine. Plus, the height of the Nectar Pillow provides optimal pressure relief for the hips and shoulders.

Stomach Sleepers

When using it for the first time, as is, the Nectar Pillow’s loft would be too high for people who prefer to sleep on their bellies. For stomach sleepers, they would need a pillow with a low loft and a softer feel, and, out of the box, the Nectar Pillow is not. However, since its fill is adjustable, you can remove some of the filll until it is low and soft enough for you. Although you might have to remove most of the filling to keep it really low, which might not be ideal for everyone.

Two Key Features

In this section, we will cover the overall performance of the Nectar Pillow and how it can benefit you today and in the long run. We’ll show you how it fairs when it comes to regulating body temperature and durability.


One major, give or take issue regarding the Nectar Pillow is that it is a relatively new product. Now, because of that, there are a few reviews that talk about its performance after a definite amount of time. However, at first signs, this pillow’s cover is constructed to be durable and the shredded foam fill did not show any compression after a few nights.

However, there is still the 50-night trial that Nectar provides, in case you find that the pillow is not up to your standards when it comes to durability.

Temperature Regulation

Heat retention is, unfortunately, something that plagues all memory foam products. However, in the case of the Nectar Pillow, you can forget about that. Instead of a single slab of memory foam as the filling, it has shredded memory foam. 

Shredded material, when used in pillows, provides a proper passage for air to pass through. Eliminating any chance of heat being trapped inside, promoting a much cooler sleep. Combine that with its highly breathable cover, and you have an extremely breathable and comfortable pillow that can and will prevent you from sleeping hot.

The Overall Feel

Now that you know most of the essential details of the pillow, let’s revisit the height and overall feel of the pillow so that you have a better understanding of what you are getting into in terms of the comfort level that Nectar Pillow provides.

Firmness Level

Overall, the Nectar Pillow has a medium-firm feel to it. Because of that, this pillow can maintain its shape throughout the night. When it comes to pillows, the firmness of it will affect its loft when there is pressure being applied. You would want a pillow that keeps its shape even when there is pressure, and with the Nectar Pillow’s medium feel, it easily retains its shape after a full night.


Straight out the box, the pillow is already measured at a pretty high loft, coming at 5-inches. Some users even report that it could get as high as 7.5-inches. That may be too high for some or may not be. At times, even pillows with a 4-inch loft are already considered to be a high number. However, thanks to its medium-firm feel, the pillow easily cradles your head and neck to the optimal height.

Additionally, given the fact that its fill is adjustable, that means you won’t have to stick to a permanent loft. You can manipulate the height of the pillow until you’ve achieved optimal height and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Nectar Pillow comes in at a lofty 5.5 inches. However, due to the fact that it has an adjustable filling, users can have the freedom of adding and subtracting as much fill as they want until satisfied with the height and comfort. On top of that, the pillow is highly breathable, has moisture-wicking properties, provides a medium-firm feel, and is durable. In other words, yes, Nectar Pillows are fantastic. See our full review above to find out more about the product.

When getting it out from the box, it may need a few minutes to expand since it is a memory foam pillow. However, it would not take too long. It may only need about 15 minutes to reach its true form after putting it out from the box.

Unfortunately, no, the Nectar Pillow cannot be washed. This is one of the major disadvantages of the pillow. Users may only spot clean it. You can use a soft fabric and mix it with water and mild detergent and proceed to clean any dirt on the surface. After that, gently pat it and then lay it down to dry. Do not wash the memory foam as this can ruin it.

Yes, they do, but only when you are taking it out from the box for the first time. After that, it will take about 15 minutes for the pillow to reach its true size.


Overall, the Nectar Pillow is fantastic. It is already designed to suit the needs of most people, and we would highly recommend using it. Plus, due to the fact that it has an adjustable filling, it already provides more comfort options compared to its competitors. 

If you are a back or side sleeper, or maybe both, you would find this pillow extremely satisfying. Even though it has an above-average loft, it’s medium-firm feel is soft enough to let your head, neck, and shoulders be cradled while remaining “on top” of the pillow.

You also have the added benefit of a super soft, durable, and highly breathable cover. Just by touching it, you would know that it is made with high-quality materials. Although, it is quite not the “pillow-in-a-pillow” as it’s advertised to be.

Two things to point out, though, is the lack of a warranty. We do understand that having a warranty provides an added blanket of security for some, but Nectar seems decided on only providing a 50-night trial period plus free shipping and return. Another thing is it is not machine washable, which might not be a deal-breaker for some, but others might want to wash their pillows after a few months of using it.

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